Friday, February 6

Dreading the Day

I am dreading going into work today. Yes, the new system software we are using is slowly getting better/easier. I also have been putting in quite a bit of overtime, with having to run the route later due to issues with paperwork.Today, the Boss wants to do the technician routes differently than we have this week. To see if it makes things easier. Like a good peon, I told him I was willing to try it. Anything to save me some extra work.

Friday always seems to have extra work. I usually pull parts for the next day, but on Fridays, I get to pull two days worth of parts - Saturday and Monday. It isn't quite twice the amount, as many techs have Saturday off, and those that work Saturdays, have Monday off. It almost washes out, except there are always more parts to pull than a regular day. A year and a half later, I can't figure out why. So I will need extra time to do that, added to this different way the Boss wants me to do the paperwork. Maybe I should go in a little early to start today. What's another extra hour of work?

On the good side, yesterday afternoon, the Boss got my attention (in front of the Parts and Billing Dept - where everyone could overhear) by saying that he and Bigger Boss (his Boss) had been talking about me the prior day. They wanted to relay to me how much they appreciate my work. That I am conscientious about making sure mistakes are not made where they would have to send someone out to deliver a missed part, etc. Also that I ask questions when something doesn't look right, which is usually a problem, that can be fixed before it explodes. After hearing this, I wanted to say for him to remember this, as my review is due this month .... but I didn't. I just said, "Okay. Thanks."

I do admit, my Boss i pretty good, in my opinion. He's laid-back, but I have heard him come down on people when they need it. As long as work is going smoothly and correctly, he is cool. There is always some joking going on with him, and he is easy to work with. He also admits when his idea was wrong and not going to work. My Boss is pretty good.

I guess if I am going to get going in early, I should finish this off.


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