Saturday, April 30

Race Day!

What a good feeling Saturday morning! It was good to hang out with ScottyB yesterday and have dinner. Today we are planning on meeting up at the Swiz and watching the Nascar race. It'll be fun, even if he is a Gordon fan.

Other than that, there is nothing I can think of to bore you with today.


Friday, April 29

I'm Being Bad Today

I sort of slept in today. Until about 9am anyways. It was worthless to try it, but I did. I kept waking up like every few minutes, so any extra sleep I was hoping to get was non-existent. Add Daisy in there licking my face half of the time on top of it all, just was not helping things. So I just gave up and got out of bed.

Usually about that time, I am headed out the door to the gym. Well, every other day. Today was a day to go, but I just didn't feel like it. No excuses, just don't feel like it. I am in a sort of 'blah' mood.

But the good news is it is Friday. My bro Scotty B is down in town visiting, so have plans to go out to dinner tonight. I have no clue what all the rest of the weekend entails.... I know the Daughter is due home this weekend as well, for an ortho appt on Monday morning. Next weekend the Wife and oldest son will be out of town Fri-Sun. He has a band event going on at Disneyland in Cali. Wife is going as a chaperon. I get to stay home with the two younger boys, and eat out the whole weekend!

Nothing else exciting.


Wednesday, April 27

Mid Week Excuses

I have been sitting here, playing games on Facebook, for the past couple hours. Aside from being *that* bored, it has been mainly as I sit here and think over and over in my head, excuses to NOT go to the gym this morning. Yeah, it has started already.... the excuse making.

Monday I had gone, did some bike riding, some treadmill, and some upper body work. But I overdid some of the upper body. I don't know if I subconsciously did it, or just because I was stupid. Either way, I was using more weight than I should have started out with, and even now, two days later, my arms ache...bad. Right on the inside bend of the elbow... those muscles at the edge of the forearm. One of those, every time you move the arm, it aches... and extending the arm. Ugh! I wince and move it very slowly, and it actually HURTS to get it fully extended. Yeah, I am sure it is muscle/tendon strain.... not a tear. Stupid me.

So, that's the biggest excuse running through my head. 'No sense in going just to ride the bike for a bit. Can't so much with the arms so much of the upper body stuff won't be done today.' Yeah, I know. I still need to get out and do the cardio if nothing else. But the excuses have been running through my head all morning. I got to get off here so I can get my ass moving.....

And Joe, sorry about you finding those 4 pounds....


Monday, April 25

Gotta Shout It Out!!

I know you readers probably don't give a crap, but I just gotta say it....

I lost 4 pounds!

I know, it doesn't sound like much. And it took 5-6 weeks to do it. But when you are as large as I have gotten, and trying to get some weight loss as best I can, short of what I consider drastic measures, this is nice to just find out. I had only been doing a very small portion of walking with PT and of course, trying to limit my portion sizes when I eat.

And to think, this is all 'pre-gym', so now that I am going and actually doing something better for me, that includes making me burn this fat (just using the term, I know it really isn't "burning the fat").. I am just a tad bit excited! Makes me feel like something has actually been accomplished, when before I was worried that I didn't "feel" like I lost anything.....

Hey! I feel Good!


On Its Own

Well, it's back to a Monday, and everyone is returning to school and work. I think our new puppy, Daisy, is going to have some readjusting to do. In a good way though. Since she came home Friday, the kids have been around her almost non-stop, picking her up, holding her, playing with her, etc. Now, Rusty (the Spawn of Satan, aka Crack Kitty) and I are the only ones at home. I refuse to watch and wait for every little mistake Daisy makes, or stuff that gets chewed on. They were all warned to put things up that they didn't want her to reach....

It'll be good for her to be alone finally. A bit of exploring of the home, find out what smells interesting (dirty clothes, shoes, maybe some toys and don't forget about any possible food crumbs). Already, Daisy and Rusty are "playing". Yeah, more like Daisy wants to play, and Rusty is still in the "What is that thing?" stage... kind of just staying back enough and staring at her. In a way, it is kind of funny.

Figure a couple more hours and I will be out for the gym. After that good food yesterday, I will need it. Maybe I will remember to weigh myself today. I really should. And then do it like every Monday or something.

That's it. I know, so exciting, right?


Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter

Well, another holiday is here. One where I am headed to Sis' for lunch with family. I am bringing some of the dessert that I was asked to bring, so it is okay. We were told to bring swimsuits as well, though I don't think I will be in the pool. I know the kids would like to be.

We decided on a name for the puppy. It is Daisy. No one really liked my idea, as usual. The toss-ups were Molly, Penny, Daisy, Jasmine, and another one I can't remember at the moment. The kids liked Daisy most, so it was decided. Besides, I figured let them name it so they can curse the name as I am not picking up the shit, and cleaning the piss spots up from their dog.

Yeah, so as you can tell, I am bright and happy this morning.... and still a little sore. I should be okay tomorrow morning to resume at the gym. I will need to after today's lunch I am sure.

Hope you all enjoy your day!


Saturday, April 23

Moving Slow

Yeah, I was prepared for it, and it didn't let me down. I am a bit sore today. Maybe more than an actual 'bit'. Legs not as bad as I thought they may be, which is good. Arms not so bad. Shoulders...ugh. Got too much to do today to make time for the gym, so it looks like Monday before I can get back in. I'll be ready for more pain then.

The Wife brought home the puppy last night. Here's a couple pics.

As you can see, the youngest son loves it already. I must admit, my heart loosened, but only a little bit. We should be picking a name today. The kids have been tossing around Daisy, Molly, and Penny. I am thinking Jasmine, call her Jas for short. She doesn't look like a cow, though my Wife argued with me that she never said those words... yeah right. Either way, she is a Chihuahua/Daschound mix, with unknown breed of papa. She is pretty small and doesn't appear she will overgrow.

Okay, I got an hour to get some coffee and breakfast down before emissions...


Friday, April 22

Prepping for Pain

Welcome to another Friday. Glad you made it.

Easter weekend is upon us. Another Christian pagan holiday commercialized (in my opinion). So, yes, we have to spend money for candy/gifts for the kids. Well, not I. The Wife will though. I don't do that crap.

Today I plan on starting a new routine of going to the gym. I did get in yesterday to start my membership. I went out and bought my ipod. It is loaded and ready to go. I am just waiting about another hour or so for the 'morning rush' of people to get done there and get off the road. Or at least out of my way.

So, a few weeks ago, I had gone out with the buds for awhile, and had a few beers. Well, I guess I let the Wife decide to get another damn pet. A co-worker (her last job) had some pups to get rid of, and there was one that was a bit of a runt (at least from what I vaguely recall) that had black & white colorings/markings to make it resemble a cow. I had said if no one else claimed that particular one, we could get it. I was under the influence. I think the Wife went and told her to hold it for her, or rather, if no one was encouraged to get it, we would. Needless to say, she calls me last night to say that the pup is ready to come home (weaned). I was like, I thought we decided not to get it. Then she twisted my memory to what suited her.

I still have Rusty, Spawn of Satan, the cat. Now I am adding a dog as well... a pup at that. I am sure it is going to piss and shit all over the fricking house. Of course, since I am here most of the day, who is going to have to take care of cleaning it up? Me. Who is going to do the vet trips, and all the other crap involved in taking care of a dog? Me. Plus, now we can't just be gone for a couple days with no worries, or someone to take care of the pup. I am not happy. I am sure that this aggression will get a bit worked out at the gym, and then just leave me feeling defeated. It's not that I don't like pets, I just don't think they are good idea right now. And I hate having to be the one to do all the care-taking, when it wasn't I that wanted the damn thing.

Either way, the Wife is heading to Petsmart after work to pick up some food and dishes for the pup. Who knows what else... probably a chew toy, or something. She mentioned a newer litterbox for the cat, that has higher/closed-in more type top so not so much an open invitation for puppy snacks. Then picking it up and bringing it home. No idea what the name will be yet.


Thursday, April 21

Getting Set to Get Fit - or at least workout

We went out last night and had dinner at Outback. Preacher Tom and Reverend Mother came along. Actually, it was because of PT that we were out. His birthday is tomorrow, and the Wife and I decided that dinner would be a better present than something he doesn't need. We let RM come along just for the heck of it. It was a a good dinner.

This morning has been quite busy seemingly for me. I awoke at 5am. No idea why, just woke up and could not get back to sleep, so started the day. About 9 I headed out to Fry's Electronics and bought an ipod shuffle player, a wrist-band-type holder for it (for working out) and a headphone splitter. Well I call it a splitter. It basically allows 2 sets of headphones on one device. It'll be a present for my oldest son next month for his birthday. Then I headed to the Vitamin Shoppe and picked up some more Omega 3/Fish Oil pills that the doc wants me to be taking. Then my final stop was at 24 Hour Fitness, the gym nearest my home. I started a membership. Got a decent deal, no lengthy contract, 24 hr access, plus they have a lap pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms. Bonus! Since I was in there around 10'ish my time, it looked to be fairly empty of people, so figure I will do my routine about that time. Start of with some good bike and treadmill for cardio, and work up to and doing the elliptical. Maybe some free weights for the arms, and a few machines for chest. Yeah, I ain't pushing it hard at the start.

So that all done, I am here at home getting ready to charge and set up my ipod shuffle player. Then go through itunes and decide what I want to load onto it. Boring day otherwise.


Wednesday, April 20

Natural Hippie Day

It's April 20th; 4/20; in hippie-speak 420. meaning something along the lines of 'time to spark up the doobie and partake'. For many of us, I am sure it truly means nothing. Another dumbass day with some sort of holiday title. The only ones exchanging any kind of gifts today though are weed smoking friends - of course, unless it is birthday related. It is someone's birthday I am sure. I know my cousin is already shouting across Facebook about today. Heck, he started like 2 days ago about what today is labeled. For me, it just brings back some memories of doing somethings that now as an adult, I realize were stupid.... well, some of them anyways.

It's also Hump Day! Which means absolutely nothing to me. I was going to actually get off my ass and head to the gym, to get a tour of the place, and find out pricing. But, it is just short of 8:30 and I am feeling extremely lazy today. So I know I won't do it. There is always tomorrow.

PT and I went and saw 'Hanna' yesterday. What a crappy movie. As we were exiting, we were both like 'That was it?' Yeah, disappointing to say the least. The movie description makes it sound somewhat interesting, but it isn't. What isnice, is PT saw the trailer for Capt. America due out in like June, and he is actually interested in seeing it... he is not a big comic book movie fan. That was cool. I may see about the boys, PT and I all going to see it together. It's a bit away yet.

Pt's birthday is this week. Easter Sunday we are doing lunch at Sis'. I have been asked to bring my Cherry Delight dessert. I said okay. I guess Saturday I will be heading to the store to pick up the items needed to make it, and the stuff we offered to bring, then spend a "an enormous amount of time and effort" (I say that for family benefit) to make it.

Okay, I feel like laying back down with a book.


Tuesday, April 19

Busy Morning Ahead

It's Tuesday, and once again I find myself hating the fact I went out last night. I feel so sluggish and tired this morning (again). It's my own damn fault though.

I need to get motivated though. I have my dental cleaning in less than an hour. Then I am meeting up with PT to go see "Hanna". He picked it out.

Yeah. I want to crawl back into bed.


Monday, April 18

Deadline Today!

If you are reading this, and haven't gotten your taxes filed (or an extension, in some cases) you may not feel so happy now. Yes, today is the day your taxes are due. The Wife just mailed ours out this morning, or rather, she ran them to the post office to drop them off prior to going to work. She was up late last night finishing them (though I been mentioning them for weeks now) and even had to do a last minute correction/addition this morning. (Shaking head) Sometimes, I just don't understand that woman. She had calculated it all 2 different ways this year. One was the Itemized, which is what we normally use, and then she did the regular schedule A. Usually the itemized ends up with a better figure for us than regular, but not this year. Of course, I think she said for it to be beneficial to our family, we had to have like over 11% of the income in medical bills alone. We weren't close to that. Though, the year prior we were (had Daughter's orthodontia paid that year). The bottom line comes down to we don't have to pay anything this year for Federal or State. If I had worked, I am sure it would be much different.

Not sure what movie will be picked to watch tomorrow, though I have gotten one comment that "The Lincoln Lawyer' is good to see. I have been hearing that from some friends, too. I forgot to mention to PT that I do have a dental cleaning in the morning, but should be done in plenty of time to catch the early showings of whatever movie he decides on.

It's nice and quiet around the house since the boys are in school again. Last night I was just getting irritated with all the noise playing, bickering, and fighting they had been doing over the weekend. They are all about 4 years apart in age from each other, so I have no understanding why they have to fight so much. I think it has to do with the younger ones want to play the same things the older ones want to play (usually Gameboy or on the computer) so the fight for space next to each other, and how to play, and then the whole 'you touched me' type crap starts, or so-n-so got mad and hit/bit/smacked/pinched/looked at me funny thing begins. Just remembering it while writing that last sentence, wears me out....

I'm throwing some Mozart on and chilling for a bit while blog reading.


Sunday, April 17

Easy Going Sunday

I am enjoying a bit of the quiet while the Wife and boys are at church. Playing some new songs I downloaded ('Glee: Meet the Warblers") and just surfing the internet.

The daughter came up so she could sign what tax papers she needs to so we can get it all filed before the deadline. She is still asleep, and here it is almost noon.... teenagers. LOL! Though I remember doing the same thing as much as I could, when I could.

The ceiling fan in our Front Room, where I have the computer, broke yesterday. I went to pull the cord thingy for the fan, and it came completely out of the base. Needless to say, that made us turn the AC for the first time this year. I had been tolerating the warm weather okay until I had no air moving around. The Wife and I may be heading out today to get a new one, then I will have to install it. I may wait until during the week to do it. Long overdue to be replaced though. It has a light system with it, that has like 4 lights, and only one of them worked anymore, anyways. We hardly use it for light either way, so not sure what kind of style we will find to replace it.

PT and I are trying to figure out our walking days this week. He seems to be quite busy with his schedule of things, and I hate walking once it is hot out. And yes, I am wimpy and anything near 90 or higher is too damn hot. Granted it has been mostly 80's here, by 11am or later, it is a sweaty mess to be out walking. We also are tentatively planning on seeing a movie Tuesday morning. I have no idea what though. My selection of movies is broader than his, so I sent him the link for the theater, and am waiting to hear back from him what he wants to see. I have a feeling it will be "The Lincoln Lawyer' or 'Hanna'...though he may go for 'The Conspirator'. Any of those are fine with me as well.

Alrighty, I am out of here...


Friday, April 15

Friday Has Arrived

This day of the week used to be one I looked forward to arriving. Mostly because my work week ended at 5'ish on today, and the start of the weekend! But that has changed the past few years of not working. It now brings the thought that for the next couple days the kids will be home all day, and the additional possibility of other 'running around' will need to be done. Yeah, almost like I had all week to get ready for the next two busy days.

It's all good though.

Have a friend that is in town from Houston, TX, this weekend. Then she heads to Montana for a week to visit other family, then returns here for a couple weeks before finally heading home. Already my other friends are calling me to go out with them to hang out together like we used to do. I don't know if I am up to it tonight though. Maybe when she gets back in week or so.

Been a couple weeks now, and the new insurance info hasn't arrived. I know, sometimes it takes up to 30 days to do all that processing, etc. But I have a dentist appointment Tuesday morning. So I called about rescheduling or what, and turns out they will work with me and 'Back-Bill' my visit, since coverage started the 1st of April, I am covered, just don't have the specific info for billing. that is nice of their office.

Since the other day when I did that music-type meme, I have been going through more songs on my itunes. Whatever I am doing on the computer, I have them playing in the background more and more. I wonder why I never did it before, instead opting for the only sounds being the keys being tapped out, or occasion error sounds the computer makes. Anyway, with today being Friday, and in a slight copycat way from Average Joe, here are 5 songs randomly played from the shuffle mode.

1. 'I-E-A-I-A-I-O' by System of a Down

2. 'The Man Comes Around' by Johnny Cash

3. 'Every Heartbeat' by Amy Grant

4. 'Follow your Heart' by Mario Frangoulis

5. 'Ash and Smoke' from 'LOTR: The Return of the King' soundtrack

Well, today's 5 randoms were different. Hope your Friday is a good one, and your weekend better!


Thursday, April 14

Getting Older and Feeling It

Oh, I know I am not so young as I once was. To be able to do things like I used to be able to do. To wake up early and head to work like nothing is wrong after a night out with the boys. But I can't do that anymore. I get reminded each time I try to do it.

It's noon now, and I am just barely getting moving. I had been up earlier this morning, but just couldn't focus, so returned to bed. I don't hurt, as in having a hangover, just got that 'blah' feeling. And I even watched how much I drank so I wouldn't be feeling bad. I guess what I thought was a low enough number, wasn't. Either that, or just beer in general is causing me to feel this way. I don't know... maybe a bit of both.

Though, I did stop at Julio's and got some carne asada burritos....Oh, they are so good!


Wednesday, April 13

Wow! Two Posts today!

I was out reading my bloglist, and Spockgirl had this one I just felt the desire to do... ya know, a little meme thingy. I had some good laughs doing it, and some contemplation too... Best almost hour I spent today! Here it is:

1. Put Your iTunes on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the 'next song' button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag at least 10 friends (this was originally a FaceBook Meme)

What do your friends think of you?
‘Only Time’ (til what? I leave?)

If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say...
‘Express Yourself’ (lawl!)

How would you describe yourself?
‘Flop Eared Mule’ (Oh geez…. Damn bluegrass tunes)

What do you like in a guy/girl?
‘Reflecting Light’ (hmmm, like the vampires in ‘Twilight’???)

How do you feel today?
La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetée’ – The Three Tenors (translation :

What is your life’s purpose?
‘Overture’ – from ‘Tron: Legacy’ soundtrack (interesting…)

What is your motto?
‘I’ve Been This Way Before’ – Neil Diamond (‘nuff said)

What do you think about often?
‘Mozart: Horn Concerto #2 in E Flat, K 417-2. Adante’ (so I think about blowing my horn?’

What is 2+2?
‘Concerning Hobbits’ – ‘LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring’ soundtrack

What do you think of your best friend?
‘Clint Eastwood, An American Filmmaker Suite Part 8 – Destiny’ (huh?)

What do you think of the person you like?
‘Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro, K 492 - Act 3: Che Soave Zeffiretto’ (the Letter Duet from ‘The Marriage of Figaro’)

What is your life story?
‘Do Ya Wanna Dance’ (Oh geez. I don’t even dance…)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
‘Highwayman’ (LOL! Too funny!)

What do you think of when you see the person you like?
‘The Night Santa Went Crazy’ – ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic (I am laughing too hard at this…)

What will you dance to at your wedding?
‘To Go Beyond’ – Enya (niiiice… a slow song)

What will they play at your funeral?
‘Monkey’ – Bush (Bah, I was hoping for something better)

What is your hobby/interest?
‘Epilogue:Shao Kahns Last Stand’ – Mortal Kombat II Game Soundtrack (playing games? And don’t ask why a video game soundtrack is in my itunes…)

What is your biggest fear?
‘Chop Suey!’ – System of a Down (hmmm….)

What is your biggest secret?
‘Mozart: Allegro vivace assai, Concerto No. 21 in C, K.467’ (I tried to translate, but the words are music terms for fast….weird)

What do you think of your friends?
‘The Valkyrie: Ride Of The Valkyries’ (Sweet!)

What will you post this as?
‘Extraordinary Girl’ – Green Day

I am not tagging anyone. If you want to play, feel free to copy and do with as you will. If you do play, let me know - would love to head over and read it!


Feeling A Nap Coming On ...

I didn't sleep so great last night. Took a bit longer to feel tired enough to go to bed, and once in bed, was hard to get to sleep. Had a few weird dreams, too. One included zombies and some damn good music. Another had something to do with a girl I liked in High School. No, not one of 'those' types of dreams.

Non-important trivia fact I read somewhere: The normal dream lasts only 1-3 seconds, though to the dreamer it could feel longer.

So, this morning, as the alarm is going off, I can feel it. A bit groggy and heavy-lidded. I know I am tired more than usual come mornings. Then I moved to get up and moving. That's when I felt the muscle soreness. Yeah, I surely worked them on yesterday's walk a bit different than before, and I am feeling it. Even the back is jumping in every now and then saying 'Hey, you overworked this part of me.' I hate to leave anyone out, that's just how I am I guess. I have come to the conclusion, I am going to put up with this for a while, just to acclimate these new muscles to see how the shoes work out, I guess. I am now resigned to it.

It is Wednesday, Hump day, middle of the week. Hope your's is going well.


Tuesday, April 12

A Walk in the Park

I went out today, excited to meet up with PT to do our walk in the park. I had gotten new athletic shoes last week (I spoke about them before) and was anxious to see how much, and in what way, they would help.

Needless to say, I don't know if I am disappointed or not. We maybe did half the small distance we had been 'regularly' able to do. I ended up with a dull ache in the lower back (similar to what had been happening) and add in a stabbing pain from there down the left left. Very similar to messing with the sciatic nerve. I cut our walk short. Though after several minutes of resting, well, more like lounging, against the car, the pain went away and I felt fine to continue walking. Only after about 5 minutes maybe. But I was worried about it recurring, so I just called it quits for the day.

I'm not sure if the shoes helped or hindered. I think the possibility is, due to the different support, they may have caused the pain as there is a 'shift' in which muscles are used and to how they are used. I wonder if that is what brought all that on. Or maybe after a few times of shorter distance walks, the body will adjust enough to move to larger amounts of distance. Mere speculation on my part. Either way, the loss of weight would help, if I could just lose it fast enough.

Now I am back to debating the gym thing more seriously. In my previous time I did at the gym (couple years ago) I didn't seem to hurt my back as much, even though I was only about 25+ pounds lighter then. So, in my theoretical thinking, if I decided to get back in a gym, and use them on a regular basis, I could burn more, lose more weight, quicker than just by the walking I am doing now... that small amount. It's bonus either way. Now just to motivate myself to do that. That's the hard part. It's something I know I need to do, but not something I am looking forward to (the hard part of the working out and pushing oneself - not the end result). All I know (family this is for you) the more someone tells me to do it, or mentions it all the time, the less I want to do it, and actually rebel against it. With me, it is a mental battle with myself. I have enough voices in my head that I don't need any external ones to offer their opinion. The Wife knows me this well. She just says she'll support me in whatever I decide, even if she disagrees, as long as it something for the positive, and doesn't set me back.

Decisions, decisions. I am off to ponder them.... and send some mud people down the waterslide.


Monday, April 11

There You Are!

Once again I have neglected my 'duty' of writing here. Believe me, it wasn't because I was overly busy. More like, I didn't have anything exciting to write about. Even with all the events happening around the world, I have nothing. Libya? Eh. Quakes in Japan. Eh. Obama. I've said enough about that topic. That's what made me lose readers... oh well, they needed to go anyways.

Taxes are due in the next week. Nope, not going to waste any time complaining about how they get spent. Hell, I just want to make sure ours get sent by the deadline. the Wife won't let me do them. She has her 'system' and feels I won't itemize enough things that can be included, just because I don't want to mess with 50 cent figures (or lower). She's right of course. She is meticulous about all figures she can be, if it means any possible money saved for us in paying. I don't blame her for that, I just get irritated everything is down to the last minute with her. I haven't been able to change her in the past 20 years, nothing is going to work now....

Last week I bought a new pair of athletic shoes. Athletic. Sounds so much better than tennis shoes. Of course, they aren't really for tennis, as I don't play (though I know how). Sneakers... that just doesn't sound right either. I like the sound of athletic shoes, as I am being 'athletic' when PT and I go walking. Makes me feel more energetic than I truly am. (insert snickering sound to myself). We are still trying to get out at least twice a week for now, and I am hoping the new shoes will help me. As we have been walking, my legs are definitely getting stronger, but I can only go so far before my mid-lower back starts hurting. I know much of it is my weight. The stomach pulling on the back. But, I also was wearing some flat-soled shoes to do the walking, and I am hoping this new pair of shoes adds some better foot support, and arch, that may help the problem. If I can walk further before it aches so bad, then I can burn more each time, and etc etc. Yeah, probably a lot of self wishing, but it is all I got for now. I need to look into the price of the gym near my house too. I found out last night that PT and RM both go to that one (I was under the impression it was another gym/co). So, from what RM told me last night, it doesn't sound too bad in price, and is open 24 hours, so can go whenever I want. Now, it is a matter of do I or don't I....and when. I;m such a lazy-ass sometimes.

Well, this has got to be at least three minutes of wasted time for you. I think I will close off for today.


Wednesday, April 6

Up and Moving Early

Weird. This is two days in a row I have been up before 6am and getting things done. So far, I ain't feeling moody, but that could change in a split second. Joe thinks it might be my time of the month, and he might be right. Maybe it is. That would make more sense than anything else I can figure.

So checked and topped of the oil in both vehicles this morning. I knew my car was low, and the Wife's minivan turned out to be as well. I will have to get out at some point this week and pick up more oil for here at home.

The oldest son had his District Band Concert last night. I was unable to attend as a bout of dysentery had attacked, and I was not brave enough to venture out into public. The Wife went, taking the other boys along. Seems whoever did the programs messed up and my son's name was missed and not put on it. Fuckers.

It's Wednesday. PT and I did our walk yesterday and then went to brunch. He treated at a place called Mimi's Cafe. Yeah, pretty sissy place, and supposed to be a Frenchy-type indoor cafe I guess. Prices were reasonable, except for the coffee, which was like $2.29 a cup.... that's pretty damn expensive, considering the generic brand I drink at home is better tasting. I had some corn beef hash, which was extremely good though, considering I have not had it in ages it seems. No one in my house likes it, and I'm lazy that I don't like to fix it for myself.

Easter is coming up in about 3 weeks. I guess we are doing the family dinner/lunch thing at Sis' place. I don't know yet if my Daughter is planning to drive up from Tucson that weekend or not. I know 2 weeks later she has to come up for an ortho appointment, so the extra drive/gas/money may not be beneficial for her.

Welp, that's about all I got today.


Tuesday, April 5

Feeling Moody

The past few days have been a bit of an emotional swing ride for me. It started Saturday morning, and is still going on. My mood swings are just going erratic - more than usual (before you say anything family). I was hoping it worked itself out over the couple days since Saturday, when I noticed it, and played it off to maybe exertion in the heat, slight dehydration even. But no. This morning, I was up before 6am, feeling good. I should feel good. I ended up taking a 4 hour nap yesterday morning, and got another 8 hours sleep last night. Couldn't believe I was able to sleep that much... So, something must be wrong somewhere.

Back to this morning. So I am up and doing stuff on the computer (emails, etc) and When the Wife finally arises, she mentions to me that they were having problems with the printer last night. Note: this was all after I went to bed, and the oldest son I guess had to print out a couple poems he typed up, and find pictures to do some sort of collage-type assignment to go with them. Wife mentioned it had been jamming up, saying no paper when there was paper, etc, etc. Immediately, I was like - feeling pissy. So what if it was giving them problems. what do you expect me to do about it? Yeah, like I said.

About 20 minutes go by, and I happen to ask, did he get his homework done. Another 5 minutes of worthless story from the Wife to answer my question, yes, his homework got done, though they had to hand-write the poems, and had to find magazines, at that late hour, to do the collages as the printer was giving them problems. 'Oh,' I said. 'You mean to tell me, that the printer was not working at all for you. Not that you were having issues (and you not mention it wasn't working at all) and was able to finally get printed what you needed....' Of course this made her say 'I told you.' Which then sparked off more pissiness from me. I ended up just telling her I guess we will need to buy a new printer since you guys must have messed it up. Another note: I don't use that printer, so I know I didn't do anything to it. All this before 7am....sigh.

Today will be like the fourth day of these damn mood swings. I don't think it is medication I am on - has been too many weeks for it to just suddenly pop up. Maybe the over-exertion/dehydration thing did a temporary chemical balance.... I don't know. It's just a bit irritating though, as I actually DO try to not let it respond for me.... But sometimes, it just slips.

I am leaving here in about 20 minutes to meet up with PT to do our walk in the park. He has invited me out to breakfast then at a place called Mimi's Cafe (sounds girly I know). I guess he has a 2-for-1 coupon for breakfast there that needs to be used in the next few days. I figured, nice to have a walk, then brunch. then of course I will come home and take a look at the printer. I am guessing the problem is just it needs some cleaning. I am hoping that's all it is anyways. Will know more in a few hours.


Sunday, April 3

Ugh.... Wanna Do Nothing Today

I am a bit sore this morning. And tired. Saturday we had met the BIL and his family at the park, and did hamburgers & hot dogs on the grill. They had come down to participate in some parade over in Peoria, by walking some llamas their two kids are raising. So the llamas were at the park while we were there, and our kids had fun walking them around and letting people pet them.

It was quite a bit of walking for me.Probably did twice as much as I have been doing at the park during the week. So, am quite a bit sore today. Little tired from that, and I think a bit of the heat as well. It has been getting close to 100 already here in AZ. Definitely warm enough to say summer is here.

Middle son is home with me this morning. Seems he awoke with the 'Backyard trots' so we decided it probably best for him to not go to church. I'll have to let him "find his own adventure" for lunch, because I am not fixing any. The Wife has a meeting after Sunday School, and they ware providing lunch for her and the kids. I'll have leftovers more than likely.

Saturday was my Uncle Mike's birthday. I called him in the morning, though I was a bit groggy headed still. Got to talk to him for a few minutes, which was good. I really enjoyed the time I have been able to visit with him the past couple years... and hope it won't be as long again before we can visit again.

Alright, I guess I am off to play some games for a bit. Had my coffee, and noting else going on at the moment.