Thursday, November 30

Welcome to Wednesday Story time!

That's right! It's BAAAAAACCCCKKK!!!! But before we start story time, I wanna say a few things. Work is going good! I finally got my first semi-viable lead today...could make up for a months worth of pay if I sell it right. And if I can do like 3-4 of these a month..WHOO!! nOkay, I don't have the livejournal cut out to lead to the story for today, but it is to follow in this post. It's soemthing I put together at work whilst waiting on phone calls and leads, so it ain't beautiful, but it sums up quite well.


and here is the story:

The drinking had started early that day. By early, I meant when I awoke, mid-afternoon, fuzzy from the libations I had partaken of the night before. As I tossed off the blanket haphazardly, barely registering the tinkling sound as the bottles on the coffee table fall against each other. It didn’t matter – they were empty. Hell, the way I felt nothing mattered. I stumbled to the bathroom to do the morning duties.

Within a matter of minutes, I was once again dressed to kill in the style if Me: T-shirt, denim shorts, and sandals. Without this essential gear, I could not relax properly. I loaded the pockets with the usual small change, wallet, cell, keys, Dale Jr. small lockblade, and a lighter. The lighter was important. I had a bad habit of leaving them at the bar, causing me no end of fits when trying to smoke that last cigarette on the way home late at night. The other half of the time, I leave them in the car, so I know where they are, and the sun heats them up until they explode. I once actually saw the small fireball as I approached the car one summer day. I am surprised that the car has not caught fire yet.

‘What are the plans today?’ I ask myself. ‘Reading day or other? I think I’ll read today.’ I look out in the car to see if the current novel I am enjoying is still in there, or if I had taken it in. It’s there, cool. Nothing else to wait for, so I start down the road to Jimbo’s.

How do you define a good bar? I have spent years deciding what is most important to myself, and searching for the "perfect bar" which I know will never be found. Or worse, It will be found and going out of business/closed down/bought out the next day. I like the more "Little hole in the wall" places, where the crowd is usually gray/silver headed gentlemen, where the beer is priced decently, and they pour you a double when you order a shot. Where the bartender knows what everyone there drinks, and doesn’t have to ask. And most importantly, everyone leaves you alone unless you join their conversation. Perfect ambiance for reading the novel.

After a few hours (more like 6), a change in the bartender shift, two trips to the restroom, half a pack of cigarettes, and too many drinks later (I lose count around 8) it’s time to head out. I tab out, and go sit in the car wondering what am I doing now…. Home or another bar? Karaoke starts at 9 up the road…. But I am sort of tired. Home is straight down the road about 4 miles…. But this place is only a mile – just one mile – up the other road. New meaning to the phrase "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions", eh?

Okay, home it is, as I start the car and turn down the road towards the abode. I carefully thread the car into the drive, missing both the garbage can and the post for the carport. Shut down the engine, turn off the lights, and I sit there for a moment. Good night or bad night? Let’s see how fast I fall asleep and think about it in the morning. I get out of the car, stumble to the door, and enter the house. I lock the door and head to the couch, making a mental note to clean up the mess of bottles in the morning.I grab the blanket, and soon am in blissful sleep.

Wednesday, November 29

I appreciate (pointing finger) YOU!!!!

That's right. Those that are up to date on the blog, and even those of yo that aren't, or that didn't say a flipping word... I thank everyone for their well thought thoughts/prayers/well wishes/etc for my son. Y'all surprised me with those that responded, and I appreciate more than I can put into words..Freddi, Sailynn, and many others that don't always list their voice. Funny thing today. I called the Reverend Mother today (that is my mother, for those of you that are late into the read) to let her know about her youngest grandson. The convo went something like this:

Mom had called me on the cell, as I had called her work and left a message.

Me: Hey Mom, what ya calling me for?
Mom: Well, I know you said you would call me later, but I could not wait. What's up?
Me: Well, Sammy (her youngest of grandchildren) went for his check-up today and had a heart murmur. I wanted to let you know since you beleive in prayer, you could add him to your list. Maybe he will end up okay.,...

Mom: I never told you, did I?
Me: Told me what?
Mom: You had a heart murmur also, when you were a baby.
ME: No Shit!?!? What happened when the doc told you that?
Mom: nothing. That was way back in the early 70's. What did they knwo back then? The Dr never referred you to a specialist, and by the next appt, your murmur disappeared.

Okay I think. Part of the baby body generating body strength/power/stamina to do what it needs, and David is the most active little baby I have ever seen. He's like Speedy Gonzalez (and he ain't learned to walk just yet, but scoots like "Speed Buggy"). If I had one, and the fatter bastid I am at this time (though, all I can say is I hate my diet), that could be good. We shall see when he has his appt with the Pediatric Cardio Dr. Another excuse for us to give up $$ we ain't got.
Gotta love it.

Meantimes... work starting to look better. No money for Christmas, that's why we be looking at crafts!!!!! I lied. I ain't looking, but I am sure the Wife is...I ain't into that. I'd rather disassociate from my family, and only deal with friends.... but that is my take. I fucking hate this holiday.


Monday, November 27

We;re gonna squeeze past that last rule I wrote...

...Cuz I know how to use if I just USED it....

Already I have gotten a response, yes, only ONE from you multitude of readers and beggers to read of my demise, or pitfalls. Whatever you hangers-on are for.... regarding the pics available, and should I or not. Since only 1 post said anything, I am taking their advice. I am going to have to change some wording somewhere, but from now on, we are going to lable NSW/NSFW or LookyHereForSoftPorn. I agree it is safe that way, if the Big Brother comes along, I can say I recommended those underage to "move along".... like that would stand in court.

Another answer to the other comment I received: Yes, I have the domain name of set right now to this website where I currently have my blog hosted. At this time, I own the the domain for the next 5 years. Once I an inkling of WTF I am doing, I may be able to move and have the sight hosted otherwise...meantime, for now, it is here, and the blog is the best I can do. Mind you, I am looking for a good hosting company, and also trying to figure out how to do is still a step beyond me when I come home after 12+ beers , and 15+ shots. The whole ("/a >/a") character thing sort of confuses me still. We have 5 years to build to it...and for me to learn something. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks....

Welcome to late night Monday! Brief recap - TSO was AWESOME! My two oldest walked away saying "Wow Dad! They played my favorite songs from the CD's and the the whole lightshow was ...AWESOME!" Goodness the feeling that came over me that my kids can appreciate some music as I do, and the lightshow WAS stupendous! My kids are already asking about next year's concert, if they have one. Jeez! Can't get too much of a good thing!

Now on to a little more of a sad note. My youngest boy, 9 months, went for his Well-child checkup today. He had been hitting the charts at the lower end of development for weight and height (which is nothing out of the ordinary), and today he checked in the 50 percentile range for height, and dropped to the lower end for weight. The Doc explained it might be because of his "increased activity". My wife said it was because he would not be still for anyone, for any reason in the dr's office. And yes, he is more active than that at home. All the kids, mom and I get tired of chasing his ass to make sure he ain't getting into anything he shouldn't.... Those of you as past/present parents know exactly what I mean. Anyways, she went to listen to the heartbeat, and declared he has a heart murmur. Now he is only 9 months old, this didn't show up at any previous dr visit, but we are setting up an appt per our doc to a pediatric heart specialist to have it checked. I am open-minded and hopeful she had just mis-heard the beat, or that it is a growing thing... but would appreciate anyone that can spare a quick thought for David Samuel, I would appreciate it. I am trying to keep the Worry Dogs at bay in my heart, because I feel certain, this is not going to be major thing...but there is that if.... until we know for sure.

Thanks to all of you, especially for the thoughts for the son. Lord knows having a family this big can be a bitch, but the love is felt.


Sunday, November 26

The LAte show on Sunday....

I remember when I was younger thewre used to be a late late movie show on Saturday nights.Whateer happened to that? I grew up in Indiana with it, and even when I transplanted to AZ there it still was... a network idea of having that late late movie. On good days I was allowed to stay up and watch it, but before I graduated HS and into adulthood (meaning living on my own) the whole concept disappeared. Now to do a late late movie, you have to have video or DVD to do it.... times change I guess. More people interested in listening to what I consider drivel from other late night venues. Leno, Letterman, and all them are off the hook, they only do weeknights... I am talking about weekends, preferably Saturdays. Oh Well, another part of the TV world gone...

So a brief rcap of my day... TSO was AWESOME! The show was better than last years, and my older children walked away saying "WOW! And they played my favorite songs!" That makes me feel good in taking them. And The oldest Boy, he could not quit commenting about the pyrotechnics they had .... he was impressed. Good Xmas day present!

I wqas out a bit earlier, surfing the net and looking for pics appropriate for the website. I am all for boobies, and of course beer, but I have had a conscience hit tonight. So many of the pics I had available to post, obviously showed the nudity of breasts... and I wonder if since my blog is not 21+ (cuz I have no idea how to make it so, and even if I did, I dunno if I would) I wonder about the amount of nudity a pic may show. I think most (if not all) of the pics I have posted before were only breasts, but I am not going back to research. I want to get an opinion here....

Should I post no matter what, or should I limit the posts to cover as much detail as possible, or should I revert to what I consider "catalog advertising" meaning they are clothed and just suggesting? Let me know in comments your opinion. I NEED TO KNOW!

Last of all I have to day is a wonder prayer I came across whilst surfing. Those of you that wish, may steal it, as I did - and I would give credit, but I forgot where I stole it. Enjoy.


Our Lager,
Which art in barrels,
Hallowed be thy drink.

Thy will be drunk,
(I will be drunk)
At home as in the tavern.

Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us our spillage,
As we forgive those who spill
against us.

And lead us not into incarceration,
But deliver us from hangovers.

For thine is the beer,
The bitter and the lager,
For ever and ever,

Time for rest is over

It is Sunday, and the time for rest over the 4 day holiday is over. Back to the daily grind starting tomorrow.I was awoken this morning with the wife telling me here right front tire on the van is down to the steel wires. I'm like, 'Great. What a way to start the morning.' She ended up heading on to church as she had a class to teach, and there really wan't anything more that could be done today except put on the donut spare. We are headed out to see Trans Siberian Orchestra this afternoon, and I hope the tire holds up for the drive. I surely don't feel like changing the damn thing.

I don't know about you, but I am siting here reading my dailies and also the Entertainment Weekly magazine... and I see PEter Jackson has been dropped as director for "The Hobbit", and another LOTR prequel. I enjoyed his directing in the three films, and wonder who is going to match that for these others. Then I turn the page and see there is a Victoria's Secret fashion show on Dec 5th. Who cares about fantasy-land little people now!

Alright, well I need to finish getting ready to head to the concert. I hope this year's is better than last, but either way I think it will be good. Then I am supposed the meet a bartender at 6 to go over her current mortgage situation, and explain to her how to get it streamlined. Some people are just dense and have to write it all down.


Thursday, November 23

Winding down T-day ... literally

Well, obviously, I have survived the Family Ordeal of Thanksgiving Dinner, plus traffic, and am now at home winding down the last bit of time before I head to bed with a book, to fall into blissful sleep and dream of boobies, and beer, and other things that I dream about (I dunno if I want to share THAT much with ya'll). Overall it was a pretty good day. The holiday traffic we expected was VERY minor compared to the last we saved time there. After dinner I conveniently sat on the couch and began to serenade the family with my nasal tones of tunes such as "Full Belly Syndrome - Gotta Get Some Sleep", and reportedly a impromptu loud performance of "The Gas in My Ass Says It's Time to Say Hello". We all know these favorites, right? The family enjoyed them as their laughter would startle me awake, and sit there thinking "What did I do?"

So now I am at home, enjoying the last bit of the bottle of Crown Royal I have, catching up on the reads, and sharing the final moments of the holiday with you. I hope each and everyone of you have had a good day, whether with family or friends.

I am out for the day. Tomorrow I plan on fixing my license plate light, and headed to the bar since I am off work. Besides I need to find some more stuff to write about!


Wednesday, November 22

pre-T-Day surprise!

Welcome to the eve of one of my favorite holidays of the year! I love the next 2 weeks, as they are usually filled with lots of turkey, cloe slaw, and potato salad... just to mention a SMALL list of my faves.

I will be heading out of town early (for me) tomorrow, at about 11 am to beat/handle the north-going trafic from Phoenix, as I head up north to the small settlement of Cottonwood & Clarkdale, to spend the day with the Wife's family (yeee haw). But, those of us married or involved seriously know, ya do what ya gotta do.

Work was FINALLY able to be acheived today at the new job. I was finally able to get on the computer by 11, and was able to capture 1 possible loan prior to the holiday, so I have some income coming hopefully in December, if all works well. I have 4 days left this month to nail 4+ leads to better the income (and bar monies) for next month. I am stoked!!!

To all of you out there that celebrate a Thanksgiving Day (as the US does) may your holiday be grand, and don't forget to remember those still not at home, doing their duty. And those of you that don't celebrate the hoiliday, well, think a good thought to us, and ours over there.

LAstly, if it transposes correctly from my email, here's for you diehards of Boobies and Beer... do your heart exercises...

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5


For a friend...

I was at the bar tonight (go figure!) and a real good buddy of mine (who I won't mention) named DAN asked about the name of the website, adding additional commentary that he had not seen any BOOBIES &/OR BEER since he had been here. I tried politely to explain that there is "occasionally some pictorial" pieces oin here, but mainly it is to read my bitching about...whatever. SO- JUST FOR DAN: Sory, no boobies, and no beer, but sure damn nice to gaze out (sorry to you femmes out there, but by now, y;all should know what a horndog I am....).


Tuesday, November 21

WTF is goin' on 'round here? Am I lost?!?

Yeah, sure, ya bet ya. I amn feeling lost as of today. Maybe it is the sudden shift of website and all, but I noticed that it seemed slower today than most days. I guess I gotta check everyone's sight that I knows that links me, and ask them personally to change the directional... I dunno. Don't matter none, cuz thems that love this, they'll find their way... lke the prophet sayeth "Typeth that BS they love, and they shall flock towards it tilst hey never get enough". Well, at least that shore 'nuff sounded good!

But hey now! We ain't into quotin' no scriptures 'cept them written by myself... and those are few and far between, cuz the Wife doesn't approve them all - but I can sneak 'em past every now and then. And lookee what we are headed into... another Short Story Wednesday!! Holy smokin' rats from a turdpile! We might have something good for a change - who knows?!?!

That's right. It's looking like I might get the early day release since I am on "fulltime" status so tp speak... and I can get home early enought to share maybe a Tday memory, or one that ya don't want to read... you decide, after ya read it... if I post it. Y'all be here now either way just to see if I post it now... see the hooker?! Me neither...did she have stilletos on?

Anyways, for those of you to be missing on Tday (like myself) may you have a good one. Enjoy the family, the friends, the unknowns. Be thankful for the good things in life like good health, healthy families, good relationships (with whomever) and always remember those that are doing our country good overseas at this time, and those times to come, and those that did it, and may they rest in peace with honors.

God bless. I love you all. Have a great Turkey Day, and come back and share with me your stories!


Monday, November 20

The start of a new day ...

Today was the start of my new job. I was pumped up and ready to start making those phone calls, to start helping people with their financial worries, to create a revenue that I would be able to make decent commission on to support the family and my bad habits. I was smiling ( a rarity - ask anyone that knows me) and was in slacks with dress shirt (another rarity - I had to buy them over the weekend). I was fab dressed, and in attitude - just to sit on my ass all day doing nothing. The morons that deal with the IT there had not bothered (as assigned to them last Wednesday) to set up my login for the computer system, password and account for the needed programming, my email, or the e-fax that I am to use. So very damn efficent, that I could not log in, make calls, anything. So after a brief exchange of words with my immediate supervisor, and myself bitching at IT because they just cost me a day's chance of making money, it is supposed to be up and ready when I go intomorrow morning. I hope so. Only 2 workdays left this week to start something for a paycheck as soon as possible. Bastids!

The weekend was sort of okay. The Wife and had were having a great time at my friend's party Saturday, until she felt a migraine coming on. Seems those very aromatic candles can set her off on a headache trip. The bathroom evidently had one going in there, and sure enough, triggered her off. We had been there for several hours, and things were starting to thin out so there was not much to miss. I spent several glasses enjoying a nice Bacardi someone had brought back from Cuba - yes, Cuba, the country. The bottle had spanish writing on it, plus the Cuban stamp... and damn! It was better than 151 here in the states! So between those several cups, a few of Crown Royal & Jack Daniels, and about a 12-pack of Budweisers, when the Wife said time to go, I was pretty compliant. Sunday we once again lost a game of softball (makes like 7 now I think), but since I am the scorekeeper, one of my friends brought up his self-made bloody marys for us. Damn, that went down so good after the drinking I had the night before. Then it was off to the bar for the football game. After the loss, I went to another bar to meet friends for the Nascar race. I am a Bud fan, so Dale JR is my driver, and it turns out I had him in the pool for the race as well. Of course the fucker didn't win the damn race.... Oh well, always next year.

Got some good movies to be watching tonight/this week. "Da Vinci Code", and I have "Ice Age II" to be here tomorrow. I am getting sort of low on books again too, but have a ton of them to turn in for credit... I need to get the series books all together to get them taken care of.

I think that is all I have for today folks. I am off to read my dailys and then maybe pop a movie in before bed...maybe not.


Saturday, November 18

damn quiz I pulled from Warts N'ALL

You Are Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional
Those who like you crave security

Domain is set up!

I am getting so tech savvy here lately. I checked this morning and the domain link is up and working, so if interested you can use

Gee, I feel so like "in-crowd" now having a domain name, a new blog site (that I hope everyone is finding easier to use...).

So it is Saturday, and I am not buzzed yet, but have plans to be that way prior to the end of the day. I am headed out here in teh next half hour to take the family out for lunch, then do some pants shopping for me, and then some new shoes for me. After that, drop the kids off let the Daughter watch the Boys and the Wife and I are off to my friend's place for an afternoon of Bacci Ball (if I spelled that right) and drinking. What a way to spend the day. Then Sunday, there is softball and then the usual steak & football games at the bar. My life feels so predicatible at times. I wonder what I can do to mix it up....?

The stomach is growling, and kids are ready, so I am headed out. Y'all have a good one!


Friday, November 17

It's finally coming all together!!!

That's right everyone, things are finally starting to come together here at Boobies & Beer. In fact, for those of you that have not corrected your linkage to me, here is a new one that should be effective Monday:

That's right. After all this work that Tony at BlahBlah Blog has caused me to make things easier for you, the reader, I even went and bought a domain name...for 5 years... and I saved alot of money doing it! It's great to have friends that know what the fuck they are doing, and because I know sahe will be reading this soon... KUDOS to my girl Ginny for the help on the domain name setup and etc!!! She is going to be getting a couple free beers from me tonight at the bar.

For the first time in probably 6 months I got out and played some golf. Just a small 9 hole course, which I will be playing Dec 2 for a tourney, but that's another story to come... I played with one of the guys on the softball team. I was quite happy with my play. I was never a super shot anyways, but I ended closer to course par than I usually do - and that's good for me. If I can just get the swing down on my driver so I don't clice it everytime....

It is Friday, so like we do here every Friday - nothing - I figured I can go back to that! I have added previous links on to the site today and tested them all - meaning I spent 3 hours out visiting and catching up on my reads. That felt good to do. I have been feeling a bit out of it for the last few days. My schedule is just so disrupted.

Alright, I am out of here you animals! May ya all have a good one and I'lll raise some beers for ya!


Thursday, November 16

Come one, Come all! See the new Circus installed!

Welcome everyone tot he new site of Boobies & Beer. After a wonderful suggestion from one of my esteemed readers, I have looked around, and decided Blogspot seems to like me best, so far. I hope to be adding in a domain name soon (for those of you that know what those are).

Changes will be obvious over the next few days. I plan to sit and work more on it later today, after I get done golfing. Right now I am worn out from all the decisions and permissions and styles I had in setting this up. I will have hte links list fixed by tomorrow, for all you that had them listed previously. If you were not on the list previously and would like to be added - now is the time! Email me at and let me know your site address.

Other than that, I am off to have some beers and 9 holes of golf.


First test run

Testing the first run of the blog. Let's see how this works. I need to figure out the enter key thing here, as it keeps disappearing...