Monday, November 20

The start of a new day ...

Today was the start of my new job. I was pumped up and ready to start making those phone calls, to start helping people with their financial worries, to create a revenue that I would be able to make decent commission on to support the family and my bad habits. I was smiling ( a rarity - ask anyone that knows me) and was in slacks with dress shirt (another rarity - I had to buy them over the weekend). I was fab dressed, and in attitude - just to sit on my ass all day doing nothing. The morons that deal with the IT there had not bothered (as assigned to them last Wednesday) to set up my login for the computer system, password and account for the needed programming, my email, or the e-fax that I am to use. So very damn efficent, that I could not log in, make calls, anything. So after a brief exchange of words with my immediate supervisor, and myself bitching at IT because they just cost me a day's chance of making money, it is supposed to be up and ready when I go intomorrow morning. I hope so. Only 2 workdays left this week to start something for a paycheck as soon as possible. Bastids!

The weekend was sort of okay. The Wife and had were having a great time at my friend's party Saturday, until she felt a migraine coming on. Seems those very aromatic candles can set her off on a headache trip. The bathroom evidently had one going in there, and sure enough, triggered her off. We had been there for several hours, and things were starting to thin out so there was not much to miss. I spent several glasses enjoying a nice Bacardi someone had brought back from Cuba - yes, Cuba, the country. The bottle had spanish writing on it, plus the Cuban stamp... and damn! It was better than 151 here in the states! So between those several cups, a few of Crown Royal & Jack Daniels, and about a 12-pack of Budweisers, when the Wife said time to go, I was pretty compliant. Sunday we once again lost a game of softball (makes like 7 now I think), but since I am the scorekeeper, one of my friends brought up his self-made bloody marys for us. Damn, that went down so good after the drinking I had the night before. Then it was off to the bar for the football game. After the loss, I went to another bar to meet friends for the Nascar race. I am a Bud fan, so Dale JR is my driver, and it turns out I had him in the pool for the race as well. Of course the fucker didn't win the damn race.... Oh well, always next year.

Got some good movies to be watching tonight/this week. "Da Vinci Code", and I have "Ice Age II" to be here tomorrow. I am getting sort of low on books again too, but have a ton of them to turn in for credit... I need to get the series books all together to get them taken care of.

I think that is all I have for today folks. I am off to read my dailys and then maybe pop a movie in before bed...maybe not.


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Anonymous said...

Sir, I have to inform you that you are traveling on the road to devastating alcholism. My friend denied this also ten years ago and sad. The others of fifteen yr ago.....dead.