Wednesday, November 29

I appreciate (pointing finger) YOU!!!!

That's right. Those that are up to date on the blog, and even those of yo that aren't, or that didn't say a flipping word... I thank everyone for their well thought thoughts/prayers/well wishes/etc for my son. Y'all surprised me with those that responded, and I appreciate more than I can put into words..Freddi, Sailynn, and many others that don't always list their voice. Funny thing today. I called the Reverend Mother today (that is my mother, for those of you that are late into the read) to let her know about her youngest grandson. The convo went something like this:

Mom had called me on the cell, as I had called her work and left a message.

Me: Hey Mom, what ya calling me for?
Mom: Well, I know you said you would call me later, but I could not wait. What's up?
Me: Well, Sammy (her youngest of grandchildren) went for his check-up today and had a heart murmur. I wanted to let you know since you beleive in prayer, you could add him to your list. Maybe he will end up okay.,...

Mom: I never told you, did I?
Me: Told me what?
Mom: You had a heart murmur also, when you were a baby.
ME: No Shit!?!? What happened when the doc told you that?
Mom: nothing. That was way back in the early 70's. What did they knwo back then? The Dr never referred you to a specialist, and by the next appt, your murmur disappeared.

Okay I think. Part of the baby body generating body strength/power/stamina to do what it needs, and David is the most active little baby I have ever seen. He's like Speedy Gonzalez (and he ain't learned to walk just yet, but scoots like "Speed Buggy"). If I had one, and the fatter bastid I am at this time (though, all I can say is I hate my diet), that could be good. We shall see when he has his appt with the Pediatric Cardio Dr. Another excuse for us to give up $$ we ain't got.
Gotta love it.

Meantimes... work starting to look better. No money for Christmas, that's why we be looking at crafts!!!!! I lied. I ain't looking, but I am sure the Wife is...I ain't into that. I'd rather disassociate from my family, and only deal with friends.... but that is my take. I fucking hate this holiday.


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