Monday, December 31

Today is that day. The end of this year. Am I happy it is ending? Eh. Yes and no. There were some pretty crappy things that happened over the last twelve months. Some good things, too.

Either way, as tomorrow comes around, many people will be striving to 'make the change(s)' that they feel they need to do in order to love themselves better. Kudos to them. I think it is a bunch of bullshit. Why do it at one certain time of year, if it is something that they know needs done? Why wait til New Years? Makes no sense.

Me? Am I doing resolutions? Oh hell no. Sis has a thing she has tried to do the past handful of years. We generally all meet at her place for New Years lunch, where the Reverend Mother makes ribs, black-eyed peas, cole slaw, and I am sure I am forgetting something else. The RM calls it all a 'Poor Man's something-or-other' and it supposedly to bring good luck to us. Years ago she used to put a silver dollar in the cole slaw, and whoever got it (usually me) was supposed to have good luck this next year as well. I think it was rigged, as I always go last, and seemingly, I am the only one that really likes cole slaw, so I got the biggest helping of it. I think everyone else was just being kind in taking any at all. Strictly my opinion.

So, good things for next year? Personal goals? Things to strive for? Bad habits to correct? Yeah, I got them all... Am I going to share? Not on your life! Well, I'll concede to the point that, if I do admit some things, you'll have to read about it here, when it happens. If that doesn't bring you back everyday, wondering what changes/things I am doing, nothing will. But hey, that's how I roll.

I will admit I want to go see 'Les Mis' in the theaters.


Friday, December 28

Who Needs a Post Title

It's Friday, but as usual, that doesn't mean much for me. For now, it is just another day that the kids are out of school, at home, and at times, driving me crazy. Short trip, I know. Seems Christmas was small enough that they did not receive enough things to keep them busy. Even the bicycle the middle son got. The two older ones 'went for a bike ride' yesterday afternoon, but were back home and inside within 20 minutes. Why so soon? They got cold. It's only in the 60's here.... I mentioned they should put on jackets and go back out. No, their interest in that endeavor had disappeared.

Sigh. Only a week and two days more of this before school starts back up.

I have been being a good boy myself. I haven't been out to the pub since Christmas. I had gone out that afternoon as a friend was visiting from out of town. I stayed much later than I should have, and got home fairly late. Now I am holding out for Sunday afternoon/evening as they moved my Redskin game til the last one of the day and season.

Christmas otherwise this year has been good. The kids, though they are typical kids and kinda complain, got some clothes, and a few other things. Unfortunately, some are the kind that can only be done once, then it done, and those they have already completed so one less thing to keep them entertained. I received some food stuffs (beef jerky, summer sausages, etc) and some nice PJs. I don't usually wear pajamas (I know, TMI) as I usually sleep in gym shorts, or my birthday suit. But the RM got me some fleece ones, and they are just comfortable! I may have to start investing in a few pairs.

Not too bad a year. Only two presents need to be returned. One, for the youngest, doesn't work properly, and the other, the Wife didn't want (se wanted a steam cleaner, not a fabric steamer - my bad). I hope this next week the stores won't be as busy with returns, and maybe I can get those taken care of, though, the kid's present, the Wife can't find the receipt for it. Maybe I'll make her take it back.

Well, I should get something going this morning, like a cup of coffee and maybe some breakfast.


Tuesday, December 25

A Very Merry Christmas

A sign that the end of the year is almost up on us, is here again. It's going on 7am here at the Ralphd00d house, and I have been up since 6'ish, waiting a more decent hour to awaken everyone else to get the day started. Last night wasn't too terrible. I had pushed the Wife about getting the wrapping done days prior to the Eve, and thus I was able to be in bet shortly after 11 last night. I was near falling down asleep by then, too.

Due to financial times, I am sure we are not the only household that has had to lower the budget when it came to getting presents for friends and family. I feel bad that we had to cut out external family and friends (such as our brothers/sisters families) just because the money was not there. We explained why, and asked that they not get us gifts as well, and if they felt the need to do it anyway, to put our kids before us. I stopped at RM's last night and already heard Sis had dropped off some presents for us already. Sigh. Some people just don't listen well I guess.

This will be a first Christmas for us (my family) that we are doing things a bit different. In past years, we generally did our presents, then the MIL's house for their family, then RM's, then finally head to Sis' place for the afternoon, where we would end up just kicking it and snacking the rest of the day. This year we opted out of going to Sis' house. By the afternoon, the Wife and I are pretty much worn out, and as we are getting older (though not as old as you Sis!) we just felt it would be easier to just return home after doing the two parents' houses. The Daughter is older, and I thought she would have plans to be with the Boyfriend's family, or other friends, but I guess last night she said she didn't.

Each year, even when money is tight, we try to do one big present for each of the kids. As they are getting older, that "big gift" seems to be getting smaller, and more expensive - such is life, eh? This year the Daughter is getting a sewing machine, the oldest son is getting a Kindle (my old one, so that cost helped stay down), the middle son is getting a bicycle, and the youngest, well the Wife found this digital-drawing, light up thingy that she thought he would love. He's 6, it should be good enough for him. Mixed in all the regular presents I am sure they all will find some candies, some clothes, other misc items they really don't need, a few toys, and most importantly, know we love them.

It's just a few minutes past 7am now, and I sense the Wife will be getting up soon. I heard the alarm radio going off, and her hit snooze. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Monday, December 24

A 2012 Christmas

For those of you just now reading this, it really isn't Christmas yet. That's still about 17 hours away. Actually more like 24 hours away, if I get to sleep in a little bit before anything happens.

The Wife has just left for work. The boys are still asleep. I'm wide awake. I would think that after the drinking I did yesterday, I would be feeling some effects still, but apparently not. Captain Morgan's wears off pretty good considering.

No shopping to do today. Thank Goodness!! I know there are things that still need to be wrapped, but it is all in the Wife's hands now, as I have no clue who the gifts are to go to, so no since in my trying to wrap them.

Today will be hopefully easy. Maybe just my Kindle and me ... ignore the boys ...

Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 22

Kinda Like An Elf

Today, I will be feeling a little like an elf. No, not that I will be smaller in stature and have pointy ears, but in the way that I shall try to get some wrapping done. I admit, it is not one of my better talents - it's not a talent at all for me - and I really would prefer to not wrap at all. Previous years we have used the gift bags and tissue paper to large extents, but I believe we are out of gift bags this year. I am sure we will spend the next couple years accumulating them (the Wife does pack-rat things). Either way, there are a handful of things I could wrap up to help save the Wife a little bit more time. Otherwise, it will be 3 am Christmas morning before I am allowed into the bedroom to go to bed.

Other than that short hour (I hope it's that or less) of wrapping, there isn't much going on for me. I know the Wife and Daughter both have mentioned they are getting out to a couple stores for a few last minute items they need to pick up for gifts. That means I will be with the boys. The Wife had her work Christmas party last night. I don't know how they chose gifts, but somehow the Wife ended up with a cocktail shaker set. She doesn't drink, and I don't drink cocktails, so it ended up being a bit worthless to us. It's the appreciation her employers show by the gift giving though, right? Hmph.

Guess that's all I got today. Have a good weekend!


Friday, December 21

What? Yer Still Here?

So much for the world ending, eight? I saw a Facebook post yesterday from NZ, that said they were still around, so I figured it had to wait until the time zone area the Mayans lived in. Then I noticed it was after 1am, and I needed to get home. One of the boys woke me this morning (because my cell phone was making noise) and I thought 'Damn. It isn't over'. Maybe it means it will end at the END of the day... pshaw! As if!

So I spent a few hours out and about yesterday, trying to finish out the shopping for the Wife. Have I said before how much I hate shopping. Or how much I suck at finding a gift for someone when they don't give me specific items to get? Yeah. All that time I ended up with two items for her. But I guess it was good that I got out and did A LOT of walking. Oh, and worked on being patient with the damn crowds. And traffic. At least it wasn't snowing like I heard it is in the mid-west.

Today is the first day of the break for the boys so I have all three of them at home. It's almost 10am, so I suppose I should go wake the two that still asleep. The middle one has been up since 'fuck it's too early'. In case I don't make it back before, enjoy your upcoming Tuesday.


Thursday, December 20

It's Puzzling

I am a reader. I have a larger vocabulary than the normal person - even if I don't use it properly. Facts and trivia about some of the weirdest (and at times, stupidest) things will stick in my memory for years upon years, yet I can't remember a conversation I had the night before. And I like to do crossword puzzles every once in awhile. I am not super-fantastic, solves-in-under-a-minute type of person. It takes me time. Most puzzles I cannot even solve on the first go-round, and have to return to them in two or three different sittings. This year, I will be doing crossword puzzles quite a bit. Though it seems at least every Christmas, I get a crossword puzzle book of some sort as a gift. This year, the MIL purchased a subscription for me. They come once a month, about 5 of them every 30 days. They are not like some of the cheap puzzle books from the dollar store, where if you get to use a 5-letter word, it's a good puzzle. These things aren't as hard as he NY Times puzzle found in most major newspapers. They're from The Crossword Club, and I am finding, somewhat entertaining to complete. Most puzzles have a theme, or at least seem too for those really big word spots. I even started one this morning that has an additional puzzle, that once completed, you take the circled letters and figure out the word(s).

What do crossword puzzles have to do with anything today? Not much. It's just that yesterday, and this morning already, I have sat down and worked on a few. Just that kind of mood, I guess. I remember a particular compliment the Sis has given me over the years.I can't remember how she phrased it exactly, but she complimented my ability with words due to all my reading and doing crossword puzzles. She has even had me read over school papers (for editting).

And yes, sometimes I am good and do my puzzles in pen.


Tuesday, December 18

I have 15 Minutes For Ya

The son's concert last night wasn't as bad as I thought it may have been. Seems it was just the bands for 4th grade, then the 5th & 6th grades. The first group played like three songs on them recorders - those wooden whistles with the 3-4 holes. At least the bad part was over first. The regular band played about 5 songs, and we were out of there within a half hour. I was worried it was going to be a whole school production, and with each grade singing or doing skits... as they always have to have someone translating to Spanish whenever they do that crap.

I'm getting ready to head over to the MIL's for the regular Tuesday shopping trip she has. I was planning on going out to get the present for the Wife, but I am feeling lazy today, and will probably just come back home.
There is always tomorrow to go to the store and fight crowds.

I found out this past weekend my little sister from Indiana won't be coming out here for a week after Christmas. I was a little bit bummed, as it has been a couple years since I seen her last. I just hope she got a refund on the plane ticket.

Okay, so there ya have it for today. I have no clue what I may come up with tomorrow.


Monday, December 17

A Last Week of Bliss, Sort of

Today starts the last week I have before the kids are out of school for two weeks. It's also pretty much down to one week until Christmas as well, and I know I need to get out for at least 1 more gift for the Wife. Actually, I should get more than one, but I know of only one thing she wants. I really have no desire to get out to the store to get it though. I can just imagine the crowd of moronic, Spanish-speaking imbeciles I will have to put up with just to get this one item. Shudder.

Tonight the middle son has his winter concert. He plays trumpet. The oldest has some theater thingy going on at the same time. The Wife's employer has scheduled their Christmas party for this Friday, though I have no clue where it is being held. I do not know if she is wanting me to attend this year or not. Most past years, I have not gone. I am the Grinch in spirit, what can I say?

The Daughter is headed back to Tucson after being up this weekend. She plans on being up again next weekend for two weeks as she is on school break, too. I need to talk to the Wife and get her to change the Daughter's plans. I don't think I want her here for two weeks, especially when we are paying for an apartment in Tucson. I don't mind her being here a few days for the holiday, but go home, come back again next time.

And so my Christmas spirit starts.


Sunday, December 16

The Only Sick I Am, Is Sick In The Head

The later part of last week I felt like crap. I even wrote about it, stating I felt sick, like I had a cold. I was wrong. I am not even sure what it was. I was stuffed up, sinus headaches, watery, itchy eyes, sneezing, and several other symptoms - all which were normal for the common cold. Friday evening I felt a little better, so I  went to meet a couple friends. Within a half hour of getting out of the house, it cleared up. So, I am thinking it must be something in the house that is making my allergies go insane. Or something in the air around the neighborhood, somehow affecting me. This morning is the first I have ha din several, that I haven't woken up feeling the effects, and I am happy about that!

Last night was the first performance of the Christmas Musical that is being put on by the youth and children's groups at the church the Wife attends. The oldest and youngest of my sons are both performing in it. Today will wrap up the second showing. Here are a few pics....

 The youngest (and cutest) of the boys, during one of the songs.
 During that same song, he walks over to this part, where he kneels next to the manger scene.
My oldest (and namesake) here in the purple shirt. Most of the pics I had of him were a bit blurry, as the older kids did more of the choreographed stuff (dancing and other movements).

Overall it wasn't a bad performance. My arm hurt something awful afterwards, as I spent the hour holding up a video camera. The Wife used our camera, and I have yet to see those pics. Today, she going to watch again, knowing what is in store to get some better pics of both the boys. Me? I'll be at the pub watching the Redskins kick ass on the Browns.


Friday, December 14

Not Up to It

I got nothing for you today. Yesterday, I awoke with a bad sinus headache, being all clogged up, and just feeling miserable, so I have a cold.

Today feels very little in the way of feeling better.

I'm going back to bed.

Wednesday, December 12

Waking Up To Spiders

I have never really cared about spiders. I mean, some look pretty cool, and do some cool things, as long as they are behind glass, or on a TV documentary. When they are live and in my area....shudder! Here is AZ, we hear warnings about the Black Widow and Brown Recluse so much, I think we just tend to ignore them. I remember years ago, when I had an apartment over in the Sunnyslope area, our back door to the "yard area" had a window inset. This back door was located in the kitchen. I don't recall exactly what I was doing - getting silverware, maybe a cup from the cabinet - but I happened to turn to the window and there was a HUGE spider posing right in the middle! Of course, being the man I am, I dropped whatever I had in hand, screamed and went running to the other room, yelling for the Wife to come and get rid of it - preferably by killing it. She, of course, walks over and examines it. Determined it was a Wolf spider, and thus harmless pretty much to us, I calmed down. After all, he was outside, and there was no way I was letting anyone open that door. Several hours later, or overnight, that spider moved on, and I never saw it again.

My high school years, I recall seeing black Widows quite a bit. One of my chores was cleaning the garage - sweeping it out, etc. I would occasionally find one in a corner area that had some shovels or something we had not used in awhile. I would smash its guts as fast as possible, being as far as possible from it. Find them in our shed, too, when getting the mower out. Don't think I have ever seen a Brown Recluse (and don't want to) except on TV or at the Zoo.

Seems every year we end up getting a few of them Grandaddy Longlegs spiders in the house. Generally we leave them be in the ceiling corners, for a couple months, then swipe out the cobwebs and a little spider skeleton. Knowing they are not dangerous, and that if there are bugs they will help clear them out, I don't mind them. I will admit though, there have been a couple instances where one has dropped on me unexpectedly, or jaunted across my leg, and freaked me out.

This morning, dressed in my usual attire of shorts, I slid my legs in under the desk. Right into a spiderweb. I give myself credit, as I didn't scream. But I did jump back so fast the chair tipped over, and slid clear across the room. Be fore I knew it, broom was in hand. Needless to say, me brushing the web sent that Longlegs a-running.

But it still freaked me out. I think my heart is finally getting back to a regular rhythm now.


Tuesday, December 11

Jacket Weather

For the first time, in a long time, I wore a jacket this morning. At 6:30am the temperature was in the low 40's, which is pretty cool for AZ. I have a feeling that I will be wearing the jacket more often as we proceed into the 'winter' months, with probably March being when it will warm up enough that I can be comfortable without one.

This morning I also am taking the Wife's van into the shop. That radiator fluid leak has been irritating me, and yesterday's event of it maxing out on the temp gauge basically pissed me off. Mainly that they didn't find it when they had it a few weeks ago, though, I think more and more that they were the cause. The leak has gotten worse since then, but they may have just accidently gotten it started with the other repairs. Maybe bent a hose just enough to crack it, and the leaking started days later. I don't know. I am just upset I have to spend the time without any vehicle, and being stranded at the MIL's house.

I have about 20 minutes to swap out vans with the Wife, so need to get some breakfast.


Monday, December 10

4-Year Plans, Repairs, and What's Next

This morning I got to spend an hour at the HS with the oldest son, as we met with his counselor and planned out a tentative 4-year plan for his classes. Surprisingly, though he has been struggling with homework (read: being lazy and doing it) he opted for continuing the Honors level classes. The Wife and I had discussed it this weekend, and I let it be known today that if he felt he needed to drop to regular level classes in order to keep an acceptable GPA for college, he had that option. Either way, the classes that he picked/planned out are all changeable as the year for them approach. I admit I was surprised he said he wanted to keep the Honors classes after issues already this year. Either way, there wasn't much input needed from myself, as the counselor did most of the talking.

I still need to get the plumber out here. I guess after looking at the pipe issue with the one shower, we discovered that one of the lines from the water heater has a 'very corroded elbow joint'. I put that in quotes, as they are the words of the Wife. So, another issue just got added to the list for the plumber to fix when I get around to calling them. Looks like it may be Wednesday before I get time for them to come though, as tomorrow I feel I will be without a vehicle most of the day. The Wife's van is due at the dealership in the morning, which means she will have my van. Preacher Tom is picking me up, but I will have him drop me off at the MIL's so she can do her usual Tuesday grocery trip, then I will be stuck there until they say the van is ready. As I need to be back at her place when the younger sons are released from school, it is just easier to hang out there for the day, I guess. I am not looking forward to it, but I do have my Kindle to read at least.

Most of this week is free, though there will be some rehearsals for the church play that two of the boys are in, plus the performances over the weekend. We are down to two weeks to try to get some shopping done for Christmas - if we have any money left after the plumber.

That's all I got for today.


Friday, December 7

Time To Call It Quits

I wrote earlier this morning about the issues I am having with things around here. First, the damn toilet. The floor flange is broken now. It is an older home (built in the early 60's) so the piping is like cast iron. The flange is not bolted on (as is the norm for home nowadays) so it will need to be cut off from what I understand. I thought maybe a thin newer one over it, but, no bolts to hold it in place, and the piece that broke off is big enough, I can't just do a partial. Added to that, there is concrete flooring, that someone evidently had replaced this piece before, as it was all filled with plumbers putty and nothing to bolt into to hold anything in place. I went and removed the tank from the toilet to replace the flush valve. I just cannot get the holding nut to turn, without turning everything. I am guessing it is going to need to be cut off. Then, in the other bathroom, the piping to the shower head is leaking when on. Thankfully, the piping is exposed from the back side which is in our storage room, so access to it is available. However, it is metal piping, and I have no clue as to what to do to fix it. All jobs for a plumber. So, now I have to figure out a time that the Wife or I will be home for one to come by. Added to this, the van is going to the dealer again for the radiator leak on Tuesday, and both Monday & Tuesday I have other running that needs to be done.

I'm fucking done. I am frustrated beyond anything I have been before. I'm sore from trying to get shit to work and moving and up/down on the knees, my back hurts. I just feel like everything is going wrong. Makes me feel like just leaving the house and going drinking. But I know I shouldn't.

I just don't know what to do at this point. Or rather, how, and when.



Where's the Brighter Side?

Some days you feel like you just can't win for anything. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I need to still work on the toilet, as I didn't get around to it. I went to take a shower in the master bath. Lo, and behold, I now have a leak from the shower head piping, at the wall, and it runs down the wall. It all just keeps adding up. I'm frustrated, pissed off, and feeling like I am in over my head. I will be taking a look from the backside of where the piping is, which happens to be a storage room area, so there is a good chance that the wall will be open so I can get to the piping without tearing into drywall. And here's to an easy piping fix, where I won't need to call a plumber. In the mean time, while knowing the seal for the toilet isn't right, discovered the new flapper for the tank isn't seating properly due to "wear" on the valve it sits upon. Which means it needs to be replaced. So, now the tank needs to come off, travel to Lowe's again for the right part (taking it with me) then can re-seat the toilet bowl, hopefully getting the seal right, refit the tank and attach, and be done with the shitter. When I run to Lowe's, hopefully I will have a good idea of what I will need to do about the shower head pipe leak, and be able to get those parts as well.

Already my day sounds full of stuff I don't want to do, but obviously needs to get done. Here's hoping no emergency calls for a plumber are needed. I guess if I think hard and positive enough about it, the brighter side of things would be that with these repairs, there should be no need to worry about these items for at least a few good years....


Thursday, December 6

Let's Talk About the Shitter (Again)

So, I am pretty much done with my crapper seat. I went out yesterday morn, got the required materials (and then some). By the time I got home, I just didn't feel like messing with it. I recalled the Wife mentioning something about it running all the time, from the night before, and that the flapper didn't seem to be seated well. Sure enough, the thingy that it rests upon was a bit rough and pitted. So I read up on it, and feel that it is now beyond the simple step of a little sandpaper to smoothen it out. Which means, I will now be adding the removal of the tank, and replacing that wonderful piece of shit that I can't remember its name.... The only possible good news out of this, is, by taking the tank off, it'll be easier to set the toilet base and ring with it off.

Tonight the oldest son has his Winter concert. Joy. I know I should sound more excited, or at least caring. It just ain't happening this morning. I'm thinking another 60 minutes of sleep would do wonders.


Wednesday, December 5

It's Round Three, and I am Losing

I am beginning to really hate toilet repair. What started out last Sunday as a simple wax ring replacement, has turned into a shitty (not quite literally) nightmare. Sunday was round one, and I made the mistake of placing the ring in the wrong way. Which of course, made it so there was no seal, and water leaked from around the base again. Starting round two, I thought I was better prepared. Got another wax ring, this one the extra thick wax, watched some videos and read some places about how to do things properly. I had the knowledge and the materials. Everything seemed to go right, and within 30 minutes, everything was done. There was some seepage from under still, but according to some of what I read, maybe letting it set overnight would be good. Yesterday morning I flushed her a good 3-4 times, and everything seemed okay. Come evening, one of the boys used it ,and suddenly, there was a flood again. I am almost at my wit's end about this, and ready to throw in the towel to get a plumber. However, I must give it that third try. Getting ready to head to the Lowe's to get yet another ring, and a few extra things: plumbers putty, caulk and some washers. If this idea does not work, it will be time to get professionals in here. I may wait until tomorrow to do the actual work though. Today feels a bit busy.

So, today being the typical Wednesday, the time schedule for the schools are different. I never understood why one day of the week they get out like an hour and a half earlier than usual. But that means I have to readjust my time to get things done. Topping that off, this is our last regular night of our pool league season - of which I am fairly glad. Being captain of the team has been somewhat stressful due to the lack of commitment from one player. Again I am waiting til a decent hour this morning to call him to verify, once again, if he will be there tonight or not. After tonight there are a couple weeks of little tournaments they do, that I won't be going to, and then the awards night, where basically all we are getting is a small amount of team money, and 2 players on the team get a 1st & 2nd little trophy/plaque. I have one of each from previous years, and will not be getting one this year.

I guess I should get my shoes on and head over to Lowe's to at least pick up the stuff I need. I have a small weakness though when I go there. There is a McDonald's right outside it, and I do love me some sweet tea with a couple sausage mcmuffins in the morning....


Tuesday, December 4

Are We Looking At A Possible SuperBowl?

I have never been a big sports fan. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey... it just doesn't matter. Yeah, I have picked out a team to be my 'favorite' in each sport, but that doesn't mean I enjoy them. Well, most of them. I detest basketball, and I come from a state that it is supposedly so sacred......

What I like about sports, is the camaraderie. No, not the shit you share with some no-name just because you are both wearing the same team's colors, but the actual "hanging out" with the buds, watching and cheering on the team. I got to do that last night with my buddies Jan & Don. And even better as that the Redskins won! If it weren't for them being there to watch the game with, I probably would have cared less, and just waited until this morning to check the scores. I just cannot watch sports by myself.

So, it has been a crappy start to the week. I had to redo the wax ring on the toilet, as I had put it in the wrong way the first time on Sunday. I blame the instructions on the box, as they were wrong. Yeah, how can they be wrong if it is their product? Easy, when the damn thing is made in some other flipping country, and the word choice/phrasing is atrocious. Either way, whereas Sunday it took a couple hours, yesterday afternoon it only took 20 minutes. However, after getting it completed, and doing those first couple test flushes, I still had a small amount of water leaking from under the toilet. I am sure you can imagine, though not really wanting to picture it, of me standing on the toilet, kind of bouncing, to try to get it to "set" into the wax better. Next test flush, less water, but still some seepage. I decided to let it sit overnight without use to see if it is just a matter of the stuff needing to set. I worry about going in to test it this morning, so I think I shall wait until after I go to the MIL's. Which I don't want to fucking do this morning.

Which throws me into another bitch fit. I am just so tired of doing this shit, of having to go to the MIL's to sit with the FIL. Selfish, and a bit rude of me I am sure, but I wish he would just die. I have no personal grievance against him, just this vegetative state he is in is not helping anyone, and is nothing more than a hindrance for everyone... definitely a damn inconvenience for me, since I am the one having to spend all the time there to "give the MIL a break". Fucking bullshit is what it is.

And people wonder why I drink.... This is a contribution to the reasons.


Monday, December 3

Things Just Going to Shit

Saturday wasn't too bad of a day. I got some shopping done. That's quite a bit considering I hate crowds as much as I do. Though, I do admit, there were too many Indians around. By Indians, I mean Native Americans. I swear, there were busloads of them at every store I went to. Either I just shop at the wrong stores, or their government checks came in and they were buying out the places. I actually did even see one bus of them unloading. At least they go back to the reservation. Them damn illegals don't go back to Mexico.

The Wife made her pilgrimage up north and back just fine. Well, except that I noticed her van is leaking radiator fluid again. Looks like we'll have to get it in to the shop. I am thinking of trying to get it to the local shop rather than the dealer, as I wonder if this may be a more routine thing, like a hose, than necessarily a major part. If it turns out worse, we can take it to the dealer. Just the hassle of it all is gives me the wearies.

Saturday also brought me a leaking toilet in our hall bath. Right from the base, so you know it is a wax ring issue. No big deal, right? I got up Sunday morning thinking it might take an hour to fix, but within 15 minutes, I knew it wasn't. One of the nuts attaching it to the floor was corroded, and not enough room to get a hacksaw to it. Went to Lowe's and home Depot, to see about a nut splitter, but both guys in their tool dept had no clue as to what I wanted. One even looked it up on the internet to see what it was. Ended up buying an attachment for the drill, and a metal grinding disk, which worked fine. Got the new ring on, set the toilet, replaced the innards of the tank (which needed done also) and turned the water back on. Flush. Water leaking worse than before. Sigh. I give up. Might be calling the plumber today...unless I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to try it again. Maybe get another ring? I dunno.

So my week is starting out like crap. After all, I bee up since just before 4am.


Friday, November 30

A Farewell to November

She was a fairly kind month, as months go. Warm most of the time, but had some cooling at heart. Shared a wonderful meal with her, and some sick time as well. By after so much time, I need to move on.

The Wife and I got a small moment with out the kids in the room, to briefly discuss options for gifts this year. I still sit here with no ideas. I did write RM back and let her know the basic sizes for clothing, and favorite colors, but no other ideas. Why should I give her any that I have? LOL! Right now I am more worried about finding a gift for the Wife for her birthday in about a week.

Saturday the Wife and Daughter are driving up north with the MIL for a memorial service. An uncle of the Wife had passed away a couple weeks back. I am hoping she decides to take at least the two younger boys, so I am able to get out and get some shopping done. If I have all three, it would be near impossible, and I don't want to deal with them fighting, then me having to hear all about it when I get back home.

I think I may go out to lunch today. Souper Salad is sounding good at 730am.


Thursday, November 29

Enjoying a Good Moment

I spent a good part of this morning helping the MIL take the FIL to the doctor. I was a bit weary after wasting two hours at the doctor's office. I browsed what I "might have missed" on Facebook, and then went to play a game called Song Pop on there. It's similar to the old 'Name That Tune' show. Either way, came across a group called Mumford & Sons and the song "Little Lion Man". I vaguely remember hearing it before, like in the background noise at the bar, etc. So I YouTube'd it to hear the whole song. I was impressed. I spent the next large portion of an hour checking out the other videos, just to hear them in the background (as I am doing now). Why haven't I heard of them before? I have no clue, but I did download a couple of their albums, and loading them into iTunes.

So I starting to tweak things here on the blog a bit. Trying out some things I never knew how to do before. I am sure it will be a work in progress as I am in the mood to do it. Be happy I am able to post my whiny drivel most days for you to read, let alone make fantastic changes to please your visual senses.

Time to run as I need to head back over as the youngest boys are getting out of school.


Wednesday, November 28

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like ....

.... I need to go back to bed for a couple hours. I don't know what it was specifically, but I just feel like I slept bad last night. The upper back is sore, I have a headache, and I feel tired as heck, though I went to bed at a decent hour. I know I spent quite a bit of time before falling asleep, and I know I was wakened throughout the night - hence the still being tired. I guess I just slept in the wrong position at some point to cause the back pain, and possibly the headache too.

I have  feeling it is going to be a long day. Maybe another nap before the bank opens will be good.


Tuesday, November 27

Yup - Still Got Nothing

After what I consider to be a decent post (yeah my standards are low) yesterday, today I don't have much to say. Today is one of those days I dread, where I need to go to the MIL's blah blah blah and sit on my ass to waste two hours. I am so fricking tired of this crap....

Yesterday, the oldest son's counselor from the school called me. Seems she wants to sit down with he and I to discuss his 4-year plan for classes in HS based on the possible future job careers he likes. They had sent me a notice back like the end of September about this, and I neglected to call. He had put down as his three career interests as Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., and the last was some other kind of engineering. Which I basically laughed off. Since the beginning of the school year (basically) he has been grounded due to him not wanting to complete his homework. I am sure I have bitched about it before. The class that he is not doing the homework for the most? Honors Algebra. Math class. What does engineering require quite a bit of? Math. See why I laughed it off? Either way, I went ahead and scheduled a time for us to meet. I need to email her this morning and change it now. Turns out it is the same day as the first day of practice for the District HS Honor Band, which the son is in, and is at another school. Sooooo, kind of hard for us to meet when he isn't even there that day. Nice that he made the Honor Band, but anymore, I think it is because he plays French horn, moreso than him just being an extremely good player. I mean, don't get me wrong! He plays fine....

December is almost here, which brings up that whole Christmas thing. It's no use to get all riled up about how commercialized the holiday is, etc, etc. I will bitch that statement quite a bit as the month goes on though. It also brings school concerts, church plays, and (ewww) having to be nice to people I could care less about. Already we have school band concerts twice the first week, and the following week is the church play performance. I'm going to be so sick of this shit come New Years Eve, I will prolly drink myself insane (short trip, I know - less alcohol that way I guess).

Okay, I need to get stuff done before heading to the MIL's.


Monday, November 26

The Changes Are Coming!

I want to send out a thank you to Joe over at Fat in Indiana. He had commented on the last post that he had seen an ad for a domain registration company offering a sale price of $0.99 for a .com name. I checked it out, and purchased one. Too bad it is only for 1 year, then goes to $10.99, but hey! One year for a buck?! It's a decent deal, and I can cancel later on if I find something better. It's not like I have to build a website to go with it.

SO the new domain name will be, and will still link here. As far as the changes to the actual blog, well, I am still working on them. I haven't come up with a title that sounds, if anything, interesting. Or at least not stupid, to me. I'll be going through the side bar and deleting some of the blogs that have moved on to other things, too.

Meanwhile, today is that supposed 'Cyber Monday' and gee, let me just say I am so going out crazy buying stuff online. Hell, I don't know even what to get anyone this year. Rev Mom emailed me that she went to the store yesterday, looking for gift ideas for the grandchildren (hers not mine - I don't have any) and came up with a big NOTHING after two hours of browsing through the store. Of course, then she asks me what they want, and/or clothing sizes and favorite colors. Like I would have any idea. I spoke to the oldest son about it this morning, and he has no idea what he would want. Probably just gift cards for wherever, he says. The typical teenage solution nowadays. Personally, I know we won't be purchasing much this year. As I am sure everyone feels the financial pinch of current events, we are feeling ours. I need to get an email out to family members to let them know since we can't afford gifts for everyone, that we have no worries if they do not get us anything. That'll be a fun one to phrase in such a way I don't feel like I am coming off as a snob and just telling them they ain't getting anything. Sigh. The things I do....

The Daughter was in town this weekend and as usual was nice to see her. She got some time in with us, and both her grandmothers. I don't expect to see her back until closer to Christmas. I need to find out from her, what he plans are - at least if she thinks she is staying here a week, I am going to ave to say I don't think so. Last year she did it, and did nothing but stay up all night, and sleep all day.

Well, my bitching is done for the moment. At least until I have something else to gripe about.


Saturday, November 24

It Don't Work No More

As I was booting up the old computer today, I remembered that my website domain name thingy was supposed to have expired back around the 12th-16th of this month. The company I have had it through for the past six years never even bothered to contact me by email, or by phone - both of which have been the same for even longer than our business time together. Bastards. Doesn't really matter though, as I was not continuing with their services either way after last year's fiasco.

So, that means I am getting a new domain name, more than likely through, as I see they are only about $10 for at least the first year. Now I just need to settle down on a .com name that hopefully isn't taken. I know is open. But this will also bring a little bit of change to the blog as well. The title here will be changing, mainly since the content hasn't been the same as when I started it. No doubting that they are still two of my favoritest things, I just feel it is time for some change.

It will be a few days for the changes to go into effect. Check back everyday to see if they are here yet.


Friday, November 23

It's Not Saving Money

Today is what people in the US call Black Friday. That day after Thanksgiving, when everyone goes out and saves the National Debt for items on special sale for today only. Kinda like being a kick-off for the Christmas buying season. For the next week, I am sure that is what most people are going to be talking about - how much they saved by going to some special sale to get this one item. Bah! Humbug!

I hate the crowds. I dislike even shopping in general, and only do it when there is something that NEEDS to be bought. The next month I avoid shopping stores that carry more than groceries. Christmas shopping. Oh geez! The biggest commercialized holiday of them all! I am not getting started on that one today.

Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. Went to the In-Laws for lunch....well, more like mid-afternoon meal by the time it was being served up. I snuck out quickly after eating to meet a buddy to watch the Redskins kick some Dallas butt. The Daughter is in town, but heading back today for the big ASU-UofA game tonight, then return tomorrow with the boyfriend. I never did make it to RM's family walk yesterday morning. Seems I was the only family member that didn't, but I don't care. Everyone in my house was asleep except for me, and I just didn't feel like going at 7am. I am sure I will hear some comments later on about my non-attendance, though, more than likely it won't be from RM.

Well, I am off to peruse the ads this week - to see how much money I would have saved if I went shopping today....not!


Thursday, November 22

Happy Turkey Day

My heartfelt wishes that each of you have a wonderful day, no matter with whom or how you spend it.

Turkey Day has always been one of my favorite of the holidays that we celebrate here in the USA. What can I say, I like the food part of it all, and turkey is the best! Many people spend this holiday with families, and though that in itself may or may not be the most enjoyable of times, it is seemingly always looked back upon in memory as well worth it. I was trying to think back in my memories, of perhaps a special Thanksgiving Day I may have had, but nothing in particular comes to mind. So perhaps I could be wrong.

Many people like to make long, drawn-out speeches they pretend are the 'Grace' before meals. No insult intended there RM, or PT. I have been to a few dinners where there is just not enough people or things in the world that the person is not thankful for, and I think all the rest of us were thankful they finally shut up so we could eat before everything got cold. Others just take a quick moment to say thanks for family and friends, and to watch over loved ones that could not be with them. Others end up eating their meal at a Chinese restaurant because it is the only place open to eat at. That one makes me think of 'A Christmas Story; and the holiday meal they had. It's almost time to bring that movie out again.

Reverend Mother wants to start a new family "tradition" this year. I use the word "tradition" lightly here, because I don't know if I agree with it or not. This year, she has invited all the family members to join her in walking this morning. Yeah, walking. I don't even like doing that on the treadmill at the gym, let alone at an early hour on a holiday morning when I should be sleeping in. But, here I am up and moving earlier than even the usual for me. Anyway, a few weeks back when she first had the idea, I mentioned I wasn't fond of it, but would probably end up going, just to show support for her. Yesterday, she texted out a long notice about the walk to I presume all the family members that had phones. In it, she stated there was no guilt trips if we decided not to do the walk. I think that in itself causes a guilt trip. Not that I am having one. It's not easy for Mom to put me on a guilt trip, because I am so apathetic to most things. Overall, I just am not sue if I want to go walk this morning, even if I don't go as far as everyone else.

Either way, I must move on from wasting your time. Hope you enjoy your day, whatever you are doing, whatever you are eating, and whoever you spend it with.


Monday, November 19

Thinking of Starting Something New

Many of you that know me, know I am an avid reader, especially in the sci-fi fantasy genre. I like the stories that deal with swords and magic, or range into some paranormal, or urban fantasy stuff, too. I even enjoy a good zombie story. Over the past few months, I have been catching up and getting into "The Walking Dead' television show, and even found and am reading the comic book/graphic novels of the series so I don't miss something because they changed a bit of the original storyline as they tend to do for television/movies. Another show I am trying to get into is "Revolution" though, I struggle a bit as I feel it is pretty lame. My cousin and his family enjoy the Doctor Who television series, and I have been thinking about checking that out. Anyone there a Doctor Who fan?

I wonder if I should start by maybe reading the books, though, that feels a bit daunting as it seems to be there are hundreds of books, though, I am hoping that they are shorter novels than a regular book. They would have to be, wouldn't they? I mean, I know Star Trek and Star Wars both have large series out, by multiple writers, but I am talking this series is like 450+ books from my basic info I have read about it. I suppose I could start the books, and maybe start watching the TV show series through Netflix. Maybe I will find I don't like either, and move on to something new....

The Reverend Mother returns to the work force today. After taking an early retirement option last October, that allowed here to be paid for 1 year at regular intervals, she has had to return to working to make ends meet. Not surprising in our economy, I know, but it is what it is. She had been seeking employment for several months, though the last few months the searching was more intensive. I am glad she found something. Nothing personal about my Mom, but I don't think I would want them to have to come live with me, and I know we would not be able to support them, even if it were in an retirement home center. Nope. Not happening either way.

I gotta run. time to do the after school thing.


Sunday, November 18

Talk About Early Mornings

It's not even 5:30am and already I am up. Actually, I have been for a good half hour or more by now. Though Planned to be up in about 5 minutes, this morning I awoke a good 40 before the time I wanted. Body doing that sleep alarm thing, and just preset to the time I was thinking the alarm was for? I don't know. Kind of a pain in the ass though.

Nothing of news to really write today. Up this early for softball. Games at 8 & 9, but I go up to the pub early to get the tables and stuff ready for my fellow Redskins fans. Football is on at 11.

I guess the Wife made plans for us to do Tday at the In-Law's this year. After a phone call with her brother, I guess they decided to do it all for at least one good family dinner before who knows what happens to the FIL. I'm a little peeved about the decision, as I feel I spend enough time over there helping with him, that I didn't want to spend a holiday there. I know, selfish. But still. It's the Wife's dad so we got to do it.

Guess that is all I got for the wee hours of the morn....


Friday, November 16

Getting Lucky

No matter what it sounds like, no, this is not about my bedroom life! But I did get lucky yesterday. I had dropped he van off yesterday at the dealer, convinced there was a radiator leak, that the radiator would have to be replaced, and hoping it was under the warranty on the vehicle. At the time of drop-off, I had mentioned that the auto-sliding door wasn't working, so if they had time to please check it.

By about 2pm, I had not heard anything from the dealer. Most garages call and tell you what is wrong, the cost (if not under warranty), time to do the repair, etc. I left a message. About 3:30, I think, I got the call back with an update. Radiator had a leak and was replaced - covered under warranty. The tracking and electrical for the sliding door was replaced - covered under warranty. Yea! Then the other news.... seems they do some kind of regular 21 point inspection, or something, and noticed the passenger side lower control arm was about to go. For those not car savvy, it is sort of like the axle on that side that holds the wheel. So they were working to replace it - covered under warranty as well. The only bad part, was that the van wasn't done last night to be returned to us. But just for the control arm issue, I am happy considering this is the Wife's vehicle, and if it would have gone.... I hate to imagine what might happen... or the cost. So, lucky as in all this gets done for $150 deductible, instead of (my thought) estimate of about $3000.

Meanwhile, the dealer is just barely opening now, though I sit here waiting for them to call to say it is ready to be picked up. Nothing like feeling trapped without a vehicle. Yesterday, PT and I saw a movie, but afterwards I had to spend the entire afternoon at the MIL's. Yes, she is a pleasant person, but not when you have to spend 6 hours with her, and nothing to do but converse. I am not the greatest conversationalist (ask anyone). At least that is over.

Next week is Turkey Day. I got the email about my family plans and we'll probably end up going. I mentioned it to the Wife last night, and got her typical reaction. I just answered it with, "Well, I don't know what else is going on. You never tell me if your family is doing anything." I am sure it earned me no brownie points (another factor why no luck in the bedroom, I guess).

Well, I am out of here for now. Guess I shall go find something to entertain me. Oh, and I am back to feeling better now, too.


Thursday, November 15

Oh, That's So Messed Up

I try to write my blog posts in the mornings. Before I get side-tracked onto other things, and to help me get my thoughts organized as to maybe what I need to get accomplished that day. I know they have no rhyme or reason at times, but that's how I roll.

So yesterday's post was about being glad I skipped being sick when the whole household was. Scratch that. By yesterday afternoon, I felt like crap. Aching, throwing up, backyard trots, hot and cold flashes. Went I got around to taking my temperature, it was up 101.5, and an hour later was 102.0. I quite taking it then. I laid in bed, sleeping and sweating for most of the night. I was able to eat a bit of dinner - the Wife had made some chicken, noodle and carrots thing. Though, I admit this morning, there were pieces of carrot in my stool. But at least it stayed down the other way and I wasn't throwing it up.

Today I am feeling much better. Temp is back in the normal range. Not as ache-y, and definitely do not feel like sleeping. I will be taking the van to the dealer this morning and hopefully they will get it fixed today. PT and I were to go to a movie, and I actually think I will still do that.

Gotta make another trip to the bathroom.


Wednesday, November 14

Days of the Sick-o's!

It appears that the sick bug going from person to person in my house, has finally left. I hope it has at least. The Wife and oldest have returned to their regular daytime activities, and once again I have the house to myself. Yesterday I was feeling quite a bit more worn out than usual, and worried I might be coming down ill, but I awoke this morning feeling fine. I may have been skipped with all the sharing we have had this time around.

The Wife's van is leaking radiator fluid. Quite some time ago we noticed the temperature gauge starting to read higher than normal, so checked the fluid level. Seeing it was low, I added water (yes, instead of some 50/50 mix) as I needed to see if I could tell where it was leaking from. No luck. We were not finding any drips or spots on the ground even after driving it around. The problem was just assumed to be a regular thing and needed to be topped off. Except it happened about every 3-4 weeks. After the third time, we knew we needed to figure out what is wrong and where is the fluid going. I thought hard about it and came to the possible conclusion that since I was using just water, with no anti-freeze/coolant mixed in, that the water was reaching steam point temps, and thus was escaping through the overflow once the pressure reached a certain point. Thus, when the engine cooled, there would be a shortage of fluid. Sure sounds reasonable.

No leak had been found as of this point, so I went ahead and bought coolant. I poured it into the system with the mix ration it recommended. Filled the jug with water, and put in the back of the van for emergency use. Seemed okay for awhile, until yesterday. The Wife had to run over to the MIL's, and had just left the house when I arrived back. There was quite a bit of liquid on the drive. It was definitely coolant and water. From the location, it looked like it might be a radiator hose leakage. So I checked it when she got home, but can find no damage, cracks, wear, etc in the hosing, and the vehicle wasn't leaking at that point (when she first drove back in).

So I don't know what the problem is. When we bought it last summer, there is a warranty on a majority of the vehicle, so I will be calling the dealership as to when I can get it in for them to check the system. I think it may be a radiator leak, not the hose. In which case, it should be covered. If it is just a hose, they'll prolly charge me 4x the price to do it. In the meantime, I told the Wife to watch the temp and we'll keep fluid in it as often as we can until I can get it in the shop. Good thing about getting it to the dealer, is one of the automatic sliding doors isn't working properly, too, so maybe it can be looked at as well.

I just dread the whole dealer thing. Between waiting for a day to get it in, and how long they may have it. Add it the pressure of having to drive to the far west side of town to pick-up/drop-off the Wife for work while it is in the shop.... Not something I am looking forward to. I may have to call RM and PT to help get me to/from the dealer at least for the van. I am sure they would be willing.

RM made us dinner last night, to help the Wife out since she was recovering from being ill. RM prepared her 'Garbage' dish. I think the story behind the name goes back to when I was in high school, and RM prepared a dish with a bunch of 'throw togethers' and baked it sort of like a casserole. There was no recipe, and I presume dinner convo went something like her asking what should we call it. Someone (I don't recall who) said garbage, since it was made from stuff that was going to the garbage anyways if not used. Somehow the name stuck. Either way, it was nice to have RM do that to help out, and I enjoyed having some since I can't remember the last time I ate the stuff. Thanks RM.

Planning on the movies tomorrow morning with PT. We are going to see 'Argo'. It may be the last movie I see in in the theater for awhile. RM has a couple passes I guess we will be using. That'll save $5 at least.

Welp, guess I should get busy calling the dealer about getting the van in.


Tuesday, November 13

Sittin' With the Sick-o's

Normally, a post title like that would be sitting with my buddies. When we get together, I guess I rub off on them a bit since I a Dirty Old Man (in training). Of course, they are all older than I, so I guess I am just quicker to the catch most times.

Actually, though, there is more truth to the statement today. For the second day in a row, the Wife and oldest son are home sick today. Yes, another day from work for one, and the return to school for the other. I was able to get out of the house for a bit yesterday, but will not be afforded that luxury today. So, dear readers, pray I don't get ill.

It's Tuesday, that most are probably feeling like it is a Monday. I have a dental cleaning this morning. Yee. Haw.


Monday, November 12

Wondering Where to Hide

I can tell that winter is here in the Valley. This past weekend, the weather cooled down, and we actually got a little bit of rain. That is normal for this time of year. After all, it is November. We don't need 90+ temperatures this late in the year!

What this time of year brings along with the cooler temps though, is the flu and cold season. It has already started at my house. The youngest was out of school Friday, displaying the typical signs of stomach and bowel explosions. Add in the no desire to eat anything, and feeling tired all day to the symptoms, and you can guess what he got. Saturday he recuperated and was pretty much back to normal. The Wife and I crossed out fingers that he would be the only casualty this round. He wasn't. The middle son started his Sunday morning. He was feeling well enough last night he ate a tiny bit for supper (this being the kid who always asks for seconds). He is still asleep this morning, so not sure if he is feeling better yet, but hoping it is basically the one day version, too. Especially considering, last night about 11pm, the Wife said she was starting to feel icky. Yep, she got it, too. She was up and down to the bathroom all night (waking me almost like every time she went - so I didn't sleep good). She has called into work already this morning. That leaves two of us here that have not had it yet, and am crossing my fingers we don't get it.

My friend Ginny is in town for the race that was yesterday. I was able to get out on Saturday to visit with her for a bit. Hopefully between our schedules, we can hook up again this week before she leaves Friday night. Just not sure when. It'll probably be about a year before she would be back this way again if she can.

It's the celebration of Veteran's Day today. Be sure you toss out a thank you for all our military personnel.

Thank you Vets, for preserving our freedom and way of life.


Friday, November 9

In The Wee Quiet Hours

It's Friday. Not that that means anything here for me. Probably will be pretty much a typical day, sort of. The oldest son has a band performance tonight, as the football team has advanced to the second round of play-offs. I'll be here trying to find ways to entertain myself. Oh yeah, and the youngest is home sick today. Seems he threw up in the night, and the middle son cleaned it up without waking us. I am sure he did it because they share sleeping quarters, and who would want to smell that all night? I am glad he cleaned it up though, as I would have been throwing up trying to clean up some one's throw up.

Thanksgiving is approaching. I still have not heard if my side of the family is getting together as usual, or what. I dread Christmas due to finances getting as tight as they have this year. I personally could care less about getting anything from anyone, but I do want the kids to be happy. The older two can deal with smaller amount of things, as they should understand finances.... but who knows. Someone would always be butt-hurt about it if they didn't get as many as someone else. I am not even sure if we are buying for the nephews/nieces this year. It makes me feel bad, but just can't afford it. Maybe we can figure out a family-type gift to give them instead that won't be expensive. All I know is it is late in the year to be finally deciding what to do.

Supposed to be rainy tomorrow, which for us is a rarity. Though by Sunday for the Nascar race, it is supposed to clear up. Which means I am in my own personal hell today, as there is to be lots of wind, and already they are saying if you have breathing problems to stay indoors - meaning the pollen count is going o be atrocious. I am already sneezing/runny nose/watery eyes just from running the oldest to school.

Well, I am off to check on the youngest, to see if he feels like eating a little something for breakfast.


Wednesday, November 7

Not Surprised At All

I am not surprised that Obama was re-elected. I'm not happy about it either. Though, without ranting political, I can't say one would be better than the other. Our country is just going to shit no matter what, and we, as a people, decided that is definitely the direction for the next four years. At least political ranting is ending.

Or is it? This morning as I am doing my social media rounds (on Facebook) it seemed all I saw were posts about 1) Democrats putting down others that did not vote for Obama, and 2) Those that lost, saying things like 'Well, you voted him in, and decided to keep him so you deal with the next four years'. Now, in the last half hour, it has changed to those same Democrats (who days ago were chanting about revenge and rioting if they don't keep Obama in office) saying that everyone else is not joining hands and being a Country of People being United. WTF? Shows how two-faced many of them are I guess.

Needless to say, it is disappointing. Now I am sad.


Tuesday, November 6

Politics Suck

It's Election Day here in the USA. That day where we pick who we feel is the best liar, or at least, the one that appeals to us the most. I detest politics. I think it is a waste of time. I know that there is no way to make it the better working system, though I am sure there are some 'tweaks' that can be done to make it tolerable. Either way, I mailed my vote in a few weeks ago with my early ballot. The Wife, she waited until last night to do hers - I think because she was just being the procrastinator she is. So now I have to go out of my way to go to the polling place for our area, just to drop off her vote, that should have been mailed weeks ago.

On a few blogs I read, and definitely on Facebook, the rants & raves of people for or against the presidential runners are out in full force. The crap I posted yesterday about the superstition to do with the Redskins, I posted it on FB on Sunday, and as of yesterday had over 85 responses to it - though most were two people I know going back and forth bashing each other's choice. I'll be so glad when it is over for a few days. Because at that point, you know it will go into bashing whoever is president by whoever doesn't like it.

Sigh. Makes you wonder about some people sometimes.

Today's my busy day. At least I won't have to listen to or watch any last minute propaganda from anyone.


Monday, November 5

Stupid Superstition

Yesterday started off almost decently. My team had two softball games, and they were the early hours, meaning at 8am & 9am, before it gets too hot. I am on the injured reserve this week, since last week I strained a leg muscle. I still ended up playing catcher for a couple innings as a teammate was running late. Bending down to pick up the ball, I was glad I wasn't batting and running as that muscle still was not ready for playing. So, instead I kept score, as usual. Started off not bad, but we ended up losing both games. Then headed down to the pub that we play for, as we get a free team drink, and my Redskins were to play at 11am.

Prior to the football game starting, the cook at the pub (who is a Dolphins fan) came out and was casually teasing me about who my Redskins were going to lose to today, etc. Then he comes out saying that out of the last 17 times the Washington Redskins have had a home game the Sunday prior to an Election Day, when they lose, the current president gets voted out of office. But if they win, he wins a re-election. So great. The outcome of my game is going to possibly make or break the country. Fricking wonderful. Just what I need, more pressure.

Needless to say, the Redskins lost. By theory, that would mean Obama will lose the election. From what I heard on news radio this morning, it doesn't quite sound that way. Though, nothing will be final until after tomorrow's debacle.

Make sure you get out and sound your opinion!


Friday, November 2

Some Friday Crap To Waste Time

I deleted 77 comments from the ol' blog today. That is one thing that I like about, is that they are pretty good at catching the spam comments so I don't have to use that captcha thingy. Though, I do admit the email notification to my regular inbox is a pain in the ass about telling me each time a comment is made - spam or not. I suppose I could just shut it off, but I am so paranoid someone will make a comment on any post, and if it wasn't a recent post, I would miss it. Yeah, your comments are that important to me (rolls eyes). No, I really mean that (rolls eyes again).

So, since I really have nothing of interest today, I'll share some random shit.

Alright folks! Have a good weekend!


Thursday, November 1

A Fresh Can of Staleness

You guys are so lucky! I mean that! Here at this piece of time and internet waste-space, you get the freshest thoughts from me to entertain you. That's right! No canned, pre-written post from the d00d! With that being said. I really don't have a topic today. Actually, last night before I fell asleep, I had a great idea, and then I forgot it. I think it was the beer talking anyway.

So, Here in less than 2 weeks I will be dropping the domain name I currently have for here ( and will be trying something different. The current company that I have it through is more expensive than GoDaddy, and their customer service is lacking. But I want to do a fresh overhaul for the blog. In the 6 years it has been here, I guess I have matured (somewhat) and I just don't get the boobies pics posting that often. RM must be making a small impression on me.... Either way, the blog will remain, just new domain name and maybe a new look. I haven't made up my mind what exactly I want yet.

Thanksgiving is the next holiday coming up, and has always been one of my favorites. Where else is the biggest part of celebrating the holiday, is centered on a HUGE MEAL!!! Oh, and I like turkey!! I have no idea what our plans are for this year, but I am sure we will probably end up with my family, rather than the Wife's. With the FIL as sick as he is, they have not done family dinners in a long time.

Welp, I am off to have some candy that RM sent home with my kids last night.


Wednesday, October 31

Getting Some Treats

Blah, blah Halloween, blah, blah. The only thing I like about Halloween, is candy corn goes on sale the week after. Gotta love the sugar. My youngest two boys are dressing up this year, and the Wife is planning on taking them to the Grandparents', some local churches for the trunk n' treats, and maybe a family friend or two - though I have no idea whom. Me, well, I have my pool league, so I don't get to go around. Good thing RM always makes me a bag of goodies, which she will send home with the Wife tonight I am sure.

I get a little bit of a treat though. I get to go have beer.


Tuesday, October 30

I Thought It Was Over

The fat lady sang. At least I thought she had. The Tuesday night practices that the oldest son has had since the beginning of marching season, had come to a close, since they did not make it to the state championships.  But I found out this morning (last minute as always) that no, he still has it tonight. Which makes some sense since the school football team made it to the first round of playoffs, and they are still performing. Then I find out, that he has another performance yet this Saturday as well. Seems one of the local Community Colleges has asked the HS to perform for their halftime at their football game. Is this shit ever ending this year? I am getting tired of the extra running to practices and all.

So, that started out my Tuesday like a Monday morning. Though, I will admit at least I don't leave on the upper East Coast. That's some nasty shit going on there... all the way in to Cleveland, OH, I heard... .65 mph winds there as of this morning. Geez, Louise!

I got nothing else for you word greedy fiends (I left out the 'r' on purpose!)


Monday, October 29

It's Not Over Yet

The Son's marching band only placed a "Good" rating on Saturday, though the percussion line received a Caption Award. This means they will not be attending the State Marching Competition that starts this Saturday. I am a bit glad, as it would mean traveling to the other side of the valley (literally) at about an hour plus drive one way. Though they did not make State, there are still some marching events going on he needs to attend before they turn in the uniforms and begin the concert band part of the year. Tonight they are participating in the HS district performance (all HS in district perform their shows). Also, since the football team made the first round for playoffs, they also will be performing Friday night at that game, though I amnot going as it, too, is across the valley and an hour away. Depending on how the football team does, will decide if they perform any more dates/events. Too bad the zero hour doesn't end with marching season. But now I am free to go to the Nascar race on the 10th & 11th with not being guilty of not going to see the son perfomr at State.

Yesterday was a decent day. I played softball at 8, and by 8:20 had pulled a muscle on the back of my thigh. So I am limping around now. Made it up to watch the Redskins game and had an old friend show up that we had not seen in quite awhile, and ended up talking for about half the game. Didn't matter much, as they sucked and lost anyways. Had plans to go up to watch MNF, but forgot the son had a performance, so I will probably end up staying home with the two younger boys so the Wife can go. I would go, but with my leg, I can't see me walking that far, and sitting on the concrete bleacher/stands would not be comfortable.


Sunday, October 28

This Blows

There has to be a reason somewhere in the Book of Reasons, why I feel like crap today. Yesterday started out just fine. Woke up, shut off the CPAP machine, started my morning routine with the little bit of stuffed up nose/watery eyes thing. I get that regularly. It's likes, they are adjusting to not being on the CPAP, and usually after about 30-45 minutes, it clears up and life goes on. Yesterday it didn't. In fact, it proceeded to just run constantly all day. Last night, as I put on my mask and prepared to drift to slumber, it actually cleared up somewhat - until this morning.

I had planned on being up early this morning, to head to the pub to help adjust/move tables for our big group getting there for football today. I was planning on 5:30. For some reason, my body though 4:30. So I went ahead and shut of my CPAP, and tried to lay there and cat-nap until the alarm went off. No such luck. One side of my nose is CLOGGED, and the other felt like it was starting to back up pretty good as well. I went ahead and got up, tried blowing my nose to no avail. In fact, checking the snot I blew, it is starting to have that yucky yellow color, which is a good sign of a sinus infection starting. Here nearly 45 minutes later, the eyes are watering, the nose still clogged and running.... at least I am not sneezing 17 times in 20 seconds like I seemed to do most of the day yesterday. I think I am getting sick.

So, playing softball this morning is out for me. I'm still going to the pub though, as maybe the alcohol will kill the germs. Plus, I deserve it for being the wonderful husband I was and letting the Wife go have girl time for 3/4 the day yesterday.


Saturday, October 27

Weekend Plans

It is a typical Saturday morning at my house. Shortly after 8am, I have been up for about an hour, and the middle son has been up almost half that. We are the early risers at the d00d homestead. My guess is I get up early, as I go to bed pretty much before everyone else, on most nights, so I get the most sleep and feel more rested when daybreak hits. The middle son, I don't know why, but half the time he is up even before I. The oldest soon was just roused (yes I woke him early) so he can get started with his breakfast, then I plan on putting him to work around the house before he needs to leave for this year's last marching band competition.  
A friend of the Wife's is driving up north to Flagstaff, where the event is held, as her daughter is in it as well. They will be riding up together, meaning I am stuck here at home with the younger boys until late night.

Tomorrow is my regular Church of Holy Beer and Softball. We are supposed to play at 8 and 10, but I will be only at the 8am game. As pretty much the only organizer of the Stingers Redskins Club, I need to be over at the pub to get tables set up and reserved for the Redskins/Steelers game at 10 (our time). We are looking to having the biggest turnout yet for the game, and hopefully they will continue to come up to watch the games through the rest of the season.

That's about all I got for today.


Friday, October 26

HE Did NOT Just Do That ....

The oldest son is a freshman in high school. He's 14 years old. Like many teenagers, he doesn't care much for school. Well, let me correct that. He doesn't care much for school academics. I am sure he likes Band, Theater, and Drama classes. I'm pretty sure he likes the girls, too.

Anyway, he had been in the advanced classes in junior high, and automatically, they put him in the advanced class program in high school. He did not want to be in the advanced classes, as the homework was "harder", but the Wife and I knew he was capable of doing the work, so we did not remove him from them. Within the first two weeks of school, he had been dropped from the advanced English class to regular, as he never bothered to inform us he was to have read a certain novel over the summer and be prepared to discuss it, etc. the first of school. Okay, we were not happy about it, but fine. So now he will be in the regular English curriculum. Then we found out he wasn't turning in work for the Honors Bio or Honors Alg classes. Needless to say, shit hit the fan.

As a parent, I want my children to excel. I want them to push themselves to the boundaries of what they can do. But I understand teenagers can sometimes be lazy, and that was exactly what was going on. He didn't want the advanced classes, so by not doing the work, he was hoping we would drop him out of them. Wrong. The Wife and I decided that the only thing we could do at this point, short of holding his hand everyday, in every class, was to have be accountable. I made up an assignment log, for him to list the daily homework, due date, etc. for the classes there were issues in. I also contacted those teachers, and explained he was to have them initialize each day, to confirm that he had the correct homework assignment and due date written down. He started off on this grudgingly, and for the first several days, he was only getting the initials of one teacher, but finally he seemed to get it in his head that things were not going to get better until he complied. There were other repercussions as well. Grounded from the computer (for entertainment - he could still type up papers), no social activities (going out with friends, etc) were among the main ones.

After a few weeks of doing the log, and his missing assignments completed (many for 0 points) he seemed to have things back on track. Then he stopped getting the teachers to sign it. Every couple days I would ask to see the log, and finally told him, each week it is not done, adds another week of being grounded. Give me two weeks with it signed by all teachers every day, and I would stop making him complete it, as long as his grades stayed up where they needed to be, and he didn't start having missing assignments. After a couple weeks of him of doing that, I changed it to each day he doesn't have it signed is a week. Needless to say, as of right now I think he is grounded through Easter.

Tough taskmaster? Maybe. Bad parent? I don't think so. I mentioned the Wife, and RM the other day, that if had half a brain, he would have a friends do some initials of the teachers in different inks. I know I would have not have questioned it at all, as the only way I would have of verifying it is to talk to the teachers everyday. He hasn't though of doing this yet evidently.

I don't know what to do about his failure to comply to the instructions of his being in trouble. If he would just complete it, he could get the limitations/restrictions lifted. The Wife and I had been talking the past few days about what are we to do about the situation, but had not come to any solution as of yet. Then there was this morning.....

As usual, the Wife went to wake the son up, so he would have time for breakfast and to get ready for school. Today is another day of zero hour, where I take him early. As she opens the door to wake him, she sees a light coming from his bed area. Seems he had brought in his brother's laptop computer last night, and after lights out, had used it for internet access, and who knows what games, etc. Then he lied to his mother, stating first that the computer was in the hallway just laying there (it was put up in it's case, and NOT in the hall) so he brought it into his room to make sure it was still working. Then he said there was a warning that hap popped up and he was looking on the internet to find out what the warning was for (according to the Wife, the warning is something about to expire in 10 days). Either way, he had fallen asleep with it on, and that was how he got caught.

He was lucky I had already taken him to school. I was livid. Now I am just sort of broiling, since I can't do anything until tomorrow basically. He is staying after school as he has an early call time for band tonight (the last football game). Tomorrow he has their last competition (unless they make State) so I won't be able to really get into the whole thing then. Maybe it will have the effect of cooling off my temper, though I am sure there will be plenty of it there when we get around to talking about this. Gives me time as well, to work out with the Wife about what ADDITIONAL punishment is going to happen.

I wonder how long he has been sneaking the laptop in his room at night. Right now I am more angry, but I am starting to feel some disgust at how he has pushed things this far, and now will have to face what may be the severest punishments we have ever had to give out....even if I don't have a clue as to what it is, or how many, how long, to what extent.

Welcome to my weekend.


Thursday, October 25

Kill 17 People Today

You might be seeing me in the Nation's headlines tomorrow, because that was the first thought in my mind today when I first became aware upon awakening today. I'm going to kill 17 people today.

Why did it stand out in my head? I have no clue. I been up now for about two hours, and that count now has dropped to 15, by my count.

I never said kill, as in being dead. Maybe 'shot down' would be a better term. I don't know, but that is how I am counting it. Two hours, two down. Kind of makes me wonder where the rest of my day is going.

Last night was my pool league, and once we were done, the rest of the guys headed out, to home I presume.    A friend I had not seen in awhile had texted me, so I went to another bar to meet up with him. Next thing I knew, I was walking in the door at like 3:30am'ish and ..sigh. Yeah. Up again about 5:30 to take the oldest boy to school. Bonus was, that being Thursday, it is the "specials" day for a couple groceries near us, so I checked with the Wife and after dropping the son off, was able to be the first one to get today's specials.

I think that was the first 'kill'. Supposed to have some pork country style pork ribs for $.79/lb and looking over all the pork product, I ended up arguing with the meat person, until they got someone that spoke English. The only packages they had were marked $1.69/lb which I pointed out. 'Oh, they will adjust it at the register' he says. I pick up my valu-pak limit of 2, and do some other shopping. At the checkout, I missed her ringing them up (I was loading the cart with other bags) so I as usual was checking my receipt on the way out. Whoops! Pulled a 360 and went back in. They didn't adjust the pricing. I politely gave hell to the "help" desk, and after 15 minutes of me pointing at the AD, and at the price on the meat, I think the spanish-speaking pendejo finally realized I was saying they over charged me. Kill number two. And I got $9.96 back from their overcharge.

Next, I headed to the other grocery near us, as they had a couple good deals on meat that the Wife pointed out would be good for me to pick up, since I was going out. I walk up to the door, checking the hours, as there was no usual morning crowd. I thought I might be too early (it was like 7:15). Posted new store hours said a sign, open at 7am, so I am like, cool. I go to grab a cart from outside, and realize, there are no carts outside. I thought, WTF. I walk in, see the carts there by the door, and go to grab one, but then look around. The store is EMPTY. Not just of people, but aisles were EMPTY. I glance down the main row, and see the meat dept is completely papered off. I walk up to the register person, and the manager who is standing next to her, and ask, 'Are you closing?'

'Yes," the manager says. 'We are only open until Friday.'
'With, what?!? the only one partial aisle I see of paper goods?' I ask.
'Whatever is left in stock before Friday,' he says.

I count that as kill number two. I know I would have rather used a 12 gauge, but the look I gave was probably good enough. In what I thought was his dying breath, he mentioned the next closest location of this food store chain (which was further than I wanted to go) and I politely told him 'Well, fuck you.' Yes, I know my English is so elegant. What can I say, two hours of sleep and I am no ambassador.

I called the Wife, told her about us missing out on the other deals and the reason. She was surprised, too, and no one had heard about this store closing. I promptly came home and fridged the meat I had already bought. Then sat her in front of the computer to contemplate what to share with you today. It's just after 8am, and there are still 15 targets left for me today. I feel sorry for any fucker that calls, knocks on the door, or just gets my dander up reading a facebook status the wrong way.

You're lucky I don't see you reading this. But, HEY! Glad ya stopped by!


Wednesday, October 24

Random Blahs

The Wife and I did the Parent/Teacher thing last night for our two youngest. Sometimes I wonder why we waste our time going to them, since we get the same report (or have at least) since the first two were there. Grades are good, well behaved, wish more were like them. For parent, I guess that makes us feel good that we are raising our kids to be all that in public, I guess. When I was growing up, it was expected and required. It seems it is when they get older though, that is when the problems come around.

It's Wednesday, and as many of you know, basically is considered the half-way point of the week. And since I do things so half-assed around here, I basically have nothing going on so nothing to write about. So, today, for space filling, I'm just throwing out random things. As if you other bloggers don't do this from time to time - where do you think I got the idea?

The Wife's, Aunt's husband passed away yesterday. They were married the end of August this year, he fell ill, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about a month ago. Never knew he had it. Stage 4 = inoperable. That sucks. Married about 2 months and he's dead. Wonder if they had time to set up the life insurance policy.

Social Media is starting to piss me off. Facebook in particular. The past few months have been getting worse with the political rantings of seemingly everyone I connect with. If they aren't ranting about the other party lying, it's them trying to post facts about what is good about their candidate. I can "hide" the posts, but I would have to read each one, then hide it, or just hide ALL their posts (not just the political ones). I already voted people! Leave me alone! Nothing more I can do to change my feelings until the next election!

My pool league is tonight, and boy, do we suck. Got the score updates from the organizer this past weekend... seems we are in last place by about 33 games, with only about 12 weeks to go. Not a chance of getting out of that hole. I suck as a captain I guess. Oh well, I am sure I am not going to lose any sleep over it.

Welp, that's all I got for now. Mother Nature is calling me to the reading room.


Tuesday, October 23

Things to Look Forward To

Tuesday is here again, and beside the usual sitting with the FIL twice today, the other thing that is a guarantee at this time of year is the oldest son's Tuesday night band practices from like 5-9pm. They are a bit of a pain in the ass. I have to sit around and wait for him to get out of school, then turn around like an hour later and take him back. It's stupid. And then pick him up later on in the evening, at such a time that right when you get busy doing something, I have to stop. I hate doing it. The good part is, that tonight might be the last one for the year. This Saturday is the last competition (from what I have seen of the schedule) and if they don't receive an "Excellent" rating, then they will not be attending the state competition. So no more Tuesday night practices would be needed. I got mixed feelings about it all. Want them to do well, but at the same time, be less of an inconvenience to me.

Sooooo.... as I said I have to attend to the FIL twice today. The usual time in the afternoon, plus this morning is the weekly shopping trip. Why the MIL cannot buy enough groceries for two weeks is beyond me. I could see maybe a quick trip out for special one week only sales, but otherwise, this is a pain in my ass that isn't going away soon. I am getting so tired of doing it. I can't plan on doing anything different though, otherwise my guilt perks up, and then I feel bad because she will call someone in another town to come here just for them to sit there while she does her thing. It's all so fucked up.

Hell, that's my life at times.


Monday, October 22

It Got Broke

Sometimes I get myself involved in stuff I shouldn't. I just can't help myself. I think the beer doesn't help any either. Several weeks ago (like before football season started) a couple buddies and I were talking and playing pool, when the idea came up about getting together a little group and have like a Redskins Club. The three of us are Redskins fans, so for shits and giggles I went along with their idea. The beer told me to. So one was appointed President, myself as VP, and the third as Treasurer. No biggee, but now, weeks later, it is turning into something bigger. Stingers, the bar that sponsors not only our pool team, but our softball team as well (and happens to be my local hangout pretty much) gave us the okay to promote the bar as a Redskins bar. To that end, the past few Sundays have gotten more and more fans up to watch the games, with this week being our biggest so far with about 20 people. I am not saying in the whole bar, but there specifically due to our group. Our Treasurer is working on designing a business card for us (he is in the printing industry), and I have been given the duty of marketing/promotion basically. Yeah, maybe I bit off more than I should have. I was beat yesterday after getting everything together for yesterday, and already I hearing rumors next weeks group is going to be bigger. Ay yi yi.

So what is broke? Oh, my silverware drawer from the kitchen. Our house is an old one. I think the build date is like 1962, or there-abouts. Most of the building is original still, though a previous owner had added on the family room at the back prior to us. Either way, the silverware drawer seems to get the most action in the kitchen, as you can figure, and over the past 12 years, it has had some pretty hard knocks, let alone the lifetime before us. Either way, we have done our best to piece it back together after each incident of falling apart. Last night was no exception, except the wood broke along the groove cut, where the pressboard bottom slides in on the side piece. I know the MIL has some wood glue, so I will be doing that later today, followed up by doing some light carpentry work once it has had time to set good.

Monday is here, and I seem to be feeling it this morning. I am off to have a pity party.


Friday, October 19

Flipping the Coin

I completed my election ballot and put it in the mail this morning. Usually, this job would require me spending a few hours reading through the materials, the pro/con arguments, and other miscellaneous readings online, all in order that I felt I was making an "informed" decision. I didn't want to take the the time this year. For all the propositions AZ had, I read through the basic 'yes means this, no means that' descriptions, read a few of the letters written for, and a few against, then made a choice. One of those 'gut feelings' type of choices, instead of wasting other time reading repeats of the basics. Was it the best way to handle making my selections? Maybe not, but either way I still feel comfortable about the ones I made. It was better than flipping a coin.

Honestly, the best part about sending int he ballot, is that I know in a short time, I won't have to hear/read/see the political rants/opinions that everyone seems to have, or at least expressing to help "convert" the people that can't make up their minds. I am so sick of it all right now.

Sleep left me a bit earlier than usual this morning. I tried to find it again, but wasn't able to in the 45 minutes before I really needed to get up. Now I am feeling a bit tired, like I need a nap. I hope I can shake that feeling before much longer. I would rather not be taking a nap, though, I really don't have much planned, so therefore have the time to take one....

It's Friday people! Get out and have some fun!


Wednesday, October 17

It's Debatable

Last night was the third debate that will be taking place this election year. I did not watch it. I felt there was no need to, as seemingly everyone was posting things during the debate on Facebook all evening. This morning they continue with pictures and other propaganda, putting down whoever they don't like, and trying to show the facts for whom they will be voting for in just a short few weeks. Frankly, I am tired of it all. I have my mail-in ballot sitting here next to me, and plan on spending some time today reading through the props we have for AZ to vote on. Not my idea of fun, but I don't want to flip a coin to vote yes/no on them.

Other than that, it feels like Monday waited until today to show up. Last night I found out I needed to change some of my plans for this morning, in order to make sure everyone got to school on time. Added to that I get notified that one of the guys on my pool team won't be able to make it tonight (for the third week in a row) so I am in the process of trying to find a sub for him at the last minute (again). I am starting to really dislike being the Captain of the team. Thank goodness the season ends here in a couple months.

Parent/Teacher conference time is coming up. Already we have times scheduled nest week for the two younger boys. I have a feeling that the oldest will not be telling us when the HS ones are, so I will be needing to find out the dates for that. I know I will be going to talk to at least three of his teachers, and I plan on bringing him along so he can hear what we discuss. I am hoping that will help clear up issues in those classes that are happening.

I am off to try to get some things done that need to get done.


Tuesday, October 16

I Forgot ....

I truly dislike talking on the phone. Even if it is to family and friends. I just can't stand not having that face-to-face type contact, where you can glean so much more from body language, instead of just verbal intonations. I am sure many of us get those phone calls that really annoy us: telemarketers during supper (or just in general), the 'Robo-calls' where when you answer it, there is not one there - when the company is noting what times you answer the phone, so they can sell the list of times you tend to be more available. Let's not forget phone calls that come when you are sleeping, at the time you are supposed to be sleeping. Having kids, a parent dreads those calls. The Wife received a call this morning, that woke up half the house.

Thankfully, it wasn't an emergency, or death int he family, or other major crisis. It was her mom, calling to say she forgot to put the sandwich in my son's lunch pail yesterday, so he did not have one for when I took him to school this morning. True, it was a nice gesture, to let us know before we took him to school but I would have enjoyed the 15 minutes more of sleep before the alarm went off. Everyone hates getting a call like that, when your wake up fully awake thinking the worst thing has happened, and it was something minor but it takes a few minutes to calm yourself back down. UGH!

Stuman texted me yesterday to tell me he had the day off today and that he thought maybe we could get together for a bit. Tuesdays being my busy day, I told him I didn't know, but maybe midday I would have a couple hours. He mentioned that he was low on gas, so didn't want to go far, which to me means he is low on cash until payday, so I have no idea what he is thinking about doing. Even if we were to meet for lunch, that costs money, and I know it's tight enough here that I can't just buy him lunch either. Like him, I don't want to have to drive far either. I told him to call me later this morning and see what idea he was thinking. I don't know if I should look forward to it or not. I should be happy to get some time with my brother, outside of family being around, but we all have our problems, and I'm just tired of hearing about everyone else's. Heh, I guess that is just life though. RM would say that I should be happy someone would want to confide and share with me....(rolls eyes).

So, you can tell how excited I am about today. And it all started with that phone call. Sigh.