Thursday, December 20

It's Puzzling

I am a reader. I have a larger vocabulary than the normal person - even if I don't use it properly. Facts and trivia about some of the weirdest (and at times, stupidest) things will stick in my memory for years upon years, yet I can't remember a conversation I had the night before. And I like to do crossword puzzles every once in awhile. I am not super-fantastic, solves-in-under-a-minute type of person. It takes me time. Most puzzles I cannot even solve on the first go-round, and have to return to them in two or three different sittings. This year, I will be doing crossword puzzles quite a bit. Though it seems at least every Christmas, I get a crossword puzzle book of some sort as a gift. This year, the MIL purchased a subscription for me. They come once a month, about 5 of them every 30 days. They are not like some of the cheap puzzle books from the dollar store, where if you get to use a 5-letter word, it's a good puzzle. These things aren't as hard as he NY Times puzzle found in most major newspapers. They're from The Crossword Club, and I am finding, somewhat entertaining to complete. Most puzzles have a theme, or at least seem too for those really big word spots. I even started one this morning that has an additional puzzle, that once completed, you take the circled letters and figure out the word(s).

What do crossword puzzles have to do with anything today? Not much. It's just that yesterday, and this morning already, I have sat down and worked on a few. Just that kind of mood, I guess. I remember a particular compliment the Sis has given me over the years.I can't remember how she phrased it exactly, but she complimented my ability with words due to all my reading and doing crossword puzzles. She has even had me read over school papers (for editting).

And yes, sometimes I am good and do my puzzles in pen.


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