Monday, December 10

4-Year Plans, Repairs, and What's Next

This morning I got to spend an hour at the HS with the oldest son, as we met with his counselor and planned out a tentative 4-year plan for his classes. Surprisingly, though he has been struggling with homework (read: being lazy and doing it) he opted for continuing the Honors level classes. The Wife and I had discussed it this weekend, and I let it be known today that if he felt he needed to drop to regular level classes in order to keep an acceptable GPA for college, he had that option. Either way, the classes that he picked/planned out are all changeable as the year for them approach. I admit I was surprised he said he wanted to keep the Honors classes after issues already this year. Either way, there wasn't much input needed from myself, as the counselor did most of the talking.

I still need to get the plumber out here. I guess after looking at the pipe issue with the one shower, we discovered that one of the lines from the water heater has a 'very corroded elbow joint'. I put that in quotes, as they are the words of the Wife. So, another issue just got added to the list for the plumber to fix when I get around to calling them. Looks like it may be Wednesday before I get time for them to come though, as tomorrow I feel I will be without a vehicle most of the day. The Wife's van is due at the dealership in the morning, which means she will have my van. Preacher Tom is picking me up, but I will have him drop me off at the MIL's so she can do her usual Tuesday grocery trip, then I will be stuck there until they say the van is ready. As I need to be back at her place when the younger sons are released from school, it is just easier to hang out there for the day, I guess. I am not looking forward to it, but I do have my Kindle to read at least.

Most of this week is free, though there will be some rehearsals for the church play that two of the boys are in, plus the performances over the weekend. We are down to two weeks to try to get some shopping done for Christmas - if we have any money left after the plumber.

That's all I got for today.


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