Friday, December 7

Where's the Brighter Side?

Some days you feel like you just can't win for anything. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I need to still work on the toilet, as I didn't get around to it. I went to take a shower in the master bath. Lo, and behold, I now have a leak from the shower head piping, at the wall, and it runs down the wall. It all just keeps adding up. I'm frustrated, pissed off, and feeling like I am in over my head. I will be taking a look from the backside of where the piping is, which happens to be a storage room area, so there is a good chance that the wall will be open so I can get to the piping without tearing into drywall. And here's to an easy piping fix, where I won't need to call a plumber. In the mean time, while knowing the seal for the toilet isn't right, discovered the new flapper for the tank isn't seating properly due to "wear" on the valve it sits upon. Which means it needs to be replaced. So, now the tank needs to come off, travel to Lowe's again for the right part (taking it with me) then can re-seat the toilet bowl, hopefully getting the seal right, refit the tank and attach, and be done with the shitter. When I run to Lowe's, hopefully I will have a good idea of what I will need to do about the shower head pipe leak, and be able to get those parts as well.

Already my day sounds full of stuff I don't want to do, but obviously needs to get done. Here's hoping no emergency calls for a plumber are needed. I guess if I think hard and positive enough about it, the brighter side of things would be that with these repairs, there should be no need to worry about these items for at least a few good years....


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