Wednesday, December 5

It's Round Three, and I am Losing

I am beginning to really hate toilet repair. What started out last Sunday as a simple wax ring replacement, has turned into a shitty (not quite literally) nightmare. Sunday was round one, and I made the mistake of placing the ring in the wrong way. Which of course, made it so there was no seal, and water leaked from around the base again. Starting round two, I thought I was better prepared. Got another wax ring, this one the extra thick wax, watched some videos and read some places about how to do things properly. I had the knowledge and the materials. Everything seemed to go right, and within 30 minutes, everything was done. There was some seepage from under still, but according to some of what I read, maybe letting it set overnight would be good. Yesterday morning I flushed her a good 3-4 times, and everything seemed okay. Come evening, one of the boys used it ,and suddenly, there was a flood again. I am almost at my wit's end about this, and ready to throw in the towel to get a plumber. However, I must give it that third try. Getting ready to head to the Lowe's to get yet another ring, and a few extra things: plumbers putty, caulk and some washers. If this idea does not work, it will be time to get professionals in here. I may wait until tomorrow to do the actual work though. Today feels a bit busy.

So, today being the typical Wednesday, the time schedule for the schools are different. I never understood why one day of the week they get out like an hour and a half earlier than usual. But that means I have to readjust my time to get things done. Topping that off, this is our last regular night of our pool league season - of which I am fairly glad. Being captain of the team has been somewhat stressful due to the lack of commitment from one player. Again I am waiting til a decent hour this morning to call him to verify, once again, if he will be there tonight or not. After tonight there are a couple weeks of little tournaments they do, that I won't be going to, and then the awards night, where basically all we are getting is a small amount of team money, and 2 players on the team get a 1st & 2nd little trophy/plaque. I have one of each from previous years, and will not be getting one this year.

I guess I should get my shoes on and head over to Lowe's to at least pick up the stuff I need. I have a small weakness though when I go there. There is a McDonald's right outside it, and I do love me some sweet tea with a couple sausage mcmuffins in the morning....


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