Monday, December 3

Things Just Going to Shit

Saturday wasn't too bad of a day. I got some shopping done. That's quite a bit considering I hate crowds as much as I do. Though, I do admit, there were too many Indians around. By Indians, I mean Native Americans. I swear, there were busloads of them at every store I went to. Either I just shop at the wrong stores, or their government checks came in and they were buying out the places. I actually did even see one bus of them unloading. At least they go back to the reservation. Them damn illegals don't go back to Mexico.

The Wife made her pilgrimage up north and back just fine. Well, except that I noticed her van is leaking radiator fluid again. Looks like we'll have to get it in to the shop. I am thinking of trying to get it to the local shop rather than the dealer, as I wonder if this may be a more routine thing, like a hose, than necessarily a major part. If it turns out worse, we can take it to the dealer. Just the hassle of it all is gives me the wearies.

Saturday also brought me a leaking toilet in our hall bath. Right from the base, so you know it is a wax ring issue. No big deal, right? I got up Sunday morning thinking it might take an hour to fix, but within 15 minutes, I knew it wasn't. One of the nuts attaching it to the floor was corroded, and not enough room to get a hacksaw to it. Went to Lowe's and home Depot, to see about a nut splitter, but both guys in their tool dept had no clue as to what I wanted. One even looked it up on the internet to see what it was. Ended up buying an attachment for the drill, and a metal grinding disk, which worked fine. Got the new ring on, set the toilet, replaced the innards of the tank (which needed done also) and turned the water back on. Flush. Water leaking worse than before. Sigh. I give up. Might be calling the plumber today...unless I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to try it again. Maybe get another ring? I dunno.

So my week is starting out like crap. After all, I bee up since just before 4am.


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