Friday, December 28

Who Needs a Post Title

It's Friday, but as usual, that doesn't mean much for me. For now, it is just another day that the kids are out of school, at home, and at times, driving me crazy. Short trip, I know. Seems Christmas was small enough that they did not receive enough things to keep them busy. Even the bicycle the middle son got. The two older ones 'went for a bike ride' yesterday afternoon, but were back home and inside within 20 minutes. Why so soon? They got cold. It's only in the 60's here.... I mentioned they should put on jackets and go back out. No, their interest in that endeavor had disappeared.

Sigh. Only a week and two days more of this before school starts back up.

I have been being a good boy myself. I haven't been out to the pub since Christmas. I had gone out that afternoon as a friend was visiting from out of town. I stayed much later than I should have, and got home fairly late. Now I am holding out for Sunday afternoon/evening as they moved my Redskin game til the last one of the day and season.

Christmas otherwise this year has been good. The kids, though they are typical kids and kinda complain, got some clothes, and a few other things. Unfortunately, some are the kind that can only be done once, then it done, and those they have already completed so one less thing to keep them entertained. I received some food stuffs (beef jerky, summer sausages, etc) and some nice PJs. I don't usually wear pajamas (I know, TMI) as I usually sleep in gym shorts, or my birthday suit. But the RM got me some fleece ones, and they are just comfortable! I may have to start investing in a few pairs.

Not too bad a year. Only two presents need to be returned. One, for the youngest, doesn't work properly, and the other, the Wife didn't want (se wanted a steam cleaner, not a fabric steamer - my bad). I hope this next week the stores won't be as busy with returns, and maybe I can get those taken care of, though, the kid's present, the Wife can't find the receipt for it. Maybe I'll make her take it back.

Well, I should get something going this morning, like a cup of coffee and maybe some breakfast.


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