Thursday, December 6

Let's Talk About the Shitter (Again)

So, I am pretty much done with my crapper seat. I went out yesterday morn, got the required materials (and then some). By the time I got home, I just didn't feel like messing with it. I recalled the Wife mentioning something about it running all the time, from the night before, and that the flapper didn't seem to be seated well. Sure enough, the thingy that it rests upon was a bit rough and pitted. So I read up on it, and feel that it is now beyond the simple step of a little sandpaper to smoothen it out. Which means, I will now be adding the removal of the tank, and replacing that wonderful piece of shit that I can't remember its name.... The only possible good news out of this, is, by taking the tank off, it'll be easier to set the toilet base and ring with it off.

Tonight the oldest son has his Winter concert. Joy. I know I should sound more excited, or at least caring. It just ain't happening this morning. I'm thinking another 60 minutes of sleep would do wonders.


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