Saturday, December 22

Kinda Like An Elf

Today, I will be feeling a little like an elf. No, not that I will be smaller in stature and have pointy ears, but in the way that I shall try to get some wrapping done. I admit, it is not one of my better talents - it's not a talent at all for me - and I really would prefer to not wrap at all. Previous years we have used the gift bags and tissue paper to large extents, but I believe we are out of gift bags this year. I am sure we will spend the next couple years accumulating them (the Wife does pack-rat things). Either way, there are a handful of things I could wrap up to help save the Wife a little bit more time. Otherwise, it will be 3 am Christmas morning before I am allowed into the bedroom to go to bed.

Other than that short hour (I hope it's that or less) of wrapping, there isn't much going on for me. I know the Wife and Daughter both have mentioned they are getting out to a couple stores for a few last minute items they need to pick up for gifts. That means I will be with the boys. The Wife had her work Christmas party last night. I don't know how they chose gifts, but somehow the Wife ended up with a cocktail shaker set. She doesn't drink, and I don't drink cocktails, so it ended up being a bit worthless to us. It's the appreciation her employers show by the gift giving though, right? Hmph.

Guess that's all I got today. Have a good weekend!


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