Friday, May 31

As Good As It Gets

Sometimes things just don't seem to go my way, but turn out somewhat right in the end.

Yesterday I went to the school around noon to pick up the computer the oldest son won. I was thinking (for some reason) it was going to be new. It isn't. It is a used one. I have not spent the time to set it up just to see what it has got "under the hood" just yet. In fact, it is still sitting in my van. I'll have the Son unload it today. And those damn fundraiser cards? I'm pissed about those. As I was walking to the office/bookstore, to bitch about them, I ran into the band director. I spoke to him about them. Basically, I am fucked since the Son knew they were to be turned in by a certain date. When I questioned the Son just a few short minutes later, he basically admitted it. So now, because he lied/told half-truths about the whole incident, I am out an additional $120, unless I can sell the remaining items. So I have 6 cards, for orders of cookie dough, at $20 each if anyone is interested.

That being said, Last night after picking up said Son (he had to perform at the graduation ceremony) he informed us the band director announced yesterday that he is no longer going to be at the school. Seems he was let go about two weeks ago, though he never told anyone until yesterday. The reason was the school administration said his communication with them was not clear. Duh! The Wife and I have been saying that all school year! So, the good news is that he is now no longer working for the school, band camp for the summer is on hold until they find someone new. So that dumb ass mother fucker  (yes Reverend Mother, the name is deserved) is gone, but I am still screwed into having to pay that $120. But that is going to be somewhat paid back by labor from the Son - and he is not happy about that.

It is Friday, and I have work tonight. I am actually looking somewhat forward to it. I am keeping the oldest boy home today to help do some stuff. Plus I need to do some running around. I know I need to find some new shorts, as the jean shorts I have now are getting pretty worn out. Hope to find some. Not that you care, but it beats sitting and typing in the nude (great mental pic, eh?).


Thursday, May 30

Another Year Wrapped Up

Today marks the final day of school for the oldest son. The two younger ones had their last day yesterday. That means summer vacation has started, and I am so not looking forward to it. Hopefully, I'll be working and won't have to worry about taking the boys one at a time in order for them to get alone time with me, or at home, or on the computer. I don't know.

The oldest son has won a computer from the school. Seems over the course of the year, they collected wrappers, etc from brand name chips, candies, and a whole lot of other food items, and turned them in for points. He finished up with over 5000 points, making the highest amount of points by over 1000 from the next competitor. Today, I will be meeting up at the school when they are released to pick it up. We even have a spot for it at home, and this will help with motivation to get the spot cleared for it. That, and so I can get the desk RM has been holding for me for ages.

Also while at the school I will be taking care of something else. Seems yesterday in the mail I received a notice from the school about fees outstanding. Three of them were miscellaneous late fees for library books, but the fourth was $120 for band. WHAT?!? I asked the Wife and Son about them yesterday evening, with the late fees the Son said he paid about 2 weeks ago, and the band was these damn fundraiser cards they had sold. I don't know if I explained about them in an earlier post, but they are $20 each, and for cookie dough orders. Needless to say, three times over the past two months he has tried to return them to the band director, each time the director will not take them. Last attempt was two weeks ago, and the director said he would call me, and he never did. So now they are trying to charge us for them. I think someone is not going to be happy today when I talk to whomever at the school. It is illegal to enter into a financial contract with a minor, and I never signed anything for this fundraiser. Neither did the Son.

Well, not that my heart rate is up, as I am a bit pissed and getting worked up about that whole damn situation....


Tuesday, May 28

Hello Monday - er, Tuesday

As usual following a holiday weekend that Monday is the holiday, Tuesdays always feel like Mondays. It's that return to the regular weekly grind, and we all feel a day off. No exception at my house. The boys are sluggish as we wake them up to get ready for the return to school, even though they only have a couple days left. I sit here and do my morning routine, trying to find something to write about today for you to enjoy. Heh.   Yeah, like usual I haven't come up with much.

Yesterday was a nice day. We went out to Sis' house for the family get together. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, and so much other food was there, and I ate more than I should have. I had voiced that I had ate lighter earlier through the weekend so I could splurge, but I still had more than I should have. Even so, we brought home many leftovers, including enough salad for me to get back to eating healthy for most of the week. I sit here this morning thinking, I am still full from yesterday, and have not even an urge to eat anything. That's how much I ate yesterday. I did get in the pool with the boys, and have a slight sunburn. The water was a bit cool yet, as we have not had many days over 100 here.

The Daughter is in town until this evening when she, with her boyfriend, will return to Tucson. Right now she is still asleep, so I figure I will have to run her over to the MIL's once she awakes, as she will want to spend time with Grandma before she returns home. Heck, maybe I'll just let her use my van. I have no plans to go anywhere today. Figure it out later, I guess.

Not sure how I will spend the day. I have a new book to read (see previous post) so maybe I will do that.


Sunday, May 26

Welcome 4:30am Sunday Morning

It's been awhile that I have been up at this hour of the early morning that didn't involve insomnia, or excessive drinking. But this morning, I am filled with excitement and elation to the surprise I came home to find on my desk.

As I mentioned before, the new part-time job I have is late evenings, doing security (bouncer, ID checks, etc) at my favorite pub. Thus, my hours are Friday & Saturday nights, from about 8pm-close+. I say the plus, as at the door lock, I help finish up whatever needs done. the past couple nights, it was 3'ish before we were able to leave. Add to it dropping off my friend as well, I wasn't seeing home to 3:30 or later. This morning it was about 4am when I made it home. All without an alcoholic drink. In fact, it has been since Wednesday since I had a drink ... but that is another story.

The Daughter has come home for the weekend, it being Memorial Day. She and her boyfriend decided last minute to attend the Phoenix ComiCon today, with some of his friends. I had brought up a couple weeks ago, I just financially could not afford to go, and was disappointed as there were several authors I wanted to meet, as well as for me to purchase, then have signed, a limited edition book special for this event, called Unfettered. Unfettered is an anthology of 21 fantasy fiction short stories from well-known authors in that genre. This limited edition is a short, 5-story, is an advance uncorrected proof, that the five authors were going to be at this event. Only 250 copies available. At what cost? I had no idea. I was disappointed I would not be able to attend to get the book, get it signed by all five, and meet the authors - possibly even get a quick picture with each.

Saturday morning, around 8am I think it was, I was brought to wakefulness by something, I know not what. I had only about four hours of sleep, and if you know me, you would know I require at least six to be human, and eight to be at least semi-non-grouchy. But the Daughter was awake, waiting on the boyfriend to pick her up to head downtown. My remembrance of the short conversation went something along the lines of:

1. Have fun today.
2. Oh, hey, here is $40. If you have the chance, could you see if any of the limited 250 copies of Unfettered are available, and if this is enough, get one for me? Would love to have it signed by any of the authors that will for no cost, and here is the list of the five (writes down 5 authors - only 4 were right, and the 5th I had scratched out was right, before I changed it).
3. Oh, hey, I have this book (Peter Orullian's The Unremembered) in hardback - he's one of the 5 authors, maybe he could sign this at least, in case you aren't able to get me Unfettered.

I don't remember much more than that. I did admit I was non-functional at that point basically. I remember giving her the $40, and the book (which we removed the cover sleeve, so it wouldn't get ruined). Then I somehow made it back to my bed.

Either way, around 8pm I texted her to see if they were still there, which she replied they had already been home, but she had a surprise for me when I got home from work. I replied it would be after 3am, but she was going to try to stay awake for my reaction when I got home. I walk in once I got home, to find two books on my desk.

On top was The Unremembered, with it's cover sleeve back on. I quickly opened the cover, the sleeve was marking a couple pages in from the front. On the title page Peter Orullian had signed with a personal message. Addressed to ME! I am excited now! My heart is starting to pick up pace. I set that book aside, to find a copy of Unfettered. I made a noise. I don't know what kind of noise it would be described as, but it came from my throat, and made me think of an excited screech that was attempted to have the decibels lowered DRASTICALLY in the split second it was made. My heart has just hit cardio speed level.

I frantically opened the cover, after spending just a quick moment overlooking the cover art (done by Todd Lockwood - who does Terry Brooks' Shannara covers) to the title page. Three autographs and messages were there done by Shawn Speakman (editor and contributor to the anthology, plus author of The Dark Thorn), Kevin Hearne (author of the Iron Druid series), and Peter Orullian (of aforementioned The Unremembered). WOW! Another smothered screech from me. I am sure I am acting like an over-excited school kid, but hey, this is exciting for me. I flip a couple more pages, hoping that I would find maybe on another page the other two authors signatures (Terry Brooks, and Brandon Sanderson) but I see them not. Instead I do find the Contents page, where each story is listed with a line below each for each signature, but only the three authors had signed it. I feel a bit deflated that the Daughter was not able to get all five signatures, considering all five authors were there this weekend. But then I think, oh my! She was able to get THREE of them, at a ComiCon that is packed with thousands of people, not counting the time spent in line for each signature (remember, one author signed TWO books for me), PLUS she was able to get the actual book I wanted, too!! I am back to squealing with glee!!!

I sort of flip through some of the book, and notice that at the start of each story there is a page with the author's name, and the three that signed it had also signed their respective page. So in one book, each of the three authors took the time to sign in TWO separate spots, plus a message & signature all on one page - THREE EACH!! I'm nearly ready to wet my pants at this point!!! Each title page had a book mark: $1 for Shawn Speakman, $1 for Peter Orullian, and a bookmark for Kevin Hearne. But this bookmark, is a limited one Hearne had said was only being handed out at his appearances, so it is sort of special as well. Plus, he signed the bookmark! That brings his total signatures up to FOUR!! Oh, and I found the receipt and the $10 left from change in the front of the book. And some small change sitting on my desk next to the books. The book was only like $27 and some change, so the Daughter had even given me back all my leftover change from the $40 I had given her. At this point, I don't care if she would have spent it all!!!

I am so happy I am damn near tears this morning. Okay. Fuck it. I really am crying.

Sometimes, our children turn out so damn good. Thanks Beth, for a wonderful, early Father's Day gift.


Edit: it's hard to proof-read/edit when you have tears in your eyes.

Friday, May 24

Starting the Weekend

It is going to be one heck of a Friday, I think. We are heading into the Memorial Day weekend, which for many is a 3-day weekend. Myself, though it feels funny to say it, I have to work. My problem is I don't know how work will go. Being a holiday weekend, the customer traffic could be extremely light, or extremely busy. Personally, I prefer it to be light, especially considering they are doing the pay-per-view UFC match on Saturday night. Seems lie every month they have it, there is at least one person that thinks he can fight like they do on TV.

This morning I will be heading over to PT's to help in his computer. He had called me up yesterday, explaining a problem where he could not seem to access any log-in page through Chrome. I went over, and found myself at a loss as well, though I did write down the error code that was appearing, then spent time at home looking up possible solutions. I have a couple ideas to try this morning to get him back up and running, and RM's laptop as well, since the same thing was happening there. I am hoping one of these two ways will fix it, otherwise I have no clue what to do.

Other than that, I am sure I will be napping later today since I will be up late tonight. Have a good weekend!


Thursday, May 23

Thursday Grab Bag

I don't really have anything to talk about today. Well, at least not at this hour of the morning. I'm dragging ass today, the result of drinking too much last night. I think the Irish Car Bomber is what finished me. Shrug. Oh well.

Other than that, I am feeling yesterday morning's workout in my chest area. I guess I pushed a little harder than I usually do.

And I am tired. So I am headed back to bed for a couple hours.


Wednesday, May 22


I am excited this morning! Having recovered pretty much from the aching muscles in my lower back and legs, I returned to the gym. I had to. It's Wednesday and my weekly weigh-in needed to be done before tonight's pool league. I can say now I have reached the goal I had set for last year (only 5 months late) and am now under 300 pounds. Yes, I am still over a healthy weight, but I am making the changes to get to a range that is  better for me health-wise. Now I need to set a goal for this end of year, hopefully somewhat attainable. The Reverend Mother has thrown out a win-win sort of bet for all our family members. If I remember the details correctly, if we lose 30 pounds (or more) in the calendar year of 2013, she'll give all that do the amount of $100. If we accept the "bet", but don't make the minimum loss, we don't have to pay her, we just don't get the money. But still, we would win because we lost some weight, rather than nothing. I will have to have her re-explain it, or find where she blogged about (because I think she did), then decide what to make my next goal amount to be. A hundred dollars is better than nothing though.

So, aside from the weight loss, I am still a bit excited about working again, even if it is only a couple nights a week for a minimal amount of pay.

The middle son has a concert tonight that I won't be able to attend, having my pool league going on. I think it is weird for the school to schedule this on a Wednesday, where I am sure a percentage of people have church services/classes they attend. We don't, but still. I think RM  & PT are planning to attend.

That's about all I have today. Think I shall spend part of the day doing some more reading.


Monday, May 20

Trying to Keep Busy

Today is one of those days that I feel pretty much like doing nothing. I'm still a bit achy, so didn't go to the gym this morning. I have nothing really planned for today. Maybe I will just catch up on some TV shows I haven't had the time to watch. Or maybe just read.

Either way, that leaves me with nothing for you to read today. Enjoy your reprieve.


Sunday, May 19

One Small Step

I started a job yesterday. After not having any luck in finding a job for the last five years, I finally have gotten a hit. The local pub I like to go to had fired a 'bouncer' on Friday night. I happened to be there, spoke to the other bouncer, who referred me to the owner. Now I know the owner, as being a customer there, and playing on both softball and pool leagues with them as a sponsor. I spoke to him Saturday morning, left my phone number with him, and by 1 o'clock, the other bouncer was calling to say for me to start that night.

Obviously a bouncer's job isn't terribly difficult. Mostly keep the fights to a minimum, assist the staff (picking up empties, helping stock, etc.). The most boring part of the job is probably when one has to be outside to check IDs. Which is what I landed last night, and probably will be doing most of the time. For the first night, it wasn't too bad. There were only three altercations (not necessarily a fight, could have turned into one). I can't count the times people tried to get a rise out of me (this being the 'younger' crowd that did not know me, and had been cut off and escorted out). My legs and lower back are a bit sore, as there was quite a bit of being on my feet for 6 hours. I'll get used to it over the next few times.

It is only two nights a week, Fridays and Saturdays, but it is a small amount of money I wasn't making before, that can help a bit here at home, plus it'll be two nights I won't have the thought of wanting to drink. In fact, after last night, I wonder why do I drink. Then again, I am not stupid like these punks were getting. Next week shall be fun as hey are televising the big pay-per-view UFC fights. Seems there are always fights on those nights. I know there was last month when my buddy Don & I were there to watch.

Overall this weekend was good. The oldest son turned 15 on Saturday and we had dinner out at Olive Garden. Got a job. Made some money. Hung out with my little brother, Stuman, a bit Friday night. That is all good. A good friend, Bill, was in from Georgia, and it was nice to visit from him a bit. It had been awhile since I last had seen him.

My aunt 'Nina is in the hospital though, I heard last night. She has some pleurisy of the lungs, due to pneumonia - if I said that correctly. Reverend Mother said she was in ICU, and this morning has heard she is a bit better, though the plans are to keep her in there fora couple days. After that it will be base don her recovery, I am sure.

I think that is enough for a Sunday. I am spending today just kicking here at home.


Friday, May 17

Another Purposeless Friday

I took yesterday off. I mean it. I did nothing productive all day. PT and I got together for lunch, as he had made a large pot of spaghetti. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and visit.

I might go see the new Star Trek movie today. My buddy Don asked me a few days ago about going this afternoon, but I never committed. Also I was talking to another friend about playing golf this morning, but I don't think I am going to go play. I just feel like there is something else I need to get done, though I can't thin of what it could be.

The oldest son's birthday is tomorrow and he will turn 15. I meant to ask him where he would like to go for dinner this morning while taking him to school, but it slipped my mind.

Guess that is all I can think of this morning.


Wednesday, May 15

Tired and Fuzzy-Headed

I feel like someone kicked me out of bed, onto my back, on a hard floor. No, it really didn't happen, but it sure feels like it. The back muscles are very much letting me know how much the workout yesterday is affecting them. To top it off, I am a bit fuzzy-headed because I feel so tired. I was up way past my regular bedtime reading The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett. It's seems to be getting pretty interesting, and I just started it yesterday morning.

It is Wednesday, so happy Hump Day.

Phoenix Comicon is coming up next weekend. Thursday through Sunday. I so want to go, but not sure if finances will allow the $60 entry. Though that would get me a weekend pass. And there is one book I want in particular, which is a special Con-only, shortened version of an anthology due out in June. It has 5 of the authors and their stories featured, and all five authors will be a t the Con, so I could get the book signed by all. I don't know what to do about it. Maybe I can talk the Wife into letting me go.

Being how it is just past 7am, I may be laying back down for a bit. After I take a couple aspirin.


Tuesday, May 14

Brought To You By The Word 'WHEW!'

I feel like I am still trying to catch my breath. Here it has been a good 15 minutes since I got home from the gym, my heart rate is still a bit elevated, even after a nice, hot shower. Last Thursday I had met PT up at the gym, as I had asked him about some more specific ideas for my chest. Got to work on getting rid of these man-boobs, plus build up the muscles there a bit. I am not looking for Schwarzenegger, just better than what I got, and something to help maybe burn a bit more fat in an area I need it more. Though, I do admit I got quite a bit pretty much everywhere that needs to be burnt off. I dropped a couple certain exercises I did off my "routine" and added a couple that PT had shown me. I can already feel where they worked a bit more of a group - or a different angle of the group - of muscles. It's that "good" kind of ache. Either way, I weighed in and was down two pounds from last week. I am still a pound from the lowest I had been, but I just need to concentrate and work harder to get there. I admit, the past couple weeks I have been getting lazy about it, again.

At the beginning of last summer, when the oldest son was preparing to leave Jr. High, we were notified from the H.S. that there would be a new band director that summer. The previous one had moved up into a more administrative position. After having known him for a few years (he was there for the Daughter's four years of band) it was nice to see him move up, and hope for some fresh new ideas from a new director. With marching band camp going on during the summer, and the son just starting H.S. we thought it would be good. By the end of the summer, we were already seeing problems. I say we, as in the Wife and I. I am not sure if it was just us, or if other parents were seeing what we were. The new director changed things here and there, regarding some time scheduling for practices, etc. It wasn't a major issue, as with me not working I was able to still get the son there, but the matter that 'what if' we weren't able to get him there. What if we hadn't seen the time changes through the website (which was not updated properly throughout the whole school year anyways). We both have our email addresses with the Band Parent organization, so why weren't we notified that way? Instead of changing things literally, a day before the scheduled event.

Anyway, most of the school year went by without too many complications. There was a couple concerts/events that they changed the complete date on and never notified anyone. We only heard about it as the son told us. The Band Parent emails slowed down after marching season, which is normal as there are not as many practices/events/shows that need to be attended. This spring brought the regular fund raiser event for the band. We were never notified - from the school, from the band parent emails, no one. They were selling this cookie dough stuff. For $20 you got this plastic brochure-sized card, with instructions about how to order the dough online, to have it shipped directly to you (you already paid the money for it). I actually liked the idea of it, as no deliveries were going to have to be made by us or the son. I guess he had these like maybe a week ( I didn't know about it, but the Wife did).

One Saturday morning, I get a text on my cellphone. It was early for a Saturday, around 7am. This text was from the band parent head person, saying that the kids were needed at the school by 8am to do door-to-door sales on the dough cards, as the money was due. The Wife and I already had plans for our family, and even our son had no prior knowledge of this thing. So we were a bit miffed that they would pull this stunt. Come Monday, the son goes to turn in his remaining unsold cards, and the money collected, but was informed from the band director that no cards were being accepted back, but each student had to sell them all or turn in the money only. WHAT?!? The son is told that the band had to purchase all the cards, thus, only money was being accepted back, and all cards had to be sold - no matter what.

This happened about 2-3 weeks ago. We had tried selling what we could to family, co-workers, and friends. They weren't going to get sold now unless we stuck the son out on a corner for the day. That is not going to happen. I dropped the son off yesterday morning, with the money and remaining cards, saying for him to tell his director, that this is the best he could do, and he had to take the cards back. If there was an issue, the band director could call and speak to me. This morning, I asked the son what happened. He said the director had said he was going to call me. It's only been one day, but I am waiting. Almost anxiously, so I can rip him a new asshole. Oh, did I mention the director took the money for the sold items, but said the son had to sell the remaining cards.

The Wife and I are more upset at the lack of communication he has provided this past school year. Add into that, the poor planning for things, last minute changes (to time schedules), and now this fundraiser stuff. I mean, you cannot lawfully enter into a financial agreement with a minor, which is what he is trying to do by making the kids responsible for only the money for the items not able to be sold. I know kids do fundraisers every year. Heck, I got three boys that have stuff every year. But if they don't sell, they don't sell. No one is required to pay 'X' amount of dollars just because their kid made zero sales.

I just get so ... exasperated ... with what this new band director is trying to do. I wait for him to call me. If I don't have a call by the end of this week, I will be contacting the school administration I think. Lord knows they don't want to deal with me.

And the thing that pisses me off the most? We have to pay money for our son to be in band. So we're paying for this grief. Yeah, I know. I could just have the son not be in band. That's not right, either.

Am I just not fully informed of the whole situation? Possibly. Have I done what I could to inquire about it? Maybe not as much as I could have done.

As I sit here thinking about the whole thing, I am beginning to have a few doubts run through my head. Most of them center around the son. This whole school year we have had some trust issues with him, and I wonder if it is going to come down to him not informing us of certain information. If that is the cause for this whole fiasco, I don't know what I am going to do.

Yeah, I know. The parenthood stick maybe be beating me to death soon.


Sunday, May 12

A Few Thoughts on Books

Happy Mother's Day.

I just finished up Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie this morning, and loved yet another one of his books. I originally started reading his books with the First Law series (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, and Last Argument of Kings). Nice dark and grim reading in a fantasy environment of swords and wars. This one was a stand-alone novel, placed in the same land he created, with some of the secondary characters from the series. There are two other stand-alone novels like this as well I have yet to read.

Not that you care specifically what I may have read, or be reading, but I try to update my reading through Additionally, I try to do my best to write a review for the books I read, to help the author know about my reaction to their work. I am sure they appreciate it, and it is nice when every once in awhile, one (or someone on their staff) will write you back thanking you. Or even other people that read your review and mention it helped them decide to read the book, and they like it as much as I did. Social interaction for the closeted reader I guess.

To get more specific to my topic in mind, on Goodreads, I am able to "track" books that I am currently reading, want to read, read, etc. I noticed today that I have three books listed in my 'currently reading' area. It got me to thinking about how I read books, how some of those things have changed, and what I would like.

Book one is on my Kindle Fire. It is digital format (obviously) and I just started it this morning. This is my easiest way to read, or has been the past couple of years. I take my Kindle out with me a lot, and enjoy reading while having a few beers at the pub, or waiting for whatever appointment, etc. Aside from the reading material, I can also use it for notes and games, but that is another topic.

Book two is an author-signed copy, so it is a printed version. Soft cover, but not a pocket-sized paperback. It is her first book, and being a self-published author, there are several grammatical mistakes, but I am not here to nit-pick - that will be in the review. It is a genre I like, but of a sub-type I am not crazy about when reading. This book is on my headboard, and I only read it when I am laying down to relax prior to going to bed, or a nap.

The third book is a hard back. This one sits on the top of my dresser, which is near our master bathroom door, so that I can grab it on my way to the 'Reading Room'. Once done, on the way out, it gets returned to the dresser.

I like having the mobility of multiple books with my Kindle. I like having a physical book in my hands when in the Reading Room. The pre-sleep books can be either way (because I sometimes play games on the Kindle instead anyways). I will have to purchase physical books for bathroom purposes. there is just no way I want to somehow, some way, drop my electronics into the toilet.

And you, dear reader ... how do you like your books?


Friday, May 10

Dead Week in Posts

This seems to have been a sort of dead week for posts from me. Definitely lacking in anything interesting to share. Today is Friday, and yet another day I really don't have much to share.

The oldest son had his final band concert of the year last night. The middle son will have his later this month.

Yesterday morning I met up with PT to learn some other chest/back/shoulder exercises to do at the gym, to hopefully help burn up some more of this fat. I am seeing a difference even over the past couple of months, though I feel like I really haven't lost anything.

Well, Mother Nature is calling, so I am out of here.


Wednesday, May 8

Stuck in a Rut

How many of us get that feeling every now and then, of being stuck in a rut? We probably see it more in the job environment than most anywhere else, though, I am sure people at home feel that way, too, be it the same routine day in and day out, etc. It has been quite awhile since I have truly felt that way. But lately it has shown itself again. Mostly in regards to my weight.

I went to the gym this morning, though I am still feeling some muscle aching. I needed to do my weekly weigh-in, plus it wouldn't hurt to possibly workout those achy spots. I am the same weight I was last week, though I feel I have decreased my food intake (I thought) enough to make a little difference. I;m sad because this weight (same as last week) is still three pounds heavier than the week before that. I feel like I have plateaued at this mark, and fluctuate within 2-3 pounds heavy of it. Almost like it is in reach then, whoops! I add more weight.

I've mentioned this a couple times over the past couple months, specifically to Preacher Tom. He suggested more of a workout. Change the routine of my workout. He says the body gets used to a regular routine if you do the same thing all the time, and will quit burning as much to do it. Makes sense in a way. I have cut back on my portions when I eat. Well, most of the time. There are still times I may eat just a bit more, or have dessert. Like when we go to the buffet, which is not often. I just don't see the need to starve myself, by cutting portions down drastically, so that I walk around hungry all the time, though I don't mind a bit of hunger pains every now and then. I usually try to have some small, healthy snack when they get bad.

I think it is lifestyle changes that are making it worse at the moment. The past couple weeks or so, I haven't been drinking as much beer as I usually do. Because of that, I think that I am eating more, as before I would skip a meal or two if I were drinking, without feeling like I am starving. Yeah, there are a lot of calories in alcohol, but I seemed to still lose weight. Not drinking as much, means I eat more, thus no matter how much harder I feel I am working out, it isn't making a difference. Perfect alcoholic reasoning, huh? Sigh.

I'm sitting here, stomach grumbling, debating on what I should do. I guess I will have a granola bar.


Tuesday, May 7

Thought Gatherings

I am a bit muddle-headed this morning. I know, I made up the word, but it sort of fits. I have got thoughts jumping around like crazy of things I need to do, things I want to do, things that I will never do... It's confusing and flowing in such a confusing pattern. I think it was something the Wife put in the baked potato casserole she made last night, as half the night I was having some really weird dreams. This morning is maybe just a continuation of the residual effects.

I need to run up to the local pub to see if they dropped off new information for my pool league. I had hoped it would have been there this past Saturday, but no. So I need to run there and check this morning since we need to know where to play tomorrow night.

While out running around I have a few bags of actual books I am going to drop off at Savers. Yes, physical books. I have been finding them with all the spring cleaning going on. Normally I would have taken them to trade in for credit at a local used book store, but the only one I liked has gone out of business, so off to Savers. At least I can sort of claim a small value of it on my taxes as charity.

I fixed the shower head in the one bathroom yesterday. I found a good DIY site that explained how to get the broken threaded section removed from the pipe, and it worked like a charm! About $22 later I had a new pipe and shower head installed, and it isn't leaking. Now if we could figure how to get that damn tub to drain properly....

Everything is in a stop pattern as far as projects that can wait around here. Anxiously waiting our tax refund as the monies are already slotted for things. Wish it would get here so things could get somewhat back to normal with a working household, etc. In the meantime, I am still looking for work, too.

There's other thoughts running around in my head, to, but nothing I feel like sharing at the moment.


Monday, May 6

Sometimes You're the Windshield....

I feel a bit like I have been the bug. I have so many sore muscles from things this weekend. I spent four hours Saturday morning working in my front yard, raking, pulling grass from the cement, general clean-up, tree trimmings, et ceterea. Our bulk trash pick-up starts today, and we needed to get it done since we have been procrastinating a bit of late. Needless to say, the street edge of our front lawn looks like a halfway fortified wall going along most of it, all the mattresses, plus several large garbage bags of lawn/tree trimmings and other miscellaneous junk. I was leery of checking it this morning, as from previous bulk trash days, it seems during the night people like to go through it, and end up making a bigger mess that we have to re-stack or they won't pick up. Luckily so far this has not happened.

So I am a bit worn out, and because of said achyness, I am not going to the gym today. Instead I will be doing a trip to Lowe's. Our stand-up shower in one of the baths has not been working, due to a leak at the piping of the shower head. The access to the piping is somewhat easy, as it is in a storage room, and the pipes are not hidden behind sheetrock. however, it is behind the water heater, and is basically unaccessible for me (due to my size). The Wife made it back there, and noted that the piping is screwed together, thus we should be able to unscrew the piping from the shower side of the wall. As I proceeded to test the theory, the showerhead basically just fell off. Seems the screwed in portion of the showerhead had broken (somehow) at where the pipes met, thus the leak. Well, we could use a new showerhead anyways, and I am sure I can get the "bent elbow" piece of piping that holds the head fairly easy. My problem now is the bit of threaded in piping in the pipe in the wall. I need to figure out how to get it out. There is not room, nor pipe, to just cut it  off and re-thread.

Because everything in my life is complicated, that isn't the only thing wrong, of course. With the shower being out of commission, we have been using the other bath for showers (one with regular tub/shower combo). The tub has always been a bit slow on the draining, but now has officially stopped draining. We tried using a plumber's snake over the weekend, through the tub drain, overflow, and even from the air vents on the roof.
Not working still. I will be working on that again today. Plus the Wife tried snaking it from the sink piping, and discovered that there is a leak from the sink joint to the piping, and the water line from the wall. I think it was fine until she undid the piping to try the snake, but either way, it is something else that will need to be fixed. And of course, all this happened over the weekend, when money is the tightest, and we can't afford a plumber until the tax refund comes in.

Some days, I just don't want to be alive.


Friday, May 3

Countdown to Summer

May brings us the final month of school for the boys, and it is a countdown of sorts. The other day we received a Graduation announcement from the Daughter's boyfriend as he is graduating from the University of Arizona. This morning, while dropping off the oldest son, there was a sign up about last day to purchase tickets for the HS graduation ceremonies. Most of the schools here will be releasing for summer break about the last week of May.

I haven't decided yet what the plans are for this summer. Hopefully a job opportunity will arrive, and I will be working. If not, I suppose I will be having one day each week with each son, the other days they will be at Grandma's house.

Yesterday the Wife was off work. In her line of work, there are occasionally days where they have a lower amount of patients to see, and she was given the chance to use a vacation day (unscheduled). We had the chance to go out to eat for lunch and had a great time.

Nothing on the agenda this weekend. The Daughter has a conference of some kind she is required to attend for her schooling today. It is up herein the Valley, and she was planning on driving up early this morning. She plans to be here this weekend following the conference, so we will have a full house (more than usual). This weekend will be busy getting whatever we can done around the house as bulk trash pick-up starts next week. We'll have to put out all the old mattresses we replaced, and try to get as much of the lawn stuff done and bagged to put on the street.

No plans otherwise today. I may just take it easy. After all, it is Friday.


Wednesday, May 1

Bah! Dang Gravity

I put off until today to get my butt into the gym. Most of the sore muscles were gone this morning, which was the reason I had not gone the past two days. Also, I had to weigh-in today for my weekly bet with my buddy Jan. I have a feeling he will be taking the $1 this week, as I put on three pounds. Obviously one of the weeks I gain. Seems like I go down a couple weeks, then gain a week, then go back down. Literally like lose 1, lose 2-3, gain 2-3, lose 1, etc. This week I had a feeling was going to be bad, since the Reverend Mother brought over food stuffs Friday. Not that that is bad, but there was a huge bag of tortilla chips. I like chips. Enough said. I need better self-discipline.

We are at the halfway mark for our pool league, so tonight is an off night. I called a practice for the team, so will be playing tonight either way. I know I could use some more practice, as my shooting has been off a bit of late. I got a new stick a couple weeks ago, and am trying to adjust to the lighter weight of it, plus I am shooting softer. Practice, practice, practice.

Monday I had done emissions and online registration for my van. I was a bit surprised yesterday when the tags showed up in my mail. Used to be it took them a couple weeks to get them to me, but now it is pretty much instantaneous. I like that! Especially when I wait til the next to last day to get it done.

Nothing else to talk about today. There is always tomorrow.