Wednesday, May 22


I am excited this morning! Having recovered pretty much from the aching muscles in my lower back and legs, I returned to the gym. I had to. It's Wednesday and my weekly weigh-in needed to be done before tonight's pool league. I can say now I have reached the goal I had set for last year (only 5 months late) and am now under 300 pounds. Yes, I am still over a healthy weight, but I am making the changes to get to a range that is  better for me health-wise. Now I need to set a goal for this end of year, hopefully somewhat attainable. The Reverend Mother has thrown out a win-win sort of bet for all our family members. If I remember the details correctly, if we lose 30 pounds (or more) in the calendar year of 2013, she'll give all that do the amount of $100. If we accept the "bet", but don't make the minimum loss, we don't have to pay her, we just don't get the money. But still, we would win because we lost some weight, rather than nothing. I will have to have her re-explain it, or find where she blogged about (because I think she did), then decide what to make my next goal amount to be. A hundred dollars is better than nothing though.

So, aside from the weight loss, I am still a bit excited about working again, even if it is only a couple nights a week for a minimal amount of pay.

The middle son has a concert tonight that I won't be able to attend, having my pool league going on. I think it is weird for the school to schedule this on a Wednesday, where I am sure a percentage of people have church services/classes they attend. We don't, but still. I think RM  & PT are planning to attend.

That's about all I have today. Think I shall spend part of the day doing some more reading.


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Rev Mom said...

I forgot. Working overtime every night... I think Wednesday it was 6:40 before I left.