Tuesday, May 7

Thought Gatherings

I am a bit muddle-headed this morning. I know, I made up the word, but it sort of fits. I have got thoughts jumping around like crazy of things I need to do, things I want to do, things that I will never do... It's confusing and flowing in such a confusing pattern. I think it was something the Wife put in the baked potato casserole she made last night, as half the night I was having some really weird dreams. This morning is maybe just a continuation of the residual effects.

I need to run up to the local pub to see if they dropped off new information for my pool league. I had hoped it would have been there this past Saturday, but no. So I need to run there and check this morning since we need to know where to play tomorrow night.

While out running around I have a few bags of actual books I am going to drop off at Savers. Yes, physical books. I have been finding them with all the spring cleaning going on. Normally I would have taken them to trade in for credit at a local used book store, but the only one I liked has gone out of business, so off to Savers. At least I can sort of claim a small value of it on my taxes as charity.

I fixed the shower head in the one bathroom yesterday. I found a good DIY site that explained how to get the broken threaded section removed from the pipe, and it worked like a charm! About $22 later I had a new pipe and shower head installed, and it isn't leaking. Now if we could figure how to get that damn tub to drain properly....

Everything is in a stop pattern as far as projects that can wait around here. Anxiously waiting our tax refund as the monies are already slotted for things. Wish it would get here so things could get somewhat back to normal with a working household, etc. In the meantime, I am still looking for work, too.

There's other thoughts running around in my head, to, but nothing I feel like sharing at the moment.


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Third News said...

Hmm, I have that slow drain problem every once in a while, and the trick is to unfold a paper clip and fish into the drain/plug area.

It's amazing me how many razors caps I can pull out -good luck!