Thursday, May 30

Another Year Wrapped Up

Today marks the final day of school for the oldest son. The two younger ones had their last day yesterday. That means summer vacation has started, and I am so not looking forward to it. Hopefully, I'll be working and won't have to worry about taking the boys one at a time in order for them to get alone time with me, or at home, or on the computer. I don't know.

The oldest son has won a computer from the school. Seems over the course of the year, they collected wrappers, etc from brand name chips, candies, and a whole lot of other food items, and turned them in for points. He finished up with over 5000 points, making the highest amount of points by over 1000 from the next competitor. Today, I will be meeting up at the school when they are released to pick it up. We even have a spot for it at home, and this will help with motivation to get the spot cleared for it. That, and so I can get the desk RM has been holding for me for ages.

Also while at the school I will be taking care of something else. Seems yesterday in the mail I received a notice from the school about fees outstanding. Three of them were miscellaneous late fees for library books, but the fourth was $120 for band. WHAT?!? I asked the Wife and Son about them yesterday evening, with the late fees the Son said he paid about 2 weeks ago, and the band was these damn fundraiser cards they had sold. I don't know if I explained about them in an earlier post, but they are $20 each, and for cookie dough orders. Needless to say, three times over the past two months he has tried to return them to the band director, each time the director will not take them. Last attempt was two weeks ago, and the director said he would call me, and he never did. So now they are trying to charge us for them. I think someone is not going to be happy today when I talk to whomever at the school. It is illegal to enter into a financial contract with a minor, and I never signed anything for this fundraiser. Neither did the Son.

Well, not that my heart rate is up, as I am a bit pissed and getting worked up about that whole damn situation....


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