Friday, May 31

As Good As It Gets

Sometimes things just don't seem to go my way, but turn out somewhat right in the end.

Yesterday I went to the school around noon to pick up the computer the oldest son won. I was thinking (for some reason) it was going to be new. It isn't. It is a used one. I have not spent the time to set it up just to see what it has got "under the hood" just yet. In fact, it is still sitting in my van. I'll have the Son unload it today. And those damn fundraiser cards? I'm pissed about those. As I was walking to the office/bookstore, to bitch about them, I ran into the band director. I spoke to him about them. Basically, I am fucked since the Son knew they were to be turned in by a certain date. When I questioned the Son just a few short minutes later, he basically admitted it. So now, because he lied/told half-truths about the whole incident, I am out an additional $120, unless I can sell the remaining items. So I have 6 cards, for orders of cookie dough, at $20 each if anyone is interested.

That being said, Last night after picking up said Son (he had to perform at the graduation ceremony) he informed us the band director announced yesterday that he is no longer going to be at the school. Seems he was let go about two weeks ago, though he never told anyone until yesterday. The reason was the school administration said his communication with them was not clear. Duh! The Wife and I have been saying that all school year! So, the good news is that he is now no longer working for the school, band camp for the summer is on hold until they find someone new. So that dumb ass mother fucker  (yes Reverend Mother, the name is deserved) is gone, but I am still screwed into having to pay that $120. But that is going to be somewhat paid back by labor from the Son - and he is not happy about that.

It is Friday, and I have work tonight. I am actually looking somewhat forward to it. I am keeping the oldest boy home today to help do some stuff. Plus I need to do some running around. I know I need to find some new shorts, as the jean shorts I have now are getting pretty worn out. Hope to find some. Not that you care, but it beats sitting and typing in the nude (great mental pic, eh?).


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Rev Mom said...

Hey - we'll help you out on the cookies - I'll buy a couple more. Always good to support the school and have the cookies in the freezer when I need to make cookies and just don't have the time to do it from scratch. It's all good. :-)