Wednesday, May 1

Bah! Dang Gravity

I put off until today to get my butt into the gym. Most of the sore muscles were gone this morning, which was the reason I had not gone the past two days. Also, I had to weigh-in today for my weekly bet with my buddy Jan. I have a feeling he will be taking the $1 this week, as I put on three pounds. Obviously one of the weeks I gain. Seems like I go down a couple weeks, then gain a week, then go back down. Literally like lose 1, lose 2-3, gain 2-3, lose 1, etc. This week I had a feeling was going to be bad, since the Reverend Mother brought over food stuffs Friday. Not that that is bad, but there was a huge bag of tortilla chips. I like chips. Enough said. I need better self-discipline.

We are at the halfway mark for our pool league, so tonight is an off night. I called a practice for the team, so will be playing tonight either way. I know I could use some more practice, as my shooting has been off a bit of late. I got a new stick a couple weeks ago, and am trying to adjust to the lighter weight of it, plus I am shooting softer. Practice, practice, practice.

Monday I had done emissions and online registration for my van. I was a bit surprised yesterday when the tags showed up in my mail. Used to be it took them a couple weeks to get them to me, but now it is pretty much instantaneous. I like that! Especially when I wait til the next to last day to get it done.

Nothing else to talk about today. There is always tomorrow.



reverend mother said...

I do hope you aren't blaming me for your weight gain.especially since I sent cookies on Sunday. Uh oh!! I also love chips...... had to get them out of my house!

Ralphd00d said...

Not blaming you at all RM. Just myself for not being able to resist the urge to eat as much of them as I did. And truth be told, I only had 1 cookie, as the rest are still there for the family.