Tuesday, May 28

Hello Monday - er, Tuesday

As usual following a holiday weekend that Monday is the holiday, Tuesdays always feel like Mondays. It's that return to the regular weekly grind, and we all feel a day off. No exception at my house. The boys are sluggish as we wake them up to get ready for the return to school, even though they only have a couple days left. I sit here and do my morning routine, trying to find something to write about today for you to enjoy. Heh.   Yeah, like usual I haven't come up with much.

Yesterday was a nice day. We went out to Sis' house for the family get together. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, and so much other food was there, and I ate more than I should have. I had voiced that I had ate lighter earlier through the weekend so I could splurge, but I still had more than I should have. Even so, we brought home many leftovers, including enough salad for me to get back to eating healthy for most of the week. I sit here this morning thinking, I am still full from yesterday, and have not even an urge to eat anything. That's how much I ate yesterday. I did get in the pool with the boys, and have a slight sunburn. The water was a bit cool yet, as we have not had many days over 100 here.

The Daughter is in town until this evening when she, with her boyfriend, will return to Tucson. Right now she is still asleep, so I figure I will have to run her over to the MIL's once she awakes, as she will want to spend time with Grandma before she returns home. Heck, maybe I'll just let her use my van. I have no plans to go anywhere today. Figure it out later, I guess.

Not sure how I will spend the day. I have a new book to read (see previous post) so maybe I will do that.


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