Sunday, May 19

One Small Step

I started a job yesterday. After not having any luck in finding a job for the last five years, I finally have gotten a hit. The local pub I like to go to had fired a 'bouncer' on Friday night. I happened to be there, spoke to the other bouncer, who referred me to the owner. Now I know the owner, as being a customer there, and playing on both softball and pool leagues with them as a sponsor. I spoke to him Saturday morning, left my phone number with him, and by 1 o'clock, the other bouncer was calling to say for me to start that night.

Obviously a bouncer's job isn't terribly difficult. Mostly keep the fights to a minimum, assist the staff (picking up empties, helping stock, etc.). The most boring part of the job is probably when one has to be outside to check IDs. Which is what I landed last night, and probably will be doing most of the time. For the first night, it wasn't too bad. There were only three altercations (not necessarily a fight, could have turned into one). I can't count the times people tried to get a rise out of me (this being the 'younger' crowd that did not know me, and had been cut off and escorted out). My legs and lower back are a bit sore, as there was quite a bit of being on my feet for 6 hours. I'll get used to it over the next few times.

It is only two nights a week, Fridays and Saturdays, but it is a small amount of money I wasn't making before, that can help a bit here at home, plus it'll be two nights I won't have the thought of wanting to drink. In fact, after last night, I wonder why do I drink. Then again, I am not stupid like these punks were getting. Next week shall be fun as hey are televising the big pay-per-view UFC fights. Seems there are always fights on those nights. I know there was last month when my buddy Don & I were there to watch.

Overall this weekend was good. The oldest son turned 15 on Saturday and we had dinner out at Olive Garden. Got a job. Made some money. Hung out with my little brother, Stuman, a bit Friday night. That is all good. A good friend, Bill, was in from Georgia, and it was nice to visit from him a bit. It had been awhile since I last had seen him.

My aunt 'Nina is in the hospital though, I heard last night. She has some pleurisy of the lungs, due to pneumonia - if I said that correctly. Reverend Mother said she was in ICU, and this morning has heard she is a bit better, though the plans are to keep her in there fora couple days. After that it will be base don her recovery, I am sure.

I think that is enough for a Sunday. I am spending today just kicking here at home.


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