Wednesday, May 8

Stuck in a Rut

How many of us get that feeling every now and then, of being stuck in a rut? We probably see it more in the job environment than most anywhere else, though, I am sure people at home feel that way, too, be it the same routine day in and day out, etc. It has been quite awhile since I have truly felt that way. But lately it has shown itself again. Mostly in regards to my weight.

I went to the gym this morning, though I am still feeling some muscle aching. I needed to do my weekly weigh-in, plus it wouldn't hurt to possibly workout those achy spots. I am the same weight I was last week, though I feel I have decreased my food intake (I thought) enough to make a little difference. I;m sad because this weight (same as last week) is still three pounds heavier than the week before that. I feel like I have plateaued at this mark, and fluctuate within 2-3 pounds heavy of it. Almost like it is in reach then, whoops! I add more weight.

I've mentioned this a couple times over the past couple months, specifically to Preacher Tom. He suggested more of a workout. Change the routine of my workout. He says the body gets used to a regular routine if you do the same thing all the time, and will quit burning as much to do it. Makes sense in a way. I have cut back on my portions when I eat. Well, most of the time. There are still times I may eat just a bit more, or have dessert. Like when we go to the buffet, which is not often. I just don't see the need to starve myself, by cutting portions down drastically, so that I walk around hungry all the time, though I don't mind a bit of hunger pains every now and then. I usually try to have some small, healthy snack when they get bad.

I think it is lifestyle changes that are making it worse at the moment. The past couple weeks or so, I haven't been drinking as much beer as I usually do. Because of that, I think that I am eating more, as before I would skip a meal or two if I were drinking, without feeling like I am starving. Yeah, there are a lot of calories in alcohol, but I seemed to still lose weight. Not drinking as much, means I eat more, thus no matter how much harder I feel I am working out, it isn't making a difference. Perfect alcoholic reasoning, huh? Sigh.

I'm sitting here, stomach grumbling, debating on what I should do. I guess I will have a granola bar.


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