Sunday, May 12

A Few Thoughts on Books

Happy Mother's Day.

I just finished up Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie this morning, and loved yet another one of his books. I originally started reading his books with the First Law series (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, and Last Argument of Kings). Nice dark and grim reading in a fantasy environment of swords and wars. This one was a stand-alone novel, placed in the same land he created, with some of the secondary characters from the series. There are two other stand-alone novels like this as well I have yet to read.

Not that you care specifically what I may have read, or be reading, but I try to update my reading through Additionally, I try to do my best to write a review for the books I read, to help the author know about my reaction to their work. I am sure they appreciate it, and it is nice when every once in awhile, one (or someone on their staff) will write you back thanking you. Or even other people that read your review and mention it helped them decide to read the book, and they like it as much as I did. Social interaction for the closeted reader I guess.

To get more specific to my topic in mind, on Goodreads, I am able to "track" books that I am currently reading, want to read, read, etc. I noticed today that I have three books listed in my 'currently reading' area. It got me to thinking about how I read books, how some of those things have changed, and what I would like.

Book one is on my Kindle Fire. It is digital format (obviously) and I just started it this morning. This is my easiest way to read, or has been the past couple of years. I take my Kindle out with me a lot, and enjoy reading while having a few beers at the pub, or waiting for whatever appointment, etc. Aside from the reading material, I can also use it for notes and games, but that is another topic.

Book two is an author-signed copy, so it is a printed version. Soft cover, but not a pocket-sized paperback. It is her first book, and being a self-published author, there are several grammatical mistakes, but I am not here to nit-pick - that will be in the review. It is a genre I like, but of a sub-type I am not crazy about when reading. This book is on my headboard, and I only read it when I am laying down to relax prior to going to bed, or a nap.

The third book is a hard back. This one sits on the top of my dresser, which is near our master bathroom door, so that I can grab it on my way to the 'Reading Room'. Once done, on the way out, it gets returned to the dresser.

I like having the mobility of multiple books with my Kindle. I like having a physical book in my hands when in the Reading Room. The pre-sleep books can be either way (because I sometimes play games on the Kindle instead anyways). I will have to purchase physical books for bathroom purposes. there is just no way I want to somehow, some way, drop my electronics into the toilet.

And you, dear reader ... how do you like your books?


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reverend mother said...

I miss the hardback but enjoy my kindle or nook - whichever I downloaded on. I think I read more with the hardback; I'm not distracted with games or a low battery. Plus it is easier to loan. Miss my books... but nice I can have several to choose from.