Monday, September 19

And Here I Go Again ....

.... too bad it isn't like the video from Whitesnake.

It is Monday once again, and I am up earlier than I feel I should be. I could be sleeping for another two hours, but such is not my luck today.

The middle son got a new phone this weekend. The iphone he had, I had gotten the replacement screen. Saturday I went to do the repair. Needless to say, it got messed up and it wasn't working anymore. I didn't even complete the repair. The flowchart sent witht the kit, the video and the flowchart on the video did not even match each other at all. So I quit after the 2nd step (removing 5 screws) and tried to put it back to together (5 screws) but still something went wrong and it wouldn't even power up. Need less to say, he got a Samsung now, with the phone plan insurance on it.

Nothing else much to say. My Redskins suck it seems this year. Already 0-2, and I am losing hope fast.


Wednesday, September 14

Slow Moving Mornings

My birthday was just shortly over a week ago. I turned 45. This morning's aches and pains, did not just suddenly appear once I hit that age marker. The arthritis and other general pains, have been present for years. Though they may be more persistent and stronger now, they are still not debilitating. Hence, me still going to work. I do admit, however, this morning found me wondering how much longer I will be able to do this much of a physical job that I do now.....

It is barely past 7am this morning, and I find myself awake and aching. The other night Preacher Tom had texted me asking about breakfast this morning. We had fallen out of our routine of them more often since I had a weirder work schedule due to vacations. I'm guessing he feels it has been awhile since we had one. Personally, I would rather the sleep-in time .... but we all do what we can.

The middle son broke the screen on his phone awhile back. Reverend Mother had given us an old phone she had, an iPhone 4s, that they no longer needed. We just had service to it turned on when we added him to the plan. No insurance on the phone, so of course he gets the screen broke. Found a repair kit online for a decent price, and it arrived the other day. I sat down after work last night, waiting for him to come home from band practice, thinking I would get it done. Not a chance in Hell. Just reading through the instructions informed me the whole process on average is 45 minutes (experienced techs) they also recommend watching the video (on YouTube at just short of 35 minutes), and then watching the video as you do the repair. No way was I doing all that at 9pm. I told him it would have to wait until Saturday.

Oh shit. That reminds me... something going on Saturday. Thankfully you could not see, but after several minutes of pondering (meaning slapping my forehead) I remembered that the Daughter and SIL are coming up this weekend. Saturday I set aside for dinner out with them.

So between the aches and pains of getting older, memory losses or shortages, Life can sometimes be good.


Tuesday, September 13

I'm Beat

This week has started off pretty crappy. Yesterday (Monday) I had an oil change scheduled for my truck. I set them up so I am the first one at the shop at 7:30am, and it also gives them time to check the truck over and if something needed has to be done, I have a couple extra hours before needing to be at work. That also means, I need to be on the road about 6-630am to get to the shop in time, as it is across the Valley from mt house. Yesterday started out normal enough. Left at 6, dropped off the middle son at school, and was on the freeway by 6:15. In Phoenix, the two major freeways (I-10 & I-17) cross at two different points, one going through downtown, one going more around it, then joining back up. By the time I hit the "Stack", the 10 was already backed up, so I stayed on 17 - a normal occurrence for this trip in the mornings I have done previously. Four miles down the road, I hit the parking lot.

Actually, it was worse than a parking lot. At 7:30, the time of my appointment, I called the garage and said I was running late due to a rig had overturned, closing the freeway pretty much. They said no prob. An hour later, I called back and told them I had only moved a mile and a half, and I needed to reschedule. We did for Friday. I continued on, heading to work (same direction) just to avoid the problem later in the morning. All in all, it took 3 hours to get to work (a normally 45 minute drive).

Needless to say, I was more tired than usual from getting up earlier. Then add the sitting in traffic waiting tiredness. I was pretty beat last night. This morning, still feeling tired, too.


Tuesday, September 6

Holy Crap! It's September Already!

I hadn't fully realized that it had been a month since I last wrote anything here. I know that Life has seemingly been keeping me busy ,,, or if nothing else, my schedule is nuts.

Today is the 6th, and follows the Labor Day weekend. It also marks my 45th birthday. Normally, this day would be a normal work day for me, except of all the texts, Facebook notifications, and calls that have come in, preventing me from sleeping in to my regular 9am wake up time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them ... just appreciate the sleep prior to work even more.

So what has happened in the last month? School started for the two younger boys. The Oldest Son started college and got his drivers license. The Wife and I ... we got to work jobs and pay bills. Nothing new there.

Went out to Olve Garden for my birthday last night. Had a good meal. They had the Eat one there and take home special going on, so I have Raviolis for tonight ... but no OG salad. I even brought home some of the pepperoni fettuccine Alfredo I had (and the rest of oldest Son's, too) that I may have prior to going into work today.

Guess that is about all I have today.


Friday, August 12

First Week Done

Today is the last day, of the first week of the boys going back to school. I realize I am going to have to get better at getting up at 6am to take the middle son, but otherwise wasn't a terrible week.

Work is pretty much the same. My back is fine, and hasn't given me any problems. Things are picking up, as we head into our more busier time of year. Who's think that appliance repair would have a busy season versus just steady work?

Rev Mom and Preacher Tom are headed out this weekend. RM celebrated another birthday just a few days ago, and being the black sheep I am, I still haven't gotten her bday card(s) over to her. I know she won't mind if I wait until they get back, but still....

Guess that is all I have today...


Monday, August 1

Another Week

It is Monday again, and the last week before the kids return to school. I don't have much to say today. I thought about griping about the problems we went through last Tuesday getting the middle Son through registration ... and the three hours it took, but I decided not to do so. It just gets me riled up a bit more each time I think about it. One would think a school that has been there for many years would have the process down to a routine by now.....

Got insurance, registration and title changed over for the oldest Son's car.

And for some reason that feels like all I got accomplished last week. I am sure there are other things that got done, but I can't recall any off the top of my head.


Monday, July 25

Chaos Rules!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic. Adjusting to being at work again. The back is holding up well, though we are in the slower period of the year for the business. I have not had to lift many heavy objects, which is even better, as it gives me more time. One of the guys in my dept. took vacation last week, so I had to put in a few extra hours .... like 10, so that 50 hour week was a bit long. Overtime is over time, and though our pay periods aren't matched to a Sun-Sat week, it will average out that I get a couple hours overtime for two pay periods. Beats the 36 hour weeks I was having. By winter, I should be back up to about 42 hours/week. Yes, we get that busy.

We bought the oldest Son a car this weekend. It was off of Stuman and his wife. We went to a DMV office this morning to get the title changed to his name, but couldn't. Seems even though the registration is good until December, they said it needed a new emissions done prior to changing title. Which means we will probably have to pay registration fees on top of everything else now as well. Either way, we ran it through emissions where it passed. Now to get back to get the title changed, but due to other things going on, may not do it until Wednesday. then setting up the insurance....

The middle Son is at band camp this week. Tomorrow is his school registration (hence why it may be Wed to do the title thing). Two weeks until school starts for the two younger Sons. The oldest Son is to be getting ready for community college, but I have not seen him do anything yet.

Guess I should get out of here. It is almost time to head to work.