Saturday, October 24

A Saturday Post

 I voted today. I finally was able to sit down and complete my mail-in ballot. It has sat here on my desk for the last week or so, with the pamphlets about the props up for vote as well. Took me about two hours, but I feel confident in my choices, since I spent the time to read all the information on the props, and looked up candidates for many other positions. How did I vote? I already told you - mail-in ballot. I'll drop it off at th post office later today. The Wife will wait until the last minute to complete hers, and will have tio drop it off at our voting location the day of, I am sure.....

I guess RM was a bit "butt hurt" about the notion of the Wife wanting to go through another realtor option than my sister. At least, that's the way I read it from her blog. So, RM, let me clarify for you.... We ARE going to another realtor/company, as we want a second opinion. WE want to get as much as we can out of the sale of OUR home. No, my cousin is NOT my concern. He is an adult, and therefore needs to take care of himself. Depending on the better offer for our home, we will go that route. I talked to Sis about this yesterday, and she agrees completely with me.

I feel a bit better now. That has been sitting on my chest most of this week. I did talk to my sister about the contract offer they gave me... and she did agree that we should get another opinion, I also agreed to allow them to counter-offer if the second opinion came in higher. It's all about the Benjamins to me....

Thinking dinner out tonight... not sure where...


Wednesday, October 21

Pulling a Late Night

 Things too good to be true: getting a good night's sleep, as it ruins the next night when you try to go to bed. I went to bed around 9-10, and I did my usual little bit of reading. Then I tossed/turned for around 40 minutes. Finally out in my ear buds and played some mellow music from my tablet for the next hour. By midnight, I was no where close to falling asleep, even though I felt mentally drained. I'm thinking about just giving up and going to the store to buy some Ambien, or other sleep aid, then forcing myself to take one every night - unless I been drinking. those nights I seem to relax quickly into sleep. Must be the alcohol.

Not much went on today. The Daughter and Doodad are still in town until at least tomorrow - not sure how long they were thinking of staying. According to the Daughter there is only a couple loads (back of van) in the old house. Maybe it will be done this week and I can call WeButUglyHouses or something. I know my Sis and BIL had ran comps, and were possibly interested in it to fic and re-sale, but the Wife is not happy about that idea. I'm sure it has to do with things that has gone on before... I am not expanding on it here.

It's around 1am now, and I am trying to figure out what to do to get sleepy. I've tried watching some shorter videos. Maybe I should try a movie on Netflix or Disney+. I honestly do not know what I am going to do.. just knowing that I feel so tired and not able to sleep, makes me feel angry. Maybe I should do a couple hot toddies each night before bed....


Tuesday, October 20

Where NOT to Talk Politics and Religion

 Yesterday afternoon I took a trip over to my favorite pub. I was looking forward to getting some reading done on the current book I have loaded on my tablet, but that was not to be. As I finished my cigarette on the patio before entering, I received a text from one of my good friends that he was at the pub. So I walk in, and there he is! I hadn't seen this friend in a couple weeks or so, so we chatted, and another good friend called, found out we both were there, and came up. I admit, I am the cause of not being able to get any reading done. I have a rule that when I am with either of these two friends I turn the book off no matter what, so we can actually talk. So obviously, I brought my tablet there for nothing.

What prolific topics did we discuss? There were several. What actor/actress did we think had the best ability? What movies are slated to be coming out. Caught up a little of what is going on in our lives. All this talk was going on as the football game started, and got boring. That's when a political ad played during a commercial break. Oh yeah, the crap hit the fan then, as we were having a good time. My two friends seem to love to play each others devil's advocate. One is a self-employed business owner with a successful business, the other an attorney/insurance agent/financial consultant. I pretty much just sat there thinking 'Oh geez, Lord, let this end without bloodshed'. A short 20 minutes later (seemingly much, much longer) they toned it down and we agreed that they could just cancel each other's vote out, and only my vote would count. Those crazy guys!

The Daughter and Doodad made it into town last night whilst I was out. I did get to see them as I headed to bed once I got home. They left with the Wife this morning to go do who knows what... shopping, at the old house, visiting... Not sure what plans for this evening are in regards to dinner - if we are eating out, or picking up, or cooking at home. The Youngest has started back to school on a hybrid program this week. So he attends Tuesday and Friday, at home via online the other days. Today is his first day to the physical school - wonder how he did finding his classrooms....


Monday, October 19

Anger Issues

 I had to remove my post from the other day. As I went back to review it this morning, I realized I wrote it when I was quite angry. I've noticed I have done this a number of times over the years, removing a post written in anger. It isn't so much that it embarrasses me, I just seem to realize afterwards that all it really does is makes me feel better getting it off my chest. 

Either way the rest of the weekend went fine. I actually was not feeling well. I don't know if it was something I ate, or a "stomach bug", but was just feeling blah, and had some of the most atrocious gas. Even the Wife, who has still not recovered her sense of smell from COVID, says it was worse than normal...and more frequent. So far this morning, I am still sort of waking up, but feel marginally better.

I actually got about seven hours of sleep last night. Maybe feeling a bit under the weather has helped. I know I slept in yesterday, and then even had a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. By 9pm I was ready for bed. I read until 10, then slept pretty much straight through until about 5 this morning. Best sleep I have had without the aid of alcohol.

The Daughter and Doodad are expected up today. I guess they are coming up for a couple days to help the Wife finish getting out whatever crap she still wants from the old house. I was hoping to be done with it all last week, but that has not happened, obviously. Maybe this week. No updates on jobs for me. I have started looking into other jobs since nothing has come up recently at the one employer.

Halloween is coming up soon. My kids are old enough that trick or treating is out. In past years, because we would not be home, we never passed out candy. I have no idea what the Wife may want to do this year. Sit out front with a bowlful and pass them out id any come by? Supposedly there are restrictions about being out and about for the "traditions".

Thanksgiving is after that, and I really am lost as to what we will do. Last year we went to the Daughter's and had a good day. Perhaps this year we will do the same. Not sure how it will be since two of the boys have odd working schedules, and may not be able to attend, even if it were in town versus out of town. Part of them all growing up I suppose.

Still need to get out and do some vehicle shopping for the Wife. I haven't pushed it as the weather is still warm, even if it below 100 most days now. Between that and the crap at the old house.... Once we get that sold, I also will be looking for a vehicle, though I already have in mind a couple ideas for me.


Friday, October 16

Wasting Time

 Somedays I feel like that is all I am doing.... wasting time. Waiting on job offers. Waiting on responses. Waiting waiting waiting. Seems such a waste of time. Haven't heard anything from the new company, so decided I needed to open myself to the thought of other job offers. Though, that search is going about as well as it was when we were all supposed to be quarantined in our homes. Sigh.

That being said, I haven't been doing much of anything to comment on. Spend most of my days on the computer. Not necessarily playing games, but I do some of that as well. Catching up on television series/shows. Exciting I know.

Today is my brother's birthday. I wonder if he has plans for this evening. normally I would call him and ask, but with some of the drama going on with is family, I don't think I will, though it would be nice to go out and have a few drinks together. Probably for the best....

Heard the Daughter may be coming into town this weekend again. Always love seeing my Doodad. Not 100% about them coming up though.


Wednesday, October 14

Got A Lot of Nothing

 Tuesday came and went pretty fast. No, I have not just woken up -another night of sleeplessness... I actually have not been to bed yet. The Wife was sorting clothes on our bed, deciding what to keep, and logging how many of what size/type she is bagging to send to Goodwill/Savers. She asked for 15 minutes notice if I wanted to go to bed, but I have decided to let her work on that. the more stuff we get rid of the better. After I finish this post, I'll probably go check and see if she is done for the night. I hope so.. I'm starting to get drowsy.

We went out to brunch today - just the Wife and I. We hadn't been to 'The Place' in many months for a brunch. She had let me pick, and I remembered they had a huge breakfast serving. I was going to get some eating going on! Alas, it was not to be. Seems they have changed their menu since we were there those many, many days ago. The menu got smaller. The Hungryman Breakfast was not found.... I settled for a chorizo skillet with a side of biscuits and gravy. It was filling, but just wasn't the same. 

The MMORPG game I play, World of Warcraft, is having an 'expansion pack' coming out prior to the end of the year. It was to be this month, but recently said no, and pushed it back. however, today they still did a 'pre-release patch' that didn't really add any new content, just put in place the changes in dynamics that are going to take place (changes in abilities, etc). Had to wait all day (7am-4pm PDT) for servers to be back up, then I spent another 3-4 hours trying to get online. They were so clogged with people trying to get on for the new content (that was stated would not be there) that it was impossible for many to connect to game servers, including myself. Before I came to that realization, however, I had searched tech support about the errors I was seeing, and spent way too much time trying their fixes, when all I needed to do was wait until server traffic slows down (late night). Frustrating a bit, but finally was able to get online and play some. Even made a new character and got to check out some of the appearance changes they have now added. Cool.

My brother called me today. I don't know why I answered, but I did. He starts off with "I tried to call you a couple weeks ago, but you didn't answer". I was like, wtf? So I said, "I must have been busy. You didn't leave a message, so I didn't call back." I mean, duh. Anyways, I think he was just bored out of his mind. Was asking me about the pub I go to, and if their outside cameras cover only the patio areas, or over the parking lot. I said patios only, why? Seems a couple weeks ago one of his friends that came to his retirement get-together ended up getting arrested in the parking lot that night. Charged with an Extreme DUI, and also something like Collision while intoxicated. Supposedly, he was walking around the parking lot and the police approached and arrested him. No way. I think he went to leave in his vehicle, inadvertently backed up into, or rolled forward into, another vehicle, and the police saw it (the sit at the roller skate rink at the end of this small shopping area). Then when he gets out of the car, to "walk around to sober up" is why they approached him. I told my brother - Oh well. He's an adult. In some ways it was a bit funny.... maybe not so much now that I typed it out.

Well, I managed to fill some space. Time to check if I can go to bed now.


Tuesday, October 13


 I definitely love the world I see in the new glasses. I know they said at the vision test that both regular and bifocal had  "had to be improved". And I am ok with that! I got the new ones today...Whoa! Big difference!

Not that changed for anyone I met tonight. 

Just saying. Leaving it alone for now.