Tuesday, December 16

MFFF! I'm Full!

This morning I went and got my Christmas bonus from work. Basically, it was the Boss treating the West Side technicians to breakfast at a restaurant called, aptly, "The Place". I have had breakfast there before with PT, so was prepared for the portion-sizing they serve - which is humongous! I settled for what I thought would be a bit smaller, a chorizo omelet with hash browns and biscuits & gravy. I ate it all, but I will not be hungry until late today I am sure. For a Christmas bonus, it'll have to do. Last year we received $25 gift cards for Fry's Food stores. This year is breakfast for the West Side, and Thursday, they are ordering in Olive Garden for lunch for the East Side techs and our shop. The Bossman said I could do both, but I think I will be skipping the lunch.

I finished up nearly all my shopping I had in mind for the season. There is one other gift I know the Wife and I want to go see about, which will probably happen this weekend. I have to wrap anything, but at least I think I am done, aside from waiting for the delivery of a couple items I ordered online. I seriously doubt the Wife is done. She is one of the world's greatest procrastinators.

While out shopping last Saturday, I ran by Verizon. My bluetooth earpiece had lost the rubber cap piece - the one that goes on the part that goes into your ear. I was surprised they do not carry replacements. I would have to purchase a whole new earpiece, or the other option the rep said was to contact the manufacturer of the device. Really? As we were leaving though, he stepped outside and mentioned to check Radio Shack, as they sometimes carry the extra pieces. Instead, I went home and searched for the replacement pieces that came with it, and took a razor blade to one of the other pieces, that had extra thingies (I don't know what they are called) on it, supposedly to hold it in your ear. I use an ear clip so don't need them. Needless to say, it works.

Welp, I got some time before I need to go to work. I should spend some time int he reading room, so it won't bother me when I am rushing to get my drive done this evening.


Friday, December 12

Full of Nada

Yep. Got a whole lot of nothing to write about today. My back is still bothering me, and I have no clue as to what I have done to it, or how to fix it without going to some sort of doctor - which I probably won't do. Maybe all I need is a good couple of days to rest it, but we know that is not happening soon. This weekend is full of finishing up some shopping, and that's it far as I am concerned. Hopefully have it all done within a couple hours on Saturday, then have the rest of the weekend to do whatever.

No company Christmas party for me. There wasn't one last year either. Last year we got $20 Fry's gift cards (Fry's food stores). This year, all I know is Thursday they are having Olive Garden brought in for lunch. The Westside techs, because the shop is across town from them, are meeting for breakfast that same morning at The Place, which isn't a bad breakfast place at all. My boss, who is spearheading both meals, said I could do both, since I live on the westside, and then I could have lunch as it is when I go into work anyways. I told him no, as I felt it was taking advantage of the company, and he looked at me funny. I know. It's weird, but I feel like that would be taking advantage of a nice thing the company is doing - why should I be the only one allowed to have both meals for free? I am not saying I don't deserve it ....but still.

Toothache is still there ... sort of. I remember back when I had braces, and would go in for an adjustment (tightening). For a week afterwards my mouth would be sore due to the teeth being adjusted to the new position. This is pretty much the same thing I think. It is less pain each day, but still enough to be an inconvenience. Hopefully by the first of the week (or sooner) it will stop. Otherwise, I may have to have a damn root canal, and I hate thinking about that.

Wow, for a whole lot of nothing, there was something.


Tuesday, December 9

The Sound of Dentistry

This morning I am actually looking forward to going to the dentist. My regular check-up is not scheduled until later this month, but I had to schedule an emergency visit due to some pain. I am a bit worried about it, as the pain was pretty solid since Friday, though was able to be minimized a bit by ibuprofen, until this morning, where it doesn't seem to be bothering me at all. But still, I will be going to attempt to find out what the problem is. The location of the pain seems to be centered around a tooth I recall the dentist saying he was "keeping an eye on", though, the one behind it just had a crown put on it in July, I fear that the seal (of crown against tooth) is broken and now requires a root canal. That would be my luck. More expensive, and where a preventative measure did not work Sigh. I am getting all down int he dumps about it.

Even worse, being an emergency type scheduling, I will be later getting into work today, so will be rushing around all afternoon trying to get somewhat back onto my normal schedule. Doubt it will happen, which will make me be later in running my route tonight. Joy. But maybe the tooth issue will be fixed ... I hope.

Still having some back pain. I did pick up a new pair of shoes with support on Saturday, and yesterday my back seemed to hurt not as bad as before. I know it will take several days to get things back to normal, if it was the shoes causing the problem. By the end of the week I should know for sure.

Friday, December 5

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

My back has been bothering me again. I can't seem to grasp the idea, that something I have done so recently (ie. moved the wrong way, or "slept crooked", or lifted something wrong) is causing all this discomfort. Of course, since I have four hours of time to basically just "think", I believe I have figured out what is causing the pain.

My shoes.

About three to four weeks ago, the pair of shoes I used for work had worn/torn a hole in the side of them, basically making them unable to worn to work. Unable to get out immediately to replace them, I fell back on the pair of shoes I had used prior to the recent pair, as a temporary solution, until I got as chance to get to the store to get a new pair. The difference between the two pairs of shoes, was quite drastic, the newer pair having been a shoe more designed for those that are on their feet throughout the day. Basically, I believe my body adjusted to the added padding/support, which the earlier pair did not/does not have, thus, after a week of having to "readjust" to the old pair, my body has created this back pain.

Even the Wife thinks this may be the case, and she's a physical therapist, so it has got to be a leading cause. That first Saturday a couple weeks back, I had been wearing my sandals (it was a Saturday morning) and we all know they have no support, but I think it just brought out the aggravation my back was dealing with, in adjusting to returning to my old shoes. Obviously, I have not had a chance to get new ones yet, but will be doing that tomorrow. So now I need to get through today with a sore back. I have been lucky most of the week there has not been many heavy parts to be lifted.

I'm off to find something for breakfast.


Monday, December 1

Cue the Christmas Music

I'm not one to get all "into" celebrating a holiday, but I do want everyone else, consumer/company/radio station/whatever, to respect the holiday. Every year, we start hearing of Christmas sales, or music, or people setting up their decorations - earlier and earlier. Drives me nuts! Aside from having to see some decorated yards, and one of the local stations playing solid 24 hours/day music since about the beginning of November, everyone is now able to proceed to the Christmas holiday. Thanksgiving has passed, and today is December 1st - have at it!

My back has pretty much recovered from whatever muscle strain I did to it last weekend. Luckily a light week in lifting things for work helped give more time to heal up. As of this morning, there is still a twinge, but I think that is more from maybe sleeping in weird position or something. Yeah, I am still working the morning kinks out.

The Wife made my coveted turkey enchiladas last night, and we still have several containers of leftovers in the fridge. Plus I had swung by RM's on Friday for the giblet gravy, some stuffing, and ended up with some home made biscuits and gravy (which the gravy was frickin' awesome!) and some cranapple cobbler (or something). Don't know if we will manage to get through all the leftovers before they go bad, but it looks like the Wife won't have to cook for quite at least a week.

I meant to try to get out this weekend to do some shopping. The Wife has her birthday a week from today, plus there are presents to look for for her and the kids. I pretty much have ideas of what I want to buy, and it is just a matter of getting out to do it. I blew off this weekend, thinking that it is probably going to be the busiest with Black Friday deals lasting all weekend. Guess I will HAVE to go by next Saturday. Most evenings I am too tired to deal with shopping and crowds. Wait, that's all the time.


Monday, November 24

Lift, and Twist, and Ouch!

I don't know if that is what really happened, but I am sure it was something close to it. I spent most of the last two days in my chair, at the computer, because doing anything else hurt my back too much. Seems Saturday morning, while emptying the trash from my work truck, I tweaked my lower back. Things were fine until I got home, got down from the cab of the truck, and realized how bad it hurt. The two positions that did not seem to hurt it too bad were sitting, and lying down. So I spent most of Saturday at the computer in my office chair. As long as I didn't shift too much, I was okay. Getting up for a drink, or the bathroom were hell.

Managed to walk into Texas Roadhouse where the family went for dinner that night, and walked out on my own. Went to bed shortly after hoping that a good night's sleep would make me all better the next day. I did wake feeling a little better, though, walking itself still hurt a bit. Again I spent most of the day in front of the computer, playing away at World of Warcraft, especially since I had not played much of the new expansion since it came out.

This morning finds me even a little better. Still getting some twinge pains, but am able to walk, though somewhat slow still. I think I will be able to get to work, though may need to ask for some help if needing to lift some heavier things. The hardest part will be the first part of the day where I am on my feet more. This work week at least gives me a day off on Thursday, so maybe if I don't strain too hard, I can be back to feeling normal in my back next week.


Friday, November 21

Better Off Dead

Dead asleep that is. After getting most of this week off from Zero Hour, the oldest Son is back to the early morning band thing. I was pretty sure that once the marching season was over, they went about a half hour later in the mornings, but as of this one, he hasn't heard of any time changes. Needless to say, after running him to the school, I logged onto the computer, and sat here staring at e screen for the past few minutes. A topic to write about? I couldn't think of one, and my mind kept going blank, or returning to the thought that I am tired, and could use a couple more hours sleep.

It is Friday, and like most, I am feeling worn down from work. The weekend is a good time to rest up some of these sore muscles, and relax the cerebral muscles as well. I am sure I will be pretty lazy and not do much. Thanksgiving is coming up and I am sure I need the downtime now to be ready for then.

There went another five minutes of staring off into space. Maybe I should go lay back down for a couple hours ....