Tuesday, July 22

Looking Forward to the Next Paycheck

The company I work for has some weird pay schedule, as far as the days of the week. We get paid weekly. No big deal. But instead of it being like a Monday-Saturday pay week, it like a Thursday-Wednesday time period. Unless you are me, or the techs that are on the West Side, that I deliver to each night. Then it is more of a Wednesday-Tuesday deal, as everything I turn in on Tuesday (including my sign-out time sheet) is the close of the pay period for us. I guess Wednesday night's stuff, being as how it doesn't physically get to be turned in until Thursday, is too late for the payroll dept. Either way, this week will be nice, as I have put maybe 10 hours or so of overtime in. It has been a bit crazy. Today, I think I am only going in about an hour early.

I have had much time to think about topics to write about here. Heck, I have about four hours worth as I drive around town. But I never can seem to find a topic worth really sitting down and taking the time to write. I think maybe I should discuss current events, but who wants to hear just someone else's opinion of the whole Israel-Hamas thing. OR the Ukraine-Russia events, or the Malaysian airliner crash (pick one). Should I bitch about our country's immigration policies and border control. Maybe the condition of our VA medical system. Maybe my opinion about Joe Arpaio, and how everything he does, it is only for photo ops and newspaper space. Though, I do admit tent city for jails was a good idea (and I even spent time there).

No ... readers coming here want more. In previous years this spot of the internet was called "Boobies & Beer" and I never much talked about either, but every now and then posted some pictures of both. Glancing back through the old posts, it seemed I bitched about work, and other basic stuff ... pretty much like I do now. Maybe I don't need "Change" like Obama campaigned on. I think I will just stay me.


P.S. Reverend Mother, if you are reading this, you haven't had a post in over a week.....lol

Monday, July 21

Eh. Another Monday

What is it about Mondays that everyone seems to hate? I mean, yeah ,,, most people return to the work week, or school. It's ending a weekend, or maybe a vacation. I have noticed over the past few months, I actually sort of look forward to Mondays because I am going to work. After two days with my kids, the work week is like a mini-vacation from them!

This week brings us closer to school starting back up. The oldest boy has "optional" attendance for marching band practice. But I was told, not really optional since he is a section leader. Required attendance is next week. So this week I have to run him to school prior to heading into work.

Today will  an early work day. Hopefully the last one for awhile. I will have to check the paperwork for tomorrow to determine how bad it may be, but from what I remember last week, I should be okay going back to my regular start time. Of course, the extra couple hours per day is nice on the pay check, but just wears me out faster.

Middle son's birthday is coming up soon. I have no idea what we are getting him. He is turning 12. I am sure the Wife will stick me with getting something for him.

Alright. I ran out of things for today.


Saturday, July 19

What? I Set It Too Early?

This morning is packed full of crap I need to get done. The first being the Wife's brakes on the van. I had set an appointment for the brake place for 7am, and decided to get up at 6:30 to make the appointment time. Good job me ... I set the alarm for 6. Now I have wasted 30 minutes of time I could have slept.

Pretty worn out as it is. The past two days I have put in probably 4 hours extra at work (2 each day). I hope this is only a temporary situation and not becoming the norm. I know there was a big stink by the boss early last week about the CSRs not setting the appointments once parts came in, so they were to concentrate on that rather than new service calls. Which created the huge amount of parts I have had to pull and deliver. Thursday was a bad day ... I pulled 10 fridge doors, and had to deliver eight of them. Doesn't sound like much, but these doors are bulky, large and can weigh up to 75 pounds each. After having to pull it, load it and now carry it, to a van, at least 8 plus times, I get pretty tired.

Tonight I am hanging out with my buddy Don. His birthday is later this week, and he has gotten in touch with some other co-workers and people to get together tonight for his birthday celebration. No, not really a party. I don't know what to call it. But it will be nice to hang with a few co-workers we like, outside the office. Plus, there will be some drinking.

The Daughter has come into town for the weekend. I have no clue what her plans are, so haven't been really able to make any specific to her. Maybe dinner out on Sunday before they head back to Safford.

Guess that is about all I have today.


Thursday, July 17

When It Rains ....

As I sit here trying to wake up, eating my blueberry flavored, imitation pop-tart, and drink my milk, of what needs to get accomplished today, and over the next few days. I do this most mornings, just to depress myself properly so I can go about my day like a norm. Why should today be any different?

This morning I need to go into work early. Yesterday it seemed there was more work than usual for me to do at the shop. Looking at the paperwork involved for today, I could see that today was going to be more, so decided I should at least get the jump on it. Besides, I could use the extra hour or two to get me closer to 40 for the week. Summer brings lighter hours for my position. The only problem is that I am pretty sore. One of the parts I delivered last night was a whole tub assembly for a washer .... a big washer. Needless to say, it had to way close to 150 pounds. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but when it is in a box about 3.5 foot square, and where the handles are, the shipping people have "broken" them (torn into the box) it makes it difficult to lift. I managed, by myself, to get it out the back of my truck, turn and take 2 steps placing it into the work van of one of the techs. You should have heard the groaning. I sat there in my truck for about 5 minutes after that stop. My right arm already was feeling the strain I put on it, as was the back. This morning, it feels like only the lower back is still feeling it. Though, after I typed that, I flexed the arm and can feel it.

The Wife tells me last night that the slight grinding we had heard on her brakes is now a full fledged, "making noise even when I am not touching the brakes" stage. I told her the only options I saw was to either take off work and take it to the garage, or wait until I can do it Saturday. You know she is going to opt for Saturday. By then we will probably have to replace the rotor as well. Great. I suppose I could save money and do it myself - I do have the know-how. I just don't think I want to sit out in 110 degree heat working ont he brakes. It's worth it to pay someone to do it.

Middle son back from camp yesterday. He had fun. The older one starts band camp next week I believe. I need to check the dates again. Registration for both of them is soon as well.

Thank goodness this week is almost over.


Wednesday, July 16

Pet Peeve?

This is a release from Weird Al Yankovic's newest album, and quite frankly, I like it. Though I do not care for the Robin Thicke song "Blurred Lines", Al takes that extra step to make it worth listening to. Of course, I am probably breaking every rule in the song, each time I post ....

This is his other funny one, called "Tacky" based off of Pharrell's "Happy". Another song I was not fond of on the radio, but hey ... I do like Weird Al, even if I cannot stand the song over and over.

So that is all the excitement I can muster today. Off to see if I can find the album for a decent price.


Monday, July 14

Gambling, Friends, Swollen Ankles

According to my last post, I had some kind of hidden fore-knowledge about my weekend. Not much on my to-do list got done. I blame it on my friends. Saturday after getting the middle son off to camp, I did get out and find a new pair of work shoes. Then I was hanging out with some friends for a bit. Some discussion went on, and next thing you know, we are on the way to Laughlin, NV, for the night. That was at about 6 in the evening. We ended up getting back around 2 on Sunday afternoon. Yeah, I did some betting, I am not much of a gambler. I was there to hang out more than gamble. Laughlin, though closer to Phoenix, seems to have less to offer than Vegas.

Sunday, once I was home, I did get a short nap before headed to the airport to pick up my friend's wife. Had a bite to eat on the way to her hotel, and got to visit for a bit. She is here until Friday afternoon.

My ankle is bothering me this weekend. All I can figure is that I rolled it getting in/out of my truck Thursday, as the pain had started Friday morning. After a weekend of walking around in sandals (the shoes I had on at the moment when we did the road trip) I know having not much support did not help things. Yesterday evening I could tell the top part of my foot, and ankles on both legs, were a bit swollen. The right one is pretty achey, too. This morning I see no obvious swelling (as of now) but still aches. Has to be a strain/sprain.

Nothing else to share today. I haven't heard any news yet this morning, and that usually just depresses me.


Saturday, July 12

Murphy's Law ... or What?

It is barely past 6 ay-em and already I am wide awake, sitting at the computer, ready to share a whole lot of nothing with you. What is so unusual about that? Well, it is Saturday morning, and one of the days I generally prefer to sleep in. So what brings me to be so awake on this morning, even though I stayed up way too late last night (past midnight!)? I have no clue. Actually, I do have a guess, and that would be because the middle son is leaving this morning for camp. I am betting my mind made the simple calculation, that since the bus leaves from the church at 7:45, that we need to be there by say 7-7:15, and that would require us to be awake by say ... 6:30. So being awake and unable to snooze before 6 is not surprising the way my body seems to be. Personally, I think it is revenge for the hell I put my body through.

So, the middle son is off to camp for a week. He attended the camp last year as well, and really enjoyed it. His two older siblings had never shared a desire to attend, so he is the first to do the summer camps in our family (at least to any memory I ever have). I guess it might be one of those traits that are different between siblings.

My best friend's wife is flying into Phoenix Sunday night. She has a week long conference in her line of work (something bio/lab) and is coming out on the company dollar. Last year they had the conference here as well, and we were able to get at least a chance to have dinner with her once. This year, due to my work schedule, Sunday night is about the only chance we have this year as well. I know her husband, my friend, is a bit disappointed he could not come out with her. I know the feeling when it comes to finances, etc.

There are quite a few things I wanted to get done this morning. My van is having issues. Engine light is on, it is "chugging" at idle, and even a bit when in motion. Fuel filter? Needs a tune-up? I don't know. Autozone and O'Reilly I heard have the diagnostic thing for free to get whatever error code that the engine light is on for, so I should drive it to one of them to see. I also need to get some new shoes for work, and it wouldn't hurt to get a couple more pairs of shorts, and maybe some more t-shirts, too. Oh, and I still need to get the kitchen faucet replaced. For some reason, that did not get done last weekend. I ahve my bets that not much off my list will get done this weekend....