Friday, August 12

First Week Done

Today is the last day, of the first week of the boys going back to school. I realize I am going to have to get better at getting up at 6am to take the middle son, but otherwise wasn't a terrible week.

Work is pretty much the same. My back is fine, and hasn't given me any problems. Things are picking up, as we head into our more busier time of year. Who's think that appliance repair would have a busy season versus just steady work?

Rev Mom and Preacher Tom are headed out this weekend. RM celebrated another birthday just a few days ago, and being the black sheep I am, I still haven't gotten her bday card(s) over to her. I know she won't mind if I wait until they get back, but still....

Guess that is all I have today...


Monday, August 1

Another Week

It is Monday again, and the last week before the kids return to school. I don't have much to say today. I thought about griping about the problems we went through last Tuesday getting the middle Son through registration ... and the three hours it took, but I decided not to do so. It just gets me riled up a bit more each time I think about it. One would think a school that has been there for many years would have the process down to a routine by now.....

Got insurance, registration and title changed over for the oldest Son's car.

And for some reason that feels like all I got accomplished last week. I am sure there are other things that got done, but I can't recall any off the top of my head.


Monday, July 25

Chaos Rules!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic. Adjusting to being at work again. The back is holding up well, though we are in the slower period of the year for the business. I have not had to lift many heavy objects, which is even better, as it gives me more time. One of the guys in my dept. took vacation last week, so I had to put in a few extra hours .... like 10, so that 50 hour week was a bit long. Overtime is over time, and though our pay periods aren't matched to a Sun-Sat week, it will average out that I get a couple hours overtime for two pay periods. Beats the 36 hour weeks I was having. By winter, I should be back up to about 42 hours/week. Yes, we get that busy.

We bought the oldest Son a car this weekend. It was off of Stuman and his wife. We went to a DMV office this morning to get the title changed to his name, but couldn't. Seems even though the registration is good until December, they said it needed a new emissions done prior to changing title. Which means we will probably have to pay registration fees on top of everything else now as well. Either way, we ran it through emissions where it passed. Now to get back to get the title changed, but due to other things going on, may not do it until Wednesday. then setting up the insurance....

The middle Son is at band camp this week. Tomorrow is his school registration (hence why it may be Wed to do the title thing). Two weeks until school starts for the two younger Sons. The oldest Son is to be getting ready for community college, but I have not seen him do anything yet.

Guess I should get out of here. It is almost time to head to work.


Thursday, July 14

Feels Like Another Day

I have been back to work for a week or so about now. In other words, long enough for pretty much everything return to normal. Everyone was pretty happy to give up whatever part of my job they were doing while I was out. Lazy bitches.

In no way,shape or form, am I saying anything improved, for my lowly station, but at least a couple people recognized what my little bit does. Pros and Cons of being recognized, I guess.

Life otherwise is falling into that same old rythym, minus me drinking so much. Damn Doc. At least I don't see him for a couple more months.

Exciting? Yeah not here. Scared for who Trump names VP... and either party, and the rest of the nation.


Tuesday, July 5

Day Two

I started back to work last Friday. Wasn't a bad day. Legs were a little sore on Saturday, but back felt fine. The 4th wasn't anything major. The Wife had to work. The Boys and I went to Sis' and hung out for the afternoon. RM & PT came, too. We watched a couple movies and snacked on food all afternoon. Now I don't have another holiday until Labor Day.

Not much to really write about today. I just got up about 15 minutes ago, so haven't even read any news updates as of yet. I'm sure there will be plenty of BS to sift through.

Have a good one!


Monday, June 27

Back To Work Soon!

I finished up with the physical therapist last Thursday. Tomorrow morning I see my PCP, and should get the release to return to work. I'm a bit excited about that. After a month off, I am going stir-crazy here at the house.

It has been a pretty crappy month for us. About the time my back went out, our freezer quit working. Nothing like the smell of rotting food to bring it to our attention. Saturday, took the Wife's van in to have diagnostics done (the engine light was on) and find out it is the catalytic converter. The place we took it won't replace it as the system is "welded in". Then Saturday night, our wall oven decided to take a quit ... luckily the Wife was able to finish getting dinner made before it died ... or as it died. Today, my last "free day", I have taken the van to Firestone, but they won't touch it. however, the referred me to Midas. It is there now, and I am at home waiting to hear the estimate. They said it would be an hour or two. Thankfully, Preacher Tom is available today for the ride home, and one back when it is ready. So, back, freezer, van, oven ..... I'm scared as to what may be next.

My PCP will be going over my blood test results tomorrow. I know it will be bad: bad cholesterol high, good will be low. Not sure about the A1C (diabetes) as years previously I had been borderline, but was slowly lowering it. Blood pressure will be discussed I am sure. He will probably up my dosage on the meds I am taking. And again he'll bitch about my weight.

July 4th is coming up next Monday. No plans here. The Wife will probably have to work that day.


Friday, June 17

Good News/Bad News Friday

For those of you that work M-F, I am sure you are happy today is the last day of the work week. For those that work longer than Friday, due to work schedules ... yeah, I get ya. Being out of work pretty much make today like a Monday ... or any other day pretty much. The only difference is that the Wife is not home all day.

Either way, I feel like I have a day that is packed full of stuff that needs to get done. I have to be at my PCP's office for a blood draw sometime between 9a-12p. Per my work comp insurance, I need to see if they will do a voucher saying when I saw the doc, that I was unfit for work. Since my PCP doesn't do work comp claims, I am sure they have nothing in my file ... and the doc just went to Hawaii until the 27th. I see him on the 28th, hoping he releases me back to work, and I know they will want a release voucher, too. Wonder if he could back date the one...? Wouldn't be lying, just didn't do it until he got back and found out I needed it .... right?

My last scheduled (as of now) PT visit is this afternoon about 2:30. I have been doing the exercises he gave me, and hopefully today he will say he doesn't need to see me anymore. I'm hoping anyways. I know I feel so much better after seeing him already earlier this week.

Then if I got time in between all this, I probably should run my car through emissions. Registration due this month on both our vehicles. Only the Wife's has the engine light on, so need to get it in to the shop to find out what is going on, if anything, and get the light off before her emissions.

Wow, only three things that make the list today, and only two of them NEED to get done. Yeah, this sitting at home crap is driving me nuts.