Sunday, September 8

Life Is Crazy

Much has happened since I last logged in here and spewed words. The Wife was in an accident (her fault) and totaled the mini-van. I had to give up driving the "back-up" car (Middle Son's to be) and was catching rides with Reverend Mother. Finally got my insurance check on my car. Was able to find another vehicle pretty fast - a 2007 Dodge Charger. Same year as the Magnum was, so the interior is exactly the same, just not the larger cargo area in the back. It is black with some spots of paint weathering. Got it for a low, low price, too. Been running awesome!

Then about a couple weeks ago, the Oldest Son get tagged by a hit and run driver. Thankfully the damage is only cosmetic and his car doesn't need replaced. But the police have not been able to locate the other driver. Unfortunately, we don't carry the extras on the insurance policy, so no repairs being done.

This past Friday I turned 48 this year. Never thought I would live so long. Spent a nice evening out with some friends and had a few too many beers.

The Redskins have their first regular season game today, and I will be heading up to the pub to watch it.Here's to hoping they have a good season.

Welp, that's about all I got.


Saturday, August 3

Monsoon Season Blows

It is Monsoon season here the desert valley. Due to some stupid reason, this season is June 15th through September 30th. Either way, right now we are in the thick of it. The humidity has been high, and with temps nearing 110 it makes my warehouse pretty miserable. I'm pretty tired of sweating all day.

I don't have much to share today. Still working on moving between houses. My car is considered totaled, and I'm only getting about $3700 out of it. Guess I'll be hitting craigslist once the check gets here. Still haven't had any good job offers. Current job is definitely taking a toll on me physically and mentally, but nothing I can do about it at the moment except quit.... which I can't afford to do. Sigh.

Middle son turns 17 this next week. Doing our birthday dinner tomorrow night at the place he chooses. All I know right now it is going be steak, steak, or probably steak.My guess is Lonestar..... We bought him a Hurdy-Gurdy playable build-it-yourself kit for his present. He likes some band on youtube that uses this instrument, and thought it would be something he could build and play since he has mastered a number of instruments. Hope he likes it.

Been a couple weeks since I saw my Doodad. Never thought I would miss like I find myself doing every now and then.After all, I am not raising her, or even live with her... must just be that Papaw thinking or something. Was hoping to take a trip down there today, but I had to work a few hours, and their plans were busy enough I didn't want to burden them with us coming down. Maybe they can make it up next weekend....

Guess that is about all I got for now...


Thursday, July 4

July 4th

I don't like it when a holiday I have off from work is in the middle of the week... or in such a way I don't get a 3-day weekend out of it. This week is one of those. Back to work tomorrow... for one day. Better off than the Wife though. She had to go to work today.

Not much happening. I got in touch with the other guy's insurance. Was able to get an appointment for my car at a dealership actually for yesterday. Got a rental car. I was told I should hear from the insurance by Friday about my car. The rep at the dealership said in his opinion the insurance will just total out my car. I kind of hope not. Final word is tomorrow, and I will probably take the money, versus buying it back from them. Then I'll have to find a new car. Maybe can get one on Craigslist for under $2000....

Will be going over to the other house today to try to get more stuff done. Yee haw.


Sunday, June 30

Sunday Morning Chill

Well, it's been over a week since the accident, and nothing has been done. I spent half the week waiting for my insurance rep to contact me. Last Saturday I received an email from her stating she had tried to contact me (I had no call) and gave me her contact info, plus her work hours. Unfortunately, her hours were Tues-Sat. By Tuesday evening I still had not heard from her, so I sent an email asking for a call or text with an update. Thursday I get the call late in the day, and there is nothing they can do. Now, I had a previous incident last August, and my rep contacted the other insurance, but this gal didn't even try. So Friday I spoke to my Buddy Jeff, who is my insurance agent, and an attorney, and he said to just call the other guy's insurance and get things going. It was too late Friday to call, and I was busy Saturday. That leaves today, but I doubt anything will get done. So now it will be tomorrow afternoon.

Work still sucks. More applications out last week with no replies yet. The Boss is realizing more and more that the new gal doesn't know her job. Which is adding more work and stress to me. Plus, new procedures they are trying to increase productivity is causing an increase in orders, which creates more work for me. And more physical lifting so here I am off two days and still hurting from stiff muscles. I really just want to quit.

The house moving is still going on. The Wife doing inventory and getting rid of things is going slowly, so getting stuff from the old place is taking forever. I was able to get a dresser out yesterday I gave to a friend for free. Maybe a fire can be set to the old house and we won't need to worry about the rest of the stuff.....

July 4th is this week. Whoopee. I get the day off, but have to go back Friday. Same with The Wife.

Finished watching "Yellowstone" season one last night. It was interesting enough that I am waiting season two to come out on dvd. I know it just started on television, so it will be several months. First television show I have seen in awhile that I have liked.

That should do it for now....


Saturday, June 22


Started off the weekend in a crappy way. About 5 miles from work, on my way home, I got rear-ended. I am fine, and so was the other driver. Most of the damage is cosmetic, except the back hatch is bent and won't open. I am hoping the frame isn't bent, but hard to tell as I am not a car specialist. It was drive-able home and I did not notice any particular noises or leakage before or after. This morning though was an adventure. The back is sore, and the base of my neck. The Wife gave me a nice back rub (physical therapist spouse) that helped quite a bit. Now am waiting for my claims rep to call, but with it being the weekend, it may not happen until Monday.

The water heater in the newer home will not keep the pilot light lit. There hasn't been hot water for a day plus now. I watched some videos on youtube, and see the low cost and easy way to replace thermo-couplers, etc. But found one really good one about cleaning the air filter area under the unit. With the Daughter and Doodad in town, the ladies are going shopping and will pick up the dust wand they video suggested (cheap one from a dollar store). Hope that works.

Work is crappy. The gal I worked with had her last day the previous Friday, so this was the first week without her. My work load has increased, to keep up with the normal work flow of the department because the new girl is crap. The boss asked me how I think it was working out, and I let him know even with 2.5 months of training, she still doesn't know the job. He was not happy with what I had to say, but it had to be said... especially because he asked. Still looking but no lock yet.

Guess that's about all I got for now.


Saturday, June 8

Just... Blah

Still not feeling back to normal. Able to keep food down, but still doing a trip to the restroom at least once an hour.... for 5 seconds of work. The Wife mentioned she is starting to have to make multiple trips to the bath now today, and that leads us to think a stomach bug versus something that was eaten. Great. Just need that to go round and round the homestead for weeks.....

Moving is still in progress and will be for the next forever. This inventorying before removing at the new house is a pain, but will prevent future squabbles. At least the phone is changed over and the internet will be in place by Wednesday, which means I will be moving the computers over then.

Not much else happening...


Friday, June 7


I've been off work sick the past couple of days. Seems I caught some bug, or bad food, that has me constantly going to the restroom to either sit, or throw up.The Daughter and Doodad have it as well, and we believe it may be the result of some bad food from our dinner Tuesday night. Either way, today I did have a granola bar, and so far is cooperating by staying down. Feeling dehydrated and overly hungry since I couldn't keep anything down yesterday.

That being said, short post today.