Friday, June 17

Good News/Bad News Friday

For those of you that work M-F, I am sure you are happy today is the last day of the work week. For those that work longer than Friday, due to work schedules ... yeah, I get ya. Being out of work pretty much make today like a Monday ... or any other day pretty much. The only difference is that the Wife is not home all day.

Either way, I feel like I have a day that is packed full of stuff that needs to get done. I have to be at my PCP's office for a blood draw sometime between 9a-12p. Per my work comp insurance, I need to see if they will do a voucher saying when I saw the doc, that I was unfit for work. Since my PCP doesn't do work comp claims, I am sure they have nothing in my file ... and the doc just went to Hawaii until the 27th. I see him on the 28th, hoping he releases me back to work, and I know they will want a release voucher, too. Wonder if he could back date the one...? Wouldn't be lying, just didn't do it until he got back and found out I needed it .... right?

My last scheduled (as of now) PT visit is this afternoon about 2:30. I have been doing the exercises he gave me, and hopefully today he will say he doesn't need to see me anymore. I'm hoping anyways. I know I feel so much better after seeing him already earlier this week.

Then if I got time in between all this, I probably should run my car through emissions. Registration due this month on both our vehicles. Only the Wife's has the engine light on, so need to get it in to the shop to find out what is going on, if anything, and get the light off before her emissions.

Wow, only three things that make the list today, and only two of them NEED to get done. Yeah, this sitting at home crap is driving me nuts.


Thursday, June 16

What Have We Got Today?

A whole lot of nothing.... Almost 9am, and I am bored out of my mind. Think I just might go take a nap. The two older boys are still asleep. Why not I as well?


Wednesday, June 15

I'm So Butt-hurt

No. Really, I am. My buttocks are sore from the physical therapy regime I am going though. Today was the second visit, and he says I have improved quite a bot just since my visit on Monday. He added a couple more exercises for me to help build up better abdominal and lumbar support, and have another visit scheduled for Friday. That may be the last one for me. I asked him who releases me back to work, and he said my PCP, not him. My complaint about that, is I don't get back to my PCP until the 28th. So looks like a couple more weeks off work.

I am feeling so much better now. Walking without the cane. No hurting pains in the back, though the lower back, buttocks and hips are sore from the muscle stretches, etc, the PT has me doing. Now I just need to get started in some weight-loss regime....  

Well, need to get ready for the dental cleaning I have next, and the Middle son's cavity work...


Tuesday, June 14

Slowly Getting Better

Yesterday I had my appointment with the physical therapist. For almost two hours he evaluated me. Worked up a good sweat. At the end he has me doing a handful of small exercises a few ties throughout the day, with a return visit for Wednesday and Friday. The impression I got was by Friday, I may not need to return to him at all. Which means that is a good chance I will be back to work soon. But just because the PT clears me, I don't know if that means I can return, or need to see my PCP again, as that won't be until the 28th.

Other than that situation, I am feeling better. The back, having to wait a week for the PCP, and then another for the PT, has slowly gotten better on its' own. Today I am sore in the buttocks and lower back, mostly due to the stretching of muscles the PT has me doing. It is supposed to help loosen, and strengthen the lower back muscles, etc, to help prevent future injury and to heal this one up better.

Sunday we had family get together to visit with and Aunt and Uncle that came to town. Everyone seemed to have a good time. They A&U are out of town again with PT & RM up north for a day or two.

Nothing much exciting is happening otherwise. Off to do my exercises...


Friday, June 10

Finally Friday!

Yup, Friday is finally here, not that I am jumping all over the place to celebrate it. I do admit I went most of yesterday without a cane, but come the evening, had to get it back into use. The back was just hurting too much.

Not much going on today or this weekend. Have and Aunt & Uncle coming into town from Indiana on Sunday, and the family is all getting together at Sis' place. Other than that, I am just waiting for that PT appt on Monday.

Have a good weekend, ya hear?


Thursday, June 9

Working My Way Back To Being At Work

This past Monday I was finally able to get in to see my PCP for my back injury. I expected flak in regards to my smoking, drinking and weight, before even starting on how it has been 5 years since I saw him last. I was a bit surprised. Smoking and Drinking were never brought up, but he spent plenty of time harping on my weight. Aside from the fact it is a strong contributor to the arthritic discs in my back, and adds more strain to many joints/muscles, it also helps with my high blood pressure. In short, I got a new prescription for the high BP, a prescription for muscle relaxers (to help ease the back pain) and a referral to a PT that specializes in lower back. I can't get in there until Monday. Another week pissed away.

Since the weight is such an issue, and though over the past 5 years I have kept a good 50+ pounds from coming back, I haven't been able to lose more. Looking into a weight management place mike Medifast, is going to be happening soon.

But in the last three days, I have noted great improvement. I am able to get around without the cane now, though I still move slower than before. I am not waking at night from pain as often (almost none). Bending over to touch toes is still out, but I think today I may be able to get my socks on without too much problem.

It's good to being closer to getting back to work. I have been going stir crazy sitting at home. There is only so much Netflix I can watch, and video games to play.

The past few days we have had a mystery in our house. A strange smell, like rancid corpse in the Arizona sun. We have looked thinking a dead mouse behind furniture, or something, Nothing. Then thought maybe in the duct work or ceiling...nothing. Turns out our full -size freezer quit working, and pretty much defrosted, ruining all the food inside. Ugh! So now I guess we will be looking for a new one. The Wife is pretty upset about it, but I am not. Seemed we put more stuff in that freezer than ever took out. But it is something she wants....

Today I am taking the oldest Son to the MVD to renew his driving permit. He has had it a couple years now, but still is not ready for his driving test. His admission, not mine. I know we are looking for a decent used car for him, and he will need to get his license soon, in order to be able to transport himself to school this fall.


Monday, June 6

Oh Joy, It's Doctor Time

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Most nights, once the head hits the pillow, I am out pretty fast. Last night it seemed I just had too much stuff on my mind to let it go to fall asleep. I am sure most of it has to do with today, as I finally get to do my follow-up with my PCP. Granted it has been over a week since my ER visit, at least I am able to get an appointment. I just am not sure what will happen. The Wife says that an MRI will not happen for a few more days once the Dr sees me, as they have to get all the info "in a row" before they will schedule it. I don't know how it works, I have never had one before.

I spoke to HR on Friday. Mostly to check that they had all the paperwork needed from me in order to get the work comp stuff rolling. They said yes. I would assume there would be some long claim number I needed to reference when seeing the doctor, but no. Just the Insurance company name, and my social as the claim. Sounds almost too easy.

Overall, I am doing a bit better. I haven't felt the pain bad enough for the Percosets since Thursday. I have been getting by with ibuprofen as needed, not around the clock. Since get pain spasms when I cough/sneeze, certain movements that cause back twisting, etc. I have not tried to pick up anything per se. It will be interesting to see what the Dr. says about a time frame to return to work. I know I need to call my boss after the appointment to update him on what the doc says and recommends.

Three hours to go to the appointment. Guess I need to find something to do to entertain myself until then.