Friday, June 5

Nothing of Interest

Not much to gripe about today. Aside from the 2am hour and I am awake and writing this....

Protests continue. Riots not so much. Lack of knowing what Congress is doing as media is focused on BS.
Just another day in paradise.

Kinda ticked this morning. I play World of Warcraft, and have in recent weeks joined a Facebook group, which in turn has a couple 'Guilds' on one of the 'worlds'. It's a 35+ age group, with many probably in more the 40s & 50s. Had some person get through the approval process to join, and they "stole" many items from our guild bank. It happens.... But then they took the time, to go through several of the members on the roster, and wrote small notes on several of them that were not very nice notes. Most of our notes are our names on FB, but many were changed to vulgar things. One of my characters was hit, I'm a "spazbot fucktard" so I'm just so impressed. This person also added "guild events" to the calendar like today is "Retard Day" and other similar type things. Needless to say, I am sure he won't be on for long once the GM sees this. Luckily one of the late night players caught most of this and was able to drop that character's access level for the time being.

That whole situation just makes me angry (like so much these days). By age 35 you would think you would be more of an adult than this. I mean, if I were angry at someone in our group, or at the group as a whole, I wouldn't stoop to this kind of activity. I'd probably write a couple notes to the GM and maybe say a few choice things in guild chat, then leave the guild. Why does one feel they need to deface/belittle people and steal things? Sigh.

Welp, I am off to bed again to try to get a couple more hours sleep....


Tuesday, June 2


This morning I am literally just shaking my head at the amount of fuckery going on in the world (not just the united States). I mean, this crap is so fucked up, I can't even wrap a sane thought around any of it, in such a way I could make a convincing thought of supporting, or denying it. A Conspiracy Theorist would be having orgasms over the possibilities that exist for all this crap happening in the world. I do have some general thoughts on some of these subjects... and I'm sure not here to convince anyone, as even I cannot make up my mind what is right and what is wrong it seems.

George Floyd, Minnesota, and protesters. This is probably 90% of my bitch today. Let's start world-wide. Why the hell are people "across the world" doing protests for this alleged incident that happened in the US? I think RM said something yesterday about seeing the same picture of protesters supposed somewhere here in the US, and then was supposedly in France. I recall this happening a lot with pics during the Covid issue - people on beaches, etc. Now, why are we protesting in many states of the US over this? And the looting? Because you are so upset over this issue you need to loot and destroy property, allowing the government to enforce curfews to give them more power? Sigh.

I am so mixed up about everything. Pictures of Floyd's "execution" are weird (license plate on police vehicle saying "POLICE"? Cops filmed not talking to each other, ambulance that no one called showing up and no one ever verifies that Floyd is dead). Just way too many weird things. I have even started seeing "articles" saying Soros and the Dems are behind a black man's execution because of Biden's gaffe recently. I wouldn't put it past them... but really?

Another that gets me is the protesting/looting going on all over the country. Dallas I have seen "alleged" pictures showing pallets of bricks sitting near intersections of where looting have occurred, as if placed there for use. Admittedly the pics show no signs indicating a construction company, or site, but is that the angle of the picture, or photo-shopped out? 

And last night started reading about how there was 700 earthquakes near Yellowstone Park in one day,or some such crap. I read more into that one, and discovered they experience 700-3,000 of them in the same time period... so it isn't as bad as media is making it. Speaking of...

Media. That's where much of this bullshit is coming from. Sparking things among the sheeple and mind-controlling mass amounts of people that can't think for themselves. Who controls the media now?

I want to not read/see media, but ow else am I to get any information on certain things? How do I know which to believe and which not to believe. What is fake news, which is bad reporting? Which is government controlled to force a certain viewpoint for a certain result?

Sigh. It really is tiring. Sorry for cussing so much RM.


Thursday, May 28


I remember back in the day when the first stay-at-home order came in. It was just as the two youngest boys were starting their Spring Break from school, approximately March 15th. The youngest son had just broken his wrist a couple days before the "break" started (see what I did there?). Well, yesterday that final cast came off, and pins were removed. One could say he is almost back to normal/ Obviously, his left arm is a bit smaller than the right, due to two months of a cast.... but at least it is pretty much all done now. He does have a brief follow up in three weeks, but the doctor said the breaks appear to be healing fine, especially the one they had to re-break and pin. It'll be nice to get him to help out more around the house without using the excuse about the cast.

Other changes... The middle son officially graduated from high school last week. We went and picked up his diploma. I actually had a good laugh at him later that same day. The district had called my cell (automated call) about checking their website for details for summer classes.... and I faked that they were calling that there was an issue with his diploma and they needed it back. The confused look on his face was priceless. Moreso, when I said that means he hasn't graduated and may need to make up some courses over the summer. Either way, he is ready to move on to other things, and I suppose I will allow him a couple weeks free time before starting to push about a job or school.

Speaking of graduations, it has been 10 years since my oldest graduated HS. I don't know who feels older, me or her....

The Reverend Mother is going through many changes right now. The past several weeks (months?) she has decided that they need to down-size their living accommodations. I am saying it this way, because it the best way I understand it all. Now RM and PT have lived within 5 miles of me for years, and at times that was good... other times not so good. Guess it depends if I had to be the one to help with something or whatever. No offense meant Mom! Anyways, the Sis and BIL have been helping them get things fixed around the house, or "spruced" up so there is better appeal. 

This is where I start treading on dangerous grounds.... Because they are "down-sizing" the normal things one accumulates over time has to be gone through, and gotten rid of/distributed/donated - whatever you want to call it. For years I have been telling RM that there isn't anything I could think they have that I would want.... but she still asks. Do you want these old school pictures. I know these items pertain to me more than my siblings, and she wants to be sure they were offered to me prior to making whatever decision (trash). I just get frustrated a little. I have actually said yes to a couple things she has offered up. My siblings seem to have been more anxious and excited about these offerings than I have been. Maybe I just am not materialistic or something. Or maybe there really is some sort of mental disturbance in my head.

Either way, it looks like whenever they do find a place to move to, it will be further away from my place. I'm sure it may be closer somewhat to one of the siblings, but just further from me. Not sure how I feel about that. Just one of those things I've taken for granted I guess. It's big for RM to be doing this... having to go through and decide what to keep or not, the move itself, actual thoughts of not working anymore some time soon (I wish I had that problem sometimes).

I don't know if I'll come back and edit this or not... but there it is for now.

Last change.... looks like Blogger is changing my "dashboard" appearance and functioning. I switched over to the "new" one, and I see how it is supposed better if you were doing this from a phone or tablet. From a desktop not so much... but it is what it is. If I don't like it, I can always return to LiveJournal or some other site I am sure.


Friday, May 22

School is Over

The confetti has fallen, now littering the floor amidst the spaces between half-filled balloons and the random graduation caps. the middle Son's "graduation was Wednesday night on the school's YouTube channel. What a joke. They should have disabled the "live" chat feed while the slideshow was going, but they didn't. Disrespectful comments continued throughout. I only watched to see my Son.

This afternoon we will be driving over to the HS to pick up his diploma. that will make it official he has graduated and moves into the next stage of his life. What are his plans? I haveno idea. I don't think he does as a rule either.

Then summer will follow. It has been mild here and not many days over 100 yet, though I know it will change rapidly I am sure.

One kid left. Four years of HS. Then they are all done.


Thursday, May 21

A New Normal

No content. Whining, complaining, not benefiting society, being free-loaders. This is the New Normal. I read some short article this morning about how media outlets are all using that term "new normal". Supposedly, the repetition of the phrase is to imprint it on society, so they accept it. Kind of like learning by rote. Do I agree with it? No.

I say that, because what all does it mean? The way it appears, the phrase refers to the way all levels of government are using 'guidelines' interpreted as a law (which they are not) as the way things are going to be now. Restrictions on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Freedoms. Our Rights. More control to those that never had it before, and more control to those that DO NOT need it. 

I mean, to me it sounds like taking things away from the People. Is that a normal thing, let alone a NEW normal? Seems to be happening that way. Because People are letting it.

So, again, do I agree with that phrase? I'm going to have to say no. Do you want what society has been turning into over the past three months to be a normal? I don't.


Wednesday, May 20

Just Not Feeling It

So, as I stated in yesterday's post, I am feeling better. I could use some more sleep, which is eluding me right now (again).

Both myself and the youngest son but had the fever temps gone from Monday. I had a couple moments where I felt a little weak, but otherwise was fine. I think it some bad food or a stomach bug of some kind.

Today brings us to the Middle Son's High School Virtual Graduation taking place tonight at like 7:30pm on a youtube channel. Classy. Using the standard yearbook photo (he didn't have senior portraits done) they'll stick it up there with his name. And that is it. I got an email today that on Friday, graduating students can pick up their diplomas (by car/drive-thru) on Friday. He did receive Honors, and some other AP placement thingy... and today I skimmed through almost 16 minutes of a Google slideshow the school put together to show as the Honors and Awards recipients. My son rated 4 whole seconds at the 15:30 mark of the 18:09. I have a strong feeling that the graduation is going to be pretty much the same.... only longer, because supposedly they have recordings of the speeches that were to be given. Oh joy. I think this may just run in the background until they get further along in the alphabet.

Not much else going on. Want to get out in public, but not really. Would rather get to work again... still waiting to hear on that front.


Tuesday, May 19

Second Covid Scare

Yesterday was worrisome. I got up and took the youngest to his school for final 'end of year' stuff. Mainly turning back in books, etc. By the time I had made it home, ate some breakfast, and sat at the computer for about an hour, I was exhausted. I went and laid down. Shortly after noon I awoke, was nauseous, threw up, went back to sleep. Up again at 3, had a temp of 100.9, felt like "blech". I'm thinking, is this the Covid that the Wife just recovered from? Slept a couple more hours in the early evening. Just feeling these flu-like symptoms. I didn't lose taste/smell.

This morning my temperature is back to normal. I don't have aches and feeling of 'blech'. I have a little bit of an appetite. I think it was a one day stomach bug. Who knows? The Wife was saying last night I need to get tested to be sure. I asked why? They will tell me the same thing they told you. But it is for the statistical numbers she says. F that.

So it feels like I am back to normal today. I am not counting on it being Covid. I think it may have been the burrito I picked up at QT that morning for breakfast....