Sunday, December 9

A Basic Pre-Christmas Post

Yesterday was the Wife's & the MIL's birthday. MIL did not want to go, but took the Wife and Sons to Olive Garden for dinner. Done with birthday celebrations now until next year at least.

Friday my company did their annual inventory... the one that they have delayed three times over the past few months. Needless to say, I had to have a more active role in the process. In this case, it meant I was one of the ones doing the actual count. Saturday morning was not a good one for me. Ankles, back of legs and lower back were telling me it was more physical than I had done in quite awhile. Even this morning I am still sore. I'm starting to get to that age bracket where I don't "bounce back" the way I used to do.

Not looking forward to Christmas. It is truly going to be a small one. The kids are getting to be where the gifts they want a re quite a bit more costly. For others, I just don't have the time to try to figure out what to get them. Looks like a gift card Christmas as far as I am concerned. I hate the holiday anyways.

Was able to go to Tucson last weekend for a couple nights, just the Wife and I. Spent Friday with the Daughter and Doodad. Came home Saturday late morning as the middle Son had a District Honor Band Concert the wife wanted to attend.

Guess that's about I got to say right now.


Saturday, November 24

I've Been Razzed ...

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone... both of them. How, you wonder, that I say both of them? Well, because I had two of them. Thursday my family went to my MIL's and had Tday dinner. Then on Friday, we went to RM & PT's place for a second dinner. I feel like I have gained a good five pounds or more in the two meals... and haven't been "hungry" as of yet. Though, I did take the Wife and two younger boys out for a late brunch/early lunch today.

So... the razzed comment in the title... While at RM's last night, I teasingly mentioned she hadn't updated her blog since earlier in the month. Without hesitation she came back with something along the lines she had noticed I had posted recently... first time in months. She and I go back and forth about our sporadic posting. I get a kick out of it.... sometimes. That being said, I should try to write more...

Life for me is going decent nowadays. Still at the same job and haven't seen anything recent that is better in any way. This next Thursday the Wife and I are headed to Tucson for a couple nights. The Wife has a class she is on the waiting list for towards credit for her PT license. I'm going because I can. That, and my Doodad lives there. We are staying in a hotel just a few miles from their new home (they recently made their first purchase).

Christmas is nearing and like most years, I have done about zero shopping. I have picked up a couple things for Doodad, but nothing else. Not even for the Wife's bday coming up in a week or so. I guess it's good I got Amazon Prime, and it will put to good use I am sure in the next few weeks.

That's about all I got for now. Headed off to play some Warcraft.


Friday, November 9


I ain't written here in awhile. Mostly because I have my nose buried in my tablet reading a book. Recently that has changed.

I have had to become more aware of things. Mostly those affecting my siblings, rather than my own immediate family.

Normally, I just shrug my shoulders and think 'it's their life, not mine'. But recent events make me wonder....

Not my place to share. So no "big rumor story here", but my heart strings tug. And I don't have a big heart.

I came here to vent, but I can't without sharing.

Send good thoughts.


Sunday, May 27

Only a Few, Small Changes....

That's about all I have going on in Life right now. Still waiting to hear about the job position I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. Tuesday I think I will call and just do a follow-up to see if they are still considering me for the job, and show that I am still interested. I haven't put out any other applications in the time frame since then. I have skimmed some of the job-search sites, using different key words for looking at what is out there.

Last weekend I finally went out and got a personal phone. I had been using the company phone I was given 4+ years ago for all my "phone stuff", and knew I would need to get a personal one especially if looking for another job. Never realized how many phone contact I had until I started letting people know my new number. In fact, there were many that I did not bother to contact, as they were not close friends, or I had their number for some minor reason. I did a Facebook post so that many on there, if they wanted my number, they could request it from me by private message, if I decided they needed it. No one asked. Needless to say, my contact list is smaller now.

The two younger boys finished up their school years this past week, and are now on break. Wife's work is the same. My work is starting to hit our "slow" season.

The Daughter's family came up from Tucson for the weekend. My lil Doodad was over for a bit yesterday, and I guess will be over for a bit this afternoon. I never thought I would start saying things like "She is getting so big!" and other things you always hear grandparents say.... but I did. And she is! She even said "Papaw" for me last night. It might be considered bragging, but I guess her favorite book to "read" is the one I got her for her birthday. And she loves to play with the dinosaur plushie I got her. I don't know if my Daughter says this because it is true, or if she just wants to make me feel like the things I personally pick for her are wonderful things she loves. I of course, choose to believe it is the truth and they are her favorites. It makes me feel awesome.

Not much else to share today. It is Memorial Day weekend. Past years I used to go out to the cemetery and visit briefly with a couple of friends that were servicemen. I haven't the past three years, and probably will not make it out this year. But as long as they are thought of, and remembered, as well as the many others not only in my family, then it should be a good holiday. We have nothing special planned. Sis invited us over for Monday, but that won't happen. I suppose we will try to find something to do together as a family.


Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

That is probably about the extent of my gifts this year. Last year, I had done Sherri's Berrie's, and though I heard all those I purchased for enjoyed them, it was rather pricey. Also, they screwed up the delivery schedule that was offered, accepted and paid for.

The couple years before that I just did flowers with delivery. But amidst much of stuff going on in Life this year, I haven't even had the time to do that. Not even shop for a card. I suppose text messages will have to work this year. Yeah ... I'm a bad Son.

Growing up, the Reverend Mother and I had a different kind of mother/son relationship.Much of my growing up I was either too young to remember things exactly, and then there were years I lived with my Dad (they were divorced). Lived with RM again about when I was 14, but in most ways, I never considered us "close". All the years between now and then, I am able to see how good of a mother she always was,or did her best to be.

I also look back at the The Wife. All four of my kids have a great relationship with her, probably because I'm the Dad, but still. I dropped the ball with that one too, and with the boys being the only ones at home, I didn't get anything for her from them.

Definitely a "holiday" I am good at fucking up... go figure.


Saturday, May 12

Change Is Coming

I had an interview this past week.

Yes, I finally took that big step, and decided I need to move on from the current job position and company. The last several months have been "eating at me" with feelings of being taken advantage of, among other things. I really do like the position, and the company, but sometimes enough is enough.

So, this interview just "fell into my lap". A friend of a friend that needs a guy that is able to perform this...hey, I know a guy, and he is looking... etc. The interview went really well. I am hoping to get a call back with an offer in the next week or so. I know they have gone through two people at least, just in the last month for this position, and through the friends, heard they were let go. Talk about adding some nervousness to the position.

Other than that, it feels really good to know I have stepped over that line. That line of indecision about actually starting to look for work.I actually feel like my confidence level has gone up, and I have a more positive outlook in general. No, I'm not bright and sunshiney anytime of anyday, but my attitude is better.

Aside from that, Life goes on. Boys are finishing up school within the next month. My Doodad has learned to say Papaw (which was an awesome little video the Daughter had sent me a couple weeks ago. I'm at 69/140 on my reading challenge this year, which is 49%... and 19 books ahead of schedule.

Yeah.... things are starting to look a bit better of late.


Wednesday, April 25

Aw Heck! Twice in a Month!

Yeah, decided to try once again to post more. I think it is more of a 'release' to the amount of angst I have right now...anger... dissatisfaction... with how my current employer is treating me me. Over a 'year ago, I was 'raised' to a position higher than the "driver". Took over a year, and I finally got a review, with a $1.00/hour raise, which I could have gotten staying the driver. No position increase, though I do more now than then. Add to that, my Boss says he wants me to learn all the procedures that my co-worker knows, because she may retire in the next couple years, and he sees me "running the whole parts department" after that.... for a dollar an hour more. Fuck that Bullshit.

So, now looking for other work.