Tuesday, September 5

Playing Catch-Up, and maybe using some Ketchup

I'm a bit tired. Don't get me wrong, because the job is still there, both mine, and the Wife's. The Wife's job is never in the dire straits mine could be though.... unless she just went hat-flip crazy. For lack of understanding mental illnesses and how they appear, I hope she never does..... in the meantime.....

No. I was referring to the possible volatile situation of my job.. Maybe volatile is not the right word. Transitional? Lucky if you found someone to do it as well? Fucking pay me what I am worth?


My goal (again) is to corner down my boss and talk about pay/wage, etc. One of these weeks he won't be able to avoid me, and I hope (based on past history) he is a good boss and won't screw me over. Because if he did, well, man, I don't wanna think about that.

School is in session. My HS'er is in marching band and working on the show. Youngest is now 6th grade... learning to be a percussionist. I was thinking of buying a trap set for him this Christmas, to start letting him learn his way around one, so when he gets to HS, he could jump right into Jazz.... but who knows.

My birthday is this week. More than ever, I don't care.

I know Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom will text me, early in the day, a "Happy Birthday". It is what they do. I'm sure my brother, Stuman, and sister, Sis, will do the same, though, for the past couple months, we have not been in contact. I deleted them from my facebook contacts. Let's just say, I decided all that, and the why don't matter to the general reader of this here post.

Shit happened.

Yeah, I'm dealing with the repercussions of that shit,  but it's all good! The best part, is not having to them whine about shit all the time.... though I am sure RM still has to hear it, as well about why I'm not talking to them.... blah blah blah. I don't know... just guessing. But you know oms and daughters... and moms and the baby sons..... Thank goodness I ain't one!

Tune in next time.... once I get replies from family about how " it really is " and I'll let you know!


Saturday, August 12

The Monthly Post

Geez.... seems I only am able to get one post each of the last three months. I actually cannot lie and say I have been too busy, as not much of life is going on presently. The two younger boys started back to school this last week. The oldest Son is supposedly to be getting his registration in for his second year at the local community college.... but I don't know if he has. He and his girlfriend spent last week down with the Daughter and my lil Doodad, oh, and the SIL.

Work is work. Still doing half of another person's job, and it really is starting to wear on me. My boss says if I need help to ask the other two people in my department to assist, but it is just easier for me to do it all. I have been doing it for over three years, and my system, the paperwork, etc, is just so natural to me, I am fast at it. I just feel so tired at the end of the day, and by Friday, am just beat. On the plus side, I have lost like 5 pounds or so judging by how loose my pants are getting.

I really need to try to get on here more often.... so I can ramble on about the nothing going on in my life....


Sunday, July 9

Playing Catch-Up

My buddy, THE Scotty B, is in town this weekend. Traveling in from the harsh wastelands known as Albuquerque to the heated desert called Arizona. It's been a fine two days of having some time to hang out and catch up on our lives. Needless to say, with today being Sunday, that time is drawing to a close. After an evening repast, it'll be so long until next time.

Less than a week ago we were celebrating the 4th of July .... well, some people were. Though I am appreciative of my country and its "birthday", I guess I don't really celebrate it. With all the legalities over fireworks in our desert state, it safer to just not buy any. And getting together with family for bbq or whatever, sometimes that just doesn't work out.

Work has just doubled... meaning I am doing the jobs of two people now for the unknown amount of time. After just three days of it, I'm worn out. I was going to try to get to RM's this weekend to try out a new idea about getting her pics from her iphone to her windows 10 laptop, but with friends in town, just haven't had the time. Maybe Monday after work or something.....

That's all I got today. Resting in the AC ....


Saturday, June 24

Guilt Trips

I have always stated to the Reverend Mother that guilt trips don't work om me. Shaming me doesn't work either. But after having some time to catch up on things at home, I jumped over to her blog, and now here I am writing on mine, because she pointed out it had been awhile since I last wrote here. So let's play some catch-up....

My granddaughter arrived just over two months ago. I instantly named her Doodad (my special name for her), and though The Daughter and SIL live 4 hours away, we have been able to see Doodad a few times.They happen to be here this weekend, and The Wife, The Daughter, Doodad, and myself all had a lunch together. Papaw got him some special time. I'll share pics later as I have not downloaded them from my phone yet.

Work is work. Due to some down-staffing (not by choice) some responsibilities are changing. The guy who took my old position is now dropping to a  half-time job, and will only deliver parts to the techs on the west side of town. The duties of preparing the work orders, and gathering of parts for ALL techs (his job portion) are now added back onto me, as well as having to maintain what I do now. I am hoping this will only be temporary until we fill the tech positions that were emptied, and be able to again substantiate the cost of the driver doing the full time job, and take that extra work load from me. So, this goes into effect July 10th.

The Oldest Son is looking for work. Online. Which means shit to me. I told him to get out and go to places...talk to managers, follow up with a call in a few days to see if they are still considering the position. Don't know if he will. The other two boys are just enjoying the time off from school.

So that is how life s going for me now. Rev Mom will be happy I wrote....lol!


Saturday, April 15

Nothing Yet

I woke up suddenly out of a sound sleep this morning. All because I thought I heard the phone ringing. Knowing you could get a phone call at any time saying the kids are on the way to the hospital, I have been like this for the past few nights. But as of right now, it hasn't happened. My Granddaughter just isn't ready to come into the world, I guess.

It's been a week since the Wife left to go down to Morenci and "help" out with things at the Daughter's place. The Boys have been good, and the Oldest Son has helped out a lot with getting the other two to school.

Other than that, not much going on. Hope to hear good news soon though.


Monday, April 10

When It Is Out of My Control

Man.... The Daughter's due date is the 13th. The Wife left me on Sunday to go down there to be with her for the next two weeks. It is day Two, and I am already freaking out.

Things started out good. Got the college-aged Son, helping get the younger ones to school in the mornings, since I go to work before they even awake. First evening, I get to Grandma's house, where the kids go after school, and picked them up. Life is good.

Then I find out that Grandma's gate was hacked. The wooden gate entry to the backyard. Happened a couple months ago and the "vandals" stole some bikes (random bikes they had for parts for people that really needed them). This time, they seemingly stole nothing, that she noticed, but cut the combination lock she had on a hasp on the gate. So, as I heard it tonight, I said I would take care of it tomorrow night... evaluate the damage, find a better hasp, install, and asked her preference for a lock. I got her answer, and that's the plan for tomorrow after work.

Called the Wife, who is is down with the Daughter for the next two weeks.... Grand-daughter is due Thursday, and from  text from the Wife, the whole dilation/blah blah blah... she seems to be on track. Cool. If so, she'll have the baby before the weekend, and as I try to book a hotel somewhere within 50 miles of where they live, it could be good, but I have to wait until tomorrow night, according to the phone call I just had with my Wife, who was mad because they were watching"Finding Dory" and was pissed I called. Inconsiderates. Even after I reminded her, I don't handle things well with her not here... like my sleeping. I got maybe 3 hours last night. Two weeks to go. Yee Fucking Haw.

I'm excited about my first Grandchild. I know it to be a girl. Doesn't matter to me. Can't wait to hold her in my arms....

Until then, I work. Adjust schedules with the boys, picking up/dropping off for events (if any), grocery shopping for Grandma, and anything else she is not able to do. More work than my usual weekly.

But, it is all good. Busy as Hell, but all for a Good reason.


Tuesday, March 28

Some Weeks Just Suck

I had barely started work when Sis texted me that my Grandpa had passed that morning. Great start to a Monday. I am mixed with emotions even now as to what I should be feeling. Sad, obviously as a bit of grieving is in order. Happy, because he has moved on to be with Dad, Grandma, and Uncle Earl, plus the stress the uncles were under in with him at the retirement manor, managing things, etc. Needless to say, I was not planning on flying back to Indiana for the funeral, which is this weekend. Sis and Stuman are going.

Of course, today is Tuesday, and let's throw another zinger my way! Tonight on the way home from work, my check engine light came on, flashing. Felt a stuttering-type through the car (I was on the highway doing 60'ish). For a few miles I debated pulling over and shutting it off, but was worried if I did, I would not be able to re-start the car. So, may not have been the brightest thing, but I exited the freeway and took surface streets headed to my area of town. At red lights I had to shift into neutral due to some rough idling. Plus every time I accelerated, the flashing engine light would pop back on, but go off when decelerating, or at a stop. I took it ton the local Pep Boys, as they did the last work I had done (water pump). Their mechanics had just left for the day (yeah... just left) and they couldn't/wouldn't look at it until 7am tomorrow. So I had to leave it. Good thing Oldest son was able to pick me up and get me home.

Once home, I probably did another not so smart thing. I looked up on the internet what could be some possible issues with the flashing check engine light... and I was amazed at the array of issues. From carbon build-up in the cylinders, to mis-firing cylinders, catalytic issues, O2 sensor issues, lose connections in the injectors/wire/plugs, bad plugs, and of course stories about having to remove the heads and .... Now I feel more worried. And I have to take a personal day as I have no way to work tomorrow....

Here's an update with some good .... Boss just called me. He can get me to work, and either get me home, or can catch a ride with the parts driver (my old job). So now I don't have to waste a day not going to work.

Now if I could quit worrying about the car, ease the grief of losing a buddy and a Grandpa, and just chill tonight... that would be great