Wednesday, March 3

Me? Late For Dinner? Never!

 ... and that didn't happen last night, either. I'm sure many of us have heard the 'Call me anything, except late to dinner' quip/line before, usually from someone that may be a 'little' heavy in the weight. Or, from some people like me, that are quite a bit beyond 'little' in that area. I know I have used that phrase a lot. Or the "See-Food Diet" that I am on. Or how great my attention is, as I don't miss anything, especially meals. I'm a Social Drinker - I see you drinking, so shall I! Oh, I am sure there are many others that come to mind for you, but those were just the easy ones off the top of my head.

No, this isn't a post about my weight, or the weight of anyone else. Not about the 'weight of the world' on one's shoulders. I just got to rambling on about the subject.

The start was supposed to be about what a nice time we had at the Youngest Son's birthday dinner last night. We were able to make arrangements so that at least his two older brothers could be there. Youngest had requested Chili's and it was nice that there was one closer to their apartment. Good thing, too, as the Oldest had a work schedule change and was working nights for a few days. It may not have lasted as long as some of our dinner out, but it was a good time. I miss having the family all together at times.

It's just after 4am here this morning. Again I am up early. Slept decently, and only blame waking up on my bladder. It wasn't an "urgent" call, and so I laid there for twenty minutes before I figured I wasn't going to be able to fall back asleep if I got up for the bathroom. So here I am. 

Still waiting to hear from the Company for the next project.

The Wife and I are having our 30th Wedding Anniversary later this month. Last year we had a serious discussion about going to Hawaii for a week, if not on the date, somewhere near it. I had even begun looking into the travel plans (hotels, car, planes) but things just never got off the ground enough. Travel restrictions kept coming in that made things more difficult. Issues with the state of AZ and the DMV regarding "special" licenses for plane travel versus regular living. Not knowing how the world was going to end. All that made planning said trip exceedingly less of an issue. A year later, who would have known that the Wife would be out of work, and we would be down to one vehicle? That schools would not be attended, and only at-home learning was in session. The Wife and I still have not gotten the "special" driver's license type in AZ you need to be able to fly. The only obvious difference between it and the current one? You have to spend more money to get the special one, and not much else as far as I can tell. It is like they want to re-certify your license, as they require birth cert and all that all over again. Wasn't the proof I have one good enough to show I provided all that before? Either way, not sure what I can come up with in less than three weeks for our anniversary. I'll have to put some thought into it.

Still looking virtually at cars right now. The Wife wants to find something that something that is easy to get in/out of, without having to squat to get in, or climb steps to get in. The minivan is about the right height she is looking for, and she asked on social media for suggestions. Many of those we looked up pics on, and I knocked a few out of the equation. We have a handful we need to get out and physically look and test drive. I want to do it this weekend, but don't know what is on schedule or not. Will see how that goes. I know the car RM has is one on our list, so maybe I can make arrangement to go there this weekend and visit (though really to take her out for a bit and see how the Wife like it or not). I know RM would love the idea, as long as she doesn't have other plans. I'm sire I will hear later today one way or the other.... right?

Well, I am really starting to ramble on, so I guess I will shut this down for today.


Monday, March 1

Ready! Set! And.... Go Wait a Damn Minute

 It's is Monday evening, and I sit here, out of work again. Current project ended about 1pm today, and, in typical fashion with the Company, I have not heard of being shifted into another one just as of yet. It usually seems to take them about two days to do the change, and have things set up, and Project/Team Leads having a list of who is supposed to be on that job. It's a bit frustrating, when one is doing projects that only last a week or so, then end. Be nice to get on one that runs a couple months - then I could use the break of a few days - not this every 5 days wait 5 days crap. Sigh, but I still love my job - and I have one.

Tomorrow night we are going out for the Youngest's bday dinner. His two older brothers will be able to attend. I'll be ready to get out of the house by then... being home all day doing nothing.

I'm 35 books into my goal of 150 for the year. The website says I am 11 ahead of schedule. I may have to raise that number back up, though I lowered because now I am working means less time to read. I dunno.

Morning Edit: Another early rise day, though I didn't set my alarms. I think I learned not to have Dill-flavored chips shortly before going to bed. The dreams I had last night we WEIRD! I had at least 3-4 of them - all different except for being totally weird. Which meant I didn't sleep as well as I had been lately. I hope it is not leading to nights of not sleeping...


Sunday, February 28

Some Alone Time

 I'm all alone this morning... not counting the pets. The Wife ran off to church. The Middle son showed up and took the Youngest, to do some shopping. Of course, he brought over laundry to get done as well. We have always told him and he Oldest Son to bring it over when they need it done. We aren't "doing the laundry" but they can. Hell of a lot cheaper than the apartment community-shared laundry facilities. Supposedly he has a load started and wanted to do some 99 cent store shopping.... of course he willbring me back some Mtn Dew.

I'm hurting a bit this morning. I fell a couple times last night. Yes I am sure the drinking was part of the issue. Either way, I took a couple spills after getting home. Thankfully, not in a forward motion, and onto the knees, but backwards onto my bottom. Which the back is not happy about today. That's why I had some acetaminophen with the allergy pill, along with the last 2 slices of pizza this morning for breakfast. I'm getting way too old to do the late nights like I tried to do last night....

So, knowing everyone here had left, I thought I would get some "quiet time" to do ...something. I end up here. I am sure to be followed with the RM's page, and then some social media. Trying to set up a bday dinner for Tues for the Youngest's, which was Friday, but trying to get people all on the same page/day/etc is a pain in the ass.

I'm off to play some Warcraft...


Saturday, February 27

Let's Get Drunk and Go Streaking in the Quad!

 I don't know what made me think of this post title today. It is a line by Will Ferrell in the movie "Old School". I found the movie funny when I watched it a few years back, and that line has just always stuck with me. After all, he is playing a character in like his mid-thirties, and getting a frat house going...etc etc. There is more to the story, it's the details.

Yesterday was the bday of the Youngest. He got some snack-type gifts from us. The middle Son came by early that morning and got breakfast from Wendy's for us all. We also bought a Warcraft account for the Youngest, and paid the additional fee to transfer his character from my account to his new one. Though it is a monthly subscription we are paying, I did a recruit-a-friend option, and will receive a free 30-day period about every 3-4 months on my account. And some other bonuses. We sat down and set it all up under his email, etc, and he was excited. He will now be able to do stuff online with me and his brothers now, whereas before he could not, unless I was not on. We are trying to find a night when both the older Sons are not working to do a bday dinner.

I think this afternoon I am going to be mellow. Think I may head to the pub, do some reading, enjoy some beer. The monies did come through the other day. Just waiting now to see if the mortgage and insurance companies need to refund us anything. That could take up to 45 days. The Wife and I are starting to look for newer vehicles. Might have that going on for a couple weeks.


Thursday, February 25

The Near-End-Of-Week Goings-On

 This week has been a bit of ups and downs. See the last post for how the week started... that felt like being on a roller coaster, and just started out of the station, and heard/felt that "Chink" as the cars hooked into the chain that pulls them up that first big hill.

Tuesday the Wife and I drove to Scottsdale and signed paperwork to close on the sell of our old home. On the way, we discussed what we thought might be the "final" figure we would end up with. Once we actually saw the settlement statement, we had guessed nearly spot on. That was a relief. Signing happened with no issues. Yesterday we received notice that it recorded, and fund disbursement would happen today. It is nice to have that over with, and no longer a worry. I do expect some additional funds to be coming back to me from the mortgage company (escrow account) and possibly the insurance company.

Since the beginning of the HS school year, the youngest has mostly been doing 'virtual learning' from home. There was short period of about a month or so, that they actually returned to school on a hybrid learning program. But when Covid numbers busted high again, it was back to all learning at home. This has caused us issues with his grades - as in him not wanting to do homework, thus, results were a couple weeks ago of two classes with a grade of "F". As parents, we have tried different things to get him to get the grade up, encouraging him to do the make-ups as allowed, etc. We have withheld his tablet from him as we could, though he has notes from classes on it supposedly, and needs it back at times. I have been frustrated about the whole thing, and have informed him if he fails, he repeats it, as I am not paying for Summer School. As of yesterday, he still has one class with an "F", and we had to physically wrestle the tablet away from him. I don't know what to do anymore. He has basically 2 weeks to get his grade up before getting a final grade. I wish the school would get back to mandatory attendance "at school" instead of this at home crap. It would help solve the issues... as he was doing fine when he went even part of the week.

The Company I work for has offices across the US, and I often am working online with people in several different states. The projects we work on, also have some weird time availabilities for us to work, based on the location of the Client (I think). Either way, this current project allows me to start work as early as 6am. I have always preferred to start work earlier, allowing me to finish earlier in the day (and also need to go to bed earlier too). So a 6:30-2:30 day is pretty nice! This week, with a late start on Monday, I actually have been working til 3pm, getting that extra half hour in each day, to help make closer to 40 for the week. I truly love doing this job.

I have yet to verify with the Wife, but I think we will go out this Saturday and test-drive some vehicles. We are both looking to get newer ones (her a newer one, me, just one to have).

That's all I got today...


Tuesday, February 23

The First Step in Recovery ....

... is sleep! Sunday I stayed out a bit later than I wanted, and drank more than I needed. I came home and crashed. Slept in the next morning and only got up in time to get to the meeting for the new project for work. Then it was work all day until I could get offline. But Sunday night was a good time celebrating the birthday of a friend, and the Celebration of Life, of another.

Today I am up at the usual time to get started with work early enough. I have an appointment scheduled with the title company to do sign papers today. Supposedly they want to close by tomorrow... a coupkle days ahead of the end of my contract. I'm all for that.

Hmmm. not much else to say today. I need to get my smoke in, and then probably get started on work.


Sunday, February 21

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

 Geez. It feels like today is going to be busy for me, but in truth it just has several things going on, all at the same time. This evening is the regular Guild Raid that I do on Sundays. I have leveled up another character that should be high enough to get into the group. But that is not happening. There is also a memorial service for another friend, that has passed away. The pub he was a regular at is allowing a band an actual band tonight 7pm-10pm. There has not been any live music at this place for pretty much the last year due to Covid restrictions. Also, another friend is celebrating a birthday, and will be at the memorial service. So a celebration of Life and a birthday, at the same time my Raid is suppose to be happening.... so no Raid for me tonight. Oh well, there is always next week.

Work starts back up tomorrow. Supposed to have a meeting around 11am. Duration is only a week (they say) but will hopefully follow into another project fairly quickly.

After Friday night/Saturday Morning escapades, and add in the being "wired" from the coffee, I crashed hard yesterday. I was in bed by 8:30, and out. I slept good through the night. I feel pretty well rested this morning.

Got nothing else today....