Saturday, June 28

Losing It

There has been many things going on around our "household" of late. Mentioned the Daughter moving from Tucson to Safford, and how busy this weekend will be since we are the only fucking ones that will help.Saving that story until I can explain it without as many cuss words as I would like to use...

It's 2 am. I feel beat up as hell, from work. I have to be up by 7 so I can get the ride from Preacher Tom at 7:15 to get the uhaul, that I have to drive 2 hours to Tucson, then load heavy shit, then drive to Safford, and unload it all. Yeah.

Right now, if it was a physical entity, I would piss on LIFE. All over it! The pink and blue pegs, the little plastic car, the f'ing way it has gone wrong for me even though I have been thankful for what I got ....


I'm tired. So very tired.


Friday, June 27

A BS Post

It is near 1 am.

Yes. I have been to the pub.

Yes. I imbibed, for laymen, I had a few. Some stronger than Coors Light.

Being up there, I knew my house would be empty. The Wife was off the next couple of days, the Daughter came up from Tucson, they went back, with the oldest son, to help with the move. After work tomorrow, I get to drive the Wife''s van down, get the Uhaul truck Saturday morn, and ...  they better be ready. Patience in that way is not one of my virtues.

Do I have a virtue?

Probably not.

This is the first out of four children. I literally, am going to have some sort of brain mess-up. No matter how many books I read.

Alone, and looking for the easy death.


Morning Edit: Damn ... I did have a few last night ...

Thursday, June 26

What Is Going On?

I have seemingly hit some sort of a dry spell. I have nothing I care to share. Nothing exciting (to me) going on in my life. It begins to feel like I have less and less time each day to do the things I would like to do, because of the things I have to do, or that need to be done.

I see it has started to show up here, on the ol' blog, as the posts are getting more sporadic than before. Something else to add to the list of things that I would like to do more often.

I wonder if it is that time in my life, where the priorities have changed. When what were minor issues, become major ones. Work obviously is a big one, since just over a year ago I had not worked for 5+ years. Sleep to catch up on the rest I need from working ... throw in some time with the boys, a little computer time (to check email, blog, etc) throw in a smidgen of time for reading ... doesn't leave much. Am I just feeling overwhelmed? Mid-Life Crisis?

I don't know. At least I don't have the urge to go by some tiny, red, sports car.


Tuesday, June 24

Need Some Cheese for the Wine

I feel like whining today. Not about anything in particular, just whine. I feel achy. My thumb hurts, my feet hurt, and I feel like I could use a couple more hours sleep. I have the time to be able to lay back down, but it isn't worth it. I know it is just a matter of waking up a bit more. The ac hes, well, I'm not sure if there is anything I can do for them. The thumb is slow to heal up, and the feet ... I just abuse them too much.

Other than that, I don't seem have much to even whine about.

I think I will go lay down for another half hour.


Thursday, June 19

Today is Going to be ....

The word OPTIMIST has never been used with my name. No reason I should even start thinking like one now.

This week has been a rough one. Well, in all honesty, it has been a bit worse than usual, but it isn't like someone died. Last Friday, the computer program we use for everything, took a dump, by deleting a couple main databases. They were able to restore from a back-up, but there were still glitches as all work between the crash and the back-up was lost. Tuesday, I heard the system was down again for a few hours. Each time this happens, it seems one of the things affected is our dispatch files. Basically, who is scheduled with X tech on Y day. Which means, how am I to know what tickets get what parts for what day and what tech. In short, it adds a few extra steps of work, and obviously a bit more time, for me to complete my job now. But that isn't too bad.

My work truck decided to quit working properly the other day. According to the dashboard alarm system, it was something to do with the battery/electrical system. In short, it would get to the point it would shut off the engine - whether I was moving or not. While the garage had it, I got to drive one of the new vans the company has picked up. Eventually it will be detailed and given to a tech that has an older van that needs replacing. Only had about 4,000 miles on it, and ran great, but limits the amount of parts I can deliver. I was able to make due that night, but any other regular night, there is just no way. I got my truck back yesterday (thank goodness) and turns out it was a coolant problem. Seems the radiator had a leak (though I never saw any puddles). Weird it would show as an electrical when it is coolant. I think a few months ago when I had the coolant issue before, when they replaced the sensor, they may have hooked it up to the wrong alarm. I don't know. Either way having the truck back, work took a crap on me. I had a decently large load of parts to deliver last night, and it seemed all the techs wanted to dump on me. I have more large, heavy parts on my truck than I delivered. I am sore this morning from all the lifting. I have the trip to work, then unloading to look forward to later this morn. Joy.

Of course there is the regular crap-load of little things that add up to make things be crappy. I am being shuffled on daily basis as to finding a computer to do some of my work. they are training a new person in billing (next to the parts dept.) and my regular station has been taken over. It doesn't help that they have a temporary summer employee there needing a system to do whatever project they have them doing, but at least she is only there three days a week. The head of our parts dept has been called away to work dispatch (different dept) for the next few days, and also was on vacation last week, so that leaves me and one other to try to cover the work of three people. Even worse, most of the time I only have time to do my job while I am there - only when I get done a bit early can I help with other things. This is causing some stress/friction going on.

Reverend Mother is always talking about looking at the positive of things. I am sure that that is part of being an optimist. Let's see if I can think of any ....

It's Thursday night, which means ladies night at the pub with $1 longnecks, and a $3 you-call-it. Sounds like a plan after work.

I have been actually clocking in a bit more time than usual, so that means a little bit of overtime which means more pay.

I'm sore because I am giving my body more of a workout, thus I am burning more calories to replace tonight with beer.

Our bills are paid. Everyone is healthy (as of this morning). We have food to eat, vehicles to use, money for needed things (needed not necessarily wanted). Pretty generic, but I am trying this optimism thing ....

Okay, that's all I got.My mind keeps wandering back to other issues I have going on. Maybe I'll gripe about them tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 17

Troubles Happen

In my past experience, when things seem to be going smoothly, and there appear to be no bumps in the proverbial road of the future, the blacktop ends, and turns into a damn washboard of a road. Yesterday, the work truck started acting up on me. It has a small alarm thingy-a-ma-jig on the dash, that will go off to warn about low coolant, oil pressure, battery discharge, and something else  - I forget. Anyways, the battery discharge starting going off. The issue is, that after about 5-7 seconds of solid alarm going off, it kills the engine. Some kind of safety feature. Unless you are driving down the road, like I was. Luckily, I reacted quick enough to drop to Neutral, and crank it back on, then found a safe place to pull over. Searched through the manual, to get the basic message regarding the battery discharge alarm/light means that more than likely the altenator is not working properly, discharging a charge to the battery, or the altenator belt is loose or missing. Really? Think it would work right without a belt? Duh.

So, this happened as I started my route. After a few minutes of checking what I could without lifting the cab of the truck up etc, I determined I could do nothing about it there, and to continue on. If it became a consistent problem, would call for help. It stopped. I started back up fine, drove through my route without it happening again. Fluke? I don't know. find out this morning when I leave for work. If I have problems today, at least there will be time to have the Boss call the garage and decide what to do. Could make for a long day for me either way.

I was a bit surprsied last night at the lack of moving truck rentals available for a one way move. Uhaul was the only service I could find that would go from Tucson-Safford and not require the truck to a) be returned to the place where picked up, or b) returned to a location that is just as far as Tucson from Safford. I'm serious. I checked about 4-5 different large name companies, and that is what I came up with ... so of course, we used Uhaul. I was hoping to find a better price, but when it is the only service that best fits the need .... Either way, I have a truck reserved for the Daughter's move the end of this month.

Guess I should start prepping to head to work. giving my self some extra time, just in case there is are issues with getting started or the drive to work.


Monday, June 16

Feeling Good

Nothing like finishing up a good weekend. This morning I actually feel in a pretty good mood, even if I have to return to work.

Father's Day was good. In the morning I met up with some friends, one of whom made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Around midday, I headed home. The kids got me a couple nice shirts which I could use, and some beef jerky. Then the boys and I washed my work truck (it needed it) and cooled off playing int he water. Finished out the day with dinner at Outback. I don't think we will be going there again anytime soon. Things didn't seems to taste as good as we remembered, and it seems cheaper to go to Texas Roadhouse - which has more options we like anyways. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way I guess.

Halfway through June already, and at the end of the month be halfway through the year. Seems to be going by fairly fast. Sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I need to get off here and start getting ready for the day.


Friday, June 13

Long Recovery Times

This past week has been feeling much longer than the 5 days it has been. Between trying to recover from last week's extreme amount of being on my feet and walking, to yesterday's bout with diarrhea, and some leftover sour stomach this morning, I haven't taken the time to share much here. You are probably happy about that, unless you are the RM, then maybe not.

It is Friday, and because of the issues above, I am happy it has arrived. I could use some more time to rest up my body. I have been achy feeling most of the week, though, not sure if related to last weekend, or whatever stomach bug I have/had. So far this morning, I don't feel too bad, wait ... I just remembered how much "trash" I need to empty from my truck when I get to work. Not looking forward to all that heavy lifting (tubs, doors, etc) in the 105+ heat. But right now, I do feel better. Though that may be related to having just gotten out of the shower and all.

The Daughter and Fiance are moving to Safford. It is further from Phoenix than Tucson, by about 2 hours, but the Fiance has finally gotten an employment offer he accepted. They are moving at the end of the month, and the Wife and I are helping. Not looking forward tot hat, but it needs to be done, and they need the help. I'm even driving the u-haul for them. I am happy that a job offer finally came, as now the Daughter can relax knowing he is working somewhere, and that she can concentrate on getting her state license done (three tests) and not worry about having to move. I am also happy that now with a regular income, we can start paying less to help them get by. Yeah, you know me. It's all about the Benjamins.

See, that wasn't much to catch up on this past week.


Monday, June 9

Groggy and Red-Eyed

Welcome to another Monday morning. On this particular one, I am returning to work after a three day weekend. I am still worn out, and just feel like my feet are dragging. Sunday I thought to relax and rest, but we ended up at the daughter's fiance's parents' for the evening of supper and the pool.

At Comicon on Saturday, I basically quadrupled my signed book collection I took three books, and ended up with like nine signed. There were more I wish I had the money to purchase to get signed as well, but at least I did meet those authors and tell them I enjoyed their books.

My legs are still feeling a bit rubbery and tired this morning, and my feet really ache. I am sure things will adjust back to normal over the next couple days, but today I think may end up feeling like it is lasting forever. Hopefully work won't be too bad.


Saturday, June 7

ComiCon Here I Come!

Saturday has finally arrived, and now I am waiting. Phoenix Comicon is on the agenda for today, and already I am anxious. Woke up way too early (6am) to get some things done before leaving. Ran The Wife's van up through emissions (passed, yea!) then back home, paid the registration for two years. Woke up the two older kids, and dropped them off at the Daughter's fiance's house, as the three of them are preparing their costumes. I opted to not dress up for comicon. It is my virgin trip, and I just didn't want to deal with it. Besides, I would probably sweat any make-up off, and ruin the outfit with sweating. It's supposed to be 105 today.

Now I am back home waiting the call saying the three of them are on the way to pick me up. From here we are catching the light rail tram to take downtown (my first time riding it), as it will save on parking fees, and extra walking. I know the kids are wanting to sit in on a panel discussion late this afternoon, so we plan on being there pretty much most of the day. I commented that tonight they are having a Drinks with Authors event, but because the son going with us is not of age, we would have to miss that. The Daughter offered to leave me so I could go, then they could come back later and pick me up. Hmmmm.... bears some thought. I told her to lets just wait and see how I feel later today. I may be too tired.

Otherwise, the son got his driver's permit yesterday. Only took about an hour and a half at the MVD. He is excited.

Okay, need to run.


Thursday, June 5

Is It Friday Yet?

Woo Hoo! You bet it is my Friday! I took tomorrow off from work, so today could be considered my Friday!

Already up and going at 6:30 this morning. Wife just left with the two younger ones, and I am in the process of doing the wake-up process for the oldest son. I'll be running him to band camp shortly.

Yesterday, I thought I might be getting sick. For the past week, several of my co-workers have had really bad sound coughs, and I know of at least one that has taken a sick day. So yesterday when I awoke feeling achy and tired, my first thought was, Oh No, I caught that damn cold or whatever from work. I popped a couple ibuprofen, and dreaded how much worse I would feel as the day progressed. By mid morning, I was still achy, but no major cough developing. No stomach churning, diarrhea, or other flu-like symptoms. By noon I just wrote it off to being somewhat aged, and feeling the effects of work. By evening, I was just tired from the regular work day. And a bit achy from sore muscles.

I have already started a list of things to get done tomorrow, my day off. The oldest son and I are meeting PT for breakfast, then off to the MVD, or DMV, or whatever they call themselves now, for the son to take his driver's permit test. Supposedly he has been studying the manual for awhile now. Following that, I have no idea. There are several things I need to get picked up, and the Wife told me she had not had a chance to take the son out for a birthday present shopping spree. So I told him to be thinking about what he wants to look at and where.

Phoenix Comicon is going on, though we are only going Saturday. I need to get my books picked out that I am taking for signing. I have at least three I know I have, one that should be arriving by mail (so I have a physical copy to get signed) and one I know I will be purchasing there as it can be bought and signed (not due out until July). Looking forward to that good time.

I need to get going to get the son to camp.


Sunday, June 1

Killing Time

Sundays I am usually about 5 Bloody Marys in, and getting ready for a beer about this time of morning. Today though, I decided I didn't want to wake early and head to the pub to hang out with the buddies. One of my buddies is out of town, wrapping up a week-long vacation (so to speak) and is expected back I think today. So who knows, maybe I will be going out for a beer or two later this evening.

Bought the tickets for the oldest son and I to attend Comicon next Saturday. The Daughter and future SIL will be going with us. The three of them (no way I was going to do so) are planning on dressing up as characters from Avatar: the last airbender - though I have no clue as to who is being what, or how they look.

Shorter work week as I have Friday off work. Thursday I have to do extra though. Then Friday I am taking the oldest son to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to take his permit test (the written one). So, the city may not be safe by that afternoon.

The Wife has the boys and is church right now. The oldest is helping out with Vacation Bible School this next week, while the other two are attending. He has practice each afternoon on Sundays. He also has the first week of band camp this week, as they prepare for the upcoming marching season. At least they are only half days (I think).

Well, I managed to kill about 20 minutes. Guess I will go read now.