Saturday, June 28

Losing It

There has been many things going on around our "household" of late. Mentioned the Daughter moving from Tucson to Safford, and how busy this weekend will be since we are the only fucking ones that will help.Saving that story until I can explain it without as many cuss words as I would like to use...

It's 2 am. I feel beat up as hell, from work. I have to be up by 7 so I can get the ride from Preacher Tom at 7:15 to get the uhaul, that I have to drive 2 hours to Tucson, then load heavy shit, then drive to Safford, and unload it all. Yeah.

Right now, if it was a physical entity, I would piss on LIFE. All over it! The pink and blue pegs, the little plastic car, the f'ing way it has gone wrong for me even though I have been thankful for what I got ....


I'm tired. So very tired.


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