Thursday, June 5

Is It Friday Yet?

Woo Hoo! You bet it is my Friday! I took tomorrow off from work, so today could be considered my Friday!

Already up and going at 6:30 this morning. Wife just left with the two younger ones, and I am in the process of doing the wake-up process for the oldest son. I'll be running him to band camp shortly.

Yesterday, I thought I might be getting sick. For the past week, several of my co-workers have had really bad sound coughs, and I know of at least one that has taken a sick day. So yesterday when I awoke feeling achy and tired, my first thought was, Oh No, I caught that damn cold or whatever from work. I popped a couple ibuprofen, and dreaded how much worse I would feel as the day progressed. By mid morning, I was still achy, but no major cough developing. No stomach churning, diarrhea, or other flu-like symptoms. By noon I just wrote it off to being somewhat aged, and feeling the effects of work. By evening, I was just tired from the regular work day. And a bit achy from sore muscles.

I have already started a list of things to get done tomorrow, my day off. The oldest son and I are meeting PT for breakfast, then off to the MVD, or DMV, or whatever they call themselves now, for the son to take his driver's permit test. Supposedly he has been studying the manual for awhile now. Following that, I have no idea. There are several things I need to get picked up, and the Wife told me she had not had a chance to take the son out for a birthday present shopping spree. So I told him to be thinking about what he wants to look at and where.

Phoenix Comicon is going on, though we are only going Saturday. I need to get my books picked out that I am taking for signing. I have at least three I know I have, one that should be arriving by mail (so I have a physical copy to get signed) and one I know I will be purchasing there as it can be bought and signed (not due out until July). Looking forward to that good time.

I need to get going to get the son to camp.


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