Thursday, June 19

Today is Going to be ....

The word OPTIMIST has never been used with my name. No reason I should even start thinking like one now.

This week has been a rough one. Well, in all honesty, it has been a bit worse than usual, but it isn't like someone died. Last Friday, the computer program we use for everything, took a dump, by deleting a couple main databases. They were able to restore from a back-up, but there were still glitches as all work between the crash and the back-up was lost. Tuesday, I heard the system was down again for a few hours. Each time this happens, it seems one of the things affected is our dispatch files. Basically, who is scheduled with X tech on Y day. Which means, how am I to know what tickets get what parts for what day and what tech. In short, it adds a few extra steps of work, and obviously a bit more time, for me to complete my job now. But that isn't too bad.

My work truck decided to quit working properly the other day. According to the dashboard alarm system, it was something to do with the battery/electrical system. In short, it would get to the point it would shut off the engine - whether I was moving or not. While the garage had it, I got to drive one of the new vans the company has picked up. Eventually it will be detailed and given to a tech that has an older van that needs replacing. Only had about 4,000 miles on it, and ran great, but limits the amount of parts I can deliver. I was able to make due that night, but any other regular night, there is just no way. I got my truck back yesterday (thank goodness) and turns out it was a coolant problem. Seems the radiator had a leak (though I never saw any puddles). Weird it would show as an electrical when it is coolant. I think a few months ago when I had the coolant issue before, when they replaced the sensor, they may have hooked it up to the wrong alarm. I don't know. Either way having the truck back, work took a crap on me. I had a decently large load of parts to deliver last night, and it seemed all the techs wanted to dump on me. I have more large, heavy parts on my truck than I delivered. I am sore this morning from all the lifting. I have the trip to work, then unloading to look forward to later this morn. Joy.

Of course there is the regular crap-load of little things that add up to make things be crappy. I am being shuffled on daily basis as to finding a computer to do some of my work. they are training a new person in billing (next to the parts dept.) and my regular station has been taken over. It doesn't help that they have a temporary summer employee there needing a system to do whatever project they have them doing, but at least she is only there three days a week. The head of our parts dept has been called away to work dispatch (different dept) for the next few days, and also was on vacation last week, so that leaves me and one other to try to cover the work of three people. Even worse, most of the time I only have time to do my job while I am there - only when I get done a bit early can I help with other things. This is causing some stress/friction going on.

Reverend Mother is always talking about looking at the positive of things. I am sure that that is part of being an optimist. Let's see if I can think of any ....

It's Thursday night, which means ladies night at the pub with $1 longnecks, and a $3 you-call-it. Sounds like a plan after work.

I have been actually clocking in a bit more time than usual, so that means a little bit of overtime which means more pay.

I'm sore because I am giving my body more of a workout, thus I am burning more calories to replace tonight with beer.

Our bills are paid. Everyone is healthy (as of this morning). We have food to eat, vehicles to use, money for needed things (needed not necessarily wanted). Pretty generic, but I am trying this optimism thing ....

Okay, that's all I got.My mind keeps wandering back to other issues I have going on. Maybe I'll gripe about them tomorrow.


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Love the optimism!