Monday, June 9

Groggy and Red-Eyed

Welcome to another Monday morning. On this particular one, I am returning to work after a three day weekend. I am still worn out, and just feel like my feet are dragging. Sunday I thought to relax and rest, but we ended up at the daughter's fiance's parents' for the evening of supper and the pool.

At Comicon on Saturday, I basically quadrupled my signed book collection I took three books, and ended up with like nine signed. There were more I wish I had the money to purchase to get signed as well, but at least I did meet those authors and tell them I enjoyed their books.

My legs are still feeling a bit rubbery and tired this morning, and my feet really ache. I am sure things will adjust back to normal over the next couple days, but today I think may end up feeling like it is lasting forever. Hopefully work won't be too bad.


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