Tuesday, June 17

Troubles Happen

In my past experience, when things seem to be going smoothly, and there appear to be no bumps in the proverbial road of the future, the blacktop ends, and turns into a damn washboard of a road. Yesterday, the work truck started acting up on me. It has a small alarm thingy-a-ma-jig on the dash, that will go off to warn about low coolant, oil pressure, battery discharge, and something else  - I forget. Anyways, the battery discharge starting going off. The issue is, that after about 5-7 seconds of solid alarm going off, it kills the engine. Some kind of safety feature. Unless you are driving down the road, like I was. Luckily, I reacted quick enough to drop to Neutral, and crank it back on, then found a safe place to pull over. Searched through the manual, to get the basic message regarding the battery discharge alarm/light means that more than likely the altenator is not working properly, discharging a charge to the battery, or the altenator belt is loose or missing. Really? Think it would work right without a belt? Duh.

So, this happened as I started my route. After a few minutes of checking what I could without lifting the cab of the truck up etc, I determined I could do nothing about it there, and to continue on. If it became a consistent problem, would call for help. It stopped. I started back up fine, drove through my route without it happening again. Fluke? I don't know. find out this morning when I leave for work. If I have problems today, at least there will be time to have the Boss call the garage and decide what to do. Could make for a long day for me either way.

I was a bit surprsied last night at the lack of moving truck rentals available for a one way move. Uhaul was the only service I could find that would go from Tucson-Safford and not require the truck to a) be returned to the place where picked up, or b) returned to a location that is just as far as Tucson from Safford. I'm serious. I checked about 4-5 different large name companies, and that is what I came up with ... so of course, we used Uhaul. I was hoping to find a better price, but when it is the only service that best fits the need .... Either way, I have a truck reserved for the Daughter's move the end of this month.

Guess I should start prepping to head to work. giving my self some extra time, just in case there is are issues with getting started or the drive to work.


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Joe said...

On things going very bad just when the water seems smoothest...preach it brother.