Friday, June 13

Long Recovery Times

This past week has been feeling much longer than the 5 days it has been. Between trying to recover from last week's extreme amount of being on my feet and walking, to yesterday's bout with diarrhea, and some leftover sour stomach this morning, I haven't taken the time to share much here. You are probably happy about that, unless you are the RM, then maybe not.

It is Friday, and because of the issues above, I am happy it has arrived. I could use some more time to rest up my body. I have been achy feeling most of the week, though, not sure if related to last weekend, or whatever stomach bug I have/had. So far this morning, I don't feel too bad, wait ... I just remembered how much "trash" I need to empty from my truck when I get to work. Not looking forward to all that heavy lifting (tubs, doors, etc) in the 105+ heat. But right now, I do feel better. Though that may be related to having just gotten out of the shower and all.

The Daughter and Fiance are moving to Safford. It is further from Phoenix than Tucson, by about 2 hours, but the Fiance has finally gotten an employment offer he accepted. They are moving at the end of the month, and the Wife and I are helping. Not looking forward tot hat, but it needs to be done, and they need the help. I'm even driving the u-haul for them. I am happy that a job offer finally came, as now the Daughter can relax knowing he is working somewhere, and that she can concentrate on getting her state license done (three tests) and not worry about having to move. I am also happy that now with a regular income, we can start paying less to help them get by. Yeah, you know me. It's all about the Benjamins.

See, that wasn't much to catch up on this past week.


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