Friday, November 29

Post T-Day

I finally awoke from my food coma. Actually, it wasn't that bad, but I did go to bed early last night, feeling tired. There was a LOT of food yesterday, and I made an attempt to eat most of it, but failed miserably after two large platefuls. I even skipped dessert ... until later that night after we got home.

It is back to work today for me and The Wife. The oldest son is doing a birthday thing with his cousin today, and the two younger are at the MIL's. The Daughter is in town, and she is spending the day at MIL's as well. Which leaves me all alone this morning, and makes me happy. Some quiet time is nice.

Nothing else going through my mind right now.


Thursday, November 28

That Time Again ...

I had a post earlier this month about how this is my 'anniversary month, of when I started blogging. Well, started blogging using anyways. I originally started out at LiveJournal, but quickly moved over here once I saw how much easier it was to use. Well, this morning found an email in my inbox to renew my domain name. I didn't realize it had been a year since I had last had this done, changing from Boobiesand to I guess many changes have been wrought this last year.

It is Thanksgiving today, and before I go into my rant, I hope you have a good one, no matter who you are spending it with, or working, or whatever. We will be spending ours at Sis' with family. Reverend Mother has tried to get started a Thanksgiving Day Walk in the mornings of, but I have not gone before, and I shall not this year. This is one of those traditional holidays, in the sense that it seems most people have something they HAVE to do every year. Be it, making Grandma's special stuffing, or shopping after lunch, or whatever. I know my family (here in AZ) have generally seemed to congregate over at Sis', her having the best place to have family gatherings, and she always makes yams with marshmallows. I don't care for it, but she has her traditions. Mine is I eat til I can eat no more. I guess I do have a tradition.

Due to the holiday, November has also been a month of people listing daily things they are thankful for in their lives. From my standpoint, it seems kind of pointless, but some people like to do it. Stuman, on Facebook earlier this month, did a post that he was doing it all in one swoop, posting supposedly everything he was thankful for ... even if some of the things seemed like they would just make me want to barf. Yeah, his current girlfriend ... oh, I don't want to go there....

So am I thankful for anything? I mean, I could try to post every little thing, and I mean EVERY LITTLE THING, like some people I know (they don't read here, so don't feel like it is you). But I feel that is stupid. And EVERYONE always says they are happy for family, whether they are getting along or not. Jobs, food, place to live, their children - always said. Sigh. I would feel fake if I had to be sappy and do all that, even if it is a bit true. I have decided to do something different, sort of.

I am NOT thankful the loud parties my Hispanic neighbors across the street have until the late hours of the night.

I am not thankful for the loud-talking, swear-word using Rednecks next door, sitting by their firepit in the front yard, talking and whatever util the wee hours of the early morning.

I am not thankful for when the dog shits in the hallway, and I inadvertently find it, with my bare foot (which did not happen recently, just saying it).

This list could go on for quite some time, because, well, there's a lot of shit I am not thankful for.

But, going against my rebellious nature ... Thanks for coming around!


Tuesday, November 26

Early Completion (I'm Bored)

Gee, it is not even 6:30 yet this morning and I am already done with 90% of my morning routine. That sucks. Now I have more time to waste before I go to work. At least I have a dental check-up/cleaning, so that will help waste about 45 minutes.

Nothing exciting to say today. Still waiting on my probationary review. My Redskins lost last night (again) so I am pretty much fed up with them this year.

Guess I am off to catch up on some television shows.


Monday, November 25

Dude, Like What's Up?

Monday has come again and at least I am not dreading it. This particular Monday starts a 4-day work week, with Thursday being Turkey Day. Though, in some ways I am sure that it will be a harder working day than the others this week. You know how it is when having to deal with family at times. To try to not say the wrong somethings to certain ones, and how not to do this that makes these others mad, and trying to relax and be yourself. It can be very tiring for me, so I usually just give up. If a person isn't supposed to know something, don't tell me. Not that I gab out secrets, it's just easier if I don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Not saying it has ever happened at our family events (eye roll).

Nothing exciting or special going on at present. Another day is happening. It rained most of the weekend, but is expected to clear up today, warming back up a bit this week. I actually broke out my light jacket this weekend, as it was cool enough.

I suppose we should start Christmas shopping soon, though I usually don't do too much of it. I tried in past years, but the Wife never has specific items to get, and I am not the type to just see a gift and think 'That is so much like so-n-so would love"! Well, a few things I can do that for, but not many. At least I am working this year, and hopefully we will have enough to be able to make Christmas a little nicer than last year for the kids.

The Daughter's Fiance was to have some sort of job interview yesterday, but I haven't heard how it went. Hopefully it went well enough he will hear some positive news soon.

Guess that is all I got going on for now.


Friday, November 22

My Cup Runneth Over

Literally. Well, more like the bucket in the kids' room, that is collecting the water from the drip coming from the ceiling. Yeah, another one.

A few years ago, the Wife decided to take on re-shingling the house on her own. She swore it would be easier and cheaper than hiring a company to do it. The roof was pretty bad, and we had to end up replacing several sheets of plywood as well. Need less to say, for a long time afterwards, we had a drip in the Family Room, dripping from the ceiling vent in that room. We were able to track down that it was a leak around one of the air vent thingies on the roof, and the Wife would go up and re-tar around it, hoping it fixed the problem. Only to find out the next time a decent rain came along (months at times in-between storms) that it hadn't fixed it. Finally, we seem to have that one fixed, and now this one comes along. Already I see the ceiling drywall cracking, and we have yet to begin looking for the source of the leak. I am thinking around the AC unit, as it is right above that area, basically.

Sometimes I am hating being a homeowner.

Needless to say, it is in the forecast to be rain all day today. Joy. People here don't seem to know how to drive in the rain. Going to be a long night on my route....


Wednesday, November 20

Starting To Feel Like November

This morning it is feeling, and looking, a little more like November, to me, for Arizona. It looks a bit dreary with some cloud cover (and a chance for maybe some precipitation) which has been building up the past day or so. The temps are lower, making me pull out a fleece pullover I got last Christmas. I'll put it in the truck, just in case it gets too cool for me at night while driving. After all, I like to drive with the window down.

Not much new and exciting in the world of Ralphd00d. Hump Day is here, and another day of work. I haven't heard anything about my probationary review, which should be due this week. Last week I received the insurance information packet from our HR Department, but The Wife and I decided to turn it down. We have better coverage through her employer, plus the company mine uses is what The Wife and I consider worthless. Even the dental/vision coverage are not as comparable. I'm just hoping for a raise. That, and I want to hear about how good a job I am doing, even if my boss tells me that every now and then already.

Thanksgiving is coming up next week. I have that day off but have to work Friday, as does the Wife. I am going to ask the Boss about my oldest son riding with me on that Friday. I think it would be fun to have a few hours to just have some "man time". When I asked him last week if he would be interested, he said "Sure" but I wonder if he is going to be wanting to do that, or sleep all day. You know teenagers. We haven;'t made T-Day plans yet, though Sis emailed me the other day to find out if we are going to her place or not, and how many of us. I have been asking The Wife, but she has not made up her mind. Not sure if her family is doing anything. The MIL probably will not join us if we do go to Sis', and I know that causes some grief for The Wife, her mom staying home alone on a holiday. It's almost a no-win situation for me. I'm supposed to be thankful for that? Hmph.

I'm off to cause some havoc.


Tuesday, November 19

One of Those Mornings

Today is one of those days where, upon awakening, you just want to curl back up and go back to sleep. As the Wife was leaving with the boys about 7am, I pondered laying in bed for another 2-3 hours, before I needed to get up and prepare/go to work. If I had been just a tad bit less awake, I might have done just that. Instead I realized that if I did, nothing would be going off to wake me up (ie. alarm, phone, etc). It took several minutes, but I talked the voices in my head into getting up - to use the bathroom if nothing else.

So here I sit twenty or so minutes later, debating the merits of setting the alarm and laying back down. I wasn't out late last night. I'm not hungover. I'm not sick (well, maybe a bit in the head, but people call that perversion) that I know of. I think my body just needs some extra time to "rest up". I seem to recall waking several times in the night ... maybe that is why I feel so tired.

That leaves an opening to say that maybe tomorrow I will talk about what happened last night ...


Monday, November 18

Huh ... Wasn't Paying Attention

As I was killing time, waiting to leave for work, I noticed that Saturday was the anniversary of starting this blog 7 years ago. Didn't realize it had been that long.

What should I change this year around here?


Just Tweaking It

Over the last three months, I have been making adjustments in so many things. Time I get out of bed, physical activity, the way I eat, how much I drink, time with friends and family. It has been quite some time since I made such changes, and though many are for good, I am sure some just happen to be bad. It's my nature. This past week I spent more time out, hanging with friends, especially my friend Ginny visiting from North Carolina. More time than I should have, or would have done regularly. So, Sunday I decided to stay home rather than my usual antics. I pretty much turned my volume off on my phone, and hid.

Sure enough, the texts started early. First it was one friend who said he wasn't feeling well, and would not be meeting up for Bloody Marys as usual. Then another one wondering if I was going to make the softball games (I didn't go). Though I was awake, I did not answer them. Late in the morning, I finally replied to the one that kept asking if I was coming out that "I have things to do" and he finally quit bothering me. So what was so important to do?

Nothing. I played World of Warcraft part of the day. I watched a couple movies. I had a day of relaxation I guess you could say. Did I need one? Not really. But I took one. A couple of the boys had Christmas play practice after church, so they weren't around. It was a fairly quiet day. I ended up staying up later than I meant (damn game I found on the Kindle) but overall not a bad day. It is back to work today, and though I sort of dread it all (the knees and ankles are groaning) I actually look forward to it.

My probation period should end about the end of this week. Wonder how much of a raise they will give me.


Friday, November 15

Bed Calling

I hear my bed calling me. The sad part is, I cannot go back to bed, as I need to leave in about a half hour for work. I've been dragging already today. The results of staying out too late again, I know. I swear it was only 11, and when I next looked at the time, it was after 1am. Definitely getting too old to be out that late.

That being said. I got nothing today.


Thursday, November 14

Wondering About this Winter Wonderland

As I was tasking the oldest son to school this morning, I heard the weather report for the next few days on the talk radio I listen to. I missed the expected temperature for today, but caught that it is to be 83 tomorrow, lowering to about 72 for Sat & Sun with a slight chance for showers, then warming back up to 82 by Monday. It is mid-November here in the desert, I don't expect the snowy landscapes, but it appears that now we won't even get the cooler weather it seems. At least for now anyways. I looked up the monthly average for Phoenix, and the high is averaged out to 75 degrees (on the site I got the info) so I guess it isn't too far off the mark, being in the low 80's. Just feels ... weird, I guess.

Thursday is here again, and I recall back several years ago, a few friends and I called it Thirsty Thursday, and would meet up at a local pub and drink some cold ones. I don't do that much now, on Thursdays anyhow, as two of those friends have moved out of state. That, and it gets to be an awkward day to be out drinking for me.

I suppose I should get the morning rolling, and start getting some stuff done while getting ready for work. But I just don't feel like it today. I may just sit here and surf the net a bit.


Wednesday, November 13

You're Freaking Nuts!

A cousin of the Wife posted a comment on Facebook today, about how she had come across a jumping spider (actually, in this case it was ANOTHER jumping spider - like having more than one is normal). Somehow, she determined its sex as female, followed by how they are supposed to be pretty much non-existent in that part of Utah she lives, then comments about how they are not as "cute and fluffy as the males". WHAT?!? I shudder to think of even getting that close to a spider (or other large-sized insect - and I know spiders are arachnids, not insects). She comes back to tell me that they aren't poisonous (like I care) but still... I remember raising rabbits, and how to check their sex. Does one do the same for spiders? Because if she is basing it off just color(s) she could be in for a surprise. Blanche just had a dreary morning and decided not to spiffy up .....

And then to mention ON TOP OF THAT, that it is a jumping spider... I mean, those things JUMP! No way am I getting close to one.

Ugh, now I got me some heebie jeebies going on....


Tuesday, November 12

Eating Aspirin Like Candy

I admit it. I skipped writing anything yesterday just because I wanted to do so. In fact, I laid in bed, reading more of Stephen Donaldson's THE LAST DARK, which is the last book in the Thomas Covenant series. I even thought, 'Maybe I should get up and figure out something to post about,' but then did the mental equivalent of 'Nah!'

I am going rapidly through a supply of aspirin, though. Okay, I say aspirin, but it really is ibuprofen. See, Sunday, the morning of Holy Church and Softball, had come about, and though I am not on the roster, I am now. We had one team player be the recipient of some broken bones in his foot (non-softball related injury) and cannot play now, so I have replaced him on the roster. This past week, instead of just keeping score, as I regularly do, we were short players, so had to play. Usually not an issue, but I had actually planned on not playing, and had worn sandals. I ended up playing in sandals. At least it was only first base, and I only had to bat three times. Still, the legs and feet are still feeling the muscle and other soreness from playing ball in sandals. The bottom part of my feet ache, and different muscle groups in my legs are letting me know that they are not used to the way I abused them. Once I get to moving around at work I am okay, but sitting down just makes things stiffen up. So driving ... ugh.

Marching season is over for the oldest son. He said they should start their regular concert music today. I figure there will be their Christmas concert in about a month. The middle son, too. I will end up missing both due to work. My friend Ginny is visiting in from North Carolina. She flew in Friday, and stays until next Sunday. I am hoping to get a chance to get out to visit with her a bit before then, bit not sure with work going on. Getting home at 9 my time is like 11 on her schedule.

We took all the parents out to dinner on Sunday. I got a wild hair up my ass, and decided to do it. The Daughter and fiance were in town as well, so they came, too. Good dinner at Chili's. I guess the RM had given her leftovers to the Wife, and so I had that last night. It was some kind of flatbread meal, but dang if it weren't good. I heated up some leftover scalloped potatoes and green beans ... was a meal for a king, I say. Then I crashed about 8:30.

Ugh. Traffic will be back to it's normal tonight.


Friday, November 8

Some days I just don't feel like getting up. This morning was one of them. I woke feeling a bit of stiffness and pain in my right hand. Yesterday I had banged it on a door frame as I was carrying a box to/from my truck, and though it didn't bruise, the back side of the hand (the part I hit) was a bit sore to touch. I am not sure if that is related, but my knuckles were pretty stiff and sore in that hand today as well. Maybe it got cool enough last night (to the low 50's) that it is affecting the arthritis. I don't know.

So the oldest son is going to school today. He has a final marching band performance tonight as the school football team is in the first round of play-offs. It is at another school, so he won't be home til after 10:30, at least. The Daughter's graduation is at 3pm, so the Wife and the carload will be leaving here about the time I leave for work. Who knows when they will come home.

That leaves me with another typical Friday work day. Though if I do recall correctly, they are doing a potluck at work (summer foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, etc). Maybe I can get home before 9pm, like last night. I wanted to go to the pub and watch the game, but by the time I got home, there was only 3 minutes left, we were losing, and no one else (of my friends) had went. Needless to say, I went to bed early.

No major weekend plans.


Thursday, November 7

No Title

Another mellow morning in Arizona, at least for me, so far. Regular routine. Sitting here drinking my coffee, catching up on my social media, emails, and other sites I like to visit.

Tomorrow the Daughter officially graduates from Pima Medical Inst. The ceremony is tomorrow afternoon, but I will not be going. I felt I can't afford to take a day off work while in my probationary period. The company is good enough, if I had asked, they probably would have let me, but I didn't. The Wife is planning on taking the boys out of school, plus taking the MIL, and a cousin, all down to Tucson for the ceremony. Another reason not to go. That is going to really cramp up the seating in the van. I need to figure out about the oldest son, as he has a marching band performance tomorrow night, but she was talking of taking him to Tucson, and I have no clue as to what time they expect to be back.

Good thing football is on tonight. My Redskins are playing against Stuman's favorite, the Vikings. We should be able to defeat that Minnesota team. I am trying to get Stuman to come up to the pub for a couple to watch the game, but even I won't be able to get there until after 8.

The alarm clock has started going off for the Wife to get up, so I guess I should head off here.


Wednesday, November 6

Dragging My Ass

I am hauling junk in my trunk today. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything, or care about anything. I was dragging so much, I slept in until 9:30 this morning. A rarity for me.

So we managed the other night to trim back our tree a bit, in order for the truck to fit on the side drive. A bit more was taken off last night, and there are just a couple spots that need a touch more for tonight. Now I just hope no one parks across the street from that drive, as I need all the room I can get to pull it out without taking out part of the wrought-iron fencing between us and the Redneck neighbors. Speaking of Rednecks, I am feeling pretty sure it was no them that called the police. Monday night, they came out and offered to trim their tree (which is overhanging our drive) to help make the truck fit in better. I bit my tongue and did not tell them that they should do it anyways as it is hanging over the fence line ... but I was good, and said sure. I am still waiting for them to trim it back.

Short post today. Seems I am dragging ass here, too.


Monday, November 4

Picking Your Neighbors

Last night, the Phoenix Police Department came a-knocking on my door. It wasn't late, only about 7-8 in the evening. Seems one of my neighbors had called and complained about the truck I drive for work. I park it in front of my house on the street. This neighbor evidently has done this sort of thing before, I am guessing, as the officer said that the complaint was that my vehicle was going against city code. The officer was polite to me, and I was back to him. I asked if I moved it onto the driveway at the side of my home, would that be fine. He said yes, as long as the sidewalk wasn't blocked. I grabbed my keys to move it, and he mentioned, to be nice, that he smelled alcohol on my breath (I had been at the pub earlier that day) and he would be willing to let the truck stay parked on the street until morning, so I wouldn't have to get a DUI as well. Needless to say, it is still sitting there this morning, and I refuse to move it until I have to, which is in a couple hours when I head to work.

Last night, this incident just really made me angry. Very angry. I was ready to go start knocking on doors and berating whomever I think was the one that called the police. Only problem is, I am not sure who it is. The officer said a neighbor. He was parked in front of the house next door ... but that may only be because my truck was in front of my house. And neighbor doesn't necessarily mean someone directly next/across from me either, I know. I still have pretty much narrowed it down to the Hispanics across the street (we have had previous issues with them) and the Redneck neighbors to the one side of us (issues with them as well). Needless to say, when we moved into this house 13 years ago, these neighbors weren't here, and we had no problems with the ones that were. I know the Rednecks are in a rental home. I am not sure about the Hispanics, but it would not surprise me. Seems several homes on my street are now rentals.

So tonight I need to park in the side driveway, and hope the truck fits. We have a tree that overhangs there, and it may need to be trimmed back in order to squeeze the truck in. I tried looking through the city codes last night, to verify if my truck was wrongfully parked, and best I could figure out was yes, it was. Evidently, any vehicle with more than 3 axles, and over 3/4 ton are not allowed to park on resident streets. When it comes to parking on my property, there is no real clear size restriction, as long as it isn't an eyesore, basically.

Damn neighbors. I can't even figure out why they have to do this shit ... What'd I do to them?


Sunday, November 3

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Work

I took the last week off. Well, sort of. It was more like I didn't have anything I really wanted to share. Not that anything especially good, or bad, has to happen for me to have something to post about, I just didn't feel  like posting anything. Some of you are probably smirking and muttering, "That's nothing unusual, posting nothing, since you do that half the time anyways." Don't worry, I can hear you. I am usually thinking the same thing. But don't let that stop you from coming here to see how your life is better than mine.

I sifted through many memories yesterday. The oldest son attended the ABODA State Festival for Marching Band yesterday, as they had made it there based on three EXCELLENT ratings (as well as some caption awards) from three previous competitions. I decided to go, as not only have I only been able to see their show once, but for support, as it was an hour's drive away, across the Valley, having to use 5 different freeways to get there. They received an EXCELLENT rating, plus caption for Musical Performance. No one received a SUPERIOR rating. Since they performed in the morning, we had to wait all day to find out they did not qualify for State Finals, as they were not in the top ten in ratings. But four EXCELLENT ratings, and several captions are great, considering they started their show late due to not having a band instructor until almost the start of school. They out-performed last year's band.

I mentioned going through memories. Being at the State Festival brought back thoughts of when I was in Band. I heard several of the kids around me in the stands, that would make comments like I did when in band, about the performance of the band on the field. Stuff that was important to me then, not so much now. I remembered how it felt to finish up that 4th song with the grand flourish and horn flash with the high slow step. The feel of sweat pouring off the face, and running down my back and sides, heaving lungfuls of breath while holding the attention pose, knowing I had just completed the show giving my part everything I had. The excitement of the bus trips to Band Days, and even some thoughts of how my buddies and I always managed to sneak off where ever we were, and get into some kind of mischief. I hoped my son was getting to make some of these memories - well, except the ones about getting in trouble - or at least caught at it. Yeah. This post is taking forever to write as I keep reminiscing.

I think I will close off on that note. Heh. Note. Post about band. Get it?