Thursday, November 7

No Title

Another mellow morning in Arizona, at least for me, so far. Regular routine. Sitting here drinking my coffee, catching up on my social media, emails, and other sites I like to visit.

Tomorrow the Daughter officially graduates from Pima Medical Inst. The ceremony is tomorrow afternoon, but I will not be going. I felt I can't afford to take a day off work while in my probationary period. The company is good enough, if I had asked, they probably would have let me, but I didn't. The Wife is planning on taking the boys out of school, plus taking the MIL, and a cousin, all down to Tucson for the ceremony. Another reason not to go. That is going to really cramp up the seating in the van. I need to figure out about the oldest son, as he has a marching band performance tomorrow night, but she was talking of taking him to Tucson, and I have no clue as to what time they expect to be back.

Good thing football is on tonight. My Redskins are playing against Stuman's favorite, the Vikings. We should be able to defeat that Minnesota team. I am trying to get Stuman to come up to the pub for a couple to watch the game, but even I won't be able to get there until after 8.

The alarm clock has started going off for the Wife to get up, so I guess I should head off here.


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