Tuesday, November 19

One of Those Mornings

Today is one of those days where, upon awakening, you just want to curl back up and go back to sleep. As the Wife was leaving with the boys about 7am, I pondered laying in bed for another 2-3 hours, before I needed to get up and prepare/go to work. If I had been just a tad bit less awake, I might have done just that. Instead I realized that if I did, nothing would be going off to wake me up (ie. alarm, phone, etc). It took several minutes, but I talked the voices in my head into getting up - to use the bathroom if nothing else.

So here I sit twenty or so minutes later, debating the merits of setting the alarm and laying back down. I wasn't out late last night. I'm not hungover. I'm not sick (well, maybe a bit in the head, but people call that perversion) that I know of. I think my body just needs some extra time to "rest up". I seem to recall waking several times in the night ... maybe that is why I feel so tired.

That leaves an opening to say that maybe tomorrow I will talk about what happened last night ...


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