Thursday, November 28

That Time Again ...

I had a post earlier this month about how this is my 'anniversary month, of when I started blogging. Well, started blogging using anyways. I originally started out at LiveJournal, but quickly moved over here once I saw how much easier it was to use. Well, this morning found an email in my inbox to renew my domain name. I didn't realize it had been a year since I had last had this done, changing from Boobiesand to I guess many changes have been wrought this last year.

It is Thanksgiving today, and before I go into my rant, I hope you have a good one, no matter who you are spending it with, or working, or whatever. We will be spending ours at Sis' with family. Reverend Mother has tried to get started a Thanksgiving Day Walk in the mornings of, but I have not gone before, and I shall not this year. This is one of those traditional holidays, in the sense that it seems most people have something they HAVE to do every year. Be it, making Grandma's special stuffing, or shopping after lunch, or whatever. I know my family (here in AZ) have generally seemed to congregate over at Sis', her having the best place to have family gatherings, and she always makes yams with marshmallows. I don't care for it, but she has her traditions. Mine is I eat til I can eat no more. I guess I do have a tradition.

Due to the holiday, November has also been a month of people listing daily things they are thankful for in their lives. From my standpoint, it seems kind of pointless, but some people like to do it. Stuman, on Facebook earlier this month, did a post that he was doing it all in one swoop, posting supposedly everything he was thankful for ... even if some of the things seemed like they would just make me want to barf. Yeah, his current girlfriend ... oh, I don't want to go there....

So am I thankful for anything? I mean, I could try to post every little thing, and I mean EVERY LITTLE THING, like some people I know (they don't read here, so don't feel like it is you). But I feel that is stupid. And EVERYONE always says they are happy for family, whether they are getting along or not. Jobs, food, place to live, their children - always said. Sigh. I would feel fake if I had to be sappy and do all that, even if it is a bit true. I have decided to do something different, sort of.

I am NOT thankful the loud parties my Hispanic neighbors across the street have until the late hours of the night.

I am not thankful for the loud-talking, swear-word using Rednecks next door, sitting by their firepit in the front yard, talking and whatever util the wee hours of the early morning.

I am not thankful for when the dog shits in the hallway, and I inadvertently find it, with my bare foot (which did not happen recently, just saying it).

This list could go on for quite some time, because, well, there's a lot of shit I am not thankful for.

But, going against my rebellious nature ... Thanks for coming around!


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