Monday, November 18

Just Tweaking It

Over the last three months, I have been making adjustments in so many things. Time I get out of bed, physical activity, the way I eat, how much I drink, time with friends and family. It has been quite some time since I made such changes, and though many are for good, I am sure some just happen to be bad. It's my nature. This past week I spent more time out, hanging with friends, especially my friend Ginny visiting from North Carolina. More time than I should have, or would have done regularly. So, Sunday I decided to stay home rather than my usual antics. I pretty much turned my volume off on my phone, and hid.

Sure enough, the texts started early. First it was one friend who said he wasn't feeling well, and would not be meeting up for Bloody Marys as usual. Then another one wondering if I was going to make the softball games (I didn't go). Though I was awake, I did not answer them. Late in the morning, I finally replied to the one that kept asking if I was coming out that "I have things to do" and he finally quit bothering me. So what was so important to do?

Nothing. I played World of Warcraft part of the day. I watched a couple movies. I had a day of relaxation I guess you could say. Did I need one? Not really. But I took one. A couple of the boys had Christmas play practice after church, so they weren't around. It was a fairly quiet day. I ended up staying up later than I meant (damn game I found on the Kindle) but overall not a bad day. It is back to work today, and though I sort of dread it all (the knees and ankles are groaning) I actually look forward to it.

My probation period should end about the end of this week. Wonder how much of a raise they will give me.


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