Thursday, November 14

Wondering About this Winter Wonderland

As I was tasking the oldest son to school this morning, I heard the weather report for the next few days on the talk radio I listen to. I missed the expected temperature for today, but caught that it is to be 83 tomorrow, lowering to about 72 for Sat & Sun with a slight chance for showers, then warming back up to 82 by Monday. It is mid-November here in the desert, I don't expect the snowy landscapes, but it appears that now we won't even get the cooler weather it seems. At least for now anyways. I looked up the monthly average for Phoenix, and the high is averaged out to 75 degrees (on the site I got the info) so I guess it isn't too far off the mark, being in the low 80's. Just feels ... weird, I guess.

Thursday is here again, and I recall back several years ago, a few friends and I called it Thirsty Thursday, and would meet up at a local pub and drink some cold ones. I don't do that much now, on Thursdays anyhow, as two of those friends have moved out of state. That, and it gets to be an awkward day to be out drinking for me.

I suppose I should get the morning rolling, and start getting some stuff done while getting ready for work. But I just don't feel like it today. I may just sit here and surf the net a bit.


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