Sunday, November 3

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Work

I took the last week off. Well, sort of. It was more like I didn't have anything I really wanted to share. Not that anything especially good, or bad, has to happen for me to have something to post about, I just didn't feel  like posting anything. Some of you are probably smirking and muttering, "That's nothing unusual, posting nothing, since you do that half the time anyways." Don't worry, I can hear you. I am usually thinking the same thing. But don't let that stop you from coming here to see how your life is better than mine.

I sifted through many memories yesterday. The oldest son attended the ABODA State Festival for Marching Band yesterday, as they had made it there based on three EXCELLENT ratings (as well as some caption awards) from three previous competitions. I decided to go, as not only have I only been able to see their show once, but for support, as it was an hour's drive away, across the Valley, having to use 5 different freeways to get there. They received an EXCELLENT rating, plus caption for Musical Performance. No one received a SUPERIOR rating. Since they performed in the morning, we had to wait all day to find out they did not qualify for State Finals, as they were not in the top ten in ratings. But four EXCELLENT ratings, and several captions are great, considering they started their show late due to not having a band instructor until almost the start of school. They out-performed last year's band.

I mentioned going through memories. Being at the State Festival brought back thoughts of when I was in Band. I heard several of the kids around me in the stands, that would make comments like I did when in band, about the performance of the band on the field. Stuff that was important to me then, not so much now. I remembered how it felt to finish up that 4th song with the grand flourish and horn flash with the high slow step. The feel of sweat pouring off the face, and running down my back and sides, heaving lungfuls of breath while holding the attention pose, knowing I had just completed the show giving my part everything I had. The excitement of the bus trips to Band Days, and even some thoughts of how my buddies and I always managed to sneak off where ever we were, and get into some kind of mischief. I hoped my son was getting to make some of these memories - well, except the ones about getting in trouble - or at least caught at it. Yeah. This post is taking forever to write as I keep reminiscing.

I think I will close off on that note. Heh. Note. Post about band. Get it?


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