Friday, November 8

Some days I just don't feel like getting up. This morning was one of them. I woke feeling a bit of stiffness and pain in my right hand. Yesterday I had banged it on a door frame as I was carrying a box to/from my truck, and though it didn't bruise, the back side of the hand (the part I hit) was a bit sore to touch. I am not sure if that is related, but my knuckles were pretty stiff and sore in that hand today as well. Maybe it got cool enough last night (to the low 50's) that it is affecting the arthritis. I don't know.

So the oldest son is going to school today. He has a final marching band performance tonight as the school football team is in the first round of play-offs. It is at another school, so he won't be home til after 10:30, at least. The Daughter's graduation is at 3pm, so the Wife and the carload will be leaving here about the time I leave for work. Who knows when they will come home.

That leaves me with another typical Friday work day. Though if I do recall correctly, they are doing a potluck at work (summer foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, etc). Maybe I can get home before 9pm, like last night. I wanted to go to the pub and watch the game, but by the time I got home, there was only 3 minutes left, we were losing, and no one else (of my friends) had went. Needless to say, I went to bed early.

No major weekend plans.


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