Tuesday, November 12

Eating Aspirin Like Candy

I admit it. I skipped writing anything yesterday just because I wanted to do so. In fact, I laid in bed, reading more of Stephen Donaldson's THE LAST DARK, which is the last book in the Thomas Covenant series. I even thought, 'Maybe I should get up and figure out something to post about,' but then did the mental equivalent of 'Nah!'

I am going rapidly through a supply of aspirin, though. Okay, I say aspirin, but it really is ibuprofen. See, Sunday, the morning of Holy Church and Softball, had come about, and though I am not on the roster, I am now. We had one team player be the recipient of some broken bones in his foot (non-softball related injury) and cannot play now, so I have replaced him on the roster. This past week, instead of just keeping score, as I regularly do, we were short players, so had to play. Usually not an issue, but I had actually planned on not playing, and had worn sandals. I ended up playing in sandals. At least it was only first base, and I only had to bat three times. Still, the legs and feet are still feeling the muscle and other soreness from playing ball in sandals. The bottom part of my feet ache, and different muscle groups in my legs are letting me know that they are not used to the way I abused them. Once I get to moving around at work I am okay, but sitting down just makes things stiffen up. So driving ... ugh.

Marching season is over for the oldest son. He said they should start their regular concert music today. I figure there will be their Christmas concert in about a month. The middle son, too. I will end up missing both due to work. My friend Ginny is visiting in from North Carolina. She flew in Friday, and stays until next Sunday. I am hoping to get a chance to get out to visit with her a bit before then, bit not sure with work going on. Getting home at 9 my time is like 11 on her schedule.

We took all the parents out to dinner on Sunday. I got a wild hair up my ass, and decided to do it. The Daughter and fiance were in town as well, so they came, too. Good dinner at Chili's. I guess the RM had given her leftovers to the Wife, and so I had that last night. It was some kind of flatbread meal, but dang if it weren't good. I heated up some leftover scalloped potatoes and green beans ... was a meal for a king, I say. Then I crashed about 8:30.

Ugh. Traffic will be back to it's normal tonight.


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