Wednesday, November 20

Starting To Feel Like November

This morning it is feeling, and looking, a little more like November, to me, for Arizona. It looks a bit dreary with some cloud cover (and a chance for maybe some precipitation) which has been building up the past day or so. The temps are lower, making me pull out a fleece pullover I got last Christmas. I'll put it in the truck, just in case it gets too cool for me at night while driving. After all, I like to drive with the window down.

Not much new and exciting in the world of Ralphd00d. Hump Day is here, and another day of work. I haven't heard anything about my probationary review, which should be due this week. Last week I received the insurance information packet from our HR Department, but The Wife and I decided to turn it down. We have better coverage through her employer, plus the company mine uses is what The Wife and I consider worthless. Even the dental/vision coverage are not as comparable. I'm just hoping for a raise. That, and I want to hear about how good a job I am doing, even if my boss tells me that every now and then already.

Thanksgiving is coming up next week. I have that day off but have to work Friday, as does the Wife. I am going to ask the Boss about my oldest son riding with me on that Friday. I think it would be fun to have a few hours to just have some "man time". When I asked him last week if he would be interested, he said "Sure" but I wonder if he is going to be wanting to do that, or sleep all day. You know teenagers. We haven;'t made T-Day plans yet, though Sis emailed me the other day to find out if we are going to her place or not, and how many of us. I have been asking The Wife, but she has not made up her mind. Not sure if her family is doing anything. The MIL probably will not join us if we do go to Sis', and I know that causes some grief for The Wife, her mom staying home alone on a holiday. It's almost a no-win situation for me. I'm supposed to be thankful for that? Hmph.

I'm off to cause some havoc.


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Rev Mom said...

Kudos for doing a good job is always nice! Something extremely lacking in my current position. Lack of communication is problematic. However, when I get this new promotion.... I know I will get lots of kudos. Makes one want to work harder. :-) Glad you are doing so well!