Saturday, February 10

What's New In My World?


That's pretty true. At this stage of Life things are so mundane and routine that nothing much happens. Work, sleep, eat (in some order) and repeat. Rarely does much happen to change any of it.

This past week almost had a huge hiccup in it. I think it was Wednesday, the Driver at work gave his two-week notice. This was the position I previously held, and was doing the extra work for not too long ago (the work that was wearing me down to nothing). In a matter of moments I started to stress...feelings of anxiety, thoughts of actually leaving my job. There was no way I would willingly go back to having to do 3/4 of that job, plus my own regular duties, like they had me do before. I would quit before that happened again.

About an hour later all that anxiety and stress was relieved as the Driver had actually recommended someone to the Boss to replace him. Boss had interviewed and hired the guy in that time frame. So now the Driver is training his replacement and I won't have to do anything that I was worried about doing. Though, I am still debating a bit on the new job issue. Would love to work closer to home,as the gas and maintenance on my car has increased with the driving I do. I know Reverend Mother understands that! She drives nearly as far as I do for work.

Going to be a slow weekend. I have nothing planned. Probably end up playing Warcraft and watching Netflix most of the time. But I did take the time to try to get back at writing here.... just need to find topics or something.


Sunday, February 4

Another Big Bowl

Today is another of those big bowl bowls... the SuperBowl. Not that I particularly care, as my team is not there to play in it. I have been invited to two "parties" and had to make a decision on which to attend.. .turns out I am going to Stuman's. It will be interesting as I guess some of his wife's family will be there, and they seem as kooky to me as she (his wife) is. I'm glad I am bringing one of my friends along to give me a reason to ditch if I need to, do to antics or situations.

What else has been going on in Life? Seems like not much. Work is work, and am still enjoying my job. A few short months ago they replaced the Driver (position I had a year ago) with a newer guy that is capable of doing the whole, so since then I have been able to get back to my regular duties, instead of trying to do a person and a half job.

With the time in the evenings, I joined into a couple of pool leagues. One finished up a couple weeks ago, the other is done as of this coming Thursday. Then I am going to start in a new on in a couple weeks. Only one. Doing two in a week just wore me out.

Still reading quite a bit. I exceeded my goal of 125 books last year, by hitting over 145. This year I decided to shoot for 150, though I think for right now I am a bit behind the estimated limit to reach that goal.

Kids are doing fine. The Oldest (the Daughter) has moved to Tucson in the last few months, which makes things easier for them to get into town to visit on a more regular basis. My Doodad is getting so big! The Daughter tries to send me a picture each day or so so I can see her. Yes, Papaw likes that! The oldest Son has decided to not attend the community college this spring semester. Instead he will be attending one of the medical colleges near home to learn Sonography. Now we just need to figure out how to pay for it. In the meantime he has been seeking work as the classes don't start until later this summer. He has an interview this week with one place. Middle and Youngest boys are in school and are doing well with grades.

I have been sort of re-evaluating my life the past couple months, and have come to the decision to try to go back to school. After a few days of research into what I would really like to do, it doesn't look possible. In my thought, some sort of online classes would be best for me with my schedule, but the courses I need don't seem to be available in that format, and not locally. Maybe I just need to find some online school and see what courses they offer, then make a decision on which one sounds best to me. I don't know. Right now I am setting it on a back-burner (again).