Friday, April 30

Starting Anew, or so I thought.....

I been playing a little MMO game called World of Warcraft since about July of last year. I admit, I kinda got hooked on it. The BIL, niece and nephew were all playing, and got me into it. They also got my kids (the two older boys) interested in it. It has been a fun game. Maybe I played too much during the day, since I am out of work, maybe I have not played enough.

I came home tonight. From the bar, but it wasn't even closing time, so I thought I should mention it, though it really doesn't matter. I spoke to the wife. I said, We need to just wipe the game BS from our regime. Kill all the games you and I play on Facebook, let's delete the WoW account, and spend the extra time as family, because we are so bad at it.

I admit, I was half drunk, I just came home from the bar, but still, was willing to do this.

"Let's quit playing those Facebook games, and use that time too," and Oh! The look I got. First thing out of my Wife's mouth was, "Why do I need to give that up?"

I said, you don't need to give it up, per se, just give up on the game, and help me spend the time with family.

But why should I give up my cool down time?

I am only asking to give it up for family time. IS that game so GD important?

Evidently it is. I am the one kicked out of the bedroom. I didn't ask her to give up everything on the computer, just the games that draw us away from having family time. WoW was a big one, and the little stuff adds up.

I deleted every game on Facebook (FB) I had tonight. The wife refuses to do so.

Is this where I call her a bad word?


Wednesday, April 28

It Is Finished

I voted yesterday. Well, I placed my vote in the mailbox via early ballot. This is for a special issue in AZ called Prop 100, and even though you readers from out of state don't care, I am going to bitch about it. I know, I don't usually get all political, but this is getting too close to home. All you Arizonians, read up, and vote NO.

Now, AZ just had a tax placed on previously non-taxed food items. This is in addition to and on top of it.

Prop100 is asking for an amendment to the State Constitution, to raise the State Sales Tax by 1% for the next 3 years. The revenue from the 1% increase cannot be used for government, but is especially for a supposed breakdown of 2/3 to Primary & Secondary Education, and the remaining 1/3 to Public Safety (Police, Fire, etc) and Health & Human Services.

This has many people wanting and encouraging others to vote YES as it helps pay teachers and fund schools. It helps pay to keep up the police force and Fire dept services. I am all for that, don't get me wrong. Especially since there have been cuts in those areas recently due to GOV'T OVERSPENDING.

Wait, didn't we have a Prop301 years ago to increase education funding? That was supposed to be in effect years ago, why do we need more money now? Oh - it got passed, but never acted on.

I read through the pamphlet regarding all the pros and cons of this Prop100, and I am going to quote one submission that really covered it well, and pushed me to my NO vote. So, Sis and RM - if yer reading, be sure you vote NO on May 18 or early ballot.

 ---- quote starts here -----
10 Reasons To Reject Proposition 100
1. Small business Opposes it - A survey of NFIB/Arizona's 7,500 small business members found 71 percent oppose the one-cent sales tax increase.
2. Big Business, Big Labor Support It - Large out-of-state corporations, healthcare special interests and government employee unions support this temporary fix to a chronically flawed government.
3. Tax Hikes are Job Killers - This 18 percent tax hike will further exacerbate major drivers of small business failure and job loss - historically low consumer confidence and dramatically lower consumer spending.
4. Our Sales Tax is Already Too High - Arizona taxpayers already pay the 5th highest sales taxes in the U.S. Annually, the average Arizonian pays $1,440.83 in sales tax which is 43 percent above the national average.
5. Double-Digit Rate for Many - Upon passage, 34 communities, more than a third of Arizona's cities, will have a combined state, county, and local sales tax rate higher than 10%.
6. Private Sector Squeezed - State government must prioritize, economize and downsize rather than load heavier tax burdens on our citizens and small businesses.
7. Over-Promising - One cent of last year's sales tax collected $751 million. Proposition 100 proponents make the unbelievable claim that their additional one cent will raise $943 million next year, $968 million the next and $1 billion in the third year.
8. Under Delivering - Even accepting the $2.911billion in new revenue, the state's structural budget deficit will still total more than $6.5 billion over the three year life of the tax hike.
9. Inevitable Spending Cuts - With annual deficits remaining in the billions of dollars even after passage, threats to popular spending programs will remain and grow.
10. Common Sense - "The last thing we want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession," President Barack Obama, August 5, 2009,
- Farrell Quinlan, State Director National Federation of Independent Business - Arizona, Phoenix
- Michael A. Crowe, Chairman, Leadership Council National Federation of Independent Business - Arizona, Mesa
----- end of quote -------
Item #3 says 18 percent, I think it is a typo and should read 1 percent - don't know if it was the printing company or the actual letter sent in.

Either way... VOTE NO.


Tuesday, April 27

No April Rain means no May Flowers???

I'm dried up pretty much today. Dried up on sleep, my eyes are dry and itchy, and the only thing wet around here is my nose because it just wants to run all day long. Damn allergies. You'd thought rain here in AZ would make it worse (it does) but we haven't had any for awhile now. Doesn't stop my allergies though. Got enough earlier on this year to just ruin spring for me.

April is rounding down, and May feels like it is going to be a busy month, but when I put it on paper, looks like nothing. Have a play for my niece I need to attend. Daughter's graduation on the 25th. Daddy and the boys time as Daughter and Wife are gone on orientation 27-28 - that's gonna be interesting. The Wife will need the van for that trip.... I won't have anyway of going anywhere with the boys. Guess we'll have lotsa Pizza Hut.

I am still working my way through AZ's prop 100, and not liking it more and more. Who the hell wants an increase in sales tax (on top of the food tax we just put in place) that can increase at gov'ts whim, and not by vote?? Hell, who would want this as an amendment to our state constitution? It's a fucking mess. But the proceeds are for Education, and Public Safety.... Education, yeah we need more funding. Safety? When a friend of mine the other night saw FIVE (yes 5) police cars to pull over/handle ONE (yes 1) blue haired female - what am I paying the ones working now for? And he said each police car had the standard 2 cops in it (evening time).
TEN officers to handle the pulling over, assistance with ONE blue hair? I don't get it.

I am going back to bed for a few more ZZZ's before I need to take the daughter to school.


Saturday, April 24

Signs of Getting Older

I knew I was "getting older" the more I get teased about the grey in my hair and beard. I've accepted that, and explained it off as "stress" from raising children. Then it started coming from seeing kids I used to babysit, now old enough to be drinking, etc. Then the "You are HOW old?" looks you get from people.

Today, I got notification of my 20 year HS reunion. Yeah, another notch in the age ticket. Well, I was expecting it sooner or later this year. So I went to this handy-dandy website to do the questionnaire and to register for the event. Questionnaire was pretty simple, til I got to the question: What have you been up to lately?

What do I say to that? I see they are doing a Memory Book - and not sure if I want mine to read "Been unemployed for 2 years now, and waste my time trying to make sense of my life, write in a blog, and try not to drink so much." Well, it is the truth, though it doesn't sound so great when I type it out. So I left it blank. Those that need to know can ask.

Then I saw how this site makes its money. For a "full" reunion package, it is like $98 - you get a Memory Book, and a class photograph. Which each individually costs $25 or less. No specifics on what else is included. Weird.

On to other stuff. I am spending today reading about Prop 100 (for AZ). There has been alot of controversy on this issue in AZ as it deals with school funding, and public Safety funding through an increase of the state sales tax. I have heard many different things from different people (all with their own opinion) so am reading the actual pamphlet today. Be a long boring afternoon I am sure.

Sis - to answer your comment, no, I did not get a video of the son playing piano. I still am not sure how to do video on my camera, and it was so short, no time to figure it out. I am sure he would play again just for you if around a piano keyboard sometime.

Okay, off to get some other stuff done so I can go read.


Small Changes

My sleep schedule is so messed up right now. Here it is just after 4am and I am up already. I even stayed up until 10pm last night to be able to sleep through the night.

Went through and dropped some links from my list yesterday. Mainly the ones that were now dead/defunct in some way. But I also dropped a couple that I don't read anymore, like they ever noticed I was around anyways. No, that was truly the reason I dropped them. Heh, if you want me to drop your link as well, just let me know....heh.

Weekend is here with nothing major planned. I suppose I need to get to the store in the next month and actauuly purchase a pair of slacks. I don't own any at the present. I was reading through the 4 pages of information the school sent out for the daughter's graduation... requires appropriate attire. "Guests must be appropriately dressed for admission to the graduation ceremony. Those who come wearing cut-offs, tee shirts, or flip-flops, for example, will be turned away." I guess that means my usual denim shorts and sandals will not work. SO, need to buy some slack, and I think my black sneakers will be okay...if I am walking with my cane.

Last night the elementary school had its Talent Show/Spring Fling thingy. The 2nd son sang a few songs with his class. The older son played "The Entertainer" on the piano. He has never had a piano lesson, but taught himself both hands on his own at grandma's house. I know once Reverend Mother reads this, she'll be ticked I didn't tell her about it beforehand, but honest RM, I didn't remember until the Wife called 1/2 hour before it started.

That's all I got today. But it is early. Who knows, I may be back with more.


Thursday, April 22

The Time Is Near

My daughter has received her graduation announcements. As before, when she ordered them, she has no clue what to do with them. We tried to explain you want to send them to family and friends to help celebrate your graduation. She has no clue who to send them to, so the wife and I made a list.

The list is good. Has a good mix of family, family friends, and friends. Only problem, with this day and age especially, is - you guessed it - no physical mailing address for most on the list.

So much, well, actually all, my correspondence is through email or services such as Facebook or Myspace. I can't remember the last time I sat down and physically wrote a letter, put it in an envelope, stamped (how much is one nowadays?) and sent a regular letter. I am thinking.... 15 years or more? No, maybe within the past 4 years, if I include work related stuff. Though I may not have stamped it, and the company did the meter mail thing.

Either way, I have 'electronically' contacted those friends and family on the list that I could, and requested their addresses. I included an invitation to the dinner party following the ceremony, though I have not told the Wife about it yet, and now we are going to do it. But easier than having a party in the home. I know she will agree. Unfortunately, so much family lives far enough away, that they won't be able to attend. I know, you are saying there are pros and cons to that. And I can figure out most of them, but still....

I know I am not writing addresses on envelopes. I may be the one who runs to the post office, buys the stamps, and sticks them on them, but I am not doing the writing. Thank goodness you don't have to lick the damn stamps anymore either.

Okay, I am outta here! Friend has invited me up to the pub for breakfast and some beer and I am thinking it sounds good. Besides, I gotta get some more smokes too.


Wednesday, April 21

Simple Little Post

Here we go. KeesKennis throw up a post a bit ago for us "men" to post pics of our pussies. Here is mine.

This is Rusty (aka Spawn of Satan, Damn Cat, etc) probably about a couple months ago. I couldn't find any more recent ones at the moment. He's just over a year old now, and firmly stuck in our family as the fucker that wakes me up all hours of the night (jumping on me, across the bed to the dresser so he can look out the window) and just plain doing what he can to make me angry. At times, I think he is worse than the kids.

Hard to believe the Wife found him back then, in the middle of the street in front of our house. He was so damn small, about 4 weeks the vet had said. His eyes were closed shut with "goop" and his rib bones and skin made up all his mass. He was starving and sick as a dog (excuse the expression). Now, over a year later, and that first vet visit over $300, he is the Fat Cat of our home.

If he were close enough, I'd give him an affectionate kick across the room.


Monday, April 19

BofA Mortgage sucks ass!!!

I am livid right now. So mad, I had to retype half this just to spell it right because I am pounding on the keyboard too damn hard.

We bought our house 10 years ago. First time home buyers, yadda yadda yadda... The Note was sold from the original mortgage company to Countrywide. No big deal. That's how the business works. I know. I did it for 8+ years (note I also had another 4 years Real Estate before that). During that time, anytime we had issues, or problems, customer service at Countrywide was helpful, courteous... did what it took to help us a customer, and still run their business. As I recall, I never had a complaint.

Then that big economic shift hit... Countrywide was bought out by Bank of 'fuck you in the ass' America. Now, having worked in the industry, BofA was what our office considered a "shitty" company to do loans with for our customers, as their rates were higher than most, and loan expenses were almost twice what any other company charged. As a business customer, there loan department lacked in service even. That was 3+ years ago.

Now they hold the Note to my home. I have been dealing with them the past week and a half regarding our March payment. They call our house, my cell, the Wife's cell. They introduce themselves as something other than BofA (called BAC Home Loan Servicing - like I know who that would be off the top of my head) and immediately start asking for our social security number and account number to verify they are talking to the right person. Now, I don't know about you, but if I get a cell call and suddenly am asked these questions, I am like - No way am I giving you that info. I don;t know who you are... or why you are calling. The second time, I asked for a call back number (which I reluctantly got after arguing for 2 minutes I would give him any of my info).

Like I said, off to a great start with service.

So week and a half ago, I called back after the 2nd call to my cell. I had a previous coupon so now I knew who BAC was, had pen and paper ready. No, could not transfer me to the person I spoke with before, even though I had an extension. But they could help me. It was after April first and they had not received a payment for March.

What? It was sent, plus the penalty (not in by the 15th) and it also included the regular April payment. What do you mean you don't have it? Needless to say after an hour of multiple phone calls, they had all the payment info, when it was sent, etc. Need to wait til the check clears (at the time it still hadn't cleared) and call back to the payment research dept. Ok, fine.

They called the Wife last week early on, she went through the whole spiel with them again, as it still was not showing cleared in the bank. They said wait 1 week, if not cleared we would need to stop payment, etc. She was told that we would not be penalized if it cleared before that, due to when we sent it, and that it included the late fees, etc. At least, that is what they "told" my Wife, who relayed it to me.

Check cleared last week. I called today to follow up on it all, make sure that we were not going to be dinged on the credit report for a 30 day late (we weren't over 30 days). First person I talk to says yes, payment here, but fr the issue I need to discuss I need to talk to Customer Service, and had me transferred. I am thinking this is going downhill fast already. Customer Service is an oxymoron at this company. Hell, I have talked to at least 4 or 5 different people over this already, all with accents barely understandable to pass for English. And it is like you can tell they are reading from a card. Sigh.

Customer Service (CS) gets online, I let them know to read through past notes they should have of this situation, our calls, their responses. I wait a few minutes. CS comes back and asks how they can help. I explained that we were told no penalties, as it was beyond us that the payment was not processed until mid-April. NOW, I am told it is our fault. Check was dated 3/24, but evidently we didn't mail it til we were contacted by them. I told them they were lying. It was postmarked 3/25 on the envelope. Well, not their fault it was not received until last week. I explained my Wife was told there would be no penalties, due to their untimeliness in processing the payment, and it must have sat in their offices somewhere for two weeks. I can find no other explanation, other than the US Postal Service delayed it (yet another possibility that does not help).

Now I am getting angry. Again I tell them "You told us. Check your notes." Oh, there are no notes of that. SO you lied to me, and my wife, saying you were noting everything, then didn't, gave us false intentions opn your part? Oh no, we have no record of that. Then they had the balls to ask if I had a recorded conversation of this supposed conversation. Now, why would they ask that, unless they know it happens?

CS starts to go on that it was our problem it was not processed in time (I am fuming now) and to prevent future "misunderstandings" when we are late we should overnight the monies instead to "ensure it is received in a timely, recorded manner". I am beyond calm now. I exhaled loudly into the phone (because I hate people doing that to me) and told her that BofA was a fucked up, politician ran institution of ass-reaping mongols, that refused to work with a regular person in these economic times. She could take her god damn accent and out of country service center and could cram it all down her throat, which in your language means up your ass, because that is where your head is for working with this company, cunt. Of course, I was yelling by the time I got to the end of that tirade. I stopped, mainly to think of what else I could say, and I hear a gasp, then CS starts in with"Sir, your language is inappropriate-" Inappropriate? Hell, I am lucky I can barely understand you!! Can you understand you and your company can go to hell?! and my fingers punches END on my phone.

Yeah, no hope for any "customer service" help now in the future. Wait until I tell the Wife what happened. She'll agree with me, but not what I said.

So, now I gotta wait 12 months, or longer, to have the credit report clear enough to refinance to get away from this fucked up BofA. Ralphd00d, screwed again, and no glory of them giving a reach-around.

Sigh. This on top of the rest of my life. Sigh. Reverend Mother would be saying about now, d00d, count your blessings, right? I got a house, vehicles (free and clear), healthy family, place to live, food on the table. Living in a country without war right outside my door, or in a third-world country. Yeah, lots of things taken for granted. Sigh.

I am calmed down, somewhat now. Still want to just take some big, explosive weapons and go to BofA and blast the shit outta them though.

Instead, I may go for some beer today. Early. Things will get better.


Sunday, April 18

Are We (You and I) Ready for this again?

It's been a good week, or damn close to it. Not quite sure if I am ready to start posting again just yet. Not that anything has happened to write about. Just not sure...

What about you? Are you ready for it?


Wednesday, April 14

I am done

I am done for now. I can't win. I can't obviously do what the right thing is - because I have no clue what it is. Now I have the daughter pissed at me, and the Wife.

I don't know what to do and I am just tired of it all. Like there isn't enough other bullshit going on in life, now add this too. Wondering if maybe I am starting to be a modern day Job.

BE back in a few days....


Sunday, April 11

Sleep Hates Me

Here it is, yet another night that I am not in bed, comfortable asleep and dreaming of wonderful things that I am supposed to dream about.

Instead, I am wide awake and pissed off. I feel failure in trying to teach my kids responsibility, and other things important, like trustworthiness. And because I fail at these things, this is why I get it tossed right back to me in my face, and makes me angry. Let me explain a little... if you are bored enough to read on ...

In this past year, the Daughter (on reaching her 18th year of life) has been the typical rebellious youth that I think we as a society, expect and see. We have clashed as she refuses to comply to our curfew times, times to be home, times to be in bed, communicating with us if they are going to be late, or a change of plans, etc. Note, she has a cell phone, so it's not a problem to call us anytime.

Many of my friends are saying I am being too "controlling". Let her make her own mistakes. She'll have to suffer her own consequences. I have no problem with this, if she were on her own, if the younger boys didn't see this crap and expect to get away with it too (which they don't). If somehow, those repercussions would not affect me.

The daughter had asked last weekend about going out this Saturday night for dinner and maybe a movie with her boyfriend. 

Either way, I decided, I will try it. I had forgotten the trip to CA she and her mother were doing, but I went ahead and said, regarding her date on Saturday, "Sure! Just be home by midnight." That's fair? She was being picked up around 4'ish in the afternoon...midnight is fair.

I was mentioning it all to the Wife that night, who reminded me about the trip, and they were not due to return until like 3pm that day. Okay, so I spoke to the daughter again, asked that she at least mow the front lawn (the only "chore" she does here - not for lack of us asking her for other help - and one that she won't give up to her brother, as I suggest), but it only had to be done before she left on her date. So she had a few evenings to do it, before she even left for the trip.

Today is Saturday. They got back at 3pm. At 3:30, I mentioned that the front is still not mowed, and if she expected to leave at 4, she better get moving. That's when the complaining started. The muttering under her breath. What she thought I couldn't hear. I said not a word more. The lawn got done. I mentioned to the daughter, with the Wife present as well, that midnight meant IN THE HOUSE. Not just got home, and outside talking, not saying a last goodbye. Means in the house, door locked, getting ready for bed. She says "OK" and she went out on her date.

By 11 I was done in. The Wife had already migrated to the bedroom, and I shut down the house and headed that way too. I left the front door unlocked, expecting to hear it when she came in. At this point, I had assumed I had heard the boyfriend's truck already pull up out front, and as their "usual thing" standing at the side of the house hugging and kissing and talking until the last possible minute she is due in the house. I was casually relaxing, not really trying to get to sleep yet. I figured I would hear her come in, she would hopefully tap at the door and let us know she was home, and then I could blissfully remove myself to dreamland.

By midnight, I had not heard anything. I asked the Wife, who also had not heard anything. I got up and went to the front room, checked my phone, it is after midnight now. Hand to chin, begin to scratch. What do I do? I check out the window. His truck is here. It is empty. Next thought...well, check if they are on the front stoop. I go to the door. It is locked. My mind is running the facts: Boyfriend truck is here, but sitting with no one in the cab. Front door is locked, so daughter had to come inside. What's the next logical thing?

I knock on her bedroom door. Light is on, coming from under the door, but no answer. I knock again. No answer. I open the door, find her leaning halfway out her window (one level home) the blinds had been pulled up. AllI said was, "Oh no. You didn't just try to pull the stupid shit I think you just did."

"What?" was all she said with a shocked look as she came back into the bedroom,

My temper went from a tad bit of actual concern that she was home safe, to I-can't-believe-she-climbed-out-the-windowdamnsheisinsomuchfuckingtrouble!!!!

I walked away towards my room. She started to say something like, "We weren't doing anything" but I shut it out, and just yelled back " I can't believe you tried to pull this shit."

BAck in the bedroom, I hear the boyfriend's truck start up, and I see the headlights go on down the street. He's lucky I needed to get some regular shorts on before I was going to confront him.... his turn is coming yet. I told the wife what happened. She said, put a screen on the window with screws tomorrow. Which I will be doing.

Then WE (the Wife and I together) are going to just lay it out to the daughter. No more TRUST. YOU WILL LEARN RESPONSIBILITY. It is now our way, or the day after graduation, you are gone, on your own, as you have screamed at us constantly everytime we tell you, you messed up our trust. WE ARE DONE.

I wonder, if no money for the other college expenses grants do not cover is a concern? I wonder, if we will need to tell other family members, so that they do not take her in, without knowing why she is not at home. I wonder how much humility I will eat, and suffer through, because I was not a good parent in teaching this to my daughter and she has turned out the way she has. Plans are already being made for when she is out, the changes we are implementing in the home for the boys. We don't want to make the same mistake twice. I don't think the family, or the world would like that.


Saturday, April 10

Countdown to the Crash

It's closing time at the bars here in Phoenix. I ain't at one. Nope. Been a good boy the past couple nights being at home with my boys since the Wife and daughter are out of town.

Only, I am getting deprived. Now that would sound bad if I was referring to the liquid refreshment of the alcoholic variety. I would sound like a lush, if that were true. And it ain't true. No, I am a bit sleep deprived.

Seems over the past 19 years I have gotten myself acclimated to the presence of the Wife in my bed in my sleep. And with that lacking, the sleep is not wanting to just "slap me over the head" as usual. I mean, I am one of those guys that can fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime, unless I know my Wife ain't gonna be where I know she should be.... or something like that. Hard to explain the weird things.

So the boys and I were in beds by a decent hour again tonight, but I tossed and turned, finally getting up. I watched "In the Electric Mist" with Tommy Lee Jones and John Goodman. Wasn't great. Wasn't terrible.

Now, I guess back to trying to get some sleep, and hoping it comes. Glad the Wife comes home tomorrow.


Friday, April 9

And to Think I Forgot About It

The Wife and Daughter left yesterday. I had totally forgotten about their trip. The Daughter has a Theater and a Choral workshop, both over in LA at Universal Studios this week. The Wife is going as a chaperone. So, that leaves the MEN here at home.

Last night wasn't too bad. We went for an early supper at the local all you can eat buffet. Then headed home. They watched "Where the Wild Things Are" and I sort of played on the computer. No problems at bedtime.

I got to get them up in about 5 minutes for school. I have been up for awhile. As usual, when the Wife isn't home I do not sleep well. It is that whole comfort thing I think... I gotta feel her next to me, or know she will be there even after I fall asleep. I thought I went to bed early last night, but it was well after midnight before I got some shut-eye. And then it was being awake seemingly every half hour to 45 minutes the rest of the time.

Tonight, I think we are doing pizza. I am thinking of eating it out, so as to cut down on any possible mess. That way no dishes, or food crumbs all over. I want to avoid the places like Chuck E Cheese's, so think we may just do a Pizza Hut Wing Street instead. We all love the meat lovers pizza anyways.

Okay, boys are up and moving. Time to herd them to the car for school, and the youngest to Grandma's (he said he did not want to spend the day with Daddy, so Grandma had told me it was ok to drop him off as usual).


Thursday, April 8

A Dry Spell

Again, I have had nothing to write about for the past few days. Somehow, I have been able to get through them, but don't recall anything spectacular.

Weekend is almost here, but it is going to be a boring one at my house.

Daughter finally got her driver's permit (again) yesterday. So now she will need drive time. Yee Haw.


Monday, April 5

Fresh Week

Man, am I glad the holiday is over. Seems I get pretty pissed about them holiday things.

Had a great afternoon at Sis'. Lots of good food, and we all watched a movie. Kids did an egg hunt in the backyard. My dessert went over well. Sis wants to make that a tradition thing now... me bringing dessert each Easter. I dunno.

Today I am taking it easy. Play some WoW, eat some candy.


Sunday, April 4

Should I Be Happy?

It's Easter. Need I say more? Evidently I do.

Reverend Mother, quit reading. I will do nothing but make you mad.

As I have said before. I really hate any sort of holiday. Commercialization.... fucking bastards. They ruin it for me. So, yes, once again, because I have at least 3 kids that "expect" Easter baskets, I have to fucking sdpe3nd my time buying shit to put in them, AND actually set them out for the kids.


Don't get me wrong.... I love my kids. But "to be expected" to perform this shit. Who the hell am I surprising? I kid you not, my kids "know" they are getting a basket. The only ting they do not know, is what kind of candies are in there.

So I put things in their eggs... like fortune strips... that said shit like, "If you get a job, you can buy your own shit". And "Quit window-shopping, save your money for this."

I lie. I really didn't. My kids would roll their eyes, thinking this shit is true, then they would look at their mom and ask, "Really?" and she would say, no, here's the real Easter.

All before she loads them in the van to go to that institution of religious learning.

Me? I gotta make dessert in the morning for the family lunch. Then, I wanna buy some Jack and get drunk, but that won't happen.


Thursday, April 1

Results are in

I am a fucking LOSER.

Yeah, not happy how the "finals" were ran, and .... no matter what, I did not win the "lucky draw"... which is how they picked a winner. Had nothing to do with talent, or number of songs performed....

i am angry.

 small letters. Emphasis on the emotion.


Yeah, big letters are no f'ing help.