Saturday, January 31

Time for the Super Bowl, or is it Super Blow?

Tomorrow is the "Big Game", at least, many here in the Valley say that phrase. Just because the Cardinals are finally in it. I am not complaining about their victories to get to this 'exalted' position, just sort of tired of hearing about it wherever I go in town. Seems like every commercial, news report, radio announcement, signs at restaurants, etc. Then again, maybe it is just me. More than likely that is the problem.

Either way, tomorrow I think will be spent up at my Sister's place. One of my aunts flew in from Indianapolis on Thursday to visit for a week, and she may be appearing there tomorrow. We had kept her visit in secret for my sister's birthday, and concluded with a surprise party Friday night. I believe this is my sister's favorite aunt.

Since the aunt is in town, I invited the Wife and Daughter to join Aunt, Reverend Mother, Sister, and Niece on a shopping expedition today. We are talking shopping at the malls, everyone getting pedicures, girly-girly convo and cackling and giggling I would not be surprised took place as well. The end result is nice though. The Wife is very happy I included her and that I watched the boys and let her have some "girl time". Plus she has pink toe nails now. The Daughter's are a reddish color.

Actually, the boys and I went to Fry's Electronics and picked up the HD converter box (had that $40 card from the Gov't) and hooked it up to the TV. Damn if we didn't get WAY better reception on regular channels, but picked up about 15 other HD channels. Kewl! Now if I ever get a chance to watch any TV shows considering the Wife and kids have each night planned out for the TV.... sigh. Can't win them all.

Tonight I managed to watch some show about the top 10 SuperBowl commercials ever, blah blah blah. They were able to show a very few seconds of some of the commercials to be shown tomorrow. Obviously they could not show the whole thing, but still.... $3 Million for 30 seconds, and no refunds - is the cost this year for an ad on TV. Are the commercials going to be any good? I am waiting to find out. If I can remember any by the time the game is over. I did leave that bottle of Maker's Mark over at the Sis's place...

Nothing else exciting. Kids seem to have most of their grieving over Spunky done now. I am going to wait and see if they bring up the convo of another pet. Hopefully they won't, but the Wife and have talked a bit just in case. For now we are going to wait on them.

It's getting to be after 10. I need to get my hiney to bed to be sure I am well rested for tomorrow. Good luck to both teams and their fans.


Tuesday, January 27

In Memory of ...

Our family pet of 16 1/2 years has finally reached the bigger potential for pets. After another seizure this morning, and I think another by mid-morning, it was time to take her to the vet. It was hard, but I think I was more pissed off at the $154.00 I had to spend to "put her down easy". I tried what I could to get more of a discount, but them animal fuckers are secure in their charging. At least I made sure she was going to be burnt, before someone nails her ass, that I don't know. I hope not. for the price I paid, I hope her body gets the best before being flamed.

Yeah, that sounds bad, but you deal with what I have today. The kids come home and we have to tell them the family pet is gone. Oh yeah, and they ask for details. She sat in your bed, and lost her stomach and bowels. I left it for you to clean up. Detail enough? Of course that did not happen, but I wanted to exclaim that. No, yer not gonna find her stomach remains. I already cleaned that up. Her bowels, though, you can do that duty. they are right in front of your room. Like that would be so easy.

Damn dog is dead. I need 4 pet rocks, for each kid to learn to take care of, etc.

SuperBowl is getting closer. yee haw. See ya again soon.


Monday, January 26

Slow Down Monday

Yeah, here it is mid day already, and I still have not much to write about. The Monster Truck Jam was awesome, and I had more fun than I thought I would. Just seeing the joy and happiness on the son's face really made it a great experience.

Sunday was a so-so day. Our softball team played our usual level of play, and then I went down to the pub. I did get a double eagle on Golden Tee and pissed my buddy Smitty off. I am only mentioning it now because he commented about it I see.... But of course, the second game he came back and whooped my ass.

This week is going to be a rest up week I think. The Wife is wanting to move some furniture around the homestead, so I am sure I am getting drafted to do some of this during the day.

Okay, I am out of here to go do some reading.


Friday, January 23

Pre-Weekend Errand Madness

Welcome to Friday! If I had a normal M-F job, I would probably be really happy about today. In the meantime, since I am not working, I get stuck doing errands and whatnot.

What is my day going to be chock-full of? Oh, little things. Run to the store to get chips for tomorrow's birthday party. Run by the library and drop off the books I have, plus see if any new ones are in. Then I suppose I am going to the bookstore and picking up a novel or two for the nephew's bday, and maybe a couple from my list as well.

Just typing that much makes me feel tired, and thirsty, so after all that, I will probably head to the pub for some beers.

Spunky is doing better. Seems she is pretty much back to her regular self, just maybe sleeping a bit more. No idea how much longer she'll hang around this plane of existence.

Saturday night is the monster truck jam. The oldest son is getting anxious. My sis said something along the lines of Pit Passes, but I don't know if she meant for sure or not. I'll have to be sure to take the camera when we go.

Double header of softball on Sunday morning. And no football games to watch. I ain't counting the Seniors Bowl for college. Though, SuperBowl Sunday I have been invited to what I think is going to be a pretty big party. Heck, any party here will be big since AZ Cardinals are in it.

Okay, I am off to watch "Appaloosa" before I head to do errands.


Wednesday, January 21

Spunky is Losing Her Spark

I don't recall offhand if I really ever mentioned anything about our family pet. I guess the word "pet" doesn't really cover it, as she has been a part of our household for 17 years almost - almost as old as my daughter. Her name is Spunky. She has a black fur coat with white belly, and now, quite a bit of gray around her muzzle. She is a mixed breed of Chihuahua and Daschound.

Yeah, I can see you trying to picture this dog. Imagine a chihuahua, then grab its hips and stretch them back about 7-8 inches, and you have Spunky. She is chihuahua in seemingly everything, except body length - fur type, bark, excitability. I remember back when she was around 6 months, and we took her in to be spayed. The Vet explained she had a heart murmur, and that we should not get her excited at all for any reason. Yeah right. A chihuahua NOT getting excited at something? Hell, someone knocks on the door there goes 5 minutes of extensive barking and charging at the entrance!

Anyways, over the past several years, Spunk and I have seen differently. She thinks she is queen bitch, and I think she is just a bitch. We take it out on each other in whatever way we can, she and I. Nothing better than first thing in the morning getting out of bed and stepping into a WARM puddle of dog pee, on the way to the bathroom. Or snapping her jaws at me if I roughhouse with the kids. Well, it's been a while since she has done that one. The Wife and kids love her to death though, and she is always underfoot with the Wife.

Bottom line is, age has finally caught up with her, and last night it really started to show. For months now, the Wife and I had been noticing her sight tended to be getting worse, plus her hearing. Some of her teeth had started falling out, and we had to change her diet a bit from just dry foods. Each time we would be sure the older kids were aware that signs of aging were catching up. Last night Spunky ended up having some sort of seizure, or attack. The Daughter came screaming for me (I actually thought one of the boys had finally killed one of the others). I saw the attack had pretty much subsided and Spunk couldn't move - seemed very disoriented.

I had the Wife get a couple old towels to get under her (in case of bowel/bladder failure) and explained that Spunk was probably dying, and I had no idea how long she would last. That brought on the tear fest. The Wife and daughter won Academy Awards, Emmys, and Golden Globes for their portrayals of grief. The oldest son was a bit misty eyed, the middle son wasn't sure how to react, and the youngest - heck, he kept right on playing with his toys. I made sure the Wife knew to have the kids say goodbye (just in case) before bed, and we would see how Spunk was doing in the morning.

This morning, she is doing better. Back to walking seemingly okay, control of bodily functions, eating good, and just giving me bitchy looks. All most as if she is saying "Fooled you asshole. I ain't going on yet and making you happy." Bitch. The Wife and I decided we would wait the next few days and see if Spunky retains her normal self, or if we need to finally put her to sleep. I would rather do that than see her become some floppy floor mat in front of the kids.

So, once she does finally go, be it sooner or later, people always ask me if I would get another dog to have around the house. I usually say hell no, the kids are getting a pet rock - one for each of them to take care of on their own. But after last night, I don't know. Maybe if we got another dog, it and I would get along. I'll just have to think about it, and see how things go.

So, now we can change the subject from dying family pets, to - OH! It's my sister's 40th Bday!!! What a segue in topics! I have already called her and wished her a good day. Though our convo was filled with many "Huh? What was that? I couldn't hear you..." jokes. And she has hearing aids... If she wore them...

I think that is it for today. It is Hump Day, but I couldn't find any decent pics to place here. Well, I did find some, just too lazy to do it right this instant. Maybe later I will put them up. In the meantime, it is getting close to time for the pub to open, and I think I may go down and have a few.


Monday, January 19

The Eve of the End of the World

Sounds drastic, doesn't it? Realistically, it is not true, but in theory, I could believe it. After all, Obama is being inaugurated tomorrow. But to get out of that depression mode, let's move on to other things...

SuperBowl - Damn! Surprised the Cardinals made it, but they did. Too bad it wasn't last year when the Bowl was here. I am not big on jumping onto the bandwagon, so I won't be really cheering for The Cards or Steelers. I guess I will be mostly be looking forward to the batch of new commercials to come out. That, and wondering how bad will Bruce sound at the halftime show....

Today has been a quiet mellow Monday here at the house. MLK day. Yee. Haw. Kids were off school, and most people are as well. I still wish the State had not voted to be off today - but there was no other way for us to get the Superbowl in AZ without it.

I spent quite a bit of time at running through what they recommend for my reading based on other purchases, etc. I am trying to create a list of books to be watching for when I go to the library, plus getting reserved for me, or if I decide to purchase some books. A bonus to having my list I can throw the author sites to the faves folder and keep on eye out if there are additional books in the series, or any other new releases. I guess I am finally trying to get organized in this aspect.

Over the weekend we received our coupon for the DTV device. I suppose I should get out this week, or maybe next Saturday and go shopping for it. What's nice is there are a good number of stores close by that are on the list to purchase at.

Here it isn't even the 20th yet, but AZ state has sent out our tax form/book in the mail. I haven't gotten my W-2 from last year yet and probably will not expect it until mid-February. End of January for the Wife's as well I am sure. That's okay - we don't have the Fed forms yet, plus the Wife usually doesn't sit down and figure them all out until April 14th anyways.... well, maybe not he 14th, but it seems that way sometimes.

The Sis hits 40 on Wednesday. I know she is not excited about it, but I am going to get in all the teasing I can. I know she'll be doing the same when I get there in a couple more years. The family will probably get together on Saturday to celebrate her day, plus her son's (which is the week after). Then Saturday evening us Men & Boys will head to Chase Field to watch the Monster Truck Jam.

Welp, I been sitting here at the computer for too many hours now. But I got a lot of surfing done, and went thru a bunch of game discs and whatnot sitting around here. Actually got to throw away quite a few!

I am outta here as the Wife is now home.


Wednesday, January 14

Wimpy update for the masses

I got nothing for you today. The back is doing better. I figure another day or two and I should be back to normal. Mainly hurts when I sneeze, or cough, or try to take a dump. Yeah, I know - TMI. Oh well. Gotta have quantity not quality here, huh?

It's been warming up here in the valley with temps in the low 70's. I feel for all you in the midwest. Trust me, I used to live there too, I know how bad it is this year.

It is hump day, and since I have nothing else for you, here's a couple humps for the guys (and the girls that like 'em too).


Monday, January 12

Football, Beer, and Backpain

That right there are three things that I normally do not put together. However, this past weekend, they collided and no amount of aspirin/ibuprofen is helping out. I can imagine y'all trying to figure out the lucky combo as to how it happened, and you'll never get it right. But I am sure you could think of some pretty funny (and for some of you, perverse) antics.

Saturday I spent the afternoon/evening at friend's playing boccie ball, having some drinks, and watching the Cardinals & Carolina game. Of course, being in Phoenix, many Cards fans were there. Heck, since my 'Skins are out, I am rooting for them too. With a bog win and a great time, I went home that night. Sunday I got up and went to the softball game. Then I was a good boy and went back home to take care of a few things. In the afternoon I was getting up from reading in bed, and happened to give a deep cough - just as I was twisting/rising to a sitting position on the side of the bed. The muscle in my side/back area on the right went 'STRAIN' and now I hurt. Between the Flex-All 454 and ibuprofens, I don't feel any better. Any coughing, blowing the nose, stretching or bending hurts. The next few days are going to suck. I already tried to get into my car, and for today it won't be happening.


Anything else exciting? I should get my coupon for the HD converter box thingy this week. Glad to know I ordered it before the shortage came around. I guess when I can get in to the car, I should head out to get the device. Just under 10 days for the Sis to hit 40 and I still haven't thought of a good present.

Okay, I am off to watch some b&w combat movies I got for Christmas.At least sitting down doesn't hurt too much.


Friday, January 9

Hmmmm, Just Where Has the Time Gone?

I hadn't realized it had been over a week since the last post here. I was trying to do better in "jotting" a quick comment, but I guess since the 1st, I have reneged on that idealism. Now is a good time to attempt to get back in the habit...

Not much has been happening since the last post. The goals I set for this year are being worked on, thus a part of my computer time has been taken away. The job search is back on as well. 'Boston Legal' has taken a part of the days as I cruise through seasons 2 & 3 on DVD. Season 4 and 5 should be arriving soon as well.

The kids are back in school. Christmas has been boxed up and placed back into storage at the house. My car still needs to get into the garage to have the radiator checked for a leak, and new hoses I am sure. Other than that, I think my other time is spent thinking up a good gift for my Sis' b-day coming up. She turns the nice mature age of 40, though she hasn't matured as well as some of us. (She reads here, I want to be sure to egg her on a bit). That, and my grandparents will be flying out from Indiana this early February for a visit. It'll be the first the have seen my kids in about 3+ years. I am not even sure if they have seen the youngest since he was born. I am sure it will be a great event as the Ralphd00d's will do our generation picture I am sure (Sr, III, and IV).

No pics today. Unfortunately, I am in the process of tracking down the Gas bill since it seems someone misplaced it, and I am receiving the blame. A phone call, and I am sure it will be taken care of.


Thursday, January 1

Resolutions - BTW that means I lie

For the first post of the 2009 year, I find myself in a place that is not my home. Fortunately, anyone that could give a hit is asleep, and some of the very loudly sawing logs, but for the most part asleep. I think I found 2 younger children still awake playing some online game ( I think World of Warcraft, but I could be mistaken). At least I had my kids ... oh, let's not be petty starting out the new year.

Yes, we had a wonderful evening at my Sis's. The older children, plus myself, stayed the night. I think it had something to do with the Jack Daniels, but who am I to place the blame anywhere?

So, it is the start of a New Year, shall we talk about resolutions. Oh yes please. I hear you screaming it out. Let his be the same as mine, let us fail them all together, and share the excuses. That is me. Excuse central. I am too literal, too well-read, too much the better spoken, that my excuses fall like water on a duck's back when I throw them out. The family goes, uh-huh. OK. Not even sure of what I am throwing out. Thank goodness for library cards to build the vocabulary to do that. Now if I could impress other people....heh!

Seriously, now though. Resolutions for the new year. What is a resolution? I took the time (hell, I have a whole year's worth to do it now) and looked it up. The book available to me was the Second College edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, published in 1985. The word "resolution" consisted of 9 separate explanations, the 9th having actually an a) and a b). I went so far as to go to, and here is there definition:

res⋅o⋅lution  /ˌrɛzəˈluʃən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [rez-uh-loo-shuhn] Show IPA Pronunciation
1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group.
2. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
3. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
4. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.
5. the act or process of resolving or separating into constituent or elementary parts.
6. the resulting state.
7. Optics. the act, process, or capability of distinguishing between two separate but adjacent objects or sources of light or between two nearly equal wavelengths.
8. a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem, controversy, etc.
9. Music.
a. the progression of a voice part or of the harmony as a whole from a dissonance to a consonance.
b. the tone or chord to which a dissonance is resolved.
10. reduction to a simpler form; conversion.
11. Medicine/Medical. the reduction or disappearance of a swelling or inflammation without suppuration.
12. the degree of sharpness of a computer-generated image as measured by the number of dots per linear inch in a hard-copy printout or the number of pixels across and down on a display screen.

As you can see, between 1985 and the spread of the internet, there have even been more definition to the definition. When it comes to speaking about a New Years resolution, I think the item as #2 suffices, from both standards.

The act of resolving to do something.

I am going to lose weight. I am going to go after that promotion I should have had. I am going to tear up this town in marketing my product. I am going to be that better person. I am... I am... I am.

New year. New starts in life. That's someone's good marketing. It's been around as long as I can remember, and I am younger than some....only been here since 1971. But this time of year I always hear the same rigamorale - is that a word? I am too lazy to look it up again. Actually, it was only three pages away, and I had to add the 'e' at the end to make it spelled properly. So, we have no idea who started the trend about 'making new fresh starts in a new year, but I think we all agree, it sure sounds like a good time to do them, eh?

Unless your company's fiscal year ends/starts like September or something. Then it sounds like too late to do much good. That is a whole 'nother bit of hot shit I wanna stir up later this month - be prepared.

So, in the meantime, you wanna set goals for self-improvement, for bettering yourself financially, for making the world a better place.... I am not going to stop you. I encourage you. I stand behind you in this literary sense, and commend you, yea, support you, in these endeavors. For as I see it, nothing is killing this world more, than natural HATE, and IGNORANCE, and lack of anyone wanting to make a difference.

You are still with me? And how do WE make that difference? Let me tell you ..... I have no clue. But, I bet if each morning, as you go to your car, or in the door to work, and you tell some one "hello" that you normally just glare at; or say, shovel off half the walk of the ones next door; or some other act of general kindness - even outside the damn Christmas holiday.... hell, everyone is nice thinking Santa is coming to town..... but outside the conventional time that holidays set... who the hell knows what can happen.

Me? Yeah, I got my resolutions. I am selfish. It is hard to get over that, just because I am so great. Hey, had to throw a joke in there somewhere.... seriously, myself.... My goals - something I am resolving myself to do - strengthening my family ties; controlling outworldly desires (basically, quit drinking so much); and lastly, this will fall into place with some of the other things, but take better care of the body, so I can last to do more of the family stuff.

Yeah. Lotta tough stuff on my list. At least for me. Can I resolve to do it? I dunno. But a fresh year, maybe I can mark it as a fresh start. I don't have a fiscal time... it is now or never.

How much time you have?

Love y'all! Happy New Year. Look forward to seeing ya again!