Thursday, September 30

Is This Thing On?

Good morning everyone. I finally found my way back to here, though nothing of any excitement has happened to interest anyone.

I am pretty much back to normal. I get some pain flares once in awhile, but, yeah. Pretty much back to my normal, lazy self.

Except this morning. I had been hoping the past several days that I was over the early morning waking up stuff. This morning makes me thin k different. Here it is 4am, and guess where I am? Giving you an update you will never forget! LOL!

No, this morning I think I am up early do to my dream. I don't tend to remember any in the morning for the most part anyways. This morning though, I recall waking several times during the night, usually falling back into the "same" dream. And when I woke up a half hour ago, I was stiff all over, as if I had been cramped in a position with a majority of my muscle throughout the body tightened up. I also awoke, ready to jump and run through the house for my family.

I don't know what brought it on. I have heard say that dreams are just bits and pieces of random thoughts, memories and experiences from the previous day, floating and colliding in your sub-conscience, but hell, I don't think anyone knows for sure. And I can't think once of anything having to do with tornadoes, or funnels popped in my head yesterday. But I sure as hell dreamed of being in a bad situation with one... actually more than one situation, as it seemed I would awake, then drop back in for another one. I know that last one I was dreaming of being all tensed up and curled up, hanging on for dear life to some thing embedded in concrete, inside a garage, as a tornado of the Type 5 (OMFG size) ripped by in the yard. Yeah... what the hell brought THAT kinna dream on?

So I am sitting here recapping for you, and drinking some Hawaiian Punch Red, trying to work out some stiff muscles.

Some people in my life have been known to have "prophetic" dreams and bits of their dream have come true. I sure as hell hope I don't have that capability. In fact, I don't know why, but I scanned the major weather websites this morn too, just checking if maybe some big storm hit somewhere last night. Everything that I went through, never saw a word about any tornadoes. Whew!

In other exciting news...oh wait, I ain't got none. Have a good day!


Monday, September 27


Whew! I am worn out. Truth of the matter, is I am just fat and lazy. Oh, and let's not forget out of shape. Yesterday we had traveled down to Tucson as my daughter was having her first Honor Choir concert at the UofA. Actually, in a way, it was nice to get out of the valley, though, there wasn't much change in temperature (a few degrees). Anyhow, the concert was nice, and though I felt we had to walk quite a bit (no more than maybe 4 blocks either way) it was a nice evening. We made it back home just short of midnight.

But being that I am fat, lazy, and out of shape, that walking is making me pay the price today. The legs and back are letting me know that they are not used to that kind of activity, or at least that much of it at one time. So actually, that bit is tolerable. What is really driving me nuts today are my allergies. I just cannot get my nose to quit running - and I am not even going to talk about the constant sneezing. I don't want to take any allergy meds though, because I know then I will require a 3-4 hour nap. The meds always kick me in the ass and knock me out - and they are just over the counter.

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be turning 19 this year. I am sure when I take the time to really let that sink in, I will feel a bit old. Anyway, we had taken her down some gifts last night as well. She is coming back up for her HS Homecoming game the 8th, and we are planning to go out to a nice dinner the 9th for her birthday. I even was nice and invited her boyfriend, who I actually do get along with pretty decent. Well, for at least as social as I am.

Well, that is about as far as I can plan for today. I really don't feel like doing much since I am muscle sore. I may just end up watching a couple movies and playing some Warcraft. Then again, I may end up taking some meds and passing out. I downloaded several free e-books to my kindle over the past few days, so I got lots of reading to do as well.

Decisions. Decisions.


Thursday, September 23

Thursday... hmmmmm

It's been a slow week. Hard to believe it is Thursday already. Nothing of import is happening.

My friend and I didn't get together Wednesday night for dinner and putting that nook together (finishing it). She had a migraine.

Saturday I have another friend flying in from Texas for awhile so a bunch of us are getting together at the bar for that.

Sunday we are headed to Tucson for my daughter's first Honor Choir concert.

I stayed up too late playing Warcraft, so I am headed back to bed for a couple hours more sleep.


Monday, September 20

Another Monday

What a fine weekend that just ended. I got my Kindle reader, and I am still earning all the stuff it has and can do. I think it and I are going to get along real well!

Here it is Monday again. Another week starting and I have no major plans. Wednesday I am headed out to dinner with a friend - then finish that breakfast nook. We met up Saturday, and decided that Wednesday would work better. She is not 100% sure where she wants to place it before we piece the final bits together.

Sunday will be my daughter's first Honor Choir concert, and it is looking like we will be making a trip to Tucson to catch it. I guess most of the other concerts we are aware of are in the middle of the week, so less likely we would be able to attend.

Tried to finish up season 2 of "Sons of Anarchy", but the dang dvd won't play. Had to send it back to Netflix for a replacement, so later this week hopefully.

That's all I got for now. Maybe something interesting will happen soon.


Saturday, September 18

It's Here!

I am a little bit excited! My Kindle reader finally has arrived and I am getting ready to head to RM's to pick it up. I won't be able to do much on it until I charge it, I am sure, but it is finally here. I can't wait to load books on it and start in!!

Other than that, it is Saturday. I am headed out this afternoon to meet up with my friend and then helping finish up the breakfast nook. I am at a part of the put-together that I need a second person there to help hold the pieces steady while I get them "screwed" together.

Hope you all are having a good weekend too!


Thursday, September 16

Nothing Missing

Gee, it's like, Weds or Thurs already, and I am not sure which. (shrug) Guess it really don't matter since there is just today and Friday for the rest of this week. I cheated, I looked at the date on the want ads next to me. Yeah, it's Thursday.

Nothing exciting has been happening. I have been trying to cut back on my bar visits, and as of this exact moment, haven't been out for a drink since Sunday. No small feat, you say ... Well, maybe for you. I am trying to stretch it to Saturday, where I know I am meeting a friend at the pub. Then I gotta go finish putting together that breakfast nook.

So. Yeah. Nothing exciting.


Monday, September 13

A Good Weekend Gone

This past weekend was a good one I do believe. Had a fun time Sunday watching the softball games, followed by a wedding there on the ball field. Spent the afternoon hanging with some friends. Collected some monies won from a Nascar pool I am in. My Redskins beat the Cowboys.

Yeah. Good weekend.

RM got notification from Amazon that they have not shipped my Kindle yet. It has been delayed. She received two notifications, one saying it is to be shipped the 20th. The next one saying the 27th. I dunno when it will get here now, but I know I am anxiously waiting for it.

The daughter comes up from college today and will be staying overnight.

Tomorrow I have plans to go to a friend's house and put together a breakfast nook she had ordered. I am hoping it should only take an hour or so, taking my time with it. I'd like to be back home before it gets too hot out to be driving around.

Slept good last night, but feeling a bit groggy still this morning. I may have to end up heading back to bed for a nap soon.


Friday, September 10

Ain't Here Yet

Welp, it's Friday. I been waiting all this short week for that Kindle to come in, but it ain't happened yet. Maybe today.

Daughter coming back up this Monday for the night and an Ortho appt in the morn. Be good to see her after a few weeks away to school.

Been another one of them nights - up at 3 this morn. I am off to watch some Sons of Anarchy Season 2.


Tuesday, September 7

What A Great Weekend!

This past weekend was a great one! Labor Day (my birthday) we spent most of the day out at my Sis' having hamburgers/hot dogs, and lots of different sides. Kids went swimming. I got my Kindle I been wanting! Though, due to shipping I have to wait a few more days. Everyone had pitched in for it! I did get the leather cover for it already, just need to wait for the actual device. I already started looking for sites for free book downloads.

So now the last big holiday of the summer is over. Next one is Thanksgiving (I don't really count Halloween). I am looking forward to the fall time so the heat will go away for a couple months.

Missed having my daughter up from college, but sometimes work and gas funds don't always work in our best interest. She should be back up in a couple weeks for an appointment, and I assume we will see her then.

Everything else reverts back to normal. Kids back to school, Wife to work.


Monday, September 6

Last of the 30's

It's late. But that makes it early for my big day. It's my birthday today, and I am hitting the last of my 30's. Yeah, 39 this year.

We are spending the day out at my Sis' having hamburgers/hotdogs on the grill, salads, chips, etc. Their new place has a playpool so we will be able to cool off as well.

So all them years ago, I was born on the 6th, which happened to be Labor Day as well. Kinna weird how it has 2 meanings.. labor that is.

Alrighy, I am off to bed. Here's to hoping I get a Kindle, or similar for my bday.


Friday, September 3

Ready for the Weekend!!

Helllloooooooo, Friday! It is a bit early (not quite bright out yet) and it is the regularly considered last day of the work week, heading into a three-day holiday weekend!

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Preacher Tom and I went and watched the early movie of "The Expendables". It was pretty good. Weird seeing some of the action stars from 20 years ago, doing another action film at their age.

Then, later that afternoon, Reverend Mother, PT, my Wife and I all went to the NFL pre-season game of the Redskins vs Cardinals. My Redskins last, but we had a nice evening out. It was a first time trip for the three of them to the new stadium, and my Wife's first-ever NFL game to attend. RM had won tickets for the suite level through a contest at work. I think she said she bought like $30 worth of tickets, hoping to win the football tickets because she knows I am a Redskins fan, and they don't play here that often. She won! It was a nice addition for my birthday!

Today though, I am paying a little back to the piper for the good evening yesterday. Already swallowed some Ibuprofen to help ease the discomfort of back pain, intermixed with leg muscle tenderness, and the acute "Hellos" from forgotten muscles. We had done a fair amount of walking, and I me being out of shape doesn't help any.

So, today, I have nothing really planned. Try to sit still as much as possible so I don't ache. Oh yeah, I gotta call the Jr High and straighten out a bill. Yeah, a bill. Seems the cafeteria has sent home a notice with my son that he has an outstanding balance of $18.00 with the school for lunches. Thing is, he has never ate the school lunch, and has always brought his lunch. So, our guess is some other kid is using his student ID number, or they assigned his # to two students. I get to call and straighten it out. Yee haw.

Okay, enough tine ya have spent here reading today. Go enjoy your weekend!