Saturday, June 30

Delay Tactics

It's Saturday, and I am writing something. Actually, what I am doing is delay tactics so I don't have to get out and start doing whatever it is that needs getting done today. I was up pretty late last night playing WoW, so slept in good this morning. It was a nice time playing. The Daughter plays on an account, so occasionally we meet up and talk while playing online. We did that for about 3 hours last night before this old man had to call it quits and head to bed. Good stuff.

No major plans for the weekend, even if it is pre-4th of July holiday. I think we are going to just end up having the holiday as a normal day. The Wife has to work at least half the day. Some insurances (Medicare for one) requires the patients have treatment, even if it is a holiday. And I am sure there is some other thing in there about required number of days in a 7-day period, etc etc. Either way, it puts a bit of a damper on going anywhere for BBQs or whatever. The Daughter is thinking about coming up for the day, but I told her last night that since we aren't doing anything, it may not be worth the time and gas money to drive home. She said she would think about it.I should just tell her no, since we pay for her gas inadvertantly.

Okay, well, I guess I should get motivated to do something - even if it is 112 outside.


Friday, June 29

June Is Ending

The first month of summer vacation has ended for the boys. June us ending this weekend, and the July 4th holiday is Wednesday. Kind of a crappy time to have a day off from work for a holiday... a Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week, not extended weekend. But I guess a day off is better than nothing. We have no major plans for that day. I think the Wife will want to take the boys out to watch fireworks, but I usually don't go with them. I don't like the traffic coming/going to those events, and half the time, here in AZ the firework shows are just crap. Park in a dust field for 2 hours, hope it all settles before some fireworks go off, and then fight traffic another 45 mins to just get back on the road. No thanks, I'd rather sit at home and watch a movie or something.

I decided to let all three boys stay home today with me, being how it is a Friday. Give Grandma a chance to rest a bit. Though, I truly think they help her out more than just wearing her out... most days. I am sure they will all be wanting to be on the computer, at the same time, so will have to set up some sort of schedule where they can all share time. I'm sort of still waking up enough to figure it out. Had to get the old blog done, so RM would have something to read this morning during her quiet time, or whatever it is when she goes reading on the puter. Maybe we can get over to RM's for some swimming today. I'll have to think about it....


Thursday, June 28

Pepto Don't Always Work

So, today I have been reading many opinionated comments from friends about the whole obamacare ruling from the SCOTUS. It makes my belly flip as I read some of them, and what this healthcare package does. Granted, I am not as informed about all the details as I should be, but it is sounding more and more like a huge mess. Needless to say, I am not going to rant or rave about the pros or cons of it, but I will be making my vote when it is time to do what I feel is right.

I am spending today with the youngest one. Well, not really. He is more engrossed in playing some games on the computer and will probably be doing that all afternoon, long as I don't make him get off.

I'm in a bit of a contemplative mood today.


Tuesday, June 26

Things are sort of back to normal (for me) today. My body is working at par, and today I have the middle son at home to spend time with him.

One of the authors I like to read is Dean Koontz. As the Daughter got older, she ended up liking some of his books, at least the ones that had a similar main character in them. He has a 'series' (and I use that a bit loosely) of books concerning one Odd Thomas (character name). I recently received notice that the next book (#5) is due out in July, but there were three short ebook novellas, written like a serials series, that sort of filled the interim between the last book and the next one. Fittingly, they were called 'Odd Interlude #1', etc. Anyways, I know I made her day when I sent her my Kindle copies of them yesterday. She was ecstatic to be able to read them. I also told her I would be getting the next book when it came out and would give her a copy.


Monday, June 25

Making Changes ... Well, Making Something...

Last week was not a very wonderful week in most ways I think of it. Each of us ended up sick with some sort of 24-hour "bug". In some good way, it only seemed to hit most of us one at a time, so the bathrooms weren't overloaded with lines waiting. Though, I am sure our stock of toilet tissue went down a good amount. Even I fell prey to the bug Friday, and though my symptoms were not near the extent the Wife and kids had been, I still felt them. Though, by Saturday, I was back to normal.

While the Wife was ill Thursday, I was trying to do my best, as usual, by doing some of the grocery pick-ups at the stores that have Thursday only sales. She had mentioned it would be good to get some Gatorade, or similar, to help with restoring fluids and electrolytes, etc. Being the good husband I try to be, I picked up like 4 bottles of Gatorade, in some new flavors I had not seen before, but sounded worth trying. One in particular was a Lime & Cucumber, green colored one. Seeing how we all made it through, and there was at least that one left, I opened it Yesterday to try it out. The first small sip made me cap it, replace it in the fridge until the Wife was able to try some. Mainly because the cucumber taste was STRONG! An hour or so later, she tried it, determined it was not her thing, and I went to work on it. Took me a couple hours to finish the thing (yes, it was that bad). Needless to say, within a few hours, I started having them 'stinky belches'. You know, the ones where you know there is going to be some digestional upheaval in your near future, one way or the other, literally. It hit this morning. Been up three hours, with twice that number of trips to the reading room. Cancelled my plans for the gym, as I wouldn't want to be in the middle of some power-lift, and WHOOPS!

So, today is going to be spent reading some extra, and drinking fluids to stay hydrated. For a Monday, it don't sound too bad.


Friday, June 22

And Then There Was One ....

It's official. Now everyone but myself is sick in my household. I guess the oldest son held out until last night, and finally admitted he is sick. I wonder a small bit about myself. I feel just a small bit queasy to the stomach this morning, but not to the point of tossing my cookies. And speaking of cookies, it might be because I ate a few of them last night that I feel this way.

Reverend Mother brought by our supper last night. Once she heard that I had three people sick, she offered to make her chicken noodles. I don't know what about her chicken noodles - whether it is just a comfort food for me, or what - but it is always great to have them to eat. Mom used to have a batch made for me that I would freeze, and no one could eat it, as I saved it for when I got a cold, or the flu. Nothing makes me feel better than RM's chicken noodles. And she made a big enough batch, there is leftovers!! Bonus!

Today, Preacher Tom and I are planning on heading to the theater to watch 'Prometheus'. Te boys were going to go to RM's while we are out, and do some swimming more than likely. I don't know who all is going now. It's not quite 6am here, so will have to wait to see how everyone feels as they wake up, I guess. The new washer arrived yesterday, and I got it put in place and hooked up. Of course, there is a problem. The one we purchased happened to be the last one, so it was a display model, and did not come with a drain hose. The delivery person was nice enough to take off our old one, and put it on the new one, but the problem is how it attaches. The old one had a sort of squeeze clamp that held the drain hose on the extension from the washer. The new one, it just sort of pushes into a hole. So the problem is it has nothing to hold it in place, and once we hooked it all up to test, it leaked some water.

A return trip to Lowes was in order, where I was informed that they have none for GE in stock (drain hoses) and supposedly a universal one would not work. They give me a card for an appliance company here in town that I need to go to to get the part. Supposedly, there is some kind of attachment with screws for this type of drain hose. So I suppose I will be going to check that out today, as yesterday was just too hot to do it. Though, it'll be afternoon by the time I get to it today, and it is supposed to be over 110 again.

I off to eat some breakfast. Maybe this little bit of stomach queasy will go away.


Thursday, June 21

Pulling In A Sick Day

I have a house full of sickos. No, they aren't perverted (like me) they are just sick. Seems the youngest had it the other day, and decided to give to his brother. That one decided to give it to his mother. I'm hoping that all the beer I drank last night will be enough alcohol to kill the germs before I get sick. I have no desire to be releasing fluids from both ends all day long.

That being said, I should get out of here to go hook up the new laundry washer. Delivery came this morning, and because the particular one we purchased as the display model, there was no drain hose for it. The guy was nice enough to remove it from the old one, and put it on the new one, but mentioned it may leak. So now we need to hook it up, and run it a bit to see if it holds. Otherwise will be another trip to the store for a new one. I hope it holds. I don't feel like messing with it anymore than I have to.

Tomorrow PT and I are supposed to go see a movie. The boys will spend the time with RM, possibly going swimming.

I'm feeling pretty tired already. I wonder if there wasn't enough alcohol, and I am getting sick....bah!


Wednesday, June 20

Upgrading Appliances

Last night I finally got the Wife to go with me to Lowe's to look at laundry washers. She finally settled on a style after, I dunno, 20-30 minutes of looking at every single one. Even the one I told her was a definite NO... them ones with the glass tops. If it ain't glass, I still wouldn't trust one of the boys to not break it the day we brought it home. Anyway, so not a bad thing on price, free delivery for Thursday, and they will take the old one away too. Today the oldest son and I will get the old one out and ready to be picked up tomorrow. This is our first brand new washer, so am curious as to just how long it will last. All the previous ones have been used and lasted maybe 2-3 years each.

I'm still a bit tired, and may be headed back to bed for a few. I went to bed about 9'ish last night, as I was pretty tired. Come 1am, the Wife woke me getting into bed, and then yelling at the dog, who was getting into something. So, I couldn't get back to sleep and ended up playing Warcraft until about 5am. Just the hour or so of sleep since then is just dragging me down right now. Even tried taking a shower to wake up a bit more, with no luck.


Tuesday, June 19

Using a Sick Day

My youngest son is sick today. I awoke prior to 6:30am to the sound of him throwing up. Followed just a few short minutes later by him crying because, in his half awake state, his underwear filled with some 'soupy poop' somehow without his knowledge. Yeah, you can tell it is going to be one of them days. After the quick clean-up, he was given some Pepto, and currently he is asleep again... on my bed. He better not have an accident there.

Taking the kids to the church yesterday to play to the water activities must have really worn them out. The middle son was to pick something special to do today, as a reward. He had ended up taking two naps yesterday afternoon/evening, and still looked pretty beat near bedtime. I had asked if he had decided what he would like to do, and he didn't know. Actually, he just said he just wanted to stay home. What?!? Yeah. Stay home. I knew he wasn't feeling completely there. I offered instead to just postpone the special thing to a later date, and he was fine with that. Today is his turn to have the day at home with Dad though.... after we visit the MIL's for her weekly grocery trip.

I'm a bit cranky this morning. Must be because of the youngest not feeling well. Just got done getting after the oldest son. He was making himself comfortable on my bed. I told him I don't use his room to sleep in, so he shouldn't use mine. Add the fact that his younger brother is sleeping there, sick, and I don't need him waking him up and start him hollering. I got the glare, and him stomping across the house to very nearly slam his door. I swear, today he just might get the dressing down he deserves if he doesn't knock this shit off. Yeah, I'm a bit cranky.

Feeling like it could be a long one....


Monday, June 18

It Must Be An Age Thing

Today feels like another recovery day. After this weekend... heck, after most weekends ... Mondays seem to be that for me of late. Not that I did anything extremely tiring, mind you.

Saturday was spent just around the house pretty much. I ended up staying up pretty late (for me) playing games on the computer. Sunday was Father's Day, and I started out my morning meeting up with a friend for 'breakfast'. Lunchtime I came home, and spent the afternoon with the kids. The Daughter had come up from Tucson, more for something else than for Father's Day, but it was nice she was here. We went to Garcia's, a Mexican restaurant, for dinner. Though it being a holiday, they were not overly busy, but the service just was terrible. I received a gift certificate for a free entree (under $10) to use before July 15th, but with service as bad as it was last night, I probably won't use it.

Yeah, when I put down the basics of the weekend, it doesn't sound like I need to recover from anything, but I sure feel differently. It must be because I am getting old.

Today, I will be taking the boys to the church for some kind of water activities they have a few hours today. I guess Mondays they have some different events going on for the kids. The middle son is being rewarded this week for being overly helpful. We felt we should acknowledge his efforts. I gave him a couple options of ideas of things we could do, and surprisingly, he came with the idea of going bowling on his own. I told him to think about it, and probably Tuesday we could do it. Hopefully, he will want to do something that is at least inside and air conditioned.

Saturday, the Wife brought to my attention that the washing machine was making a noise. Every time it went on the agitation or spin cycles, it would make some "noise like it was going to fall apart". I spoke to my appliance repair guy (the friend I met up with on Sunday) and mentioned it was making the noise all the time. He thought it was the water pump, as it runs all the time, and thought it would be a minor repair cost. I found out later it only does the noise at certain cycles, and could not reach him for better info. Either way, I told the Wife we would just get a new one. We have enough int he bank to get a new one, and it will be our first new one ever. The past ones we have had have all been used ones, and eventually after a couple years break down. I suppose we will be out this evening looking at a couple places.

I suppose I should get on with whatever stuff I need to get done today.


Friday, June 15

Let's Wrap Up This Week

This past week hasn't been a bad one overall. Spent sometime with the boys. Saw a movie at the theater. Woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep. Yeah, that is this morning. I don't know if I need to start going to bed later, in order to sleep in past 4-5am, or what. But since I am up early, you get some more of my random thoughts for the day.

Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom got a dog. Not that that is anything weird. If I remember the details right, it is a 9-week old black Lab/Shepherd mix. They named it Marley, or at least I think they named it that. The dog is named Marley, but since they got it from a rescue shelter, it may have already been named. I haven't been formerly sniffed by Marley yet, but am sure it will be sometime soon. I have mixed feelings about RM & PT having a dog. Originally, the idea was based on that RM would have some sort of protection, as she likes to take evening walks around the neighborhood. Not a bad idea, since PT would prefer to not go walking with her - not the company, he is just not a fan of 'just walking'. And I know RM reads here, so I am probably putting my foot in my mouth, but where else am I allowed to say what I want, when I want, and how I want?

RM always wanted a smaller 'lap sized' dog. PT always wants bigger - like shepherd, doberman sized dogs. Marley is 9-weeks old, so I guess RM gets the lap sized (for a short time). My parents are not as young and spry as I am.Well, maybe more spry, but not as young. Are they going to be able to keep up with this pet? Take it with them when they go on weekend getaways, or retreats? Am I the one that is going to be asked to    come over and feed/water/walk the dog when they decide to go out of town? Not that I mind it. I live the closest. But I don't want to have to adjust my schedule to accommodate a dog that needs to be let out at least twice a day (if not more). I don't know. Actually it is not me just being selfish and thinking of how it may affect me.... How long will they be able to care for Marley? I'm guessing, a dog that size probably has an easy lifespan of 15 years (at least) and possibly more. Though my parents are healthy and in good shape, that's a number of years, and I am sure Marley will be wanting to be active.

Not that I have much room to gripe about loving and having pets. The Wife and kids have pretty much always had a dog, or cat, or both, throughout most of our years together. Stuman has a few dogs, and Sis has 3 small dogs, a cat, and a rabbit last time I knew. I will admit (this one time and never again) though Daisy and Rusty (aka Crack Kitty and Spawn of Satan) are a pain in my ass more often than not, I still sort of like them. I can't believe I admitted that. I must be bit off mentally from waking up so early.

Oh well. It's not my dog. I can always say no. Just hate the thought of a year or two down the road, they having to give up Marley as things aren't adjusting to their lifestyle the way they thought it would. Who'd thought I would care about a pet that even isn't mine? I must be off in the head....


Wednesday, June 13

Movie Day!

Welcome to Wednesday, aka Hump Day. This is the first day I don't have all three boys at home. I decided to opt out and spend the remaining days this week sort of one on one with each of them. Except, when I made that plan last night, the Wife changed it. I guess she has Friday off, to see the doctor, so will move that son's day to next week. Either way, I know somehow it will all work out.

Today should be fun. I have already gotten the gym out of the way this morning, as well as the shower. Plans to follow include: heading to the theater to watch "Battleship", possibly visiting a my buddy in the rehab, and either way, get over to a certain store that has some really good specials I want to get. Seeing how it is my house, the specials are Kool-Aid Jammers drinks, and Bar-S ham. The two older boys eat more than I do most days.... unless it comes to lettuce, then I got them beat hands down.

Not sure which son will be staying home tomorrow, or what plans I may make happen. I know the Wife and I were talking last night, that we need to let the middle son know how much we appreciate his effort. To explain, he helps out around the house more than the others, even if he is the one that complains about shopping, or that he is bored, the most... he feeds/waters the pets each morning (without being asked), willing to do the dishes (when I don't want to - which is every chance I get), and just regular things that need doing. I am thinking about taking him to Castles & Coasters for a day. This is a place where they have a few smaller attraction rides (including a loop coaster) and 4 different putt-putt golf courses, plus a huge inside of video and arcade games. I haven't decided yet, but am leaning close to that idea.

I need to get some other things done before we head out for the early showing of the movie.


Tuesday, June 12

On The Edge of Reality

I had a hell of a dream last night. One of those that feel so realistic, you wonder why you don't wake up there, or find it still going on around you. This particular one was almost too good to be true. No, it didn't have any model lounging around skimpily (or naked) in mine, or anyone else's bed. No souped-up hot rod with air scoop on the hood muscle car, or Astin Martin with spy gadgets. This dream was better. It had Sam Elliott.

Who is that, you ask?
Just something about that deep voice he has, and the menace he can betray in it....

Anyways, so my dream was pretty vivid. Now that it is a couple hours after  waking, it is slowly fading from my grasp, but it had something to do with the calvary days... the ones where they rode horses. I couldn't tell you what we were fighting against, but Sam Elliott was my CO, and somehow I got drafted and instantly promoted to find/create my own group of people to complete some do or die mission. I was able to take whoever I wanted from any personnel I could find, even conscript people if they weren't military. I recall one scene where I was in a crowded "jail" - literally packed like sardines - telling some guy, and some gal, that they were now serving under me and to get their stuff together. I wish I could remember what exactly the mission was, but it escapes me. Just the talk I got from Sam Elliott was pretty cool though. I don't know what sparked it, as I don't recall watching any Elliott films lately, but maybe it was some commercial. I know he does some voice stuff.

This morning the boys and I will be heading over to the MIL's to help her get shopping done. The oldest will be accompanying her to help lift anything that is heavy (sodas, etc). Then we will be back home doing who knows what. Probably listening to them fight and argue. I'd like to get up to see my buddy that is hospitalized this week, but not sure when I will get a chance. No need to push the boys off on grandparents, but I may see what RM is doing maybe Thursday. Give me a couple hours to go visit maybe.

Welp, I guess I should move on to getting the boys ready to head out soon.


Friday, June 8

I Got Nothing

It is a good thing that today is Friday. I say that, because as a rule, I don't bother posting on the weekends. That means I have the next couple days to maybe have something interesting happen, or come across something that I would be able to share come the start of next week. Otherwise, I really have nothing. Sort of like today.

I kept the three boys home today (rather than them going to the MIL's) just to try to get some stiff done, and spend time with them. Usually when the three of them are together, I have a long day that when the Wife comes home, I am just frustrated as can be. Going to try a few things differently today (letting them live longer) so see how it goes.

Yep. That's all I got.


Thursday, June 7

How Good Is A Disclaimer

We've all seen disclaimers, whether we knew what they were at the time or not. Seems most times, it has been the small print at the bottom of the television screen, when that fast lawyer talk is going on. Hmph. Infomercials many of have seen - you know what I am talking about.

Whether Pro or Con, many of us have seen disclaimers. Personally, I remember more of the ones that were 'against' me more so than the ones in my favor. Think about it. Are you able to truly say you remember more happening in your life FOR YOU? I thought not. That was a 'given'. A deserved right. Just because it worked in "our" favor... we don't think about the other side.

My post isn't about the ones on the bad side of things... It's more about the disclaimers.

Recently, I came across a Facebook post that someone I had 'friended' put up. It looks totally legit, and it was at a time that the general Public (note the capital P) was hearing things (again) about issues going on about Facebook. For you that do not participate, you can Google the word Facebook, or ask friends, and make your own opinion. Either way, I copied, and pasted, this disclaimer that looked legit, sounded pretty good, but probably does not make one whit of difference. For reference, it follows:

WARNING: Any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental, public or private structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information or any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s), or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.


It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one. This is now a publicly traded site. Protect yourself.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Many people I am 'linked' with on Facebook copied and posted it as well. Does it work, legally? I have no fricking clue. I am not a lawyer, and I sure am not hiring one to find out. Do I say things there (like here at time) that could inadvertently make someone do something that we all would regret later? Probably. So? The thought is "we are all adults.... deal with it". Right?

In recent months, I have come to realize, it is the simple solutions that work best. I am tired of the whole CYA game. Why should one have to play that, if they are providing good service (in whatever field)? 

Regardless of what any one person/organization/affiliation thinks about our government, is this little blurp going to stop them from taking whatever they want, changing it to fit their needs at the time? No. Does that mean Gov't is wrong? Everything in power is corrupt?

I am not saying that. I have my opinions. Don't you? Isn't that what we're about?

So. Copy and paste that disclaimer wherever you want. I looked at it as 'it can't hurt, even if it don't help'. Right?


Wednesday, June 6

*Yawn* Too Damn Early

It's another one of those mornings where I woke up just over an hour earlier than I needed to be awake. Don't get me wrong, I slept very well last night. Maybe that was why... the body just said it had enough rest and now it is time to get up and wear myself out again.

The son started band camp yesterday. The sessions are a couple hours shorter than originally scheduled, which means we have to readjust our schedules as well. Irritating when they pull stuff like that just days before, and we have to readjust our schedules to accomodate their changes. Either way, he seems to be enjoying it. He brought home the Bb horn he will be playing for marching band yesterday, too.

The Wife is on her last day off today. We have nothing planned.

I should start thinking of getting ready to drop the son off, and maybe head to the gym.... maybe.


Tuesday, June 5

Oh My, Temper Temper

My family has always known about my quick escalation of temper. From happy go lucky to red-faced yelling anger can happen within a second. And it has happened twice today.

First was this morning when the Daughter called me. She had scheduled to bring her car into the dealer this morning to have the catalytic converter replaced (under warranty). When she had called a week ago to set this up, they had said that it would take the week to order and receive the part, thus, scheduled for today to bring the car in. Once there, they said they the part had not been ordered, and that they would not accept the diagnostic from another source saying the part was needing replacement, and would have to run their own.  The big issue being they would do this diagnostic test 'when they found time in their work load'. Note: she had a scheduled appointment, why would they push this back? Oh, because we don't pay for it... Then, if they concurred, they would order the part (overnighted) and then do the work. From the way she relayed the information as she received it, this dealership was soon to get a visit from me. For their good fortune though, within a couple hours they had called her back, said they did the diagnostic, confirmed it needed to be done, ordered the part, and hoped to have it all completed by early afternoon tomorrow. Plus, there was a recall on some power train module, which they would do at the same time as well. Needless to say, I don't need to go to Tucson now to talk to someone to get the shit straightened out.

The Wife got me angry today, too. She had some paperwork that had to deal with life insurance coverage provided through her employer, and she was confused about some of the information. So without even letting me read the papers, she is telling me provide certain stuff, though she has no clue how to fill out whatever form. That started me, and then while I am trying to read the stuff to fill it out, and answering questions on the form, she is telling me that I was not being accurate and truthful, blah blah blah. Mainly, she was saying I have to tell them I have high blood pressure - which I don't. I have never been diagnosed with it, though I take a low dose medication to help control it, to prevent it becoming high. And I add, that it has been getting lower everytime I see the doc, since diet and exercise are contributing factors, and he is talking of removing the meds. Anyways, I finally blew up, and told her she doesn't know my health as well as I do, and to just fuck it, just white out my info as I didn't want the coverage if she was going to second-guess, and inaccurately, put my info there.

Sometimes, I wonder if it would be better on some days if I just didn't get out of bed.


Monday, June 4

It's All About The (Camera) Angle

Many of you know that I have been trying to improve somewhat on my health. Over the past year and a half, I have lost around 40 pounds, and that being barely halfway to my ultimate goal. As those of us who do these sorts of things know, it isn't always easy making certain lifestyle changes that make the weight stay off, and not just fast-loss routine that gets discarded whenever we want. Admittedly, I am not losing as fast as I would like, but it is still an overall loss. There are other changes I could make to have things work better and faster, but that is a whole other topic. Today is about angle.

The first thing I think of when I hear angle, is a triangle. If that isn't the first, it is usually something that the point of interest is the 'corner' or where you see the line(s) bend/turn/change direction. When it comes to weight, I picture an arc, like if one were to trace the outline of a sideways profile of my tummy on to something. That's not much of an angle, with the first thought I have, but bear with me.

This morning, being so dedicated as I am (yeah, right) I got up and went to the gym. I am still trying to work off the few pounds I gained those two weeks I was lazy. As I was walking in, there was a paper sign on the door stating that there was the possibility of anyone there being filmed this morning and to 'Smile'. As I went in to begin, I was obviously trying to figure out why would there be filming? New ad for the gym? It's a national chain, I am sure there are other facilities that would be more advantageous to use than the one I attend. A movie? Maybe someone's small non-profit one. Or some indie filmmaker wanna-be. Maybe someone's hard-luck weight or recovery story for some TV special. Yeah. That's all I could come up for having been awake only 30 minutes this morning.

Turns out I was wrong pretty much all the way. My gym has a basketball court "room" on site. This morning it was closed, as they were doing some sort of Summer Skills Clinic there. I have no clue what that is. Either way, one of the local TV stations was there to do some kind of clip for their morning show (like the Today show, runs like 5-9am). Either way, while doing my workout, I saw the camera guy doing some filming around the gym. I don't know whether it was 'live' shooting, or just clips to use for filler, etc, but either way, I was in it.

So, back to the angle thing..... As I read the sign and wondered what was going on, the random thought ran through my head, 'Is it true the camera adds 10 pounds?' As I realized I was being filmed, I hoped he wasn't using a wide-angle lens.

I don't know if it would make a difference on adding the supposed 10 pounds to me, but that one guy in the grey shirt and shorts, sweating like crazy, red-faced, huffing and puffing.... that was me.


Sunday, June 3

Tossing Out Some Stuff

I was a bad boy the other night. I met up with some friends Friday night, and ended up being up all night. After a couple power naps throughout the day yesterday, I went to bed late last night, and slept surprisingly well.... until 6:30 this morning. It was at that time I just suddenly awoke (I presume from the internal clock). Needless to say, it has only been an hour, and I have completed my regular routine with not much more to do. I have a feeling it is going to be a long day.

The Wife has taken the next few days off from work. I think she said through Wednesday. There was no particular reason for her to do so, just that she needed to use up some vacation time. Convenient with the timing though. Just being about 3 days short of owning the newer van for a year, we get the registration notice in the mail yesterday. I am somewhat pissed though, as I could have sworn we requested a 2-year registration at the dealership - not a one year. I think they screwed with us on that one. This is the newest vehicle we have ever owned, thus making it the highest registration we have paid. Almost $400. Sigh. I know, I am sure many of you have higher amounts. Overall though, I am glad to say it should have no problems passing the AZ Emissions test required. Now, just because I said that, something will happen.

My buddies are meeting up for Bloody Marys this morning, but I decided after the other night, I really don't feel like making that meeting. I told one of them last night that there was a good chance I would not be there, so not to be surprised.

I have been doing quite a bit more reading of late. I guess I have been getting 'burned out' playing some of the computer games I play, and have turned a bit more to reading (again). I have been finishing a couple books on the Kindle every 2-3 days of late. Not that any were of a great story to recommend, but at least it was good enough to read the whole thing. I think last week I must have started a good 5 books or so that I just couldn't finish. The writing style or story was just crap to me that I wasted no time in deleting it from my Kindle. That's the problem with Amazon's free ebooks. Sometimes, the new authors are just crap writers.

My mind is blanking out. I should think about getting some breakfast. Breakfast burritos sound good, but it will probably end up being a granola bar.


Friday, June 1

It's A Bunch Of The Little Things

Welcome to another Friday. At my house, it is the first Friday of the summer break. Which basically means, Dad spends time with each son for one day each week. Or at least try to whenever possible. Today I am starting with the middle son. I see a little bit of chore work in the morning, followed by lots of computer play time the rest of the day. I'm easy that way. Maybe a McDonald's run for lunch. Who knows?

The oldest starts the first week of band camp next week. The younger boys have Vacation Bible School in the evenings.

I didn't sleep that well last night, and think it may be affecting my ability to think coherently enough to post today.