Monday, April 30

Bah, Another Monday

Blah. That's how I feel this morning. I guess I spent too much time at the pub yesterday, even though I did win several items from the raffle they were having. The best prize I won was a $60 pool cue, which may come in handy considering we are starting a team up near the end of May to play a season.

I feel like I need to do so many things today, but I really don't. I was going to clean out my van, but I am feeling pretty lazy.

Think I will go take a shower and see what I feel like doing.


Saturday, April 28

Angry and Frustrated

I got some bad news yesterday. A friend that had been in the hospital took a turn for the worse. He had been released to a rehab facility, and just like a day before been relocated to one much closer than before. So I am a bit upset about that.

Then I get home, just to find out (after playing 20 questions with the oldest son again) that he has a mid-term grade of F in English. How? Missing assignments. Supposedly, he has the list of ones missing that they are allowing him to make up for a partial % from the actual grade. But what was he doing before I got home? Playing games on the computer. Did he have homework? No. At least not until I found out about his F.

This morning, I woke him bright and early, so he could get started on the work he needs to make-up. I made him give me a list of the assignments needing to be done, and he could only come up with three items. I fail to see how 3 miscellaneous assignments is going to get his grade up from an F. So I am pissed. Plus, he his grades have dropped in Science and Social Studies as well.

I am getting more and more pissed rehashing all this.

Friday, April 27

Checking the Calendar

The end of April is pretty much here, and looking back over the calendar, it looks like it was a pretty slow month. In my mind though, I feel it was much busier. I only see two things that were marked that were of enough interest/notice that I had to mark them on the calendar. I guess it is the impromptu things, like Preacher Tom's 75th birthday dinner we did last Sunday, that fill in as those busy moments. It is always better to have good memories rather than datebook with a schedule. This weekend is filled out to end the month with the Wife attending a women's retreat for the church. A one-day event that she is going with Reverend Mother on Saturday, and I will spend the day at home with the boys.

I flip the month page, and slightly grimace at the amount of things going on in May. It starts early with me taking  RM & PT to the airport for their trip to Indiana. From there, it is almost 5 weeks of end of school stuff: concerts, trips, and promotion events (8th grade, and I assume Kindergarten). The Daughter is even coming home for a week, on break from her school. I know the Wife and I will be trying to find some time in there somewhere to talk about a possible family trip for the summer, or later in the year.

I spent yesterday having lunch with RM, and this morning having breakfast with PT. Aside from regular bits of 'catch-up' conversation, both have asked about our plans for the summer. I flinch when I hear that word 'summer'. Here in Arizona, the first thing to pop into my mind is the sweltering heat. I would almost swear sweat instantly appears on my forehead. This summer looks to be a hotter one than the past few, as it is already been over 100 here in April. Our winter was warm, and it is just leading into literally, one hell of a summer. It would be nice to get out of town for a weekend or something, if we can decide what to do, or where to go, without it costing a fortune.

After breakfast this morning I helped RM & PT with a couple things. I had showed them how to get's daily list of free books from the best sellers list, and for PT, how to download to his Kindle Fire he got for his birthday. He seems really excited to get a few books so he will have something to read on their trip, though I don't know when he may have time to read with all the family visiting, etc they are doing while in Indy. I helped RM get some pictures from her old blackberry phone to d/l on to her computer. It isn't often now they call me asking for help on the computers. I guess they are getting more literate, or software is becoming more user-friendly (for the ones they use anyways). A little more of me having to let them grow up and become independent, like I struggle with for my kids.

Sheesh, on that, now that I feel like an old fogey, I am going to try to find something to do that isn't on the computer.


Thursday, April 26

Trying to Plan Out the Day

Sometimes, I just don't understand my kids. In particular, the oldest son, who is turning 14 next month. Yes, I know. The average parent can NEVER understand their teenage offspring, but this is a bit different. Not only have the Wife and I had to nag on him about due dates for certain school projects, but he has over the last year, become a Journeyman Word Manipulator. What's that, you ask? Simple. He uses the English language in the way that suits whatever his current purpose ahead.

This past week, at least twice I have inquired about the 4th quarter book project his English class does. After five minutes of my inquisition (correct word) I finally am able to determine that the current phase is a 'group' portion, and he obviously cannot do alone, and is not needing to be completed until Friday (Friday being the time I am guessing - he had said later this week). I have to play 20 Questions with him, it get any information, and it is especially worse when the end result is he has to do some work.

He has also become quite good at neglecting to give us information on things he is required to need. Last night, after being home for quite some time, and about an hour before bed, he informs me he has to be at the school by 8:30 this morning. This is the time his bus normally picks him up, and it truly is no bother for me to take him earlier. I questioned why. His response? 'I don't know. The band teacher just told us the whole band has to be there by 8:30.' Is there some concert performance during the day? There is nothing on our calendar we are aware of of concerts this week. 'I don't know.' Special event at school you need to perform for? 'I don't know.' The Wife and I think it may have something to do with a 6th grade orientation today, but otherwise have no clue.

This morning, as I did my morning routine of emails, I received one from his English teacher, that she had sent last night - after I had gone to bed. It stated they are working on research papers. This was never mentioned by the son - even when asking about school projects earlier this week. The email mentions that they have outlines due TODAY, and in class today will be working on the thesis statement, and first paragraph. No worries. The last of the email says that students should have a flash drive available to use during the time they are working on the papers, so that students will not have to re-write work between class & home. Did the son bother to tell us? Of course not.

While taking him to school this morning, I inquired, well, more like 'grilled' him about it. Yes, he will need a flash drive. No, he didn't think to let us know. No, his outline is not done as the teacher had him change a portion of it so he is "slightly behind" where he should be. Should he have mentioned this last night, when I asked if he had any homework? I think yes, but he thinks because they will be working on it in class today, he shouldn't be required to say it is homework. I told him due to his inability to manage not only his time (again) and be responsible to let us know when other items are needed for schoolwork (the flash drive) he was going to have to get through today with none of it, and that we would be on his ass about the research paper constantly. I even threw in the possibility of contacting his teacher if his evasiveness in answering out questions was going to be happening. He was not a happy camper when I dropped him off. I am not exactly thrilled myself.

Today I was thinking was going to be a decent day. It is cloudy out, with a bit of wind. High temp is only to be about 81 (down from the 100+ we had last weekend). Now I have to make a special trip out shopping to get him a flash drive, and I really am not in the mood to go to any stores. but now that I have to get out, I probably will head over to get a haircut as well. I know I need one.

I think I am just flustered with dealing with the son.


Wednesday, April 25

It Was Here a Minute Ago ...

Six hours ago, as I laid in bed wondering what am I going to do to get some sleep, I had the greatest idea for not just one, but two blog posts. The ideas were so great, I fell asleep before writing them down, and thus, you get this crap today.

It's Wednesday, and I should be getting off my fat, lazy ass, and heading to the gym. however, I am hung over just enough (meaning, not enough, but I will use it as an excuse) and don't think I will be going today. Yes, you can tell I am really heartbroken over it.

Sitting here with my head in my hands isn't helping you any, so guess I will see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 24

The Tuesday Grind

It is another regular Tuesday for me. I will be heading over to the In-Law's to sit with FIL so MIL can get some shopping done. I don't mind it much. It's another couple hours I have to sit and read. After this morning's shift is over, I will be returning home to fire up the Warcraft Beta for the new expansion they have coming out. I have been expecting the invite, and it finally arrived. Rather, I finally checked the email on that account, and saw it had come in Friday.

I have gotten a bit more serious about job hunting. I scoured through my sites for employment opportunities yesterday, and actually found one that was acceptable. I went to their site, and proceeded to do the online application. Then there was a questionnaire, that if you answered well enough for them, you would continue on to some other kind of more 'in-depth' questions. I looked at it more as a psych test that you always answer the correct answer, not necessarily what you would really do. Most of the questions were scenarios, and the options listed weren't the greatest. I debated with myself if I should answer honestly, or correctly. I chose honestly. Most of my answers would have been the same either way, but there were many you just couldn't answer, based on the choices given, because I would have had one (or more) other ways of handling the situation. This is where the old face-to-face is more important I think. Either way, it doesn't matter now. No sooner had I finished, I already had a rejection email waiting from them. Yeah, one of those 'Thanks for applying, but you don't meet what we are looking for' form letters. This coming from Kmart of all places. Yes, I applied to Kmart - it was an office/admin position, not like a cashier or stock person.

Nothing like a good ego boost like that to make you want to keep looking. Sigh.


Monday, April 23

It Has Arrived!!

This past weekend was a fun time for me. My bro Scotty B was in town, and we got to hang out and catch up on things. Granted, Friday night was a long one, and we all drank more than we should have, but we did have fun. Yesterday pretty much ended up our time, as I went to Preacher Tom's dinner the Rev. Mom treated for. Today, I am feeling a bit weird.

Me feeling weird? Yeah, yeah, I know. I am always weird in some aspect. But no, I am just feeling different than what I think I normally do. Last night, I wondered if I would be feeling more like hungover, but no, I a'm not. Here most of the morning is over, and I still have not made it into the gym. I might even head over there in a few. Just a bit unsettling that I can't figure out why I feel this way.

Nothing major planned this week. I know PT wants to do a movie maybe Friday - or breakfast. Otherwise, seems to be a normal week according to what is actually written on the calendar.

I think I am off to the gym. Maybe it will make me feel more normal.


Friday, April 20

The Elusiveness of Sleep

In my past, I have had my bouts of insomnia. My times of restlessness wen trying to retire for the night. The late night stress and worrying thoughts that keep coming to mind. Even the middle of the night wakings for the babies (thankfully not more than one at a time). Each time it happened, it was dealt with. Sometimes a nap, or earlier bedtime the next evening. Though there have been times where I have gone several nights without any sleep, that was years ago, when I was younger. I feel the toll now, when sleep eludes me.

The other night, I retired to my bedroom at the same time as usual. Brought in my Kindle, settled into bed. I read a bit longer, as I was at the end of the current book. But still I had problems getting to sleep. I awoke at the usual time the next morning (once I did get to sleep) and felt tired most of the day. No naps, lay down to rest, nothing of the sort. I wanted to push the tiredness so I would hopefully sleep better that evening. We had a good dinner out, and I was comfortably full; the drowsy feeling was starting upon me. I went through the normal routine at the regular time, anticipating falling asleep.

And it happened. Slumber overtook me.

Then dropped away quickly a few short hours later, after I awoke from a startling dream. It was gone. I laid there trying to recapture slumberland, but between the fast beating of my heart, and the surge of adrenaline that felt like it was pulling a Nascar race in my bloodstream, I knew there was no going back. After about 45 minutes of trying, I finally decided I might as well arise and greet the day. Only, the day wasn't out yet. The sun not risen from it's Eastern bed.

As usual, Facebook was a time waster.


Thursday, April 19

What's This Space For?

I'm feeling a bit tired this morning. Last night, I went to bed a bit later than I usually do. Mainly because I was finishing up a book I was reading - the second in a two part series. But also because I wasn't feeling tired. I laid in bed a good hour or so before I gave up and decided to do something else. Finally around 1am I returned to bed, where I flipped around for at least another 30 minutes before falling asleep. I got up out of bed at the regular time, though I still feel tired. I thought maybe I should do a regular day, and then will sleep that much better/easier tonight. Here's to rational thought process....

My buddy Scotty B is arriving in town today. He and his wife are here to celebrate 3 years of marriage. The RM married them. They requested we do a family night for dinner at a restaurant in nearby Glendale called LA Piaza Al Forno, which is a fancy way of saying homemade Italian style pizza. It's a Mom & Pop place that has made that food channel show with Guy Fieri. I have never been there, and neither had they, so we decided to check it out. I need to wait til they open later this morning to contact them about our large party. RM & PT will be joining us as well.

From talking with him the other day, it sounded like they had pretty much made plans for each evening. I know I will be joining them a bit on one of them, just am not sure which. I am guessing Saturday, as the plans are to be at an Irish pub, and they have traditional Irish music performances. Scotty B & I enjoyed it years ago, but haven't been back. Sunday I know we are meeting up at my regular place for the race, after I get there from the softball tournament.

This weekend hasn't even started, and already I am feeling a bit worn out....


Tuesday, April 17

The Way Monday Should Start

Ahhhh! It is a nice sunny morning, and I feel fine. Mondays should start like today is, as compared to how yesterday came and went. I thought things would get better after posting yesterday, but they didn't. I ended up with what I call a tension headache. You know, one of those ones that the muscles in your neck/upper back are so tense & tight it causes a headache. I finally got it to go away for about 30 minutes when I fell asleep reading, but it came right back. After an early bedtime, and a good night's sleep, I am hoping it doesn't make a repeat appearance. I have too much stuff I need to get done today.

Doing my weekly appearance at MIL's to sit with Dad while Mom gets out for some banking and shopping. Then from there, I am headed out to see a friend of mine that is in the hospital still. Following that, I may be running over to Sis' to look at some computers they have sitting around. I need to see about getting one with a faster processor than mine currently has, so I can play Diablo III. I am hoping one of the computers there wil work, but am not holding my breath.

Guess I should get my SSS stuff done. SSS, you ask? Shit, Shower Shave. It's early here!


Monday, April 16

Plain Worn Out

I fell pretty used up today. I felt that way a bit yesterday, but am actually more sore this morning. I am pretty sure it is from doing the brake pad replacement on the Wife's van Saturday. Either way, I am sore in the shoulders, back and legs. I think it was all the up and down, lifting tires, etc. I can only imagine how much sorer I would be if my buddy Don hadn't been there helping.

The Wife is feeling pretty sore today as well. She, along with the Daughter, and two of the boys, did the 5K walk for Parkinson's yesterday morning. The youngest (6 years) actually completed it, though I guess there was a small stretch the Wife had carried him. Something about he fell down. The middle son joined me at the ball park for the first week of tournament. We are off to a 1-1 start, and continue to next week. We start at 8am again, and will basically play until we lose. After softball, I even laid down for a nap, but still awoke feeling just "worn out". The Wife did the same. We were feeling so tired, we ordered pizza for dinner.

I am supposed to go see my buddy that has been int he hospital either today or tomorrow. His girlfriend has said he needs visitors, and regardless what he says, to go see him. I'm supposed to talk to him about what style Kindle he would like, as they want to get him one. Definitely easier than bringing him books ll the time. Feeling as I do today, I may do the visiting tomorrow, and just rest up today.


Friday, April 13

When Does Break Time Come?

Things are stacking up on my calendar it seems this weekend. Though, I am not getting paid for any of it, it is still nice to get out and do several of the things. Some of them are actually needed, and not just a luxury.

This morning I received an email from Blizzard. I have been asked to participate in a beta testing for 'Diablo III' (their newest game due out May 15). This is the same company that has World of Warcraft. I get a free version of the Diablo III just for signing a 1-year agreement to continue playing (and paying) for WoW. this is my first time doing a beta test, and I hope to be able to share with other friends how great (or not) this game will be. Unfortunately, I won't be able to really sit down and start playing until this afternoon. PT has been asking about going to the movies for the past three weeks, but nothing is showing that I want to spend the money for, or it is a movie that I would rather see with my family, knowing that they are interested in it as well. Today changes that. 'Lockout' comes out, and we are planning to see the morning showing. It's nice to be able to see the morning show as it is usually cheaper (about $5) and no one is crowding the theater. Plus, having the rest of the day free is nice.

Following the movie, I will be heading to the car part store to pick up pads for the Wife's van. A couple of friends and I are doing the brakes on it, and one of their cars tomorrow morning. I had stopped out yesterday to get he parts, but her van make/model/year had the option of pads or drums for the rear, and I had no clue. I had to crawl under there last night to find out out. Pads it is.Kind of almost sounds bad... getting pads for the Wife... lol!

Tomorrow, as stated, will be doing the brakes, but I feel it won't be but 2-3 hours. That is adding in some time to visit, as the friend's house we going to, his daughter will be there, and I want to meet her. She is a writer, and I have read the two books she has written, but never met her. Afterwards, I am not sure what our plans are. RM emailed me saying the Oscar Mayer weinermobile is going to be at a Walmart near us from 10-2, but I don't know if the boys would be interested - or if I want to brave the crowd/traffic to see it.

Sunday of course is softball in the morning, We are starting the tournament for the season. We play at 8am, and it is a double elimination, so have no idea when our second game may be. They set up the starting schedule based on win/loss record, and we were 7-7 for the season. We may have a second game if we lose, right after our first one, or with a win, may not play til 11, or even the following week. Much of it depends on how we do our first game, and how others end up doing. I don't expect to take it all, as there are a couple REALLY competitive teams playing. Our team is there for fun more than anything, though winning is always better feeling than losing.

Oh, forgot to mention... my buddy that has been in the hospital with pneumonia finally may want me to visit. He has been going through chemotherapy for the past 3 months (about) and this bout of sickness has had him hospitalized for the past month. From others, I have heard that he has lost ALOT of weight, just atrophy and not eating right (many things don't taste edible due to the chemo). I got a note from his girlfriend to call her - he wants me to visit. I may be doing that this afternoon before playing video games.

That means I probably won't be posting this weekend.


Thursday, April 12

Pay Up, Or Else!

It's getting close to the time of year when one's income taxes to the government are due. I know this, as the Wife is scurrying around the house, trying to find every medical receipt she can remember ever putting someplace (though not all in the same place). I do not know why she procrastinates every year, down until the final days before they are due, to prepare the paperwork. Luckily, in the past few years, we have received money back and it hasn't hurt us.

I remember a couple months ago. I had gone through all my receipts for prescriptions, dentist & doctor visits, etc, etc, and got them all together. I also kept hold of the state tax booklet, her W-2s and any other mailings I knew we would need (college payment transcripts, investment stuff, etc). I had it all clipped together. I even tried to give it to her, but she didn't want it at that time. Why she was waiting I have no clue, except that it was February, and not April. Tuesday night I had gone out for a bit to the pub (trivia night, what can I say). No sooner than had I got there, she is calling asking for all the tax paperwork. I told her where the stuff I had were located. She didn't want that. She wanted all the other stuff. I said I had no clue where she put it all. She proceeded to get all pissy with me, saying that I "knocked over" her paperwork from HER desk, and now SHE can't find what she needs. Then she hung up on me. Yeah, hung up.

I was pissed. I resolved I wasn't going home for a longer period of time than I had planned. A couple hours later, I noticed I received a text message from her saying she found it, though she never admitted I had never touched it. Last night, as soon as she got home, I handed her the stuff I had had for two months. As I am trying to go to bed later in the evening, she claims she can't find certain stuff and starts blaming me again. Being pissed off at this whole thing of waiting to the last minute and taking it out on me, I get out of bed, and proceed to show her where everything I had together is located. Then I finish it all off with "That's all the tax stuff I have, know where is, knocked over, spit on, or anything else you want to blame me for. I'm done with it, do what you want with it." Yeah, wasn't nice, but I AM done with it. I offered to do the taxes before, but she refuses to let me. I guess I don't waste time scrutinizing the instructions, doing every little sub-worksheet to try for every little penny I can get. Yes, she does drag all figures out to the penny.

It's exasperating. I'll be happy come Monday.


Wednesday, April 11

Doing It Early

Yeah. If you hadn't guessed, it was still easy to figure out. Especially when it is almost 3am here where I am. Yes, I was at the pub tonight. Yes, it was one crappy night to be there. No, I didn't win at the trivia they had (the main reason I went, and no, there was no nice prize to win but a 'fish handshake'). Needless to say, I think I ended up going through about 6 books tonight on my Kindle. Yeah, finished up the decent one I was reading; didn't make it past 10 page turns in about 5 others, and a little over 60% through the last one I got started, though, I will admit, it is still a bit lame compared to what I like, but I wanna know how it ends now. This last one, it is along the lines of a movie called "National Treasure" where some obscure, family document leads them on some 'treasure hunt' through ""National Areas"" (double quoted for sure). Lame, but after five other book starts that sucked, now I just wanna see how it ends. Almost like a bad movie.

PT has been bugging me of late about wanting to see a movie. I sent him about a week or so ago, the trailers for 4 movies coming out over the span of April. On Easter, he mentioned it again, and I will admit I was not 100% in the thinking department (Bloody Marys will do that when ya have a few) but I admitted I would see if there was something this week I would be willing to see. Yeah. As of tonight, I have not looked. I mean, heck, nothing has changed since Friday at the theaters. But I suppose when I am done here I will look either way, and email him so there is no 'discrepancy'. Just getting back to him will alleviate (mmm, big word) him for the time being. I will have to research more movies over the weekend when I have a chance I am sure.

So, being it is this hour of the early morn, I will prolly be doing a bit of sleep-in. At least til about 8am. Maybe earlier, if Rusty (Spawn of Satan) and Daisy (Dumb Bitch of a Dog) jump across the bed and me, to keep sleep an illusionary thing (as usual). Then.... well, who knows.


Tuesday, April 10

That's The Thing About Free

I really enjoy my Kindle. I am an avid book reader. I cannot remember what exactly started my love of reading, but it is a wonderful thing to have, and share with others. I am blessed to see that at least two of my children share that love of books/reading, and though one is probably a bit young yet to tell, the next youngest, there is hope he will have it as well. Even if he doesn't care to read right now (he's 9 years old).

Back to my Kindle. It's a Keyboard Kindle, that the family got together on and gave me for my birthday almost two years ago. It isn't one of the Kindle Fire models, that has all the color, bells and whistles. In fact, it doesn't have color at all. Which is fine for me. I am able to read a book on it. I don't need the words in colors, or some colorful book display to choose what one I want to read next, or need the internet browsing capability. Mine has wi-fi available to download books. Which is something I do almost daily. seems to have a great selection in books available in ebook format. Of course, they bias it all, by making the only format being the .MOBI (Kindle format), though there are many programs for free out there that will convert to other electronic readers formats. What I like, too, at Amazon, is that they have free books on a daily basis. These are books that authors have agreed to place for free, mostly for a limited time. Some are only a day, some are weeks or months I have seen. The vast majority of them are new authors, so it is sort of nice to try possible new styles of writing, or a re-vamp of an old story plot. I know I have found a few that I have enjoyed, though their exact titles escape me right now. I save them all (the good ones after I read them) on my home computer using my Calibre program (mentioned in previous posts).

As with all new and free items, there is always that possibility of getting a product that is just a flop. With so many free books daily (or longer) I tend to download between 2 and 10 books a day. My selection process is based on genre, basic plot description, and length as a rule. Sometimes, I even base it off the cover art - if it looks interesting enough. Length is important to me (don't drop your mind in the gutter). I really detest getting a story that seems to really perk my interest, and it is only some shorty story. Nothing that lasts me over an hour or two. I like a good story that keeps me interested for a couple days, or longer. I am a big fan of series.

So, lately, I have been coming across some books that are just crap. The writing is just....blah. The spelling and grammatical errors (yes, even worse than my blog) just make one struggle through passages. Others seem to be books that they are more concerned about the word count, so there are passages/parts of story that are repeated over and over - within paragraphs of each other at times. No, not like a printing error, literally as part of the story - as if the writer thought we would forget the characteristics, or setting, of something they just described maybe 2 pages before. When you are reading an approximate 300-500+ page book, and this is happening through more than the first 50-100 pages, you KNOW it's going to be throughout, UGH!

Back to topic. Lately, I have gone through maybe 10 books (in the last 3 days) that I have just plain deleted off the Kindle. They will be deleted from my temporary library on the computer as well. Thank goodness I get so many each day.

But, Hey! That's the thing about free things, eh?


Monday, April 9

Another Family Gathering Survived

This weekend felt pretty busy with the things we had going on. It is nice to once again get some of the quiet around the house, and not feel like I need to be running off somewhere to get something done. Saturday night the Wife and I were invited over to a friend's to play some poker. We had a great time the few hours we were there, though the Wife didn't play cards, and I ended up in the top 7 (of 12). The Daughter was in town for the holiday, and she had no plans to meet up with friends, so stayed home and spent the evening with the boys.

Sunday morning I spent with a friend up at the pub having some Bloody Mary drinks, as is our usual Sunday routine. No softball since it was Easter. I headed home about noon, and we went over to Sis' house for family lunch and afternoon. I ate too much, but it was some good food. The kids got to "hunt" eggs around the house, and even get out in the pool for a small amount of time. I think it is just a tad too cool yet for swimming, but with temps being in the low 90's, it won't be long. The evening rounded up just kicking back at home catching up on other friends/family on Facebook, and how they spent their holiday. Many have been posting pics, as I did a couple, too.

I have a couple places I will be getting out to this week to drop off applications for possible employment. Nothing super fantastic, but work is work. I should have went to the gym this morning, but pretty much blew today off. I didn't sleep well last night, and has taken most of this morning to wake up, and feel like doing anything. Had some pretty weird dream fragments through out the night that I am blaming as to why I slept so poorly.

I guess I am off to try to get some other stuff done.


Friday, April 6

Stubborn and Set In My Ways

For those of you that know me, this pretty much describes how I can be at times. For those of you who don't know me, well, you just learned some more. I am not much inclined to many changes. I like things to pretty much be the same way, with little deviation from what would be the norm. Minor changes and adjustments are acceptable.

I have been using Google Chrome for my internet browser for quite some time now. I switched about the time it came out, as it seemed to run better on my system than the Mozilla Firefox I was using before. I like Chrome, and use many of the extensions (additional programs it works with) and they help make things a bit easier for me. Though, occasionally, as in any program, there are a few spots that cause more problems. One example I can think of off the top of my head, is I come across every now and then a website that doesn't support Chrome, so the content is not as graphic as it would be if I used IE or Firefox. Small negative.

Last week I was trying to burn a CD from itunes, and was having issues. I went ahead and installed the newer, updated version. For those of you that aren't aware, Apple always throws up a window asking to update other software you may have as well, and offers to install a couple that are not on your system. Usually, updating itunes and QuickTime are not major issues, as I use both. It offered to install Safari, which is Apple's version of a web browser (as well Opera, though they don't offer to install that - I think it runs on Apple computers only but am not sure). I like my Chrome, but Safari is starting to make an impression on me. The graphics seem crisper; seems to work just as well, though it feels just a bit slower. Disadvantage: doesn't use the additional extension programs I like - though it may be I have not learned enough about it to use them, or set them up. Another advantage I particularly like, is it cuts the ads out of my Words With Friends games I play on Facebook.

Yeah, I started playing that game. I originally started it because it seemed an easy one that wouldn't waste much of my time. It's Scrabble basically. I had a handful of games going with others being mostly RM, PT, Stuman and Sis. A bad feature of this game is it gives you the option to start games with other friends that play it, or invite those that don't. Now I am up to like 12 games among these folks, plus other family members, plus people I know, and even a fellow blogger (Eric, of Straight White Guy) who is kicking my ass badly. I apparently suck at creating words, in the right places on the board to score the points, though one would make the assumption (as Sis mentioned) that with my vocabulary from as much reading I do, would give me an advantage. If it does, I don't see it.

Shrug. It's just a game, right?


Monday, April 2

Some Recovery Time

I have been feeling drained all day. It happens when I drink too much beer. I had started out the day with the softball team, and was planning to head home by early afternoon, though those plans were changed when my brother was up on the northside of town. He was at a sending off party for one of the soldiers in his unit, and asked me to come up. So I did. Ended up being there until close to midnight. Needless to say, I have not been motivated to much of anything today.

I should get my thoughts together and figure out what I need to get done this week. But it is easier on me to sit here and watch the wind blowing like crazy out front. Yee Haw.