Sunday, June 30

Hot Times - Literally!

The past couple days here in the Valley of the Sun have brought us the temperatures that most commonly see  with us being a 'desert state'. In that I mean that we were reaching over 115 degrees. Many people that live here, most being friends/acquaintances of mine, have started their ranting and raving on Facebook, or even in general talking, about how it is so darn hot, etc. Please. No comments about how it is a 'dry heat'. Frankly, I am tired of it.

I moved out here 27 years ago, a freshman in high school, straight from Frankfort, Indiana, and yes, it took awhile for me to acclimate. Trying out for the freshman football team, I passed out, revived, and then was promptly let go from the team. Heck, I had only been out here maybe two months, and that was spent in air-conditioned indoors. But over the years, though it has always been overly warm to me, I have gotten used to the heat. I am not saying that I love it, just that it has come as something to be expected every year, for several months. Sometimes it has started earlier (say April) and like this year, a bit later - in regards to the 100+ temperatures. PT argued with me today that it has never been this hot at this time of year since 1990, after I had quoted the radio having said it was 126 back in 1990. I don't care. After 100, you only notice it is hotter like every 10 degrees. So when it hits 110, you think, oh, it got a little warmer. At 115-120, it's a heat advisory here, but unless you have no AC in your vehicle, or home, you don't notice except those transitions between home, vehicle, work, store, etc. Yes, I sweat more. It's part of living here. Hydrate yourself, stay out of the heat as much as possible, don't over-do it outside. Simple precaution steps. Then there are others, like the Reverend Mother, that thrive on the hotter temps, though she admits that it does cause some discomfort having to be in it. That's just a safe out for you RM.

Needless to say, it was warm today. I don't know exactly what it got to, but I am sure it was somewhere between 115-119. We spent the early afternoon at Sis' visiting, and doing our sort of July 4th family gathering. I got to see my niece and her baby, which it had been maybe 2 or more years since last time. The kids spent time in the pool, as a good way to cool off after the huge meal of carne asada, rice, beans, chips, salsa, etc. I had to call it early as The Wife was meeting a friend to help with some physical therapy, and I needed to get to work. Being the 'Door Guy' at work isn't usually too difficult, but tonight with the warmer temps, I was drenched in sweat most of the evening. I made to stay hydrated, having a bottle of water almost every hour, but by the time I got home, I smelt pretty sweaty - plus stale beer and cigarettes.

So it is almost July. Arizona is having temps just under 120 degrees, nearing the time of what they call Monsoon season. Used to be the Monsoon Season didn't start until a date around mid-July, but now science has created it doesn't start until we reach X amount of days at Y temperature. Which is pretty close to the mid-July time anyways. Then ya start hearing false stuff about haboobs here. Heh. I said haboob. Nothing near what they see in the Middle East. I ain't going there though. Topic, or Middle East.

That being said, it's near 4am Sunday morning, and I am doing a few more things before heading up to the pub for some Blood Mary drinks.


Friday, June 28

Friday Once Again

My typical Summer Friday has come around again. The oldest son is up (early for him) and getting ready to get the dishes done so he can play on the computer the rest of the day. I have been up for a bit now and gotten through my emails, social medias, etc. and now figured I should put something here for you to waste 30 seconds of your time reading.

Tonight is work for me. I plan on getting to sleep as fast as possible, as we have plans for tomorrow. Seems Sis' step-daughter is in town with her baby, which makes it Sis' first grandchild. That being the case, we are using tomorrow as our July 4th get-together, since the holiday is on a Thursday, and the niece is only in town through this weekend. Stuman and his brood will not be attending though, as he has some Army gig in Cali he has to go to. I think it is drill weekend, not additional training. Which just means more carne asada for me. I know I am going to mess up my weight now.

I am thinking about breakfast out for the son and I this morning, but haven't been able to think of a place yet. Maybe Old Country Buffet. I haven't done breakfast there in a long time.


Tuesday, June 25

Looking For A Loss

This morning finds me doing anything I can to delay going to the gym. I have not been in almost a week, and am not looking forward to going this week. I ate 'freely' over the past week, and I feel like I have probably gained weight. My official weigh-in won't matter until tomorrow, but I will still weigh today to see about where I am - to decide if I need to starve myself for a pound loss to win the weekly bet.

I have been having a bit of tendinitis in my left elbow the past few weeks as well, which is bothersome in my workout. I suppose I can move to just doing lower body for a few weeks to rest up the arm. that and cardio - yuck!

Yesterday's post told you what I have planned for the next 2-3 days, so nothing much to add there.


Monday, June 24

Planning Out The Week

Welcome to yet another Monday. I guess that it is good you are here, since it would imply you are alive. Sometimes, I wonder how I manage that - being alive that is. Or just staying alive.

I am sitting here this morning, working on planning out the week. The Daughter left last night with the middle son, and will be gone for the week. The youngest son is wanting to do the 'Science Camp' that church puts on for summer activities. It is only three days from like 10-2. The oldest son does not have anything that needs to be scheduled - as far as I am aware. The Wife and I just have our regular things (if any).

I ended up not going to the book signing yesterday. Yes I was a bit disappointed, but other factors weighed in heavily. Between the cost of gas for the distance that would have to be driven, the time to do it, heat, etc. I opted to not do it. The ebook will be available tomorrow for about $8, and that is cheaper than the $15 deal, plus gas, food, etc that would have been spent. The only negative of it, is that I don't have another signed book.

Feeling sort of tired today. Haven't been able to classify it as a sleepy or mental tiredness. Feel like laying back down, but I know I have gotten plenty of sleep the past day or so. Hope it goes away soon.


Sunday, June 23

To Go, or Not To Go ...

I have a bit of a quandary. This evening is Kevin Hearne's (the author) pre-release signing for book six of his Iron Druid Chronicles, which I have been speaking of quite a bit of late. I want to go pretty bad, but am starting to have second thoughts. The drive to where it is being held (across the Valley from where I am) is about a good 45-60 minutes via freeway. It is like 108 degrees out, and I do not have air conditioning in my van. That being said, I don't want to drive my vehicle to the event. I also don't want to necessarily use the Wife's van (which has A/C) and leave her mine (which she doesn't care to drive) for emergency use. Also, the Daughter is leaving around 7pm and taking the middle son for the week back to Tuscon, so don't want to miss seeing them off. the signing starts at 5pm. In theory, leave at 4, get book, signed, return home, puts me back before 7pm. But it is a long drive. I also sort of don't want to go by myself. I am going to speak with the Wife and see if we can't just make a trip for dinner out of it, I think.

So, I need to go figure this out.


Saturday, June 22

Is Killing Time Killing Me?

Today's post title reminded me of this video:

Though it truly did not have the same meaning as the way I meant it. It's about 5 in the morning, and I have been home from work a good couple of hours, and sleep is just eluding me. Everyone else is crashed out, and here I am, trying to bore myself to sleep. I figured if I did a blog post, that would work, since it seems to work for everyone else reading my ... stuff.

So, with the other book things I mentioned yesterday, UPS also dropped off a package that turned out to be another book. It was one I had signed up for on a giveaway, and had no idea they were shipping it.  Yet another new work to read and review.

I think this morning I am going to head up to the pub and have a couple Bloody Marys, then come back home and hopefully crash for a few hours. Work comes around again this evening, and I hope it won't be as slow as this past night was. For some reason, the owner thinks a Country/Western band, playing C&W from the 70's, is going to draw in a large crowd of younger folks. No, they brought in about 30 of there own people, who ordered like 1 drink and then had water the rest of the 4 hours they played. We keep trying to tell him that they need more upbeat, contemporary bands for Friday and Saturday nights. Maybe some day he will listen.

Still have like 40 minutes to kill until the pub opens. Gotta go find something to do.


Friday, June 21

F*cked Up Friday

It has been a couple messed up days of late, probably all my fault. Had a good Wednesday out with the Daughter and her boyfriend. Did some karaoke, some drinking. Needless to say, that brought Thursday morning with my head hurting a bit. So Thursday dragged by. The Wife was feeling ill that afternoon, and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and evening, though it was after doing a bit of shopping with the Daughter. With the Wife asleep, I forgot to get the trash cans out to the street, so missed the regular trash pick up, but think the recycle will be okay. The Wife happened to remember the trash but it was too late. Ended up taking a couple bags over to the MIL's as the trash pick up there is later in the morning than ours.

Soooo, that brings us to now. I have work tonight, so that means today is going to be pretty boring for me. I'll probably try to take a nap around mid-afternoon, so I won't be as tired tonight. Be drinking plenty of fluids today to be hydrated while sit out in the heat for the early part of the evening.

Weekend plans: Sunday early evening, way over in Scottsdale, there is an author signing I am looking forward to attending. Kevin Hearne, known for his Iron Druid Chronicles, is doing a 2-day pre-release party for the 6th book in the series. For $15 you get a copy of the book, get it signed, and a beer chit for the bar he is having the event at. The only part I don't care for is the 40 minute (approx.) drive to get there. Hoping I will be able to make it though, for the early release of the book, plus another signed edition is cool.

Have you ever gotten a book signed by the author? Do you still have it? Which book/author was it?

Edit: Reverend Mother would like to take this minute to remind everyone, that nothing is as bad as you think it is, and if you always think positive, some good will come of it. That being said, I was contacted this morning by an "unknown author" and offered the chance to read his ebook, in exchange for an honest review. When I started recently trying to do some sort of a review on the many books I have been reading (see I also send a copy of that review to Amazon and Goodreads, which is how this author found me. I know I need to work on my review writing technique, and at this time, it obviously is not going ot make me any money. But it is kind of cool that someone WANTS me to review their book! I just hope I like it, and will be able to say so in a review.


Wednesday, June 19

I Love Being Me

Yesterday was a pain. Stuman has had so much drama going on in his like, that he had to move yesterday. And I mean move in a hurry. The police were involved, and he could only remove his things from the residence while they were there. Stupidly, I offered to help some, and though I did very little, it was enough to get it all done.

However, I am paying for it today. My back and sides are screaming at me, telling me I overdid it yesterday. Needless to say, I did not go to the gym this morning. I will have to swing by and weigh myself before pool league tonight.

Daughter is due to arrive anytime now. Got plans to do karaoke tonight after my pool league.


Tuesday, June 18

Going to Be One of Those Weeks

The Wife is home today. Actually, the Wife is home all the rest of this week. Seems things are going slow at her work, and she wanted a few days off, so there it is. Which means, I may be out more. Already she has started to irritate me this morning, reading off Facebook posts from people I am not friends with, about stuff I don't care about. Sigh.

Nothing exciting going on. Daughter is to be up for a few days this week.

That's all I got for a few days of no posting.


Sunday, June 16

Father's Day 2013

It is yet the wee hours of this year's Father's Day, and here I am entertaining you (if you can call it that) because I am not quite tired enough to go to bed. Just got home from work maybe 20 minutes ago, and though going on like three hours of sleep in the last two days, I feel like I am mentally wide awake. My body disagrees of course, which makes the whole idea of actual falling asleep seem a difficult task at the moment. Tonight's work wasn't too bad. A bit busier it seemed than the past couple of Saturdays, partly attributed to doing the pay-per-view UFC matches. I had no issues with working the door, aside from the usual catching people trying to walk out with an open container/glass. No fights took place, which is the best way to have it.

Plans for Father's Day are non-existent at this point. I flubbed up and forgot to get a card for PT, so hopefully I will remember later today to get out and get one. My buddy Don wants me to meet him around 10am at the pub, as one of our favorite bartenders is returning to work then after her maternity leave. I haven't decided for sure if I will go. Reverend Mother would say I should go to church - heck, most of my family (extended and in-laws included) would say the same, but I have no desire to spend a couple hours being around the church. I could always say it is 'my day' and then do whatever I want, but I do that most days as it is, so it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.

I don't expect any presents. The boys are too young to even think about giving gifts they pick out, and even if they did, I would prefer they just save their money. The Wife and I usually do not do the gift thing for these days (Mother's and Father's Days) but I generally break that, and get at least a little something 'from the kids'.

Think I am starting to feel a bit of the mental activity begin to wind down. Feeling a bit sentimental about my Dad. It has been 28 years since he passed away, and though I have become pretty calloused when it comes to certain things, I still get mushy every now and then. Yeah. That isn't getting me anywhere.

Maybe I will go have a few drinks today.


Friday, June 14

For Once It Wasn't My Fault

Yesterday morning I sat down to resolve the issue I had with our IRS Federal refund for this year. I had gone through most of it a couple weeks ago, though had not been able to locate the problem. As I read through the instructions for the form for the Education Credit(s), I think I found the error. It is a three-part form, where Part III needs to be completed for each student. Turns out, it appears there are two types of credit available for Education. The first is based up to 25%, is refundable, so you get actual cash back. The second is up to 20% and is non-refundable, and is claimed more as a credit break on the taxes themselves. However, you cannot claim both for one student. Now, on the form 8863, there is a Part I & II that do not specify which is for which credit. So the Wife unknowingly completed both parts, and entered both figures on the indicated lines of the 1040. Can't claim both. So the first one they came across (the Part II on that is non-refundable) they processed, then kicked out the cash-back one, indicated both were incorrect (can't claim both on same student) and sent out the letter. I will need to redo part of the 1040, twice, to determine if they gave any credit at all, or just dumped both. Then I will need to find out how much may be owed to us still, and contact them about how I go about correcting it. Fun.

It's Friday and the only thing I have to look forward to is working tonight. hope it is busier than the past few Fridays. Tomorrow they have the UFC pay-per-view fight,and usually that will bring a crowd.

I am off to do some little things.


Thursday, June 13

Out For Breakfast

I am spending today with the youngest son, who is seven years old. Already this morning we have hit the grocery store for the special meat prices, and had breakfast at Denny's. I could not believe it, but he managed to put away the whole kid's Softball Pancake breakfast! Always before he could never finish it, being full after about half the pancake. Now we are relaxing while we wait for Costco to open. Well, that and lunchtime. I told him maybe we would do Sonic for lunch.

After that, I see him playing on the computer,and a nap for me.


Wednesday, June 12

Holding Steady

I have been slacking again about going to the gym. Last week, I strained a muscle in my mid-back on the right side, and it has been bothering me for several days. Yesterday was the first I hardly felt it. Whether that means it 'healed up' or if I was just getting used to the discomfort, I don't know. Either way, I needed to get in today to weigh-in, so I did a regular workout. I am holding steady again this week at the same weight. I am a bit surprised at that, considering I haven't been working out, and with the boys at home, I probably am eating a tad more than I should (snacks, etc). Maybe if I had cut them out (the snacks, not the boys) I could be down another pound, maybe two. Shrug. It is what it is.

I spent most of yesterday watching a TV show I found on Netflix called Longmire. It was a show on the A&E network, and I added it to my favorites on my browser so I can start on season two once I finish the last couple episodes of season one. Pretty decent show.

My buddy Don and I are planning on seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness today, before we head up for our pool league games. I say planning, as I am waiting to see if he was able to figure out his schedule for work today. He is a repair technician for an appliance company, and does house calls. Waiting to hear back from him now.

That's it for now. Tomorrow, I have the youngest son for the day, and plan on doing a grocery store meat run in the morning. I think we may stop and have breakfast tomorrow, too.


Monday, June 10

Another Week to Grind Out

What a slow weekend it was for me. Work was slow, meaning no fights or calls for the police, which is good, but means it makes the time drag by pretty slow. Fewer customers means the boss is not as happy to see sales drop. Oh well. It's not my fault people aren't coming out. I'm there to ensure they don't get in a fight, and remove people that maybe bothering them.

Today I have the oldest son at home for the day. He had a bottom front tooth chipped back on Memorial Day, and I was finally able to get him a dentist appointment to have it looked at. It isn't causing him pain, and it not necessarily irritating the lip or tongue, but the Wife was adamant about making sure there is no other problem with it. Insert eye roll here.

I have a couple days this week planned for each of the other boys, and that leaves a couple days for myself - the days I have pool league, and I work. I know all three boys want to spend their days at home playing on the computer all day, but I have plans for each one that they are not aware of.

Other than that, I have nothing special going on. It may be a slow post week.


Saturday, June 8

Good Morning (or Good Night?)

It's Saturday, and I just recently got home from work. Another slow night playing security at the pub, but hey ... it's a few dollars more in my pocket than me spending it out drinking there.

Nothing exciting to share. It has been somewhat slow the past three weekends. Of course, in this industry, it can go either way for holiday weekends (Memorial Day) and Fridays/Saturdays that are the end/first of the month (last weekend). I thought it seemed busier tonight, but in truth, the financial figures showed it to be slower. I look at it in the good light that there were no incidences where we had to call the police, or they just happened to show up. Last week, I actually got compliments about turning some people away (due to appearing inebriated already, or just no ID/under age). I figure, I got the power to stop them entering, why would I let them in? I don't want them there if I am drinking as a customer, why would anyone else?

It's 4am so I plan on just staying up a few more hours. My buddy Don, who also works there most nights I do, and I are meeting up at 6am for a couple drinks. I have been craving a Bloody Mary for a few days now. After getting home, I realized the church is doing a Market on the Move (like a Farmers Market, except $10 gets you quite a bit) in the morning, and I am sure the Wife planned on going. Usually I watch the younger boys, and the oldest goes with her to carry stuff. Maybe I can have her drop them off at MIL's since she goes there afterwards anyways to share the "haul". I hit RM up tonight for the possibility of pickles. Another friend of mine had purchased a case of pints of her bread & butter pickles around Christmastime, and tonight asked me if/when she does more, to let him know. I know RM does help at the church to distribute for the MoM, and usually ends up taking home some of the extras, which at times can be quite a bit of cukes. Maybe if she charges enough, she'll make enough extra to give me a quart or two. I know how to make them, I just don't care to do so. Mom's always taste better anyways.

So I still have a good hour plus to kill before I head to have my drink (or two or seven). Think I will cur up with my Kindle for a bit.


Friday, June 7

Slow Down Friday

After yesterday's realization of how short Life can be at times, and how one should enjoy certain moments, I have nothing today. I awoke feeling tired, though I have no idea as to why. It's just short of 7:30am and already, I am wishing I was back in bed.

Today the youngest son is staying at home with me. Currently, he is still asleep, and will generally remain so until 1) I wake him up, or 2) he wakes up which is usually like 10-12. Once he is awake, and has had some food, I am sure he will want to spend the day playing miscellaneous games on the computer. Seems that's all the boys really want to do when they are home. Of course, the older two the game is usually World of Warcraft, and I spend some time with them doing things together in-game. This one is just a bit too young to understand most portions of the game, otherwise, I am sure he would have characters on there as well. In fact, I know he has one now, but he just goes around attacking things. Keeps him happy I guess.

I still need to get a few things done that I have been putting off this week. The whole IRS thing. I mentioned we had received that notice Saturday, and I spent a portion of Monday going through our paperwork. Tuesday we got a check, but shorter than the amount we think we are deserved. I need to actually sit down and make the phone call to them to get it straightened out. But it is Friday, so it can wait until Monday. Also, I need to talk to someone at our mortgage company about doing a loan modification. A friend of mine recently had one done for his house, that lowered his rate, thus his monthly payment, by quite a bit. I could use a lower house payment. My buddy said it was a HARP-type modification, so will need to inquire about that with Bank of Assholes (I mean, America). Nah, that can wait until Monday, or maybe Tuesday. I am sure either one of these calls is going to take forever to complete.

The boys finish up VBS tonight. I have work the next two nights. The joy of mediocrity.


Thursday, June 6

The Importance of Breakfast

No, I am not going to give the same old speech about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or how you should eat a nutritious one, or don't let your kids eat sugary cereals (because I like those ones best). I got a look at why breakfast is so important this morning.

The past ... oh, I don't know ... couple years? PT and I have been meeting up for a breakfast every now and then. I usually enjoyed them because it got me out of the house (feeling stir crazy) and having the chance to have adult conversation, instead of yelling at the boys because their bickering and fighting is driving me nuts. Sure they were only about an hour or so long, but it was like a break in the regular routine for me.

The middle son was staying at home with me today. This morning I decided we needed to get out to the store, one that has a Thursday only meat special sale going on. I wanted to get it done before it got too hot, or worse, they sold out of some of the meat specials. Afterwords, I asked if he had had breakfast this morning (I generally let them get their own). He had said no, so I said, why don't we got o Denny's and have some then. So we did.

My middle son is 10, and is the typical boy with the growing syndrome, where it seems they have hollow legs. He ordered up the Lumberjack Slam, while I only had a Santa Fe Skillet. As we sat there waiting on the food, it dawned on me how this was a great thing. Being able to have some one-on-one conversation, seeing the growth he has done, not physically per se, but mentally. His laughter and that sparkle of mischief in his eyes just made me feel a bit sentimental about everything. It made me realize, that this breakfast, was important to me, even if he does not realize it. Maybe years down the road he will remember and cherish the few times he and I got to go out and have breakfast, just the two of us. And to think I do this off and on for all three of the boys.... and would the Daughter, too, but that is a long drive to meet her for breakfast.

Yeah, feeling like I am doing something right as a parent...


Tuesday, June 4

Feeling Like a Fatty

I have been pretty lazy of late. I think I have been to the gym maybe twice in the past week or so, and I feel like it this morning. I feel fat. I mean, I know physically I am still fat, though slowly improving. But I just feel fat. My plan is to return to the gym this morning, and force myself back into going at least three mornings a week, if not four. I know I could use it. That being said, I am not weighing in today, instead, saving it for tomorrow so I feel I HAVE to go to the gym to do it. The mind games I play with myself.

Still working out my tax problem. As I was going through them yesterday, trying to make sure I had all paperwork needed in front of me, and making sure the figures were right (the Wife does the taxes), I came to a point that I realized I was missing some credit worksheet. I had to wait for her to get home to find out it was part of the online instructions that had the worksheet (to determine if you you can claim the credit). So now I know where to look, I will be back to that at some point today. The funny part is, the letter from the IRS said that no answer to the adjustment after 60 days, would result that they felt we agree, and they would issue the check. However, in yesterday's mail, we received our Federal refund, which was a higher amount than what they said we are actually due, but yet still lower than what our figure was to be. Confusing. Either way, I told the Wife we are depositing that check, and I will work on the problem to pursue the remaining amount due us.

Preacher Tom called me late yesterday afternoon, asking if I had some time this morning to come by his place. Seems he wants to speak to me, and Sis, about something. I called Sis last night, to see if she had any idea what it was to be about, and she did not. She thought it might be a health issue, but I know PT is pretty healthy, even at his age. I texted him last night asking if he would give me an idea, as I was beginning to worry a bit. I hate being asked to a talk, having no idea what it is to be about. I do not think it is fair to do that to a person. PT's response was that it was nothing to worry about. It is 'something personal he wants to share with me'. Yeah, so now I am worried. I didn't sleep good last night. The last time we went through this a few years back, it was him talking about how he felt (at that time) that he had wronged us with how he raised us back in our school days. (Face in hands) I don't need another one of *them* talks. Guess I will just suck it up and be there when I need to be though. Wonder how Stuman got out of it - must be because he couldn't get off work. Speaking of, why didn't we just plan this for the evening? I have no clue....

Last night the Wife and I got out for a short date. The boys had Vacation Bible School, and so we were able to get out to Outback for dinner. That rib-eye steak was soooo good! The meal came up for free, as we had a coupon for a free appetizer, plus a gift card that covered out meal and tip. It was nice to do that.

Guess I should get off here and get some other stuff done before heading to the gym, errands and meeting with PT.


Monday, June 3

Obama Sent the IRS After Me

Saturday we received in the mail, a notice from the IRS that our taxes had been changed. In particular, they claim we inputted information wrong for the section regarding education credits. Thus, they reduced the amount of our refund by a considerable sum. I get the joy today of reviewing the information that they said should be adjusted, verifying our information, then contacting them - more than likely to explain to them just how wrong they are. Either way, it will delay our refund another estimated 4-6 weeks, plus any additional time they need in order to screw us. I wish the mortgage company would be understandable about this delay in our payments.

That being said, my Monday is already going to shit.

All the boys are home with me today, and so far this morning only one is awake. At least the fighting and bickering won't start until a little later. At least they will be gone in the evenings to Vacation bible school. Even the oldest will be there as a volunteer to help with the skits, etc. they do.

I suppose I should get started on some of the the things I need to get done today. Oh Joy.