Friday, June 7

Slow Down Friday

After yesterday's realization of how short Life can be at times, and how one should enjoy certain moments, I have nothing today. I awoke feeling tired, though I have no idea as to why. It's just short of 7:30am and already, I am wishing I was back in bed.

Today the youngest son is staying at home with me. Currently, he is still asleep, and will generally remain so until 1) I wake him up, or 2) he wakes up which is usually like 10-12. Once he is awake, and has had some food, I am sure he will want to spend the day playing miscellaneous games on the computer. Seems that's all the boys really want to do when they are home. Of course, the older two the game is usually World of Warcraft, and I spend some time with them doing things together in-game. This one is just a bit too young to understand most portions of the game, otherwise, I am sure he would have characters on there as well. In fact, I know he has one now, but he just goes around attacking things. Keeps him happy I guess.

I still need to get a few things done that I have been putting off this week. The whole IRS thing. I mentioned we had received that notice Saturday, and I spent a portion of Monday going through our paperwork. Tuesday we got a check, but shorter than the amount we think we are deserved. I need to actually sit down and make the phone call to them to get it straightened out. But it is Friday, so it can wait until Monday. Also, I need to talk to someone at our mortgage company about doing a loan modification. A friend of mine recently had one done for his house, that lowered his rate, thus his monthly payment, by quite a bit. I could use a lower house payment. My buddy said it was a HARP-type modification, so will need to inquire about that with Bank of Assholes (I mean, America). Nah, that can wait until Monday, or maybe Tuesday. I am sure either one of these calls is going to take forever to complete.

The boys finish up VBS tonight. I have work the next two nights. The joy of mediocrity.


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